Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Lingering doubts continue to circulate as to the well-being of Greg Hallett, The Queen’s Greatest Nemesis who went missing on the 27 May feared kidnapped by dark forces and held until Friday 13th as a sacrifice in a satanic ritual, attended by all 32 members of the Windsor Royal family as a 88th birthday present to The Queen.

First alerted to Greg’s disappearance by John Paterson a member of Abel Danger, Guerrilla Democracy News took the bold decision to run with the story and publish:

Claiming to be in email communication with George Lees, who is also connected to Abel Danger but most importantly, in constant Skype communication with Greg Hallett; Guerrilla Democracy News concluded the information to be valid and trust-worthy.

Having implicated her majesty Queen Elizabeth II directly in the murder of Greg Hallett, (having envisaged her cutting the Star of David into Greg’s chest with a ceremonial dagger, before slitting his throat and inviting her family to step forward with their chalices to catch Greg’s spurting blood and drink it,) Guerrilla Democracy News was forced to make a humiliating public apology to The Queen once the news was released that:

Responding to being called a ‘Lying Fuckwit,’ in a comment left on a Youtube video promoting the ‘Greg has been Murdered’ article, Guerrilla Democracy News was forced to concede that a friend had received an email from Greg Hallett saying he was “lying low for the time being.”


While the news that Greg is still alive has quelled many fears in the AV community of a government assault on their members; disturbing facts remain that point to the conclusion that Greg Hallett has indeed been murdered.

The most disturbing fact of all is that no one has actually spoken to Greg Hallett.

Having enjoyed a close relationship with Greg and enjoyed many hours of conversation on Skype, George Lees continues to refer to friend as the “Late Greg Hallett” and is convinced Greg has been murdered.


Upon checking the source who claimed to have received an email from Greg saying he was “lying low,” Guerrilla Democracy News can exclusively reveal this worrying email:

From: Professor James Fezter
To: Guerrilla Democracy News
Re: About Greg Hallett
30 June 2014 17:57

Can you confirm whether you have seen him since May 2014?

“I have not, but a friend had an email from him saying he was lying low to the time being. Of course, that could be a fake email, so I share your concern Greg could have been taken out.”

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