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The state of British Politics is at an all time low by John Paterson.

Written by John Paterson
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The Hidden Truth Behind The News
Pandora’s Box opens up more grime and slime.
The state of British Politics is at an all time low!!
For three decades now we have been run by a pile of corrupt and fraudulent morons!!!
Never in British History has this country stooped to such a low level of management since the “Iron Lady” – Maggie Thatcher took the helm (excluding the Victorian era when our country ravaged and raped the world).
From the above moment and up to the current time we have been deceived by a corrupt and fraudulent government who by their own actions should be put behind bars for life.
They have deceitfully caused major areas of conflict around the world, killed and maimed millions of innocent people (including our own troops), fuelled other countries by helping them in their war effort in providing them with nuclear technology and chemical and biological warfare (as was the case in the Iraq – Iran War). One cannot forget what Saddam did to the Kurdish people in Halabja to which both the US, UK and many other nations contributed.
The scenes after the gas attack on Halabja in March 1988 that killed 5,000 Kurds. Our country helped build the Chemical and Biological Weapons Labs in Iraq and provided them with technical know how!!
They have sanctioned the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, Somalia, Libya with Syria and Iran in their gun sights.
They have contaminated vast tracts of land in all of the above countries with radioactive particles that have a half life of 4.5 billion years, knowing the health danger to their citizens and that of our own troops.
They have all therefore been an accomplice to mass genocide at a level never seen before, making the Holocaust appear rather miniscule by comparison and yet they seek to pursue other leaders for war crimes when they themselves are guilty in the first degree.
They have all carried out an act of treason by allowing our country to be taken over by the European Union and joined an evil network called the New World Order whose main ambition is to depopulate the world at a level one cannot even comprehend.
They have raped many third world countries of their natural resources and have in place a master plan:
To take control of the worlds natural resources
To take control of the markets for those resources
To take control of the sea lanes and transit routes for those resources
They promote wars and conflict in order to increase their income from the sale of military hardware, weapons and software and in doing so increase the price of oil and gas which feeds more money into their pockets.
They are in bed with the corporate sector and the banks to allow massive fraud, amounting to billions of pounds each and every year by way of asset stripping and creating non existent virtual/shell companies to rip off/bankrupt potential investors. They allow the banks to provide loans (some unsecured) to non existent companies to develop non existent mines or non existent oil fields and then allow this to turn into toxic debt.
They then bail the banks out and pass that toxic debt onto the ordinary man in the street (tax money) and at the same time implement severe austerity measure. They implement an increase in taxes for an indefinite duration and cut back on public sector services…….this means that you pay more taxes for services you do not receive or that no longer exist.
They allow, what were once famous British names, to fall by the wayside and allow the companies to fall into foreign hands, eliminate the local workforce by making them redundant and then allow their partners in crime (the banks) to do a foreclosure on their houses.
You must all understand that the world financial meltdown was no accident….it was a well orchestrated plan by the New World Order (NWO)….they have the ability to take out any company or country and then to force those countries to inherit a World Bank/IMF bailout with their pre conditions of severe austerity measure……..Ireland, Portugal, Greece is a typical example on how to do this…..who next Spain or Italy?
The spin off from all of this is what we have seen in the Middle East – The Arab Spring…..where people take to the street in mass to protest at their hardship i.e. unemployment and rising prices etc….it is at this vulnerable time that the New World Order infiltrate those countries with special forces, secret service operatives to stir up the crowd and in some cases provide the snipers to take out a few innocence victims or create a “False Flag” incident.. What the public do not realise is that this is all about forcing regime change and for them to plant their own western friendly governments in situ……Egypt is a classic example of this where democracy still does not exist and a government is still not installed……..once can also see the same scenario in Libya whereby our country illegally forced a war in order to stop Gadaffi from nationalising the oil companies in order to keep the wealth in the country.
I could write a book on this subject but maybe it is better to name and shame these scumbags that are raping this country and making it almost become a third world country where 1 in 3 children are living below the poverty line…….you can imagine our future whereby we all will become slaves to this ever growing police state, unemployment at an all time high and people relying on the state for hand outs……..this is what our government wants………oh and lets not forget the control that Israel and the Zionists have on all political leaders and their parties….. Who’s leader pledge allegiance to Israel rather than to the United Kingdom…….this is treason at its highest level.
So let’s now reflect again on what this is all about:
It has been evident that since the Pandora’s Box series was first published many corrupt politicians and other fraudulent people have been experiencing what can only be described as a panic attack or a heart flutter!!!
I guess the entire series would not have been so interesting if it wasn’t for the fact that there are so many past and current politicians so deeply involved in fraud. Without this illustrious gang of thieves the box would be empty.
These people that we have elected into office have been involved in not only massive fraud but also illegal arms trading including Nuclear Weapons and Chemical and Biological Warfare otherwise known as Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).
They have created false incidents (false flags) such as 7/7 or have hidden behind a false facade of humanitarian assistance in such places as Somalia, Yemen, Libya (and soon to be Syria) in order to go to war.
Their fraud has involved them in the upper levels of the corporate sector, including the banks. They have allowed the executive of banks and companies to asset strip their companies and then having bailed them out allowed those same executives to take over another bank to carry on with their business as usual. The Serious Fraud Office, political leaders and their local representatives all know about this (evidence on hand to prove this) but have done nothing.
They have used tax payer’s money to illegally purchase three South African tactical nuclear weapons and then allowed them to be stolen and sold on the black market. A similar story existed over in the United States when again some nuclear weapons went missing and were also sold on the black market……..yes you read right nuclear weapons allowed to go missing and sold to other nations…….two of the above batch of bombs have already been test fired in North Korea.
All the wars and conflicts in more recent times have all been part of their own “Geo Political” master plan……..Libya being a prize example on how to deceive the world into believing that Gadaffi was a very bad man and had to be removed…….what the media do not tell you is that Gaddaffi was about to receive an award for the efforts he had made in bringing his country into a prosperous period and what he had done for his people…….yes Gadaffi was corrupt but what he did for Libya is beyond words.
The UK (with the help of the US and France) then used the standard humanitarian excuse that the Gadaffi regime must be stopped. I think a figure of around 6,000 were reported to have been killed by Gadaffi…if did not say if these were soldiers or civilians….it was just a general figure given and yet since the US, UK, France and NATO attack on Libya the death toll is well over 50,000 and yet they said that this war was all about “Saving Lives”…..and yet they have literally “Nuked Libya”
Maybe you would all find it hard to believe that the war crime statistics for Libya were given to the United Nations (prior to the so called “No Fly Zone” Resolution and subsequent war) by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Europe. The foundation of this data had previously been given to the ICC by non other than the Libyan Trans National Council Prime Minister. This evidence was only “Hearsay” and no documentation was ever provided to the ICC or UN to substantiate the claim.
It is obvious that just like the UK’s reason for going to war with Iraq the case was, as they say, “sexed up” to create a false illusion and just like Iraq mass genocide has now taken place…….you will note that the final death toll in Libya since the NATO attack will never be known…..not to mention the ongoing deaths that will occur as a direct result of NATO’s Depleted Uranium contamination of the country.
One must never allow any politicians or any other high ranking officials involved in any of the above to escape justice. It is fact that had the International Court of Justice been a sincere organisation (and not a puppet run by the UN) we would have seen a totally difference outcome.
In relation to massive fraud and paedophilia we again see that a huge cover-up exists and that the Police or the Serious Fraud Office have not done their job correctly, otherwise, many of them would now be in prison (some for life) for a multitude of offences covering massive fraud, breaching the Nuclear Explosions Act, breaching the Official Secrets Act and in some cases for their involvement in paedophilia.
War crimes must head the list as a direct result of their concocted stories that have taken us to war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and those same individuals are all now trying to invent another false flag so that they can attack either Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Iran.
So lets again revisit some of the current and past politician’s that have either taken us to war, committed a crime against humanity or had their sticky fingers in the Bank of England purse. Obviously in some case the police have been given very long lists of those involved in the above areas and have not only done nothing about it but also protected those in office, both in the Houses of Parliament and in the House of Lords.
It is time to yet again name names and allow the public to decide their fate….this list does not accuse all those named in all of the above but I can say that in some cases they are repeat offenders.
The three illegally purchased nuclear bombs
Before going into who were allegedly involved, we have to stress that on the other side of the pond there were others involved in another behind the scenes operation. George Bush and Dick Cheney were the star players along with many others involved who between them also lost three nukes and never told a soul!
There are many actors involved in this classic case of cross neglect. These ruthless men took advantage of a weak United Nations by carrying out under the table deals with a country that was under an embargo (South Africa). They made significant sums of money out of the deal and that money belonged to the British Taxpayer. The final straw was when they allowed the Nuclear Bombs to be stolen from their insecure compound in Oman!!!
A delegation from the Conservative Party went to South Africa in the summer of 1989 to negotiate the purchase of three South African Battlefield Bombs (Part of a batch of 9). The deal involved Maggie Thatcher and other members of the Conservative Party, DTI, MOD, a British Company, a South African Company, The Arms Dealer John Bredenkamp (via his company Casalee) and several private investors, one being Mark Thatcher. Other members of the Conservative Party were also involved or implicated.
The three bombs were acquired and transferred to Oman without security and put in private storage (yes private storage) and were then stolen by the same man who sold them, John Bredenkamp .
On the Labour Party side Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and others were also implicated in that money was received and they all knew the situation in regard to Iraq both before and after. More recently at the Chilcott Iraq Inquiry they all hid vital evidence. The inquiry was a staged event to clear the names of leading figures that were in office at the time.
It is therefore the purpose of this article to look behind the scenes of these events as they unfolded and show that none of the current leaders, past and present are worthy of representing any position of authority and should in actual fact be under investigation by MI5/6, the Serious Fraud Office and police or better still be in prison.
So how did they manage to conceal this clandestine operation, who got the backhanders, how were the weapons disguised and shipped and what were the repercussions from this deeply flawed operation.
It will soon become apparent that this extremely serious crime went terribly wrong resulting in the deaths of millions of innocent civilians and thousands upon thousand of coalition troops. The long term damage to world health and the environment is so horrendous it is almost beyond words.
Let’s start with that trip to South Africa in the summer of 1989 and look at who was involved. Margaret Thatcher set everything in motion and David Cameron (a young 24 year old researcher) became her messenger. It is alleged that he was accompanied by Kenneth Robin Warren (now Sir Ken), who was the only technically minded person within the party who could assist Cameron and also Dr David Kelly. One also hears of the involvement of other Conservatives such as David Wiltshire, Ken Clarke, Peter Lilley and many others.
Cameron’s trip to South Africa was paid-for by Armscor who had the covert stock of Hiroshima-style atomic bombs in-stock and for-sale at Pelindaba. It was believed that many other investors were involved in this under the table and highly illegal deal. Maggie Thatcher’s son Mark Thatcher, Heseltine, Rifkind, Dorrell and McAlpine all had some involvement. Obviously John Major was also involved having taken over from Thatcher…….all in all our political elite had truly compromised the security of the United Kingdom and the world.
Apart from the middle man, arms dealer John Bredenkamp, others were involved on the Astra side of things. The company was under the control of Gerald James who in some respects may not have been the person doing all the wheeling and dealing. It is believed that Stephen Kock may have played the star role in the purchase of the South African nukes. Kock belonged to MI6 and was planted into Astra to run covert arms deals etc. It was only prior to the Matrix Churchill Trial that it became evident that Gerald James had much to say about this deal and was called to give evidence. Needless to say the trial was sabotaged and Gerald James was not given an opportunity to reveal his vital money trail (which was contained on Page 6 of his spread sheets).
Last but not least we have dear Dr. David Kelly (the man who knew too much!). He was deeply involved in the purchase of the three battlefield nuclear bombs and it was his responsibility to ensure their safe passage from Durban to Oman, receive them, check their status upon arrival and sign them off as having arrived in Oman in a safe condition (having inspected the nukes via a special hidden inspection window for core temperature etc).
It was the Iron Lady herself who signed the falsely completed Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR); this document listed them as three cylinders (One in each of the three standard 20 foot sea containers) rather than nuclear bombs. Obviously Peter Lilley, Kenneth Warren and others knew but kept this information close to their chests. This also meant that the normal full security measures for transport of nuclear weapons did not apply as it all had to be covertly hidden under the table.
Can one imagine that at this particular time the United Nations and the world had imposed a total ban on visiting and trading with South Africa and yet Cameron and Co had violated that and at the same time negotiated with South Africa and the US to take 3 of the 9 nuclear bombs. The UN was never aware of the fact that South Africa had a thriving nuclear industry and had manufactured 10 weapons in total with the help of Israel. This was clearly a breach of the UN regulations which certainly constitutes as being a serious crime. The US likewise did not declare this fact and also did not report that three of their own nuke missiles were also stolen. The arms dealer who sold the US SRAM nuclear missiles on the black market was Bill Rautenbach another friend of John Bredenkamp. Rautenbach who generously received 8.5 kg of gold bullion for his efforts in the US Scam.
John Bredenkamp Billy Rautenbach
Back to the UK nukes story:
As a result of this deal the money was transferred from the government coffers into the Astra account and then it went offshore to a bank in Jersey for distribution to all parties concerned. At this stage it must be pointed out that 17.8 million pounds of the British Taxpayers money was diverted as commission into the Conservative Party Funds to support the next election drive. As we all know Thatcher was kicked out and Major took over. One can just imagine the trust that the British people have put in the next possible Prime Minister, David Cameron. He has put our nation at great risk, along with all the other gangsters and at the same time siphoned off huge amounts of our money……this 17.8 million became a hot topic in the Houses of Parliament when accountability was requested for this mysteries donation as follows:
Tory funding of their 1992 General Election Campaign -
Origins of Mystery Donation of £17.8 millions:
If we can recall HANSARD 22nd June 1993 we can find the following:
Column 197
Mr. Hoyle: If the hon. Gentleman will allow me, I shall tell him what information is now given to us. We understand the expenditure and what Tory central office receives. In 1992, central office received £20.7 million. When we asked about that and about company donations, the Tory party told us to look at company accounts.
I repeat: in 1992, the Tories received £20.7 million. When the records were checked by Companies house, only £2.9 million was shown in company accounts. That means that there is a deficit of £17.8 million. We want to know where that £17.8 million came from………………so now we all know of its origin….commission for the sale of the nuke weapons from South Africa (Tax Payer’s money). It is also fact that Margaret Beckett MP also knew of this situation but did nothing
As we can see this is another extremely serious crime!
We can now turn to the Labour Party who also have lots of dirty washing to hang out over this arms deal. As I have said, John Major took the helm after Thatcher and also was deeply involved in this issue but his reign was short lived when he gave way to the notorious Tony Blair, one of the front runners in the New World Order.
Bernie Ecclestone, of Formula 1 fame, also deposited one million pounds into Tony Blair’s account that was written off as a donation from the tobacco industry but in actual fact was part of the nuke commission….no doubt Bernie got his cut for doing this. Tony Blair tried to return it but to no avail……he must have tried really hard!
Remember that now we have Blair and that terrible adviser Alistair Campbell trying to sex up the Iraq Dossier with poor Dr. Kelly sitting there right in the middle. David Kelly knew everything about the nukes that had been stolen and he also knew the status of things in Iraq, having been part of the inspection team. Kelly repeatedly told Blair that their was no justification for going to war with Iraq over WMD. Tony on the other hand, having spent much time with Bush, wanted a regime change and was looking for justification…hence the WMD claim.
Kelly became extremely upset with Blair and his team and was about to uncover this long trail of rot that started in South Africa and ended up in the bowels of No 10 Downing Street. That is why poor David was assassinated and the government have since put the lid on any future inquiry for 70 years of so. I think you could also add to the assassination list Lady Di, Ex Foreign Secretary – Robin Cook and maybe even the ex Chief Constable of Manchester…… other historical name that comes to mind is that of Sir John Alec Biggs-Davison a devout Catholic and supporter of the Northern Ireland Campaign.
Back to illegal arms dealings etc:
Now we have the fact that other members of the Labour team knew all about these goings on, including Blair’s replacement, Gordon Brown. Doesn’t it appear strange that lots of Knighthoods and other prestigious positions were being handed out like small change? Was this to keep them from spilling the beans or to cover up the money trail etc.
So now we have the Chilcott Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) that must go down as one of the best orchestrated Shakespearian Plays yet to be staged. Everyone attending this inquiry would probably have had access to the questions to be asked and accordingly came loaded with ready to reply answers that were so perfectly written.
What I find incredible is the fact that one major star witness was not called to provide evidence before the team….that being a lady (Ms Andrea Davison) who had worked within the bowels of the government investigating the very issue this inquiry is all about….that being illegal arms dealings and the reason for going to war. One would also have to turn to our current PM, David Cameron, Sir Kenneth Robin Warren, and, if he were still alive, Dr David Kelly for input in this area.
The Chilcot Inquiry took on a totally different look when a stream of puppet men or yes men offered their allegiance their Rt Hon Leaders Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Most spent the entire session kissing butts and telling everyone how good they were and how well their leaders had performed during very difficult times!!
Then the star cast arrived (Tony and Gordon) who obviously as a result of their own arrogant and self esteem treated the inquiry as a launch platform for the forthcoming election. It was clear that both wanted to clear their names of any wrong doing, despite the fact that both are guilty of giving false evidence. I also believe that this was a major thrust by Gordon Brown to get the King (Tony Blair) placed on the throne in the EU as soon as possible and remove the current pathetic caretaker.
Again we see two very senior political figures who are seeking positions of grandeur being guilty of many crimes…..Blair topping the list as being guilty of War Crimes and if WMD’s, was a valid reason for going to war, then he went to war with the wrong country because the three nukes that were in Iraq for a short duration were moved by road into Syria aboard three well camouflaged ambulances! One must also assume that many others members of Government were aware of this situation or have themselves been guilty in their own duty of care!
So there you have it…..a long list from the rogues gallery who to all intents and purposes should be in prison now or at least removed from public office as being unfit to represent the people of this country, who put their trust in them. Oh and before closing the list one must also add another senior member of the Liberal Democrats who was in office at this critical time and whose finger allegedly tested the pie…Paddy Ashdown.
The fact that millions of innocent civilians have died and continue to do so and the fact that our own coalition soldiers have succumbed to their evil greed is beyond words.
The final straw is the fact that the leaders and governments of the US, UK, EU and Israel all fully understand the highly dangerous use of using weapons that contain uranium components. This has been spelt out very clearly in legal documents on both sides of the pond and thus means that they are accomplices to genocide on a huge scale. This process started in the Balkans and then went on to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and Pakistan. It is also clear that these same weapons are being used in Somalia and Yemen. The spin off from this unthinkable crime is never ending because depleted uranium for instance has a half like of 4.5 billion years.
It is clear that now Libya has fallen victim to the same radioactive assault by the US, UK, France and NATO with Syria and Iran now in their gun sights
What is extremely sad about this progressive genocide of the entire Middle East and the world beyond is the fact that you, the reader, just look at these stories and do nothing…..for that reason alone you also are guilty of a crime against fellow human beings.
DU Explosions in Libya – This is how we at NATO save lives!!
And this is what we at NATO leave behind
This “Wanted for Crimes against Humanity” article is meant to be hard hitting in the hope to wake people up against the New World Order’s advancement. Remember they are few in number and yet we, the billions in the world, do nothing…….I beg you to retrieve your country from the tentacles of this scum and show your concern by only voting for those that will stand up and stop this madness. If you all sit on yours hands then what will be will be.
I will now dedicate the rest of this story to that of Governement Fraud including very senior MP’s and House of Lord’s members, their respective parties and reveal our governments inability to deal peodophila….this includes our past and current leaders i.e. Blair, Brown and Cameron who have done nothing to stem the rise of peodophilia in this country despite being given information from the FBI and also a file from Ms Andrea Davison and many others throughout this country.
Firstly we will now list all those who may be implicated in massive fraud….this list is compliments of Mr. Gordon Bowden who has spent many years researching the topic and you will clearly see the size and extent of the fraudulent activities linked to our political elite:
Start of Gordons communication:
Please inform your local MP ASAP. You owe it to your children and grand children. Thank you 


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