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Unconfirmed reports are coming in that Queen Elizabeth II has been taken into Military Police custody in relation to her involvement and cover up in a global paedophile scandal.

With the media running a cover story that Buckingham Palace is being renovated, The Queen, her husband Prince Philip and sons Charles and Andrew are said to be held in a secure location somewhere in the UK guarded by members of the SIB, the Special Investigative Branch of the Royal Military Police.

While details are sketchy at best, it would seem that following the explosive claim by MP Simon Danczuk that Lord Janner had raped children within the Houses of Parliament; certain sections of the Metropolitan Police decided enough was enough and action had to be taken.


Visiting her ancestral home of Germany, Queen Elizabeth was said to be “totally unaware” of the drama unfolding at home. The full horror of her predicament became apparent when she was met by SIB officers as she landed back on British soil following her 4 day German visit.

Tensions remain high at the Royal Palaces, evident by a Queen's Guard at Windsor Castle drawing his bayonet against a troublesome tourist.


Unnamed sources from within SIB said, “it was inevitable, the Queen would be arrested following years of allegations against her and her family.”

With The Queen's Honour's list resembling a sex offenders list, the unnamed sourced said “it was inevitable The Queen and members of her family would be brought in for questioning.”

Celebrating the 800th year anniversary of the Magna Carter, the custody and questioning of the Queen and her family confirms royalty are not above the Law.

With Princes Philip, Charles and Andrew facing serious allegations of paedophilia and murder; further arrests are expected.


Downing Street is said to be in meltdown, with revelations that Prime Minister David Cameron has been linked with the satanic Hampstead case, through his brother Allan Cameron, staff are said to be “running around like headless chickens.”

Implicated in cover-up after cover-up after cover-up of parliamentary child-abuse, unconfirmed reports are coming in that David Cameron's arrest is imminent.

Guerrilla Democracy News will bring you more news as we get it.

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Weeks on, and with the total and utter submission of the Labour Party, with the total obedience of a compliant press and the apathy of a beleaguered public; The Nasty Conservative Party have pulled off the biggest rigged election in British political history.

As reported by Spectator Magazine-

  • At 6.30 p.m. on 7 May, the Camerons invited guests at their home in Oxfordshire into the garden for a drink. Everyone stood on the patio, wrapped up in coats and shawls and drinking wine. They were understandably nervous. The Prime Minister had prepared a resignation statement and read it out to the assembled gathering.
  • Civil servants had ordered sandwiches for the expected coalition talks.
  • And of-course no-one can forget the exit polls predicting no clear majority by any party.

As the Independent Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, I was privy to the state of Tory Simon Kirby MP and prospective Labour MP Nancy Platts, while they waited for their votes to be counted.

  • Nancy Platts was in jubilant mood, with a big smile on her face clearly intending to win.
  • Simon Kirby was in somber mood, preparing for a disappointing loss.

Come on, lets get real; no-one voted for the nasty Tories and no one expected them to win.

And then by magic, they win with a majority and the Labour Party, the Press and the Public kowtow and accept their victory.

Mind you the immediate reaction by the public outside 10 Downing, proved to me that Great Britain had been robbed and that we were going to do something about it.


Fred Fairbrass
While one half of Right Said Fred Fairbrass says-

The election wasn't rigged. Labour alienated Scotland, Miliband convinced the few and sad to say Cameron seemed like the best option. I got a lot of abuse for saying it at the time but if people had abstained, undermined the process we would now be having very different conversations.”
Kerry Ann-Howitt

Other people like Kerry Ann Howitt respond-

How can 24% of the vote mean that you're the one out of a multitude of candidates that is the winner? The election was rigged alright, maybe not in a 'fake voting' kinda way (I'm not addressing the missing hundred-odd thousand postal votes that were stolen, because I don't know much about it). But the Queen of England had promised to not turn up to give her opening of Parliament speech, did the Tories not win. That babe is how 24% = a resounding victory and that is rigging!”


Whether you want to split hairs about it or not, we know how the election was rigged.

Its easy once you know you can get away with it and that the police and press won't investigate it.

As the International Business Times reported-
  • A van carrying more than 200,000 ballot papers destined for two constituencies in East Sussex has been stolen.
  • Metropolitan Police do not believe the van was purposely targeted because of its contents, but it instead was merely a coincidence.


And don't think that stealing blank ballot papers is the only way to rig an election.

Take for example the more simple method of mis-counting.

As reported in Brighton's The Argus on Monday, May 11, 2015

As the article tells us, in the Lewes District election count, “Councillor Sarah Osborne demanded a re-count on her poll and a good thing she did,” writes Neil Vowles from The Argus, “because a whole bundle of votes had been put on the wrong pile. After a swift redistribution, which revealed she was in fact the winner.”


How many times across the country were ballot papers put on the wrong pile?

As one of the greatest and most evil Dictators Joseph Stalin reminds us-

'It doesn't matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes.'

Journalist Neil Vowles seems to laugh off that attempted electoral fraud right under his nose.


Labour's parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown Nancy Platts lost by only 690 votes.

I wasn't there to know whether she called for a recount, but I expect that if she had, a whole bundle of votes would have been put on Simon Kirby's pile and after a swift redistribution, would have revealed she was in fact the winner.

(I wasn't there for the declaration because for some inexplicable reason, I became violently sick on the night/morning of 7/8 May 2015.)

I hate to call people nasty names, but if you (Fred Fairbrass included) really think the Tories won the 2015 General Election fair and square, then not only are you gravely mistaken, but you are also bloody deluded!

Right Said Fred DO NOT endorse Guerrilla Democracy News in anyway. This is an unauthorised graphic without their permission.

Thursday, 25 June 2015



Ancient British history came back to haunt Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Berlin in Germany yesterday when a message was written on a pavement for the whole world to see in Potsdamer Platz.
Wales Arthur is the Real King
Thousands of people lined the streets in Berlin, and its River Spree to catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth and her husband during her state visit to her ancestral home Germany.

Now in her twilight years, and her London Palace crumbling around her, this visit is thought by many to be one of her last official trips abroad.

In a well scripted display of Germany diplomacy and efficiency, the Queen and her consort rolled into Berlin escorted by 15 white-clad police motorcyclists, before being welcomed with full military honours to a state banquet attended by German chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

While many clapped and cheered for the return of Germany’s prodigal daughter, not everyone was pleased to see her.

Carsten Halffter, a prominent german activist made history by being the first person in over 1500 years to remind the German Queen, who the real King of England really is.

In no uncertain terms German activists made known their priorities for the future of Germany and Europe.

God save the House of Wales

Carsten Halffer
And on a more personal note and a sentiment being felt across the world, Carsten said “The Queen and her dysfunctional family stand for everything that is bad in the UK. And they are also parasites.”

With Buckingham Palace estimated to cost £150 million to refurbish, anti-Queen Elizabeth sentiment has never been so high.

As Carsten reminds us on his Facebook status:

“Elizabeth II is coming, and the Berlin is pleased to offer the local press claims. Why would they do that? The British Queen is not the harmless great-Grandma, that nicely smiles and friendly waves to the people. She is the head of State of 16 countries, and in some of them – there are Trindidad and Tobago, Jamaica and St. Lucia - the death penalty. The judgments are signed by Elizabeth. The Queen and her dysfunctional family stand for everything that is bad in the UK. Be "Spawn of incestuous German robber barons", writes the 73 year old English poet and anarchist Heathcote Williams in his long poem 
"You Windsor - married... with children", that has been published in time for the Queen visit to German.
But so far you have not to go back. At the dinner party at Berlin's Hotel Adlon sits at the table of the richest woman in the world, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and that fits well. The Tory courtiers who rail against supposed work-shy welfare recipients and people who steal food out of the garbage cans of the supermarkets. While the Government will reduce the social security budget to more twelve billion pounds, you she get away wealthy because they supposedly were an asset that can handle prosperity. But the myth of the social mobility no longer, and the Tories only right does not apply. Every penny worth? The Windsors still get their gigantic social assistance cheque plus special editions. Their heating costs exceed the 2.280-fache an average British household. Here they're the freeloaders? Supporters of the Royal family claim she was worth every penny, because it is a tourist magnet. It would be ordered to England really poor, the visitors because of the Windsors would be. Some are perhaps due to the palaces, but not because of its inhabitants. It's not like that Elizabeth hangs around in the garden of Buckingham Palace, and let himself be photographed with tourists. Could the Palace open for visitors all year round, and not just for two months, and with the income to do something meaningful. But for that you'd have the Windsors, according to Williams a "personification of the undesirable vestiges of imperialism, the looting, racism, slavery and the carnage," send only in the desert.”

The perfect welcome
With a King Arthur revival gaining momentum, the true history of Britain is being heard across Europe thanks to the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. While British born movie director Guy Ritchie is doing his utmost to propagate the propaganda that the story of King Arthur is nothing more than a myth, the truth cannot be hidden anymore.

As the legend goes, King Arthur will return in his nation’s hour of need. That hour is now. With war being waged across the world by the Zionist lead New World Order, children are being killed from Palestine to the Ukraine, with a global plan of genocide well under way.

Children are being killed from Palestine to the Ukraine, with a global plan of genocide well under way.

Born in 503AD, King Arthur II united Great Britain and brought peace to his Kingdom. 1500 years on, the German Queen Elizabeth II is doing her best to keep Europe united for her own nefarious ends, evident by what she had to say at the state banquet to her counter-part Germany's president Joachim Gauck-

Cameron remains tight-lipped
"In our lives, Mr president, we have seen the worst but also the best of our continent. We have witnessed how quickly things can change for the better. But we know that we must work hard to maintain the benefits of the post-war world. We know that division in Europe is dangerous and that we must guard against it in the West as well as in the East of our continent. That remains a common endeavour."

Publicly above politics, her remarks are seen as a stern warning to her way-ward Prime Minister not to rock the boat, while David Cameron remained tight lipped having previously let slip that the Queen “purred” in delight over the result of the Scottish referendum.



Monday, 22 June 2015

John Paterson & Patrick Cullinane - The Royal Courts of Injustice.

Abel Danger Global.

One day your grand children will thank you for it. I know this for as fact.
I have just returned from The Royal Courts of Injustice with Patrick Cullinane, and I am just downloading video clips, I was asked twice to stop Videoing (inside court 37) yes folks, I have it ALL on cam and they FAILED to lock us out like they did on 15th June, next time we are going to arrest the judge and don't worry, the Police will run away and hide. Please stand-by for some mind-blowing evidence on what David Cameron's cabal have been getting away with, and they will continue to get away with as long as there are Freemason Paedophile Judges protecting these SCUM, so you bury your heads in the sand if you so wish, because WE are not going away... YOU know who you are, and you won't "like" this information.
AND....please stop asking me dumb questions in my message box....JUST DO SOMETHING FFS! Go to Patricks page or Gordons page for further updates, I am just the messenger and I'm going after these SCUM with both barrels loaded with DU, lets give these SCUM a taste of their own WMD.
Victim or Warrior?
YOU decide.



Danielle La Verite on the UK Column
HELP! I'm obsessed with Danielle La Verite and the obsession is taking over my life!

I simply can't go a day without checking her Facebook page to see what she's said.

I daren't ask her to be my Facebook friend because I've been so critical of her in the past, but still I cannot help myself checking out her profile on a daily basis; its destroying my life.

I used to really admire her. When she burst on the Alternative View scene I thought she was wonderful. While she never told us anything new; she regurgitated what we knew in a new, entertaining and refreshing way.

I was a fan and made my opinion of her known in a very public way.

It all went wrong between us over Tom Cahill and the Hampstead kids case.

If you don't know who Tom Cahill is; well; what's the best way to put it? Tom Cahill is just a guy who posts youtube videos about what he feels about people in the Alternative View.

From the very start he was extremely critical of Danielle and everything she stood for. Of-course I closed ranks against him and firmly in Danielle's camp I lambasted Tom Cahill as much as the next person.

Our relationship became strained when I mentioned Tom in the same sentence as her. Danielle has never forgiven me since.

Trying to make sense of the Alternative View, I often write blogs in which I compile lists of people, in an attempt to understand where they are coming from and what they do.

Mind you, my lists don't go down well with many people; take Patrick Henningsen for example:

Patrick Henningsen
With all due respect Matt, I do not consider myself part of a 'Movement", I just do what I do to educate as many people as I can and spread what I consider to be the truth, or close to it as possible. I understand your concerns on these kind of issues, but you have to understand that when you start punting about lists of names like that, it almost looks as if you are trying to recklessly discredit everyone and anyone out of pure spite, or for some other reason. If you really want to see a positive change in this world, then you should consider stopping to target small alternative media pepes and instead focus on the real elite overlords who are robbing and taking away our rights daily.”

Well anyway; things have never been the same again.

Our relationship hit rock bottom and shattered into a million billion pieces after the Hampstead kid videos were released.

Danielle made her views known about what she believed on one of her many videos and I made my view known on my blog- DANIELLE LA VERITE; I'M NOT IMPRESSED.

Richie Allen asking about the Hampstead kids
Here is what she said in response:

You're pathetic Matt. You only have yourself to blame for pissing people off. This article is a childish snipe because we can all see that you stir the pot & then plead innocence.
You won't get a backlash because you're a joke. You try to make out that I have a feud with a stalker I've never met... & I'm the disgusting one.
I'd suggest watching the shit you spout because like the idiots at the KFM, I won't think twice about suing your weasely sorry arse.”

From the very start Danielle made it known that she knew certain aspects about the story, which in her mind proved the kids were lying. What exactly that piece of information was, hasn't been made public; and in all honesty, that infuriates me.

Since then I've been caught in a circle of anger, jealously and interest.

I watch and listen to all her interviews and talks. Her talk at the Barges Conference organised by Miles Johnson made my jaw drop in amazement and disbelief.

Her most recent radio interview with Richie Allen did the same. Some of the information she's parting is absolutely stunning and confirms all my worse fears about her to be true.

Watch and listen to the show here.
  • She makes me angry when she dismisses the Hampstead kid's testimony of Satanic and sexual abuse at the hands of their father.
  • I'm jealous that she gets invited onto a number radio shows and talking engagements, while I get invited to none.
  • I'm interested in what she says and what people have to say about her.

Danielle La Verite talking about the Hampstead kids

Take for example her most recent Facebook up-date, which illustrates perfectly why I keep checking it on a daily basis.

I watched a group of people I've had nothing but respect for last night, have a good old chat about whether or not I'm worthy of their 'friendship'. Actually, I watched for about 30 seconds before completely ignoring it & getting on with what I was doing. They thought that by not using my name, this was ok because it wasn't hurting anyone.. Well, it does. It hurts you. Not the people you're slagging off & deciding their worthiness.
So concerned at maintaining a 'reputation' people will actually forgo the friendship of another.
I'm aware of each one of you still lurking on my friends list. I'm not going to shun you or have a go at you.
I'm going to leave you to it.
I should imagine some will have skulked off by the end of today.. Which again, will be due to their own discomfort.
Have a nice day all.”



Thursday, 18 June 2015


Traitor to Ancient British history and a tool of the New World Order, Guy Ritchie has enlisted the help of his good friend and football hero David Beckham to reinforce and consolidate the romantic myth of King Arthur into the minds of the British people.

With Warner Brother's stock price set to plummet in the coming months, Guy Ritchie has chosen a national hero to star in the most important scene of the King Arthur story; pulling the sword out of the stone.

Based on the 12th-century French writer Chr├ętien de Troyes's romantic fiction, Guy Ritchie has decided to immortalise the ridiculous notion that ancient British nobel-men choose their King on the basis of who could pull a sword out of a stone.

And to think David Beckham has allowed himself to be apart of such a ridiculous notion confirms that far from being an intelligent person with an independent mind, he in fact a very very very useful idiot.


With six films planned in total, Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur will be the first set for release in the Summer of 2016.

“There's going to be a version of the scene where Excalibur gets drawn from the stone. This is where Beckham factors in,” a source close to the production said.

The 40-year-old will be star alongside Jude Law, Charlie Hunnam and Anabelle Wallis, in what promises to be Guy Ritchie's big flop of his career.

While Guy Ritchie and Warner Brothers spend millions on consolidating ridiculous myths and untruths, the historical truth points to the likelihood that in Ancient British times, only Kings would be able to pull swords from stone, but not in the manner in which David Beckham and Guy Ritchie would have us believe.

Just like the fact that most cowboys in America's wild-west couldn't afford to carry a pistol, the same can be said about swords in ancient British times. The notion that swords were pulled from stone, originates from the fact that only Kings could afford to pay blacksmith's to make swords, often made by pouring molten metal into stone casts, hence cracking open stone to get a sword. A million miles away from literally pulling a sword from a stone, but at least you can understand where the 12th century french poet got the idea from.


With Warner Brother's stock price set to tumble downwards, Virgin stock is set to rise with the news that King Arthur look-a-like Richard Branson is set to finance a new film based on the real historical King Arthur II, to rival Guy Ritchie's doomed King Arthur adaptation.

As Alan Wilson states:
“It is time to tell the truth. The whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We are dealing with the biggest pack of political and religious lies in the history of the world.”

Heroes to the British people, Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett have rediscovered ancient British history which paints a very different story to the myth Guy Ritchie is peddling.

Renowned historians Alan Wilson and Blackett have delivered a treasure trove of research on the real British history including King Arthur I who died in 400 AD and King Arthur II who died in 579AD.

Billionaire owner of Virgin and hero to the British people, Richard Branson is set to rival Warner Brothers with a movie based on the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, telling the true story of King Arthur II, untold in over 1500 years.


Baram Blackett, Alan Wilson & Richard D Hall
The foreign German royal dynasty aka The Windsor Royal family have been forced to reinforce the cover-up of ancient British history because word of Alan Wilson's and Baram Blackett's work have been reaching the ears of so many people.

The King Arthur Conspiracy is the world's easiest conspiracy to prove, making it the most important conspiracy to cover-up.

Millions are set to boycott Guy Ritchie's King Arthur films because they are nothing more than propaganda pieces set to continue the longest running conspiracy in British history.



Friday, 12 June 2015


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Having been a loyal and dedicated fan of the world renowned novelist Peter James for many years, I’m profoundly shocked as any reader to contemplate the unimaginable conclusion that Peter James could be a serial killer himself!

Tongue in cheek aside, very serious questions have arisen as to the agenda and motivation of Britain’s award winning and beloved crime writer.

Privately educated at Charter’s House, a close friend of Sussex Police and born into the family who made their fortune by making gloves for the Queen, Peter James is better placed than anyone to appreciate the darker and more sinister side of life.

Even he is the first to admit that Brighton is the destination of choice for the nation’s most successful Crime Lords to settle and raise their families.

With a corrupt police force, easy links to Europe and a transient population, the City of Brighton is the perfect place for criminals to base themselves and lay down roots.

Having scared me personally from an early age having read ‘Twilight’, Peter James has been a regular addition to my book shelf ever since.

I was even luckier enough to be invited to one of his ‘Roy Grace’ book launches at the Honey Club in Brighton, where I was fortunate enough to meet the Grandfather of British Horror, James Herbert himself.

Having published 11 Roy Grace books to date, Peter James is set to write many more and even have his books turned into a TV series, while some have already been made into theatre shows.

There is no stopping him.

At the launch of his latest Roy Grace book, ‘You are Dead,’ he had these chilling words to say.

You know you could be a serial killer, I could be, the guy taking the photographs could be, any of us.”


Using Harold Shipman as his example he told Latest News reporter Mhairi Beveridge, “You know Harold Shipman, the worst serial killer we’ve had in this country, and there he was, he was happy, cheery family doctor everybody loved.”

Certainly the same can be asked about Peter James himself.

As he explained earlier in the interview outside Brighton’s Racecourse, “I’ve always been interested in the serial killer, you know we can understand the guy who comes home and he finds his best mate in bed with his girl-friend and he loses it and kills her, but the people I think that really scare us are the serial killers, the people who do it for gratification, for fun, for pleasure and what’s always intrigued me about serial killers is A; they have to be smart to survive that long, so how often they can be your neighbour next door.”

Is Peter James smart enough to survive that long, unsuspected, unsolved and undeterred?

A close friend of Sussex Police, Peter James has embedded himself deep in the heart of Sussex Police for many years and knows their darkest secrets, procedures and routines.

If any serial killer was to survive undetected it would be Peter James himself…

With the help and assistance of insider David Gaylor, the ex Sussex Police detective who he based the character Roy Grace on, Peter James is planning to write a book with him about the unsolved Sussex murder cases.

Called ‘Cold Cases,’ I was dismayed and disappointed to learn he had no intention of investigating the most notorious ‘Cold Case’ of them all, the Katrina Taylor murder of 1996.

Stabbed to death in the grave yard of St Nicolas Church in Brighton, it could be a scene out of any Peter James novel.

Katrina Taylor, a 19 year old heroin addict was believed to have burgled and robbed a known drug dealer, and as a message to others in Brighton, the said drug dealer ordered her assassination as an example not to cross him again.

While her killers were arrested and brought to justice, a cover-up kicked in and her killers were consequentially released a year later and to date, the Katrina Taylor murder remains an ‘Unsolved Murder,’ or as Peter James and David Gaylor would refer to it, a ‘Cold Case.’

Mind you it isn’t surprising Peter James would shy away from investigating the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up, after-all Sussex Police themselves are implicated directly in the cover-up.

It’s prudent for Peter James not to smack his gift horse in the mouth! He knows that if he starts poking his nose into the dark corners Sussex Police would rather him not; Sussex Police may poke their nose into his dark corners which he would rather them not.

I’m personally disappointed in him because as the Shadow Sussex Police Crime Commissioner and privy to many allegations of police corruption; he has never replied to my many requests for him to comment on the corruption which runs deep into the heart of Sussex Police.

In his book 'Want You Dead,' he thanks Sussex Police for their assistance, “I am immensely grateful starting with the very recently retired Chief Constable, Martin Richards QPM.”

Referring to Martin Richards as Tom Martinson in the Roy Grace books, Peter James includes two specific words, which reveals hidden meanings and implications.

Very” recently retired? He knows as much as anyone who reads that Martin Richards unexpectedly retired 9 months before he was meant to.

Be aware that Sussex Police have never commented on the above allegations...

Mind you, neither has Peter James; but as previously explained, its not surprising he hasn't.

The present Chief Constable Giles York has alluded to it, but still the cover-up of the corruption deep in the heart of Sussex Police continues unabated.

Referring to Martin Richards, Peter James makes the point of reminding his readers that he's a recipient of the Queen's Police Medal (QPM).

We can all see that the Queen's Knighthood list looks more and more like a sex offenders list; the same can be said about any ward bestowed to anyone by the Queen.

Peter James may well can tell a story of his childhood where he visits his father who's up late working in his workshop making a very special pair of gloves for the Queen, her husband and mother.

Daddy why are you embroidering a five star; I thought St David's star had six points.”

Go to sleep son, I know exactly what I'm doing. These gloves are for a very special occasion which the Queen and her family never talk about.”

John Lenard Walson has been screaming from the rooftops that Martin Richards covered up the child-abuse he suffered as a child.

Is the truth something out of a Peter James novel? Is the truth that Peter James is a serial killer too?

Monday, 1 June 2015

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