Saturday, 13 August 2022

PRESS RELEASE - Swissindo Special Force Volunteers - On behalf of Humanity

Under HM Mr Sino, AS, S "2" IR Soegihartonotonegoro, ST

Great President of the United Nations
c/o Home & World Office Jl. Sultan Agung Griya Caraka Tirtayasa,
1-4 No. 24 Kedawung,
Cirebon Jawa Barat, INDONESIA 45153
13 AUGUST 2022
Leaders of the World
c/o Embassies in Jakarta
c/o Ambassadors in Jakarta

Dear Ambassadors of the World in Jakarta,
Ref: All Jakarta Ambassadors to appoint 2 Security guards, each, at the above Address, 24/7 By Order of His Majesty Mr Sino, to ensure Announcements of Swissindo take place on 17 August 2022 at the above address.
$1 Quintillion Swissindo Prosperity Payments 1-11, shared equally to each of 7.6 billion people, in 253 countries, are now 7 years overdue, after the legitimacy of all banks ended on 17 August 2015, in which world leaders have a criminal liability, for failing to serve the best interests of their people, mass crimes against humanity, poverty, slavery, death & destruction;
We, Swissindo Special Force Volunteers, hereby Command, that you each provide 2 Security guards, at the above address, 24/7, to ensure Swissindo Announcements are made on, 17 August 2022, to the world, of the Distribution under Swissindo International Law, until Implementation is arranged via Cheap International Money Transfer Companies such as
NOTE: Swissindo International Law is being violated since the deadline of 17 August 2015, with criminal liability against all leaders and public officers for Extortion, Money Laundering, Corporate Manslaughter, slavery, Fraud & Treason.
The attached 23 page document dated April 2013, is the “GOLD RESET” overdue by 9 years.
You are INVITED to attend with your PRESS OFFICERS
Swissindo Special Force Volunteers

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Sunday, 7 August 2022

BREAKING NEWS - 76-year-old Wheelchair Bound Pensioner, “Sussex Police Tried to Taser me!”

Sussex Police in New Elderly Abuse Scandal

David ‘Joe’ Neilson, 76 from Peacehaven, near Brighton, is living in fear.

David 'Joe'Neilson

Too scared to return to his home since the General Election of 2015, Mr. Neilson has been living in fear of the killers of Katrina Taylor, and the Sussex Police’s involvement in his continuing harassment and stalking.

Mr. Neilson is Living in Fear


An old aged pensioner, diagnosed with PDST in 1996, suffering from Fibromyalgia, compounded with Macular Degeneration, losing his eye-sight to the extent of being registered legally blind; Mr Neilson’s story echoes the news that two Sussex Police officers are facing manslaughter charges following the death of a 93-year-old pensioner, who died weeks after being tasered and battered by Sussex Police officers.  

Read more: Sussex PCs used baton and Taser on elderly man in wheelchair

Donald Burgess; suspected of being killed by Sussex Police Officers

Under fire following a string of scandals hitting the police force, Mr Neilson directly accuses Sussex Police of harassment and stalking, and its Police and Crime Commissioner XXXX XXXXXX of his attempted murder.

“The Arrest was a Set-Up”

Matthew Taylor & David Neilson

Pictured outside the Murder House in a wheelchair with ex-Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor a week after the attack in January 2015, David Neilson has since fled his home, living in fear he will be killed by the killers of Katrina Taylor, watching helplessly as his property is stolen by organised crime.

Crime Lord Mark Slade – King of the slums

Landlord Marcel Sulc has got rich by throwing people out of their homes.

Mark Slade

aka Marcel Sulc


During the 2015 General Election Mr. Neilson received Death threats if he didn’t sign his property at 318 Southcoast Road, Peacehaven, dubbed ‘The Murder House’

The main witness in the 1996 murder of Katrina Taylor, Mr. Neilson says he is “too scared to return to his home, in fear he would be killed by the killers of

Katrina Taylor, working with Sussex Police.”

Home Invasion

Subjected to a home invasion by two unknown assailants in January 2015, the attack is one of many attacks against him since 1996.

Mr. Neilson is living in fear the killers of Katrina Taylor, will return to kill him.

Abandoned by Social Services and Police


Shunned by Social Services and Old Aged Concern charities, Mr. Neilson is campaigning for the reopening of the Katrina Taylor murder, in which he is still being persecuted 26 years on.

Filed as another ‘Unsolved Murder,’ Mr. Neilson claims organized crime worked with corrupt officials, to overturn the guilty verdicts of Katrina Taylor’s killers, allowing them to walk free in 1997, evading justice, and remaining on the lookout for Mr.Neilson to finish their job.

Attacked on his doorstep, Mr. Neilson was saved by the intervention of Matt Taylor.

Mr. Neilson believes it if Mr. Taylor hadn’t intervened, he would have died on the spot.


Instead of arresting their attackers, Sussex Police officers arrested Mr. Neilson and Mr. Taylor on suspicion of affray.

After 12 hours in a police cell, and being released over 30 miles away from their home, all charges were later dropped. 

Speaking to The Argus, Mr. Neilson, said there was “absolutely no way” he had attacked anyone.

He said: “I am a 69-year-old disabled pensioner.”

Read more: Prospective MP Angry Over Arrest.

As a direct result of the wrongful arrest on 16 January 2015, Mr. Neilson’s property at 318 Southcoast Road, Peacehaven has been stolen by organized crime, which Sussex Police refuse to investigate.

Sussex Police continue to harass and stalker Mr. Neilson, threatening him as a threat, preventing him from reporting crime, and prolonging his injustice by failing to act on and investigate the crimes being committed again Mr. Neilson today.

Who is the next elderly victim of Sussex Police?

TV documentary shines a light on Shana Grice murder case

RIP Shana Grice - Never Forgotten - Always Remembered

Brighton Scandal

Murder victim's parents: We begged Sussex

Police for help but were ignored

Parents of murdered Susan Nicholson Fighting for Justice

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

The End of Crimebodge?

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Saturday, 23 July 2022

"The President of the United States is a PAEDOPHILE with Dementia."

The President of the United States is a PAEDOPHILE with Dementia. His son is a criminal. They both commit treason by selling influence to the highest foreign bidder. Biden has committed multiple felonies including paedophilia and acts of treason and most likely America’s enemies have this and more on them as kompromat. He is compromised and under the control of America's enemies.

The way Joe Biden is with kids is beyond disturbing. He used to have a scripted line he used with every single underage girl he met "I'm going to tell you what I told my daughters, don't date boys until you are 30". He says this while he is pulling these young girls up close to his body. He uses his arm to wrap them around their waist and his hand rests about an inch beneath where the breast line begins. Then he leans over and starts whispering in their ears. He will kiss their temple and stroke their hair. Every. Single. Time. It's some of the most stomach-churning shit we've seen someone do in front of cameras and it mirrors the behaviour of paedophilic sexual predators. Wtf America!?
And guess what... no one wants to talk about it. It disappeared! But we are going to talk about it and about many other hidden scandals. No one can stop us.
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