Monday, 30 November 2015


My claim to fame is the 'Matt Taylor Orders the Immediate Arrest of David Cameron and The Queen' published on Guerrilla Democracy New's sister blog 'Getting Ready for 2015,' which at it's height was read by a million readers across the internet in one month alone.

Admittedly, I only wrote the foreword while the bulk of the article was written by Judy Byington, but still, I appear to have gotten all the credit.

It certainly caused an uproar because Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street had to deny it following a number of calls asking whether it was true.

While nothing specifically came of it, my name was flashed across the world and my place in the Alternative Media was secured (or I like to think so!)

The follow up articles of-

Also did very well...

Even now Royal Loyalist still can't believe I had the audacity to write such treasonous claims.

Take for example the comment Steve Parry wrote having watched the ground breaking video watched over 30,000 times-

“Her Majesty The Queen has dedicated over 60 years to Her People, for which we are grateful and hold her in the highest esteem. This video is an act of Treason and as a Loyal British Subject, if you ever try to mess with my Monarch, then you will get the beating of your life and prompted dropped into the deepest darkest hole in the whole of the UK, where many others loyal subject will find nothing better to do, than to regularly kick, slap and torture you for a great many years. Anyone that agrees with this filth is a moron and should get a knock on the door from men in black suits."

Richard Longmore literally took the words out of my mouth with his reply-

“Steve Perry = paid troll. Plus your story sounds shit. Support the Royals and ignore all evidence or be thrown into a pit beaten and tortured and men in black suits knocking at my door !!! Your picture of the world sounds proper shit mate."

While TJ Wilson went even further with the comment-

“It's true. If it wasn't, do you really think MI5 would let Bill Maloney stand in the City of London calling Queen mum a peadophile ? Unless like he says he as evidence. The next thing will be trying to kill Bill God bless him. COME OUT THAT BOX U LIVE IN NUMPTY."

To Steve Allan who squarely put Steve Parry back into his box.

“Steve Parry; Well said after 60 years dedicated service with low pay and back breaking work what right do commoners have to criticise Her Majesty and her Royal family for participating in a paedophile ring. I would consider it a honour if my children were invited to participate.”

Most read blog in the history of Guerrilla Democracy News is – CHRIS SPIVEY EXPOSES WOOLWICH ‘LEE RIGBY’ MURDER- FAKE!

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Ben Fellows
In fighting has erupted within the Independent Movement, following allegations that Ben Fellows is lying to extort funds from his army of fans and supporters.

The first I knew of it was when truth seeker Barbara Collier wrote on her Facebook status:

“Ben fellows is a 100%, absolute, piss taker.
Now he's begging for money, AGAIN, (how many times and years have you been doing this Ben??) from skint people, to get him and his latest "girlfriend" plane tickets to India. ffs.
He should have thought about that BEFORE he was pissing it up and eating meals out at the expense of the vulnerable that stupidly donated to him.
I don't buy his tales in the slightest.
Originally, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, despite hearing all about Bandwagon Ben and how he joins up on any Activist cause going.
He's not a victim of CSA and never corrects the gullible that think he is.
He comes from a Middle Class family who could house him.
All this living in a tent is pure fantasy 100%.
As for his latest beau, where the hell has she sprang from?
Was she in the tent-next-door?
LMFAO you Charlatan Ben Fellows.
Liar, plain and simple.
But hey, thanks for letting us know you gave the money to Malcolm Blackman/Joe Public.
Wonder if he will confirm or deny that?
Hahaha, throwing others under the bus eh, to try and save yourself?
LOL, so is that more money that Malcolm Blackman/JOE PUBLIC (pmsl) has taken from gullible people is it, eh?
Love it...”

To which Ben himself hit back with a youtube video.

“Panicking. I wish i was a body language expert, but i do know all the eyes darting right and left = deception. None of this tale adds up, none of it.” - Barbara Collier.

Going further to publicly share a letter to Facebook reporting cyber bullying, stalking and harassment.

“Dear Facebook,
I am currently being cyber bullied, stalked and harassed by Hannah Remington, Lucas Mcoy and others. Hannah has, we have learnt set up fake profiles and is impersonating my wife Julia Fellows and saying disgusting things about me. My account has been hacked on a number of occasions and I am currently suffering under a barrage of threats and intimidation from these people. I am a well known person as I have recently won a high profile legal case in the united kingdom regarding child abuse. For Facebook to suspend my account means that the corporation is complicit in cyber bullying, harassment and is helping to cover up paedophilia and child abuse. I am currently, travelling to see the Dalai Lama in India and for my account to be disabled has directly affected my funding from my friends stranding me in Esenboga Airport unable to fly out of the airport and placing my life in direct danger. I have received no warnings from Facebook regarding any breach of guidelines, my account is under my real name, so please inform me what I have done? My account has been hacked a number of times and if you check you will see that over the past months it has been repeatedly deleted on and reinstated a number of times and accessed from a number of different locations. The British Government is attempting to stop me from seeing The Dalai Lama as it will bring the world's press attention back to victims and survivors of child abuse whom I am representing. I hope that Facebook isn't condoning child abuse or the further abuse of victims and survivors and by disabling my account this Is exactly what you are doing. I hope you will reinstate my account as soon as possible. Hannah Remmington has attempted to affect our funding with our Go Fund Me page but fortunately Go Fund Me recognised what these people were doing. She and her operatives have setup a page called "Ben Fellows A Fraudster and A Liar" I am unable to report this since you have disabled my account. This is outrageous that my account should be disabled and for these trolls to be supported by Facebook, helped and encouraged to continually harrass, threaten, bully and intimidate me. If you do not find in my favour and remove these people I will have no choice but to take legal action against Facebook for supporting cyber bullying. I am neither a liar, fantasist nor fraudster and any suggestions of such is slanderous. I hope you will enable my account and deal with these others accordingly who have violated Facebook guidelines. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Ben Fellows.”

"Why am I being discredited all of a sudden?"
Coming in the wake of a very public spat between Abel Danger member John Pateron and veteran Illuminati whistle blower Greg Hallett, this latest onslaught against Ben Fellow’s character seems certain to irrevocably damage his reputation.

Even die hard supporters such as Brenda Namara aka Mumsy and best friend Lou Collins appear to be pulling their support.

Best friends - Lou Collins & Ben Fellows
While Lou Collins would rather make her opinions known in private chats, Mumsy said this in response to Ben Fellow’s latest video blog featuring his travelling companion Jackie.

“How dare you bring my name in here. I’m no liar or a thief and where I go on holiday WTF got to do with you. I've donated to you Ben, I don't know her, BEN YOU KEEP AWAY FROM ME AND YOUR GIRL FRIEND,YOU HAVE NOT IN-BOXED ME, YOU ARE A LIAR.”


Blogger and paranormal researcher Ben Emlyn-Jones would rather be kept out of it, having been pulled into the argument by third parties and Kev Baker, helmsman of the hugely popular Kev Baker Show has shown his support by declaring “We are all Ben Fellows.”

Writing a blog on the subject Ben Emlym-Jones makes the point "What’s the Problem?” of asking for donations?

Surely if someone wants to donate money to Ben’s goal of travelling to India to meet the Dalai Lama to ask for “Spiritual Guidance” on how to combat child-abuse is their business and no one else's.

By Ben’s own admission, Paul donated £5000 as Ben’s bail money, of which he got back with interest. If Paul is happy to donate £5000, what's the harm of asking for more?

In a world in which money makes it go round, isn't it common sense to ask for donations baring in mind he has no other means of raising the necessary funds.

Though as Barbara Collier points out; Ben’s from a middle class family and why hasn't his mother come to his rescue?

If fans and supporters wish to hand over their money, then who’s business is it of anyone else to slam their decision?

As Gayle Fawkes writes in reply to a Facebook comment on the subject:

"I feel its up to the individual if they want to help Ben. Their money, their choice but I will be giving to the cold and hungry on the streets.”

To which Barbara Collier responds:

“Nothing wrong with that. I feel it is wrong to con people in donating for a holiday for him and his gf. I bet most of the donatee's have a learning difficulty etc. i mean no ill will by that. Just something is missing in their decision making abilities.”

Let’s not forget Ben’s credentials. He exposed the G4S 2012 Olympic scandal which saw the Government bring in the Army as an extra layer of security and most famously, he was found not guilty of making false allegations against ex Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke, which by proxy finding Kenneth Clarke of sexual assault.

To many Ben is a hero of the same status as other leading men in the Independent Movement.

Take for example in what appears to be a veiled death threat against Chris Spivey. AJ's comment left on Spivey’s most recent blog “Qui Qui, Poo Poo.”

“Chris I love your work & have been reading what you do since the beginning but have never commented.
I don’t think it’s always 100% correct but the articles that aren’t perfect ( only in my opinion ) are still well researched & you stand by them which is commendable.
My main fear with yourself is that if too many people start to take notice of what you say then you could probably end up ” committing suicide ”
I don’t know you but you seem like a good bloke & it would be hell on your family if anything happened because it wouldn’t be the first time!
I’m gonna stick a few quid in your paypal & have a good look through your back catalogue as some of the older stuff you wrote seems quite prophetic reading it a couple of years later, i would suggest fans of your site do the same thing..
Aurevoir n all that bollocks

If it’s okay for AJ to donate to whom he wishes, what’s the problem of anyone donating to Ben?

I’ve personally asked for donations, and continue to do alongside every other contributor to the Independent Movement. It's the nature of the beast that having to independently research and share our work, there is no parent company who pays a wage or covers expenses.



Having asked the same question in 2013, the answer was no.

Having been cleared of making false allegations against Kenneth Clarke for sexually assault, a jury of 12 men and women have come to a conclusion that he wasn't lying.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber
World famous composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber hasn't responded to claims that he stuck his tongue down Ben Fellow’s throat, but again, if it went to court would Ben be found guilty of making false allegations?

TV darling and Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley hasn’t responded to claims that she snorted copious amounts of cocaine with Ben Fellows on BBC TV premises; but again, if it went to court would Ben be found guilty of making false allegations?

Is this all just a storm in the tea-cup or is it Kenneth Clarke’s Revenge?

Ben Fellow’s has been quick to respond to these latest allegations and insists he isn't an liar and has never lied.


Jackie Clarke in Ankara, Turkey
Confessing he’s “failed”, Ben Fellows has been left devastated and demoralised by these latest allegations, but digging his grave further by using his travelling companion Jackie to answer on his behalf, and making his own allegations against staunch supporters such as Brenda McNamara, will surely damage his reputation further.

Rumour has it Tom Cahill is planning his own video response which will surely add fuel to the flash fire which is steadily burning Ben Fellow’s reputation to ash.


Sunday, 22 November 2015


(Originally posted on Sunday 18th November 2012)


For me, the fight back began on the 20th January 2012, the day OFCOM took Press TV off the television waves.

No doubt, everyone will have their own dates. Their own ’Fight-Back Day’. The day they could ignore the proof no longer. No longer pretend it isn’t happening and face the facts, the blaring facts, that there’s an evil invading the world and making all our lives a God damn living misery.

I’m here to tell you what ’PROVED IT’ for me. To share the proof that it isn’t just a figment of conspiracy theory, that it isn't just a figment of the imagination.

Everyone has a PROOF threshold. Your proof threshold could be higher or lower than mine. You may demand more proof before you believe, or you may need less. Either way the evidence is there and readily available. You won’t find it on the BBC, ITV or Channel Four news channels. You won’t find it on the History Channel, Discovery Channel or Disney Channel. You won’t find it in the Sun, the Mail or the Daily Express newspapers. In fact you won't find it anywhere on the High Street or mainstream media. You’ll find it on the alternative media, word of mouth, YouTube, leaflets, books and magazines..

You would have found it on Press TV, but of-course, they plugged that leak very quickly.

The evidence is out there waiting to be found. It’ll tell you there is in-deed a global conspiracy at work which is systematically eroding our rights, eroding our way of life and eroding the natural order of things.

I kid you not, the horror of the situation is very real. It’s as if we’re living in the movie of the body snatchers. It’s as if a foreign army of evil intent, are occupying every street corner. They’re occupying the air waves, the television and the newspapers. They’re occupying every facet of life and we the people are absolutely oblivious to it.

Do you remember that old quote about if you want to keep something hidden, hide it right under the nose. Well it's true. They’re operating in clear view, right under our noses and we can’t see it.

Its either because we don’t believe what we are seeing or we’re seeing it but pretending we're not. And in their defence, that’s the beauty of their invasion. Their evil ends are so bad they rely on people dismissing it as ridiculous. 

“So ridiculous that it can’t be true.”

  • They’re implanting us with microchips to turn us into living zombies, “Oh don’t be ridiculous, that can’t be true.”
  • They’re sabotaging our children’s education to turn them into stupid minions, “Oh don’t be ridiculous, that can’t be true.”
  • They’re contaminating our food, water and air supply to keep us sick and dependant on pharmaceuticals, “Oh don’t be ridiculous, that can’t be true.”
  • They’re suppressing zero-point energy to keep us dependent on fossil fuels and slaves to oil, “Oh don’t be ridiculous, that can’t be true.”
  • And the best one of all, they are hiding the fact that aliens are real and walking amongst us, “OH DON'T BE RIDICULOUS, THAT CAN’T BE TRUE.”

But the PROOF has convinced me it ISN'T ridiculous and it is TRUE.

I kid you not, they are killing us, killing us slowly, silently and methodically. They’re dummying us down with trivial and nonsense, keeping us looking the other way while they rape and pillage the world’s resources for their own evil ends.

The best tools they use are often the most simple. One is ’word association’. A clever little trick, easy to implement and easy to own. By associating one word with another, these two words become linked forever.

Take White for example, what do you most commonly link with the word White? Wash, maybe?

How about Black? Board. Skin? Head. The list of examples is endless. 

How about Conspiracy? Yeah, I bet nearly all of you are thinking, THEORY...

That’s the beauty of word association. Even though conspiracy is very real and a daily event, most people associate Conspiracy with Theory.

  • I mean, It’s okay for Hillary Clinton to believe a conspiracy was working behind the scenes to bring down her husband during the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.
  • For John Major to believe in the conspiracy theory of the bastard’s out to get him.
  • It’s okay for George Bush and Tony Blair to believe in the conspiracy theory of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and it’s okay today to believe that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and ready to use them.

But God forbid if the PUBLIC believe in conspiracy theories, because if they do they’re deemed social misfits, marginalised to the edge of the social spectrum and ridiculed as crack pots.

I’m happy to call myself a Conspiracy Theorist.

  • I believe man has visited the moon but acknowledge certain questions need to be answered, to determine whether man went to the moon when they claimed they went to the moon.
  • I believe the world is round, but acknowledge the theory that it could be hollow.
  • I believe in crop circles and acknowledge many are man made pranks.
  • I believe in a lot and disbelieve just as much.

So with this in mind, here are my top five theories, which represent the biggest dangers to our way of life. Journey with me into the world of CONSPIRACY POSSIBILITY. 


We all know about the erosion of our civil liberties since that fateful day back in September 2001. As a response to these events, the US Patriot Act became law, allowing indefinite detentions of suspects; search of homes and businesses without the owner’s or the occupant’s permission or knowledge. Surveillance of telephone, e-mail, and financial records without a court order and so much more which the average Joe has no knowledge. In the UK, the Government swept away a hundred years of hard fought justice by passing a law which allowed the detention, without charge or evidence, for 90 days. CCTV is watching us unlike any time in human history. Old men who heckle at political gatherings get man-handled out and arrested under the Terrorism Act. Our government extradite British citizen’s to other countries on here-say and without evidence. The list goes on and on. No doubt everyone can contribute an example of an social injustice and abuse of power. But of-course the point I want to make is that all these measures have got nothing to do with terrorism. The conspiracy possibility of the matter is that terrorism is an urban myth, created by unseen hands to strangle our rights and resources. It’s been demonstrated that the last dozen or so terrorist attacks on American soil had been planned and encouraged by the FBI, only at the eleventh hour for the FBI to halt the attack which they themselves had been helping to bring about in the first place. Off the top of my head I think the last ten terrorist attacks foiled by the FBI have been orchestrated by the FBI. In the UK the media will pick up on a story and turn a mole hill into Mount Everest.  They will report how three young Muslim men spent a day in London in preparation for an attack. How three young Muslims brought a lot of fertiliser. How three young Muslims met each other in the woods late at night for terrorist training exercises. But once it goes to court and the suspected terrorists get released through flimsy and fabricated evidence, and not a mention is made in the media. Health and Safety is also being used against us. Only today, my son and I, were thrown out of our local library because of a power cut. The sun-roofs were working perfectly well, with enough natural sunlight for everyone to see. But the library clerk demanded we leave IMMEDIATELY on Health and Safety grounds. Firemen won’t wad into three foot of water to save a kid’s life on Health and Safety grounds. The point I’m making is that Health and Safety is the latest social injustice in a long line of social injustices rammed down our throat, disguised to make us believe it's for our benefit, when the conspiracy possibility points to the opposite.  TAX: The biggest abuse of power of all time... We the people have been brainwashed for so long, we have forgotten the basic facts of life. We forget to ask what are our taxes for? Healthcare they say?  No, we pay for that separately with National Insurance. Roads? No, Car Tax pays for the maintenance and up-keep of our nation’s roads. Local services? No, that's covered by council tax. Income Tax and VAT is just theft. Fuel, Insurance, Alcohol, Business, Cigarettes, Travel, Death, Energy, and any others I haven’t listed are just the charges to keep the illusion going. Our Income Tax simply pays the interest of our national debt, with enough left over for war and champagne for number 10. Taxes are the biggest abuse of power inflicted against us and the conspiracy possibility which we must all address is that we don’t need TAXES to run our country.

FALSE FLAG TERROR (7/7 & 9/11)

For so many it was the events on these days which have recruited so many people to the various truth movements around the world. I expect, as with the millions of other viewers who watched the planes smash into the Twin Towers, the truth was in front of our eyes. But as the months dragged on, doubts duly and surely surfaced and people began to question the official story. We were all willing to give the benefit of doubt that a crash on the 80th floor could bring down a whole mega structure. We were willing to give the benefit of the doubt that a plane together with it’s occupants and luggage could disappear completely into a gash in the ground. But it was too much for many to believe a 747 Bowing Jet could fit into a 16x16 foot hole of the Pentagon outer wall. It was at this point a French website asked the question, “Where is the 747?” and learned minds began to ask more questions and as a consequence, bring the official story into doubt. I say “learned minds” because the first seeds of doubt were planted in my mind after a letter signed by a number of retired American Air Force, Army and Navy officers called into doubt the official account. I remembered thinking, “if this calibre of men think something smells fishy, then it must be fishy.” I’m not going to go into every area of contention with 9/11 and 7/7, but only to quote Richard D Hall, the presenter of the RichPlanet TV Show “Anyone who believes the official stories of 9/11 and 7/7 needs their heads examined.” You only have to watch 7/7 Ripple Effect and Loose Change, (two amongst many.) My position is that the official accounts of 9/11 & 7/7 haven’t been PROVEN. Nothing has been proved in any court of law. Even though the authorities apportion blame on a number of young Muslim men, not one has been found guilty based on evidence. I like millions of others, I will only believe the official story once the authorities back it up with PROOF, because as of today there is no PROOF to convince me. For example, they could release the CCTV footage of the Pentagon on that fateful day. The only footage that has been released after 5 years of asking, only adds to the conspiracy possibility that a missile rather than a 747 bowing jet hit it. The authorities have got the evidence which would either PROVE or DISPROVE the conspiracy possibilities and it isn’t for the conspiracy believers to PROVE it, it's up to the authorities to PROVE their side of the story.


Fiat currencies... “What has a car manufacturer got to do with currency?” I first thought when I heard this phase; Fiat Currency??? No, I’ve come to learn that fiat currency is a currency based on paper rather than anything more substantial such as gold.  Back in 1938 the gold standard was bumped from our currency and fiat currency was created. What I mean is that currency was no longer dependant on the amount of gold banks had in their vaults. We all know that at one time in history you could exchange your currency note for it’s equivalent value in solid gold. Alas those days are long gone. Our Fiat money is based on the promise that whomever holds it will honour it’s worth. It's like your employers promising to hand you a piece of paper with number 20 on it, for you the employee completing a specific task on his or her behalf. The employee is happy to do so because he knows that very same piece of paper can be taken to another person who has promised to exchange it for a meal and a couple of pints of beer. Our fiat currencies of today are based on nothing more than a promise to pay. ’I the bearer promise to pay,’ it’s as clear as day on every bank note in circulation. Which brings up the question, if currency isn’t being created on the back of how much gold is in the vault. What is it being created from? The answer is nothing. As much as a promise is nothing. A promise is a non-physical-mental-thought. Money is being created in the same way. When anyone goes into a bank and asks to borrow money, that money is being created as the teller taps the amount into the computer. ”How much would you like to borrow sir?” ”Ten thousand pounds please.” ”Do you promise to pay it back over the next ten years at nineteen percent interest?” ”yes” ”One moment while I process the loan.” Tap tap tap. ”There you are sir, ten thousand pounds has been credited to your account. Thank you for doing business with us.” Job done. Ten thousand pounds created by entering the amount onto the banks balance sheet. The bank didn’t have to do anything to make it. They magicked it from thin air. So not only do they get nineteen percent back but they also get the ten thousand back. Thus the conspiracy possibility exists that the banks are the longest running criminal fraud ever orchestrated against the world’s people. I urge you all, just as I have done, to stop paying back your debts. STOP IT NOW....... By paying your monthly repayments you are validating their fraudulent crime. STOP IT NOW....... Go to and download the letters which you can send to them. It sets out in the language they use against us that ’NO, I won’t pay back anyone money which you have criminally made me believe I owe you.’ Once you open your eyes to the crimes the Banksters commit on a daily basis, you will free yourself from the constraints which money chains us. 


Cold fusion, hemp, solar power, water and hydrogen engines are suppressed by the big fossil fuel corporations to consolidate their stranglehold over the world. You only need to scratch the surface to reveal their crimes and horrors. Check out how many patents are deemed in the national interest and stamped TOP SECRET never to be seen again. Check out how many scientists and inventors have died in dodgy circumstances or who’ve committed suicide. Whistle blowers are coming out on a daily basis, but, of-course the media ridicule them as fantasists and censor their stories.  But their stories are out there waiting to be explored and shared.  Energy corporations do everything in their power to suppress free clean and ever lasting energies.  Not only does it ensure their flow of wealth but it also keeps them out of prison, because the suppression of free, clean and ever lasting energies is arguably the greatest crime against planet Earth and it’s inhabitants, both human and animal. The dependence on fossil fuels which we the people, have been held prisoner to, has caused harm and destruction on an unimaginable scale. Increase in carbon dioxide into the atmosphere leading to the Green house effect, oil spills causing numerous ecological disasters, public health diseases with the inhalation of toxic fuels, the dumping of toxic wastes, the decimation of the rain forest in Brazil and across the globe. The list is huge and I haven’t even touched upon the personal costs of having to pay for petrol, heat, light and energy. They and I mean the ’cabal of industrialist’ who are directly responsible for the suppression of free, clean ever lasting energies, would be lynch-mobbed if the public knew of the crimes they perpetrate against us in their personal pursuit of happiness and wealth. Imagine what life would be like if energy was free, clean and everlasting? Utopia would be here... Wouldn’t it surprise you to learn that Utopia has been here for a very long time but kept hidden from view and used by the very elite few. It’s not difficult to believe when you really think about it.  


Arh, Aliens, a favourite subject of any self respecting conspiracy theorist. UFO’s are real, that is something we can all agree on. The point of contention is where they come from. Terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, that’s the question. For me, the alien possibility is a very strong possibility and I believe it because I’m a believer in the human spirit and a believer in my fellow man. Perhaps I’m a sucker for a good story. I am because if someone swears blind they’ve met aliens, I can’t help but believe them. Too many people claim it. Too many credible witnesses claim under oath, under hypnosis and under the barrel of a gun, that yes indeed, they’ve had a close encounter with a creature out of this world. Then the evidence: The sightings and videos of unidentifiable flying objects in the sky. I suppose it’s really a fifty/fifty decision. Which way the wind blows, whether you like marmite or not. The famous Drake Equation implies there are at least ten thousand intelligent civilisations in the Milky Way. Or rather ten thousand worlds where intelligence could exist. Ten thousand is an awful lot. And by manipulating the equation further, the number either goes up or goes down. One fact is indisputable, LIFE does exist, it’s just a matter of how much of it exists. Richard D Hall’s television programme convinced me that aliens are real and present. Before I watched his show I really wasn’t bothered either way. But it’s the likes of him and hundreds of others who have taken the time and effort to research the subject that I am convinced we are not alone and that travellers from outer space walk amongst us. And even control us...


'The New World Order’ famously penned by the visionary writer HG Wells, has been used for a very long time. Politicians and corporate leaders often use the phase when referring to the shape of things to come. But let me assure you, it’s here, The New World Order is in full swing and we are all caught up in it’s complex web of deceit and wonder. Perhaps they do have our best interests at heart and perhaps they know better, but then again, perhaps they don’t. For me it comes down to our democratic right. We’ve been lead to believe we have a right to govern ourselves, to determine our own futures and to build the lives we dream for ourselves. And the thought of an organisation I have no knowledge off, by-passing this, pisses me off. I mean, deceiving us to believe we have power through the democratic vote is a scam of the most extreme and should be exposed. Admit it. Within our hearts of hearts. We all know power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. History has demonstrated that dictatorships always turn pear shaped and innocent people inevitably are killed. So what's the conclusion? What's the answer? What next? We all know.... This been done many times throughout human history and needs to be done again to combat the evils which I contend are prevalent throughout the world.


Whatever you want to call it. But the people must take back what is rightfully ours and banish the greedy bastards who have taken too much for their own personal ends, for too long.

Thursday, 19 November 2015



Even before the blood had congealed in the veins of the Paris fallen, the French President was calling for all out war against ISIL and the conspiracy theorists were calling foul.

In an age of instant communication and opinion without barriers, it was inevitable differing sides of the story were to come to the surface so soon.

What to believe? To be a conspiracy theorist or not to be; seems to be the seminal question of the 21st century.

Call it what you want? The Truth Movement, the Alternative View, the Independent View or simply the Tin-hat Parade, conspiracy theorists are growing in popularity as fast as Christians are converting to Islam.

With 9/11 as the catalyst, popular videos such as September Clues, 7/7 Ripple Effect and The Straw-man have done more to convert people's mind to what many people would think worthy of being committed to a mental asylum.

After all, if anyone seriously believes the very people we vote into power to look after our safety and interest and the one's who are actively plan these events which destroy our safety and which go against our best interest, must be mad. To seriously believe our elected leaders, business leaders, religious leaders and Royalty are secret members of satanic cults which sacrifice and even eat babies is more than mad, its totally deranged. To seriously believe a secretive club of men, women and aliens run the world from the shadows; really! Lets just call the men in white suits to take you away.

As crazy and absurd the conspiracy theorist sounds; their belief in the crazy and absurd is rock solid and believed with a passion equal to a devoted nun who believes her virginity will please a bearded man in the sky.

Our society is literally fracturing before our eyes. Its no longer a matter of the haves and have nots, its a matter of who believe that our world is run by evil or who not.

Within hours of the Paris attack conspiracy theorists were doubting the official narrative due to the lack of evidence relating to the hundreds alleged dead.

Paraphrasing what many were saying, 'In a world of mobile phones and cameras, where is the footage of the attackers, the explosions and the dead?'

I said the same thing to my partner while watching the 10 O'Clock News. “I haven't seen one dead body yet.”

French carnage following air strikes against ISIS
Ironically the very next piece of news was the release of a picture of the dead from within the Bataclan concert hall minutes after the Paris terror attacks.

My partner looked at me with pure pity in her eyes. Pity I'm a conspiracy theorists who disbelieves anything the 10 O'Clock news tells me.

(Mind you she's adamant Lady C from this year's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is a man!)

But still, my resolve remained strong because the 10 O'Clock news editor deemed the picture too distressing for me to see and blurred the image.

“Its after the 9pm threshold and I'm an adult,” I complained to her, “Why does the 10 O'Clock news treat me like a child and decide what's acceptable and whats unacceptable for me to see?”

With my tin-hat on, I now realise they didn't show the picture in detail because the picture revealed smeared blood all over the hall's floor. The first question anyone would ask is why were the dead bodies dragged all across the floor minutes after being shot dead?

That question still hasn't been answered by the main stream news but answered by the alternative media, with the evil theory that the Paris authorities killed people outside the venue and dragged them in to be left dead on the floor for their photo-shoot.

Perhaps that's why people are joining the Truth Movement in their droves. At least the Truth Movement gives you answers.

Take for example what 21st Century Wire editor Patrick Henningsen said on Ian R Crane's Humanity v's Insanity Show No' 57:

Its like a parallel, two tracks of reality. One is consensus reality- thats for the mainstream media and the political minions and bagmen and then you have the truth. Most people are now choosing to go on the truth track because it actually makes sense, there's come logical and critical analyst that seems to make sense. The problem with Paris and Syria, it doesn't make any sense, they're tripping over their shoe laces right now because they've weaved such an extravagant web of lies for the last few years that it doesn't even match up.

They can't even decide what to call ISIS. One day its ISIL, the other day its ISI, the other day its Islamic State, they can't even decide what to name it. That shows you how bogus the whole bogey man agenda is.”

Its fair to surmise that just beneath the surface is a totally different narrative as to what is being broadcast on the news and written in our national and international papers.

One's good and one's evil; and the evil don't want you to know how evil it really is.

Here is what the Independent newspaper said about conspiracy theorists in it's article 'Paris terror: 10 internet hoaxes about the attacks debunked.'

People are frightened and seeking information as quickly as they can; in other cases, Internet trolls and pranksters exploit these high-profile, high-coverage events for their own malicious ends.”


Having written a lot about the Alternative Movement (of which I like the term 'Independent Movement' much better), I can categorically state that the people who participate in the movement have no malicious ends, other than to lead a wholesome and crime free life.

This is why the mainstream news are so quick to counter-act the conspiracy theorises as soon as they arise.

They dismiss conspiracy theory with the argument that the average man on the street simply cannot come to terms with the randomness of the world; thus clutching to conspiracy theories in a vain attempt to explain their own misfortune and lack of success is due to a master plan of Illuminati families intent on keeping the down trodden down and the meek meek.

Take for example the Guardian article 'When conspiracy theories lead to tied-up thinking.'

And here lies a real problem. Conspiracism can appeal to the disenfranchised and idealistic as an explanation of why the world isn't how you'd like it to be. But it can become dangerous when one starts to believe that the big "They" are intent on keeping you from reaching your full potential, possibly out of malice, possibly out of fear of your unleashed abilities.”

Though absurdly on their part they go on to admit conspiracy is real but not real enough.

As the article continues:

None of this is to suggest conspiracies don't happen, that men do not gather in secret and plot to orchestrate events, that governments will not do unspeakable things to citizens without them knowing.

There is little doubt now, for example, that the UK secret services conspired to overthrow the democratic Mossadegh government in Iran, mendacious meddling from which the Iranian people are still feeling the repercussions to this day, in the form of the Islamic Republic. Or indeed that generals have subjected soldiers to drug tests and dangerously high levels of radiation, without alerting the men to the full dangers.

It is absolutely correct to be sceptical of those in power. But conspiracism does not offer scepticism, merely an all-encompassing mush that preys on the idealistic and the gullible and turns them to paranoid cranks.”

So here we have it in black and white. Men do gather in secret and plot to orchestrate events, but they didn't for the Paris attack, London's 7/7 attack and America's 9/11. Why? Just trust us on this one!


This is the seminal question everybody in the Independent Movement has asked themselves. What to think? What to believe?

As Patrick Henningsen said earlier: “There are two tracks of reality. One is consensus reality- thats for the mainstream media and the political minions and bagmen and then you have the truth.”

Anyone with half a brain would choose the truth; but you'd be surprised. As the cartoon depicts, its human nature to steer to 'a reassuring lie' rather than 'an inconvenient truth.'

an Inconvenient Truth v's a Reassuring Lie
This is the argument the Independent Movement uses against the mainstream view, in much the same way the mainstream uses the argument of feeling helpless and small against the Independent Movement.

People will always steer to 'a reassuring lie' because addressing the 'inconvenient truth' means they must acknowledge the full and unadulterated horror in their midst. It means acknowledging that the people they've put their faith in are satanic cult members who eat and sacrifice babies.


On a more personal note, read for yourself the opening paragraph of an email sent to me today:

Hello Mr. Matt Taylor

I am called Florence Machares. I am French. I am contacting you by chance because I need to find a soul charitable and pure which will help us to disclose this matter of corruption in French justice. This fudging of children in organized band in the highest spheres of the French state with the compliance of malicious judges perverse sadistic psychopaths blasphemers without souls without shadows nor compassion diabolical followers of Satan the Devil.”

How much longer can the mainstream media carry on dismissing the numerous claims that world terror attacks are staged events and the whistle blower testimonies that our world leaders are satanic cult members?


Remember it took TV personality Phillip Schofield only three minutes of internet searching to compile a list of alleged Parliamentary paedophiles which he famously handed over to David Cameron.

Its takes quicker to find the many conspiracy sites which tell a different story to what is being sold on TV.

Below are just my top five of many thousands more.


We in the Independent Movement reside here-in at our own expense and risk. Regardless of what the Independent newspaper likes to tell you, we don't do what we do for our own “malicious ends.”

Like any law abiding citizen around the world, we work hard and put ourselves at risk to build a better future for ourselves and our children.

The personal stories of many in the Independent Movement would surely make everyone sit up in surprise.

  • How social services are intent on taking Chris Spivey's grandson into care for exposing the Woolwich false flag and much more...
  • How MI5 set out to poison, murder and discredit Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett because of their historical research into ancient British history.
  • How ATVOD tried to shut down UK Column news under the pretext that their Youtube channel was deemed a “video on demand service”.
  • How Illuminati whistleblower Greg Hallett narrowly survived 13 assassination attempts on his life for exposing the illegitimacy of the Windsor Royal family.

And on a personal note:

  • How local Freemason's closed down my election campaign and how the local press excluded me from the news. READ MORE: A TRAVESTY OF DEMOCRACY.

Perhaps we are barking up the wrong tree... Perhaps the Independent Movement is right to suspect conspiracy is real but in fact it doesn't go as far and deep as we are lead to believe...

Take for example the comment a scientist called Sam Murray sent me via Youtube:

To me, you are an object of extreme curiosity. What motivates a man to commit his life to such self-absorbed, pointless pastimes as yourself? And without ever conceding a moment to consider that what you deliverer to the world is childish, meaningless and futile? Look, it's quite simple. If you want to be the leader of a political party, if you want to be the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner (instead of some made upshadow bollocks), if you want people to buy your book about a magicRubik's cube, if you want people to sit up, to listen, and to take you seriously, then stop obsessively and compulsively making shit trailers on iMovie. Stop sitting in front of a camera and shouting at people using quite literally nonsense words. In essence, stop being such a pointless dickhead and actually do something with your life. Alternatively, keep doing what you do and suffer me turning up every now and again to remind you how much of a fucking moron you are.”

Harsh words indeed, and words which make one re-evaluate what the Independent Movement is all about.

Having already written over 2000 words, the stark question arises, what is it all for? And is it worth it?

To me the answer is yes. What if the mainstream media are wrong? What if the whistleblowers are right?

The prospect of the answer being yes is too important to dismiss without second thought.

Let's just remember, a few hundred years ago scientists thought the world was flat and the Sun revolved around the Earth.




Friday, 13 November 2015

The Golden Cube by Matt Taylor.

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