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Even before the blood had congealed in the veins of the Paris fallen, the French President was calling for all out war against ISIL and the conspiracy theorists were calling foul.

In an age of instant communication and opinion without barriers, it was inevitable differing sides of the story were to come to the surface so soon.

What to believe? To be a conspiracy theorist or not to be; seems to be the seminal question of the 21st century.

Call it what you want? The Truth Movement, the Alternative View, the Independent View or simply the Tin-hat Parade, conspiracy theorists are growing in popularity as fast as Christians are converting to Islam.

With 9/11 as the catalyst, popular videos such as September Clues, 7/7 Ripple Effect and The Straw-man have done more to convert people's mind to what many people would think worthy of being committed to a mental asylum.

After all, if anyone seriously believes the very people we vote into power to look after our safety and interest and the one's who are actively plan these events which destroy our safety and which go against our best interest, must be mad. To seriously believe our elected leaders, business leaders, religious leaders and Royalty are secret members of satanic cults which sacrifice and even eat babies is more than mad, its totally deranged. To seriously believe a secretive club of men, women and aliens run the world from the shadows; really! Lets just call the men in white suits to take you away.

As crazy and absurd the conspiracy theorist sounds; their belief in the crazy and absurd is rock solid and believed with a passion equal to a devoted nun who believes her virginity will please a bearded man in the sky.

Our society is literally fracturing before our eyes. Its no longer a matter of the haves and have nots, its a matter of who believe that our world is run by evil or who not.

Within hours of the Paris attack conspiracy theorists were doubting the official narrative due to the lack of evidence relating to the hundreds alleged dead.

Paraphrasing what many were saying, 'In a world of mobile phones and cameras, where is the footage of the attackers, the explosions and the dead?'

I said the same thing to my partner while watching the 10 O'Clock News. “I haven't seen one dead body yet.”

French carnage following air strikes against ISIS
Ironically the very next piece of news was the release of a picture of the dead from within the Bataclan concert hall minutes after the Paris terror attacks.

My partner looked at me with pure pity in her eyes. Pity I'm a conspiracy theorists who disbelieves anything the 10 O'Clock news tells me.

(Mind you she's adamant Lady C from this year's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is a man!)

But still, my resolve remained strong because the 10 O'Clock news editor deemed the picture too distressing for me to see and blurred the image.

“Its after the 9pm threshold and I'm an adult,” I complained to her, “Why does the 10 O'Clock news treat me like a child and decide what's acceptable and whats unacceptable for me to see?”

With my tin-hat on, I now realise they didn't show the picture in detail because the picture revealed smeared blood all over the hall's floor. The first question anyone would ask is why were the dead bodies dragged all across the floor minutes after being shot dead?

That question still hasn't been answered by the main stream news but answered by the alternative media, with the evil theory that the Paris authorities killed people outside the venue and dragged them in to be left dead on the floor for their photo-shoot.

Perhaps that's why people are joining the Truth Movement in their droves. At least the Truth Movement gives you answers.

Take for example what 21st Century Wire editor Patrick Henningsen said on Ian R Crane's Humanity v's Insanity Show No' 57:

Its like a parallel, two tracks of reality. One is consensus reality- thats for the mainstream media and the political minions and bagmen and then you have the truth. Most people are now choosing to go on the truth track because it actually makes sense, there's come logical and critical analyst that seems to make sense. The problem with Paris and Syria, it doesn't make any sense, they're tripping over their shoe laces right now because they've weaved such an extravagant web of lies for the last few years that it doesn't even match up.

They can't even decide what to call ISIS. One day its ISIL, the other day its ISI, the other day its Islamic State, they can't even decide what to name it. That shows you how bogus the whole bogey man agenda is.”

Its fair to surmise that just beneath the surface is a totally different narrative as to what is being broadcast on the news and written in our national and international papers.

One's good and one's evil; and the evil don't want you to know how evil it really is.

Here is what the Independent newspaper said about conspiracy theorists in it's article 'Paris terror: 10 internet hoaxes about the attacks debunked.'

People are frightened and seeking information as quickly as they can; in other cases, Internet trolls and pranksters exploit these high-profile, high-coverage events for their own malicious ends.”


Having written a lot about the Alternative Movement (of which I like the term 'Independent Movement' much better), I can categorically state that the people who participate in the movement have no malicious ends, other than to lead a wholesome and crime free life.

This is why the mainstream news are so quick to counter-act the conspiracy theorises as soon as they arise.

They dismiss conspiracy theory with the argument that the average man on the street simply cannot come to terms with the randomness of the world; thus clutching to conspiracy theories in a vain attempt to explain their own misfortune and lack of success is due to a master plan of Illuminati families intent on keeping the down trodden down and the meek meek.

Take for example the Guardian article 'When conspiracy theories lead to tied-up thinking.'

And here lies a real problem. Conspiracism can appeal to the disenfranchised and idealistic as an explanation of why the world isn't how you'd like it to be. But it can become dangerous when one starts to believe that the big "They" are intent on keeping you from reaching your full potential, possibly out of malice, possibly out of fear of your unleashed abilities.”

Though absurdly on their part they go on to admit conspiracy is real but not real enough.

As the article continues:

None of this is to suggest conspiracies don't happen, that men do not gather in secret and plot to orchestrate events, that governments will not do unspeakable things to citizens without them knowing.

There is little doubt now, for example, that the UK secret services conspired to overthrow the democratic Mossadegh government in Iran, mendacious meddling from which the Iranian people are still feeling the repercussions to this day, in the form of the Islamic Republic. Or indeed that generals have subjected soldiers to drug tests and dangerously high levels of radiation, without alerting the men to the full dangers.

It is absolutely correct to be sceptical of those in power. But conspiracism does not offer scepticism, merely an all-encompassing mush that preys on the idealistic and the gullible and turns them to paranoid cranks.”

So here we have it in black and white. Men do gather in secret and plot to orchestrate events, but they didn't for the Paris attack, London's 7/7 attack and America's 9/11. Why? Just trust us on this one!


This is the seminal question everybody in the Independent Movement has asked themselves. What to think? What to believe?

As Patrick Henningsen said earlier: “There are two tracks of reality. One is consensus reality- thats for the mainstream media and the political minions and bagmen and then you have the truth.”

Anyone with half a brain would choose the truth; but you'd be surprised. As the cartoon depicts, its human nature to steer to 'a reassuring lie' rather than 'an inconvenient truth.'

an Inconvenient Truth v's a Reassuring Lie
This is the argument the Independent Movement uses against the mainstream view, in much the same way the mainstream uses the argument of feeling helpless and small against the Independent Movement.

People will always steer to 'a reassuring lie' because addressing the 'inconvenient truth' means they must acknowledge the full and unadulterated horror in their midst. It means acknowledging that the people they've put their faith in are satanic cult members who eat and sacrifice babies.


On a more personal note, read for yourself the opening paragraph of an email sent to me today:

Hello Mr. Matt Taylor

I am called Florence Machares. I am French. I am contacting you by chance because I need to find a soul charitable and pure which will help us to disclose this matter of corruption in French justice. This fudging of children in organized band in the highest spheres of the French state with the compliance of malicious judges perverse sadistic psychopaths blasphemers without souls without shadows nor compassion diabolical followers of Satan the Devil.”

How much longer can the mainstream media carry on dismissing the numerous claims that world terror attacks are staged events and the whistle blower testimonies that our world leaders are satanic cult members?


Remember it took TV personality Phillip Schofield only three minutes of internet searching to compile a list of alleged Parliamentary paedophiles which he famously handed over to David Cameron.

Its takes quicker to find the many conspiracy sites which tell a different story to what is being sold on TV.

Below are just my top five of many thousands more.


We in the Independent Movement reside here-in at our own expense and risk. Regardless of what the Independent newspaper likes to tell you, we don't do what we do for our own “malicious ends.”

Like any law abiding citizen around the world, we work hard and put ourselves at risk to build a better future for ourselves and our children.

The personal stories of many in the Independent Movement would surely make everyone sit up in surprise.

  • How social services are intent on taking Chris Spivey's grandson into care for exposing the Woolwich false flag and much more...
  • How MI5 set out to poison, murder and discredit Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett because of their historical research into ancient British history.
  • How ATVOD tried to shut down UK Column news under the pretext that their Youtube channel was deemed a “video on demand service”.
  • How Illuminati whistleblower Greg Hallett narrowly survived 13 assassination attempts on his life for exposing the illegitimacy of the Windsor Royal family.

And on a personal note:

  • How local Freemason's closed down my election campaign and how the local press excluded me from the news. READ MORE: A TRAVESTY OF DEMOCRACY.

Perhaps we are barking up the wrong tree... Perhaps the Independent Movement is right to suspect conspiracy is real but in fact it doesn't go as far and deep as we are lead to believe...

Take for example the comment a scientist called Sam Murray sent me via Youtube:

To me, you are an object of extreme curiosity. What motivates a man to commit his life to such self-absorbed, pointless pastimes as yourself? And without ever conceding a moment to consider that what you deliverer to the world is childish, meaningless and futile? Look, it's quite simple. If you want to be the leader of a political party, if you want to be the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner (instead of some made upshadow bollocks), if you want people to buy your book about a magicRubik's cube, if you want people to sit up, to listen, and to take you seriously, then stop obsessively and compulsively making shit trailers on iMovie. Stop sitting in front of a camera and shouting at people using quite literally nonsense words. In essence, stop being such a pointless dickhead and actually do something with your life. Alternatively, keep doing what you do and suffer me turning up every now and again to remind you how much of a fucking moron you are.”

Harsh words indeed, and words which make one re-evaluate what the Independent Movement is all about.

Having already written over 2000 words, the stark question arises, what is it all for? And is it worth it?

To me the answer is yes. What if the mainstream media are wrong? What if the whistleblowers are right?

The prospect of the answer being yes is too important to dismiss without second thought.

Let's just remember, a few hundred years ago scientists thought the world was flat and the Sun revolved around the Earth.




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