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BREAKING NEWS ALERT : James Hind is a Danger to children


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“There is a number of things that the experts have not picked up upon or are very wrong. In one chat room I am aware of a pattern never reported before that certain types of girl in the 12–15 age group will actively challenge paedophiles, but seem to end in a close emotional interaction with a few.

He would only know this having had a relationship with girls aged 12-15, in close emotional interactions.

Speaking with “Younger Teens”

“That the paedophile hunters and police are insulting if they think that most teens write like them in chats with retarded text speak. The younger teens write very well.”

By stating “younger teens write very well,” he shows he’s been in communication with “younger teens,” which can only mean 7-11 year olds.

This is really disconcerting information, shining the light on a DID, and a dangerous MAP hiding in plain sight.

He must be revealed to be the predator he really is, to save the lives of children online.

A predator hiding in plain sight, screaming at the top of his lungs, that there are dozens of so called “Satan Hunters” running around the world harming children.

He accuses everyone else, of being what he already is.

The poor man suffers from DIDism! Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

“And groomers don’t spend weeks and months grooming on the internet; most move towards the subject of sex very quickly.”

He knows the subject moves towards the subject of sex very quickly, because he’s been in conversation with young teenagers, where the subject turns to sex very quickly.

Here we have an acknowledgement from James Hind, that he’s been in sexual conversation with a young teens aged from 7 to 11 years old.

And yet fellow Satan Lovers continue to publicly lend their support.

I am bringing this information in the purpose of detecting and preventing crime, and put forward this evidence that James Hind is a DID and MAP, hiding in plain sight, calling everyone else the monsters, that he himself is.

Its time to shine the light on James Hind and reveal to everyone, what he really is.

Tasked as a moderator of a well known preteen/teenage online social media site, to identify and remove paedophiles, James Hind does the opposite.

“In my interactions I am nice, polite and approachable, probably too trusting and open to conversation. Yesterday a random person offered me 500 ($£?) to go onto snapchat or omegle and do what they said. I asked what they wanted, and they were not sure, but wanted me in my underwear. Then they wanted me to send pictures or video of my penis. I refused.”

Did James Hind pass on the details of every person who wanted him to send pictures and videos of his penis, believing they were talking to a 12 year old?

If he didn’t, (as he has form not too), he is protecting MAPs.

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Satanic Views by James Hind: Mentions Matt Taylor.

Posted on 5 Jan 2022 – Satan Hunters who endanger their own children. https://satanicviews.wordpress.com/2022/01/05/the-satan-hunters-who-endanger-their-own-children/

Matt Taylor throws his children to the wolves

The worst of the Satan Hunters to throw their own children to the wolves is Matt Taylor of Brighton. I have previously called out Taylor over his activities to use his children as human shields in his fighting against his critics; posts that Taylor has reposted and acknowledged. The video that Matt Taylor created yesterday attacking me and other critics of Taylor was littered with images of his son, one that had his son looking like an angel sacrifice. Does the son of Matt Taylor know that his father is posting images of him all over the internet, mixed in with attacks on his critics and baby eating content? Does this boy have an understanding of the implications of what Matt Taylor is doing to him? Is this the actions of a loving father, or someone that in my opinion is betraying his son, using him as a child sacrifice in his ongoing fight with victims and critics?

Matt Taylor in my opinion is turning into a desperate man, who without limit, ethics or morality is determined to throw his son and daughter to the wolves, if it gives him leverage in his ongoing social media and legal challenges. If I had not properly viewed that video, I could have posted a link to the video that has images of the Taylor son, and thus accidently compromised the wellbeing of that child. But then, this is what Taylor wants, to be able to say his children are being abused by his critics; it seems to me that Taylor is using his children as bait, a sacrifice, so he can say to the police in Brighton Sussex: “look at what my critics are doing to my children, what evil child abusers they are!”

Satan Hunters and their friends are the greatest danger to their own children

Posted 2 Jan 2022 – About the Satan Hunters – https://satanicviews.wordpress.com/2022/01/02/about-the-satan-hunters/

One of the regular themes of this blog has been my work challenging Satan Hunters. I would like to deal with three items in this blog post:

  1. What is a Satan Hunter?

  2. The three required conditions that will result in a Satan Hunter being listed and challenged by satanhunter.com and I.

  3. The list of Satan Hunters that will be challenged in 2022 by satanhunter.com and I.

What is a Satan Hunter?

A Satan Hunter is an individual who promotes Satanic Panic narratives such as those promoted by QAnon, that a target individual or group of people torture, rape, murder and eat children in the worship of Satan. Such Satan Hunters promote Satanic Panic false narratives for reasons of power, fame, financial gain, revenge or ideology.

The three required conditions that will result in a Satan Hunter being listed and challenged by satanhunter.com and I.

  1. The Satan Hunter is promoting a Satanic Panic narrative.
  2. The Satan Hunter has in their actions in my opinion harmed or abused a child.
  3. The Satan Hunter is based in the UK, or the child victim of the Satan Hunter is based in the UK.

The list of Satan Hunters that will be challenged in 2022 by satanhunter.com and I.

The list may be added to. The following are the names of Satan Hunters whose character, narrative and networks will be challenged by satanhunter.com and I in 2022. The names on this list are mainly those I have had some personal knowledge of in the Satanic Panic cases I have dealt with in the last seven years.

  1. Abraham Christie, Morocco.
  2. Andy Devine – Greece.
  3. Angela Power Disney – Oldcastle, Eire.
  4. Becki Percy – California, USA.
  5. Belinda McKenzie – London, UK.
  6. Brian Willmot – Bournemouth, UK.
  7. Ella Draper – Spain.
  8. Jake Clarke – UK.
  9. Janet Stevenson – UK.
  10. Jeanette Archer – Cranleigh, Surrey, UK.
  11. Jon Wedger – UK.
  12. Lydia Lowe – Gravesend, Kent, UK.
  13. Matt Taylor – Brighton, Sussex, UK.
  14. Michelle Robinson – UK.
  15. Nathaniel Harris – Bristol, UK.
  16. Neelu Berry – UK.
  17. Owen Lucas – Fishguard, Dyfed, Wales.
  18. Richard Carvath – UK.
  19. Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV – Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.
  20. Sabine McNeill – UK.
  21. Samantha Baldwin – UK.
  22. Shaun Attwood – UK.
  23. Tom Dunn – USA.
  24. Wilfred Wong – UK.

Posted 15 Dec 2021 – Matt Taylor: the case of a Satan Hunter dangerous to women and children – https://satanicviews.wordpress.com/2021/12/15/matt-taylor-the-case-of-a-satan-hunter-dangerous-to-women-and-children/

The UK Online Safety Bill cannot come too soon in the opinion of this writer; which will include measures to protect women and children. The Satan Hunter Matt Taylor from Brighton in the UK is a typical case worth highlighting as to why this Bill is so important: in the opinion of this writer, Matt Taylor is a danger to women and children.

Matt Taylor is probably at the top of the list of Satan Hunters (grifters who promote narratives of Satanists eating babies) with the most criminal complaints against them during 2021. As an obsessive social media addict and fiend, Matt Taylor has waged a campaign of harassment and stalking for years and years via dozens of social media accounts. At the end of November 2021 Matt Taylor suddenly went silent on the internet, with rumours circulating that the police had finally done something about him after being drowned in dozens of complaints against Taylor from a large number of victims over the last year. Taylor, an individual incapable of controlling his impulsive need to post on social media, seems to have been curbed by something, although this writer is unsure which criminal complaint the police have acted upon.

Matt Taylor, a danger to women

A female victim of Taylor approached me in distress in 2021, to the point that I was worried they would commit suicide. Other women, of which there are many victims, have been public about their fear and distress because of the internet postings of Taylor, including Shellie Mote and Sharon Gale.

A high-profile female victim of Taylor was the Sussex Crime Commissioner ☆☆☆, who was nearly driven out of office by the stalking obsession of Matt Taylor. ☆☆☆ said:

“I felt very isolated,” she told this newspaper, “I didn’t want to show I was upset because I wanted to stay strong.

Eastbourne Herald 21/01/20

What ☆☆☆ felt at the hands of Matt Taylor is typical how many females feel after what this Satan Hunter does to them.

The female solicitor for ☆☆☆ had to get a stalking protection order put on Matt Taylor as he started to target her in a distressing way.

A regular theme across the social media sites by Matt Taylor is how women are reduced to sexual objects for the pleasure of Taylor, for instance, a theme that women seek sexual pleasure from Taylor as part of his “harem”, occasionally with the names and faces of his female victims included.

Taylor as a bigot

Taylor is a bigot when it comes to both females, LGBT and alternative religions. A regular target of religious hate by Taylor is victim Shellie Mote, a pagan, who Taylor targets on a regular basis with “witch” images. Amongst the LGBT community are victims of Taylor such as Ann Drogyne and Reece Muttley, which in 2021 has resulted in the police issuing warnings against Taylor about.

Taylor targets fathers and their children

Taylor was convicted in the courts in relation to distressing conduct against a certain father and their children, which resulted in court orders to protect the children. Taylor caused alarm and distress to two more fathers over the safety of their children, as Taylor prowled like a demented hyena around their children in the Samantha Baldwin and Wilfred Wong cases. Taylor for instance even posted a fiction that I was the father of the Samantha Baldwin children. The kidnap victim known as Child A in the Wilfred Wong case had their safety threatened by posts by Taylor that potentially broke a court order; but after taking advice this writer did not refer Taylor to the police because they are “jigsaw identification” events, and not straightforward.

Taylor puts his own children at risk

Taylor pushes his children forward as human shields against his critics and victims. For example, when this writer posted the opinion that Taylor should be arrested and jailed for his ongoing illegal conduct, Taylor accused this writer of abusing his children; because to criticise Taylor in his opinion is an alleged abuse of his children, Taylor argues would read such comments, and his children would be denied access to Taylor if he ended up in prison. Matt Taylor pushing his children, including their faces, onto his social media, and using them against his critics, is abusing those children. Taylor is of course the agent of his own misfortune, if his internet postings attract criticism and legal attention. When mixing his children up in the same social media sites as his postings in support of the ultra violent paedophilic network known as the Order of Nine Angles, one has to ask why he is even allowed access to his children?

Matt Taylor has been investigated by police in relation to children

Matt Taylor is share-happy when it comes to telling his readers about police investigations into his activities, some which disturbingly involve child protection issues. Matt Taylor previously shared that he had been under investigation for indecent images of children. Taylor, then, in July 2021 posted:

“Hiding in his own home for five days, before Sussex Police threatened to smash his door in, ex-RMP Soldier Matt Taylor was arrested for taking three 15-year-old boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of beheadings.”

Guerrilla Democracy Blogspot 06/07/21

He gave further particular details:

“Walking home and chatting with three teenage boys, (one of whom Taylor recognized as being his daughter’s classroom friend, whom he has known all his life), has resulted in a serious allegation being made that Matt Taylor incited three teenage boys to come into the woods with him, after showing them videos of beheadings on his mobile phone.”

Guerrilla Democracy Blogspot 06/07/21

The UK Online Safety Bill is designed for addressing the suffering that Satan Hunters such as Matt Taylor cause for many victims that is a source of serious harm to women and children.

12 November 2021 – Satan Hunters turn sinister – https://satanicviews.wordpress.com/2021/11/12/satan-hunters-turn-sinister/

Matt Taylor is now involved with terrorist network Order of Nine Angles, making threats on their behalf

Matt Taylor is a Brighton-based Satan Hunter, who runs dozens of social media accounts such as blogs, where he makes the lives of many people a misery. Taylor comes over as some crazy nutjob, a surreal experience out of a feverish nightmare, whose head seems too big to fit on the internet screen, as it indulges the viewer in an orgy of insanity. With the psychotic grin of a Cheshire Cat, Taylor tells his audience of his adventures: in being investigated for indecent images of children; of showing random boys in woodlands beheading videos; and most recently, his foray into beastiality. Taylor brings his insanity to politics, standing as an MP in national elections promising to build an island off Brighton and a base on the Moon; but at the same time, banned from local elections for harm done to innocent people that earned him a suspended prison term.

Matt Taylor’s desire for attention, sensation and power has resulted in his experimentation with Satanism. Taylor initially associated himself with The Satanic Temple, one of the first Satan Hunters I know of who actually made an effort to get to know about the Satanist religion; even announcing he would stand for The Satanic Temple in the UK national elections. Taylor found The Satanic Temple to be too moderate for his tastes, but then discovered the Order of Nine Angles, which appealed to his psychotic power hungry inclinations. The (ONA / O9A) was once seen as clownish; hungry for notability, when it chased after academics to give them publicity, but have now transformed into a network of murderers, terrorists and child abusers. The ONA now have a constant stream of notability in the media for arrests, murders, child sex abuse crimes and terrorism. Taylor has found a new love interest in the ONA: promotes them; engages with them; and defends them. Taylor threatens this writer that the ONA are unhappy with this writer, although the ONA have never been happy with this writer for years. Both Matt Taylor and the ONA are dangerous crazies, but the UK legal authorities suffer an inertia to act against them.

17 September 2021 – Friday Satan Hunter Update 17/09/21 – https://satanicviews.wordpress.com/2021/09/17/friday-satan-hunter-update-17-09-21/

Matt Taylor from Brighton has at least three current complaints to the police being investigated against him, and should he be convicted of any, would activate his suspended jail sentence resulting from his obsessive stalking and harassing other victims. Taylor is currently having an internet binge of wild fantasy and fake news.

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