Monday 24 October 2022

A Terrible Start to the Third Caroline Age

The Omen's of the dawning of the third Caroline Age couldn't be more damning for King Charles III.

With the disastrous shortest reign of any PM in the history of British Politics, just 45 days service by Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak kicks off his premiership with the worst opening speech of any British Prime Minister, by not looking at the right camera.

The first British PM to deliver his acceptance speech without looking the public in the eye.

Called 'Robotic' by online commentators, Viewers said it looked as if the new Conservative chief had “glitched” at the end of the presentation, while others branded the footage “extraordinarily awkward”.

“I'm convinced the Tories are just an army of robots being used in some evil experiment against us all,” suggested one Twitter user.

Just Stop Oil protesters throw custard pie at King Charles waxwork at Madame Tussauds

To the King himself who fluffed up his moment of truth, by snarling at his manservant for not moving the pen stand!

He would have known better than anyone that the world would be watching and he fluffed up his moment of truth by letting the enormity of the moment get the better of him.

He fluffed up his moment of truth


Rishi Sunak Our New Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak

Thursday 20 October 2022

Sussex Police are Prime Targets by Organised Crime

While some Sussex Chiefs can earn four times what the constable on the street earns, the admission by Sussex police that their officers are relying on second jobs and food banks to make ends meet; indicate Sussex Police officers are prime targets by organised crime, paid to turn the blind eye to crime.

PC Joseph Bryant had a second job helping a friend with their business, sacked for breaching the force's Code of Conduct.

Two Sussex police officers jumped before they were pushed. Both men would have been dismissed but left the force before disciplinary proceedings. PC Bryant resigned in February while PC X retired from policing in August.

PC X was earning so much money, he had enough to afford a sniff of cocaine before his shift.

PC X was found to have ingested cocaine after being asked to provide a urine sample. Testing of the sample returned traces of the Class A drug.

Too Proud to go to a Food Bank, but Desperate Enough to Take a Back-Hander!

Andy Standing, branch secretary for the Police Federation and a detective inspector for Sussex Police, described how officers across the country are “sleeping in cars and vans” and “going to food banks to keep going”.

Sussex Police have confirmed that some officers are struggling.

A spokesman told Brighton's local newspaper The Argus: “Sussex Police understands some officers and staff have relied on food vouchers via the Sussex Police Charitable Trust, as well as food banks.

Former Sussex chief superintendent Kevin Moore described the situation faced by rookie officers as “scandalous”.

He said: “No one joins the police to earn lots – but police salaries shouldn’t leave officers unable to pay the bills.”

Crime writer Peter James once said that Brighton was the city of choice for crime lords to settle and raise their families.

While some police officers are keeping their integrity at the expense of their dignity by relying on food banks and second jobs to survive, how many colleges are selling their integrity to organised crime and losing all dignity, as with PC X who turned up to work off their head on cocaine.


Peter James with his wife Lara

Wednesday 19 October 2022

King Charles III’s favourite uncle accused of raping a boy


 on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 10:10 


News broke yesterday of yet another historic sex case that will rock the House of Windsor only weeks after Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II died – King Charles III‘s favourite uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten, has been accused of raping a young boy in the 1970s.

alleged paedophile King Charle's Uncle

Legal proceedings have been entered in Northern Ireland against Lord Mountbatten alleging he sexually abused a boy at a notorious Belfast children’s home in the 1970s.

A former resident of the Kincora home, Arthur Smyth, has waived anonymity to make the allegations against the earl, a great uncle of King Charles III.

A Belfast court this week will hear allegations that Mountbatten abused Smyth as an 11 year old in the 1970s.

Smyth revealed that the trauma of being raped by Mountbatten almost forced him to end his life, later revealing he rode his pushbike into oncoming traffic.

The Sunday Life newspaper reported that William McGrath, Joseph Mains, and Raymond Semple, the three men who ran Kincora children’s home, were convicted of child abuse in December 1981.

McGrath and Mains reportedly provided children to the Anglo-Irish pedophile ring, now known as the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring.

These two men allegedly provided children not only to Mountbatten but also to British art historian and Soviet spy, Sir Anthony Blunt, and Sir Samuel Knox Cunningham, who served as Private Secretary to former UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.

Mountbatten allegedly seduced his victims using brandy and lemonade.

British historian Andrew Lownie wrote the biography of Louis Mountbatten and Edwina Mountbatten. In his book, The Mountbattens: Their Lives & Loves, Lownie pointed out that two boys named ‘Sean’ and ‘Amal’ – the latter a Sri Lankan – were abused by Mountbatten inside the Classiebawn, a mock Baronial castle in Sligo.

Smyth’s solicitor, Kevin Winters, said the allegations would form part of a civil action against state bodies responsible for the care of children in Kincora.

Winters said…

“He (Smyth) alleges to have been abused twice as an 11-year-old by the deceased royal. It’s the first time that someone has stepped forward to take allegations against Lord Mountbatten into a court.

“That decision hasn’t been taken lightly. He understands only too well that it will be a deeply unpopular case with many people coming as it does within weeks of the passing of the queen.”

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, aged 96.

Arthur Smyth

Smyth, who now lives in Australia, told the Sunday Life Newspaper that he had been abused by Mountbatten in 1977 but only realised who he was two years later from news reports after his murder by the IRA.

Mountbatten was killed along with three others when the IRA detonated a bomb on his boat in Mullaghmore, Co Sligo, in 1979.

The Kincora home opened on Belfast’s Upper Newtownards Road, close to Stormont’s Parliament Buildings, in May 1958, and closed in October 1980 after a sex abuse scandal.

The Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry found that 39 boys were abused at Kincora and in 1981 three men were jailed for abusing 11 boys.

However, it found no evidence that security agencies were complicit in the abuse.

In a recent report by the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, Marie Anderson said that complaints from some former residents about the failure of police to investigate allegations of sexual abuse at Kincora were “legitimate and justified.”

Royal biographer Omid Scobie tweeted on Sunday…

“Though allegations have long circulated, this is the first time accusations of pedophile abuse against Lord Mountbatten—King Charles’ great-uncle—will be aired in court.”

The allegations come hot on the heels of another UK royal family scandal. US-Australian campaigner, Virginia Giuffre said she was sex-trafficked to Prince Andrew by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2014. Andrew denied any wrongdoing but settled out of court for 12 million pounds in February last year.

Lord Louis Mountbatten was the last Viceroy of India in the final phases of British colonial rule and also served as the first and last Governor General of India.



King Arthur Legend Ross Broadstock Died of a Ruptured Aortal Aneurysm

The cause of death has been revealed to be a Ruptured Aortal Aneurysm.

For our Captain by Mike Harris
He brightened our lives with his Sunday smiles, casting untold treasures into our homes; lifting the burden of time from long buried secrets and laying them before us like glimmering bars of gold.
No seeker of fame and fortune he; no time-serving academic. But with a humour laden flourish, he threaded his way through centuries, stringing together the shining gems of our hidden history until they sang in our bones, reminding us of who we really are and whence we came.
He sought no glorious bounty other than truth and freely served it to us like the richest banquet. And we have feasted well upon it and have so much for which to thank him: our Captain, whom we have lost.
For his ship was Truthseeker and his valiant crew are in the multitudes, whose eyes are stung with tears. Too, too early have we lost him who has been taken to sing and shine amidst the stars above.
But as we lament his untimely passing, perhaps somewhere between the darkness and the dawn, our music and his may yet meet and mingle at whiles, inspiring us on to greater truths; sea, soil and script to yield yet deeper secrets.
Thanks to the tireless and selfless work of the Captain, our vessel is grown in might and cannot now flounder amid the storms of derisive and hostile waters.
So sail on truthseekers; sail with a fair wind, with open hearts and curious minds and, like our beloved Captain, laugh with the innocent joy of a true pioneer's soul.
Thank you Ross Broadstock.
We will never forget you.
Y Gwir yn Erbyn y Byd.

From One King Arthur Legend to Another: Alan Wilson Pays Tribute to Ross Broadstock

Britain's Hidden History (BHH) member and friend of Ross Broadstock, Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, has posted a comment which records the initial response of mentor Alan Wilson, to the news of the sudden death of Ross Broadstock.

Philip Pearson-Every Brown wrote: 

"Hi everybody here on BHH. I’ve just had my regular call with Alan Wilson and it was very hard and incredibly sad to break the news to him of the passing of Ross. 

He was completely unaware and began our conversation by asking me about the planned, upcoming visits from Ross and myself and if we were able to combine them and the three of us spend time together. I took the decision to tell him of the events of the last 24 hours and his shock was palpable down the phone line. He was quite confused and disbelieving of what I was passing on. I explained as much as I knew and as it began to sink in, he wanted me to help write his initial thoughts to the sad news and so I pass on the following:

“This is an utter, utter shock. I am stunned and not able to quite comprehend the news. My immediate thoughts and heartfelt sympathy go to his family who will feel the loss of a husband and father so deeply at such a young age.”

“At my time of life, names and faces often blur in my memory but Ross was one that always burned brightly and to whom myself and my colleague are forever indebted for helping to shine a light on our research and for the excellent work in promoting Britains real, true and rich history.”
“Events like this just go to show how important it is to seize the day and Ross certainly approached his life and this subject with enthusiasm and energy that I will miss and I’m sure the wider community will as well. I thank Philip for telling me what has happened, not easy to ever be the one to break tragic news, and for writing out my words.”
“I will pass on the news to my colleague who is currently looking after his elderly mother and I’m sure his sentiments and thoughts will mirror mine. I think as we all try to digest and make sense of what has happened, the best thing we can do is ’carry on’. Keep doing the research, keep reading and communicating ideas and keep talking. It is what Ross would want I’m sure.”

Still reeling from the sudden and tragic news of Ross's death, Philip Brown echoes the sentiments of everyone who knew Ross Broadstock and his family.

He finished the Facebook message:
"My thoughts and love go to Angela and the boys and to all those who are feeling this loss, I know collectively they can rely on us for support outside their immediate family and friends.
My thoughts and love go to Angela and the boys and to all those who are feeling this loss, I know collectively they can rely on us for support outside their immediate family and friends.
It was hard talking to Alan about this and I really did wonder whether to put up his words but I have been contacted by so many people throughout the day about Alan’s and Baram’s reaction that I thought it best to pass them on.
In all honestly, I think Alan was so taken aback that it was hard for him to speak coherently at times and at the point I needed to end the call because I was heading into a meeting, we both more or less said the same thing. The real tragedy for us directly, was that we lost a dear, dear friend and someone irreplaceable."



Brighton-Based Satanic Paedophile Lover James Hind, First Troll to Dishonour the Memory of King Arthur Legend Ross Broadstock.

First out of the blocks to Troll the memory of Ross Broadstock and rubbish his life's work, is non-other than my own resident stalker and troll, Brighton-based Satanic Paedophile Lover James Hind.

Pitifully nick-named Dick Dastardly, the satanic cult leader running around trying to destroy everything good in the world, with his faithful side-kick Muttley; James Hind doesn't have any boundaries, because he doesn't believe in good and evil.

Viewing his own life from a third perceptive, James Hind cruelly posted a YouTube comment, that if allowed to be seen by Ross Broadstock's family, (and the wider Britain's Hidden History community) would have caused serious alarm, distress and insult to a grieving and shell-shocked family (including three young teenage boys,) and friends.

Sad and pathetic James Hind has revealed his true nature as a twisted and vile Soul, lost to Satanism, adrift in an ocean of dissociative identity disorder (DID).


Tuesday 18 October 2022

Foul Play Suspected in Sudden Death of King Arthur Legend Ross Broadstock, hints Truth Expert Andrew Johnson

Top Truth Movement Expert Andrew Johnson has indicated that foul play may have been a factor in the sudden death of King Arthur legend Ross Broadstock.

Publishing on Facebook he posted:

"I was shocked to learn of the sudden passing of Ross Broadstock, who was recently interviewed by Richard D Hall.

My deepest condolences to Ross's family. He was a wonderful chap - an example to us all. 🙁 Obviously with the Alan Wilson material he was potentially venturing into some dangerous/sensitive areas.
To add some more details, he was doing his YouTube livestream when he became uncomfortable, and he had to stop for a rest. He then finished the show, with some discomfort, but was later taken to hospital where he passed at about 4am, unfortunately. The cause of death was apparently heart-related, but I am not sure if this was a new or existing condition for him. 🙁"

Revealing more of the details of the previous 24 hours which we otherwise didn't know, Ross Broadstock was taken to hospital and died at about 4am on Monday 17 October 2022.

Devastating a closely-knit online community, a Go Fund me appeal by a close friend of Ross and his family, Marchell Abrahams, has been launched and thus far is over £4000.

Click Me!

Dominick Kench added, "And .. now .... where can we get the books he had stocked and reprinted .. nowhere .. suspicious indeed."

Sharon Russell says what others are thinking, "It was a shock to say the least and what you have stated here Andrew I thought the very same a few weeks ago.. it truly has upset me and I feel for his wife and boys for it is what seems obvious to us yet maybe not to them. Very sad and he will be greatly missed and I hope his information keeps going forward for truth is so important."

Marcus Cutts moves the goalposts directly into conspiracy territory, "Rumours are circulating that this was a warning to RDH as he was the last guest on his show. I mean no disrespect this is just what I am hearing."


Criminality in the Secret State - revealed as never before

Paperback, 314 pages

There is an Evil in British Society that has been difficult to comprehend until now, and that only a few could contemplate.

There is a theory that Government – being the Legislature – is by definition incapable of criminal infiltration leading to a disregard for Civil Rights and Criminal Abuse of the System.

The Satanic Protocol reveals this Theory to be untenable; conspiracy and organized criminality is practised on an astonishing scale. Serious criminality exists and it is routinely perpetrated by the M I 5 underbelly with only quasi mythical status. Nefarious activities range from falsification of computer file records to murder most foul.

This book EXPLOSIVELY REVEALS the covert forces “the secret service” and their gross abuse of our democratic lawful system. Factual accounts of their “elite-hunting” power trips, targeting innocent British citizens and corrupting the Judiciary and the Police, often for corporate business interests – intending to conceal and/or to control.

The shadowy conspirators of the “secret service” - aka Spooks, 'little johns', or poison dwarves, are skilful tricksters, often with access to military personnel, and M I 5 and M I 6, to supposedly foresee internal and external National security. They prey upon and capitalise on the HUMAN IMBECILITY FACTOR, routinely found in the many unsuspecting decent citizens, with cunning deceit, manipulation, and lies from the gutter of distortion. 

There can be no doubt that these official crooks will endeavour to use every means possible to suppress this book. They may try to use the 'Official Secrets Act', and employ all manner of sophisms and lies.

This Book is not libellous; it is true and it does NOT infringe the much quoted 'Official Secrets Act' ; it only exhibits the gross criminal abuse of power endemic in the Government SYSTEM.

Ross Broadstock died early morning Monday 17 October 2022

Legend Ross Broadstock

Champion of ancient British history and a disciple of the historical work of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, Ross Broadstock (56) died in the early hours of Monday 17 October 2022, according to an announcement on CYMROGLYPHICS which read;

Tragic News

It is with the greatest sadness that we announce the passing of Ross Broadstock in the early hours of Monday 17th October.

Please bear with us and understand there may be possible delays during this difficult time.

Thankyou for all the messages of support that the devoted community has already expressed. Cymroglyphics will continue, and Ross's legacy will be honoured.

Shocking the close-knit community of the Britain's Hidden History (YouTube and Facebook), Ross and his dedicated family, attracted nearly 7000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and 3000 to his Facebook group.

Complaining of severe pain in his back, Ross suspended his regular Sunday night live show, returning to the screen 15 minutes later, assuring his viewers and Ange, (his wife) that he was okay, and there was nothing to worry about.

News no one could believe was true, hit YouTube in the late morning, with the following message from Ross's oldest son, Xavi.

Last night my dad Ross Broadstock died. I thought I should let you know.
He was the best dad ever and we're going to miss him a lot, please try to show some support.
And we miss him a lot.
So I just hope he is somewhere happy safe and relaxed.
Nos da Hedwch

D Man: I am absolutely heart-broken for the family of Ross Broadstock, a dear and loved man who has given so much to so many. From time to time I have tuned into these remarkable and wonderful videos that are chock full of valuable information, wise narration and light hearted exchange of commentary. Ross, may your soul rest in peace, your work has touched many. To all the family, from Canada with love.

A loving father and husband, Ross Broadstock was at his best, hosting his 125th Britain's Hidden History show, a channel he first started in 2018.

Fatal disaster struck 1 hour 35 minutes into the show, when Ross said, "Oh sorry, I suddenly feel very uncomfortable."
He then cried out in pain, "arhhh my back."
His concerned wife Ange, just out of camera said, "Are you alright?"
To which Ross assured her, "I'm okay Ange, I don't know what happened."
"What happened," said Ange
"I don't know," said Ross
"Shall I give you some cold water so you can," before being interrupted by Ross.
"Sorry folks, I'm just going to stand up a second", before nearly collapsing out of shot of the camera, with his alarmed wife calling for her son's assistance, "oh no, boys, boys!!!"
Ross ended the stream with the final words, "Goto Google and turn the thing off." 
As the true professional he had become over two years of relentless dedication to ancient British history, with hundreds of videos and 605,000 + views on YouTube, Ross returned after 10 minutes and finished his 125th show.
"Hello everyone, sorry about that scare there; I didn't mean to scare everybody.""I played golf yesterday, and it could be a muscle strain I think!""A bit scary there, if felt like it was internal.""Corr, it gave me a bit of a shock!"
Finishing what he started, and in the true generosity of the man, (we have all come to view as a friend), said "Well done Wilson and Blackett", before again apologising to his audience, "Awfully sorry, I'm going to call it a day. I hate doing this. My favourite subject in many ways, cos I was really looking forward to it, and I'll come back to it okay."Ross again suffered a stab of extreme pain, making him yelp out and said, "but you'll have to excuse me, I have to stop it."Arhhh, for goodness sake, I must have pulled a muscle yesterday," before assuring his wife sitting out of shot, "Its okay Ange, I just pulled a muscle alright, it's okay, it's okay," he assured her, before turning to the camera and saying, "Ange is panicking."
The last words Ross said live on YouTube were; "I'll leave the comments on for a few more minutes and let you say goodbye to each other. I do apologise. Arhhh, I'm going to have to say goodnight," before laughing his trademark hearty laugh, "I am okay, it's alright, I'm not trying to worry anyone. Alright, until the next time, HEDDWCH!"


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