Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Ross Broadstock died early morning Monday 17 October 2022

Legend Ross Broadstock

Champion of ancient British history and a disciple of the historical work of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, Ross Broadstock (56) died in the early hours of Monday 17 October 2022, according to an announcement on CYMROGLYPHICS which read;

Tragic News

It is with the greatest sadness that we announce the passing of Ross Broadstock in the early hours of Monday 17th October.

Please bear with us and understand there may be possible delays during this difficult time.

Thankyou for all the messages of support that the devoted community has already expressed. Cymroglyphics will continue, and Ross's legacy will be honoured.

Shocking the close-knit community of the Britain's Hidden History (YouTube and Facebook), Ross and his dedicated family, attracted nearly 7000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and 3000 to his Facebook group.

Complaining of severe pain in his back, Ross suspended his regular Sunday night live show, returning to the screen 15 minutes later, assuring his viewers and Ange, (his wife) that he was okay, and there was nothing to worry about.

News no one could believe was true, hit YouTube in the late morning, with the following message from Ross's oldest son, Xavi.

Last night my dad Ross Broadstock died. I thought I should let you know.
He was the best dad ever and we're going to miss him a lot, please try to show some support.
And we miss him a lot.
So I just hope he is somewhere happy safe and relaxed.
Nos da Hedwch

D Man: I am absolutely heart-broken for the family of Ross Broadstock, a dear and loved man who has given so much to so many. From time to time I have tuned into these remarkable and wonderful videos that are chock full of valuable information, wise narration and light hearted exchange of commentary. Ross, may your soul rest in peace, your work has touched many. To all the family, from Canada with love.

A loving father and husband, Ross Broadstock was at his best, hosting his 125th Britain's Hidden History show, a channel he first started in 2018.

Fatal disaster struck 1 hour 35 minutes into the show, when Ross said, "Oh sorry, I suddenly feel very uncomfortable."
He then cried out in pain, "arhhh my back."
His concerned wife Ange, just out of camera said, "Are you alright?"
To which Ross assured her, "I'm okay Ange, I don't know what happened."
"What happened," said Ange
"I don't know," said Ross
"Shall I give you some cold water so you can," before being interrupted by Ross.
"Sorry folks, I'm just going to stand up a second", before nearly collapsing out of shot of the camera, with his alarmed wife calling for her son's assistance, "oh no, boys, boys!!!"
Ross ended the stream with the final words, "Goto Google and turn the thing off." 
As the true professional he had become over two years of relentless dedication to ancient British history, with hundreds of videos and 605,000 + views on YouTube, Ross returned after 10 minutes and finished his 125th show.
"Hello everyone, sorry about that scare there; I didn't mean to scare everybody.""I played golf yesterday, and it could be a muscle strain I think!""A bit scary there, if felt like it was internal.""Corr, it gave me a bit of a shock!"
Finishing what he started, and in the true generosity of the man, (we have all come to view as a friend), said "Well done Wilson and Blackett", before again apologising to his audience, "Awfully sorry, I'm going to call it a day. I hate doing this. My favourite subject in many ways, cos I was really looking forward to it, and I'll come back to it okay."Ross again suffered a stab of extreme pain, making him yelp out and said, "but you'll have to excuse me, I have to stop it."Arhhh, for goodness sake, I must have pulled a muscle yesterday," before assuring his wife sitting out of shot, "Its okay Ange, I just pulled a muscle alright, it's okay, it's okay," he assured her, before turning to the camera and saying, "Ange is panicking."
The last words Ross said live on YouTube were; "I'll leave the comments on for a few more minutes and let you say goodbye to each other. I do apologise. Arhhh, I'm going to have to say goodnight," before laughing his trademark hearty laugh, "I am okay, it's alright, I'm not trying to worry anyone. Alright, until the next time, HEDDWCH!"


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