Wednesday, 19 October 2022

King Arthur Legend Ross Broadstock Died of a Ruptured Aortal Aneurysm

The cause of death has been revealed to be a Ruptured Aortal Aneurysm.

For our Captain by Mike Harris
He brightened our lives with his Sunday smiles, casting untold treasures into our homes; lifting the burden of time from long buried secrets and laying them before us like glimmering bars of gold.
No seeker of fame and fortune he; no time-serving academic. But with a humour laden flourish, he threaded his way through centuries, stringing together the shining gems of our hidden history until they sang in our bones, reminding us of who we really are and whence we came.
He sought no glorious bounty other than truth and freely served it to us like the richest banquet. And we have feasted well upon it and have so much for which to thank him: our Captain, whom we have lost.
For his ship was Truthseeker and his valiant crew are in the multitudes, whose eyes are stung with tears. Too, too early have we lost him who has been taken to sing and shine amidst the stars above.
But as we lament his untimely passing, perhaps somewhere between the darkness and the dawn, our music and his may yet meet and mingle at whiles, inspiring us on to greater truths; sea, soil and script to yield yet deeper secrets.
Thanks to the tireless and selfless work of the Captain, our vessel is grown in might and cannot now flounder amid the storms of derisive and hostile waters.
So sail on truthseekers; sail with a fair wind, with open hearts and curious minds and, like our beloved Captain, laugh with the innocent joy of a true pioneer's soul.
Thank you Ross Broadstock.
We will never forget you.
Y Gwir yn Erbyn y Byd.

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