Saturday 31 May 2014

Keiser Report: Failing Systems; Can't Bust Banksters (E608)

  • 'British Bill To EU May Rise To £500 Million Because Of The UK, US Illegal Coup In The UKRAINE.'
  • 'AUSTRIA Wants It's Gold From LONDON.'
  • 'LONDON Manipulating Gold Market And Has Sold AUSTRIA's Gold.'
  • 'Paper Gold Being Puked To Slam Down Gold Prices.'
  • 'Frigging In The Gold Price Rigging Could Lead To Hot War.'
  • MAX Interview's Activist RONNIE MOAS, Of On Blacklist Of Unethical Companies.
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In an extraordinary development in the Greg Nikolettos arrest story over the AV5 weekend in Daventry, Guerrilla Democracy News can exclusively reveal that Greg remains incarcerated in Northamptonshire's Berrywood mental hospital and has not flown home as others have lead us to believe.

Speaking from the Marina Ward, Greg Nikolettos describes his incarceration as having a “spiritual dimension,” adding he had spent six days in isolation, looking at a florescent bulb 24 hours a day with no sleep.”


The last piece of information about Greg was revealed at the end of the AV5 conference by Ian R Crane, who said that he was out of hospital and with both the Australian consulate and Greg's wife informed, left us under the impression that Greg was free, safe, on his way home.

Ian R Crane gave us a further update on Greg's story on episode 13 of the Crane Report, broadcasted on May 27th 2014.

“Greg Nikolettos was unfortunately clearly not himself over the course of the weekend and was then involved in an incident on the sunday morning, which effectively prevented him from participating in the rest of the conference. Now at some future juncture I will reveal the full details of what occurred, but right now I'm not in possession all the full facts and I think it's preferable really not to say too much more at this juncture. I'm sorry if that leads to some conjecture but to as I said I would much rather present the full facts once I'm aware of them rather than half facts and half conjecture.”

Unable to wait for Ian R Crane to possess all the full facts before revealing the full details of what occurred on Sunday morning of the 18th of May, and using witness statements of the delegates on the ground, Guerrilla Democracy can exclusively reveal that not everything is what it seems.

  • Greg Nikolettos complained that his presentation was hacked and that he was forced to disconnect internet connection, in fear that the hotel's intranet would be infected with a nano-technology based virus.
  • Greg was involved in a “commotion” on a golf green, with an unidentified woman and man.
  • According to Greg, both the above mentioned woman and man attacked him.
  • According to Greg, he took self defence steps in which resulted in the woman being “rolled” to the ground.
  • Two police cars arrived, with four police officers.
  • Greg was pepper-sprayed and arrested.
  • Greg was taken to Daventry Police Station, before being transferred to the Berrywood mental hospital.
  • The Australian Consulate and his wife were informed.


Speculation is growing of a cover-up at truth convention. The first person to throw doubt into the equation is Greg himself who warned delegates that it all comes down to his presentation, which the people in power simply do not want him to give. As Greg is quoted to have said, “It comes down to the presentation and how invaluable it is.”

Eye witnesses of the incident also have voiced their concerns that Greg was a victim of an orchestrated event decided to smear Greg's character and smear the AV5 truth conference in general.

As the main eye witness states, “It does not sit well with my gut feeling..”

Before elaborating further:

“Then within the matter of seconds heard an almighty commotion - it stinks to high Heaven of a set up, and it looks as if she made her way in quick time to create the situation and how strange on a Sunday morning how quick the amount of police was able to be drawn...”


Asking for everyone to “Pray for him,” Greg is in good spirits as he awaits his Tribunal Hearing on Tuesday 3rd June, in which he hopes to be deemed of “sound mind” and allowed to leave the country.

With many calling into question his mental stability, including Ian R Crane and Thomas Sheridan, Guerrilla Democracy News addressed the issue straight on:
  • “Greg are you mad?”
  • “Define mad,” he replied.
  • “Mentally incapable of making sound decisions.”
  • “No.”
Planning to give his presentation at a later date, Greg said, “Its up to Ian R Crane to decide when and where I give my presentation, but I'm ready to do so.”

Asked what his fans and supporters can do for him during this time, Greg replied with passion, “Just pray for me.”

We are all praying for you Greg and hope you are released from the Berrywood mental hospital to be returned home ASAP.

Friday 30 May 2014


'More Than What Meets The Eyes.'
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Yeah!! That's It, Okay Fracture All The Geological Strata Worldwide And They Bring H.A.A.R.P.
(High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)  

To Bear Upon The Lands.

Then It Will Not Just Be Large Segmentation EARTHQUAKES But Totally Fragmentation Of The Lands With Almost Nowhere Left For Human/Animal Survival.

BINGO They Have Their Agenda 21 (PreviewTarget Implementation Of Population Reduction As The Stated Rules In Stone Writings On The Georgia

  • RULE *1, Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000, In Perpetual Balance With Nature.
  • RULE *10, Be Not A Cancer On The Earth-Leave Room For Nature-Leave Room For Nature.
There Will Be No Plausible Nature As All The Water Tables Will Be As Will The Air By Their Toxic Mix Of Proprietary Chemicals In Their Fracking Fluid.

So The Land That's Not Been Fractually Earthquaked Will Be A Highly Toxic Environment Not Fit For Human, Animal And Fowl Neither Fauna Nor Flora.

Mother Fracking Psychopaths Are Going Beyond The Pail In That Our Children's Futures Will Be To No Avail.

These Frackers And Their Shareholders Are So Blinded By Their Greed Of Money And Power Are Even Willing To Put Their Very Own Children/Grandchildren Futures In Imminent Dangers Way.
If They Are Ever Lucky Enough To Have Them?.

'May Love Be With You And All Your Loved Ones.'
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Bulletin Points UK Column 30th May 2014‏.

  • 'Has The Bilderberg Group Lost The World Controlling Plot ?.'
  • 'Bush, Precedent For Charges Of War Crimes.'
  • 'The CHILCOT Inquiry - Still Waiting On Results?.'
  • 'CAMERON's Common Purpose Grab At State Control Of The Press - Details.'
  • 'Press Watchdog Names It's Board.'
  • 'State Control Of The British Press.'
  • 'The Royal Charter Stick With No Edible Carrots.'
  • 'Torn UKRAINES Tasty Resources, UK Military Exercise's?.'
  • 'CHINA To Resume Investment Talks On $10 Billion Port In CRIMEA.'
  • 'UK Economy In Good Health, Business Lobby Groups Say???.'
  • 'Lord RENNARD Apologises: I May Have Encroached On Activists, Personal Space.'
  • 'Prison Industrial Complex To Build WREXHAM Super Prison.'
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Man of the Hour: Ian R Crane
Following on from the acclaimed success of the AV5 Truth conference in Daventry, organized by Ian R Crane, the public are calling for an AV5.5 to see them through until AV6, planned to take place 8 days after the 2015 general election.

Praise for AV5 is best summed up by the artist and author Thomas Sheridan, a speaker at AV5 who replied to Alex:G’s question on the Doomwatch radio show, “So Thomas have you recovered from the weekend yet?”

To which Thomas replied:

“I’ve not only recovered but have been walking on air ever since.”

“It was a fantastic weekend that validated everything that’s wrong with the world. Its given me new ideas and contacts, and WOW, what a couple of days that was.”

Summing up the general agreement that AV5 was the best AV ever, talk around the air-waves and forums have been ablaze with the public calling for more.

While Alex:G says, “Every single speaker was worth the admission fee alone,” many pundits moan about the excessive cost of attending an AV conference.
  • As Manerg writes on the UK Column forum:
“800 SQUID !!!!! What the hell is this? Truth seeking for the middle class well to do well heeled gotta nice job thanx, fuck off peasants yer not wanted here. Jesus Ian not good man not good enough at all. Are we creating an elitist system of truth seekers here or what. Coulda had me there for fuck all, cudda went through all that second hand info and told it much simpler for the nutters who can afford. £800 SQUID to hear what they already know. Fuck me what’a rip off.”
  • While Harry Brown agrees and goes on further to bemoan the cost of the DVD box set of AV5.
“We're fighting this NWO / NAZI crap because its making us poor & robbing us of everything, which means the vast majority of us here are "skint & losing our liberty".... Ok things have to be paid for & Ian & co can't do this for nowt ( they have to eat & have a pillow to lay on, as we all do). Can we put a price on freedom? of course not, but I wont be paying £79.95 for the DVD's.”
  • To which Jb4 adds:
“Don’t know what the hell is going on in this alternative media cash cow but it is beginning to stink very badly. Haven’t posted much on here since the beginning of this year but appears plain to me that money talks as much in this arena as in the mainstream media. Can’t see the appeal to many in this country when eight hundred smackers for one week-end is asked for. This info should be free and not exploited to high hell. When will the info be posted for free on the net? What’s the use at the end of the day if only a small well off elite can gain access to it? No no, I will not be paying for any DVDs full stop. Come on everyone get real this so called movement is going nowhere fast if this carries on.”


While many more people would have gone to an alternative view conference, if the price was more reasonable, the demand remains, the people want an AV5.5.

And where better than Brighton over the 4th, 5th and 6th of July 2014 weekend.

Speculation is rife that the next Pope, Kevin Annett in his capacity as Field Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) is coming to Brighton.

While nothing is confirmed at present, it can be confirmed that it’s Matt Taylor’s birthday on the 6th of July.

Having caused a storm at AV5, Matt Taylor foresees a weekend of epic proportions in Brighton, “While only 200 people enjoyed the brilliant weekend at AV5 in Daventry, there are thousands of other people who are desperate for their own dose of truth. So why not come to Brighton over the 4-6th July weekend and hopefully you’ll meet the main man of the alterative view, Kevin Annett as he sets out, point by point how we can all make history.”

Other speakers not featured at the AV5 conference in Daventry, but who could appear at Brighton are:

  • Richard D Hall
  • Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett
  • Andy Thomas
  • Chris Spivey
  • Mark Devlin
  • Bill Maloney
  • Jimmy Jones
  • Ben Emlyn-Jones
  • Andrew Johnson
  • David Joe Neilson
  • Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert
  • Dr Judy Wood
  • Nick Kollerstrom
  • Fabrice Bardsley
  • Greg Hallett


With so much more on offer, Brighton is the place to be.


Stay tuned to Guerrilla Democracy News as we report more on AV5.5, coming to Brighton over the 4th, 5th and 6th of July 2014.


As Hetzer said in the UK Column forum, “AV5 has changed the game. Worth it? Yes, every penny.”

Thursday 29 May 2014

Bulletin points of today's Max Keiser Episode 206

  • 'HSBC Laundered Mexican Drug Money Whiter Than White.' 
  • 'Smash 'n' Grab Small Business Enterprises.' 
  • 'Wall Street GDP Fraud.' 
  • 'Government, Banks, Corporations Or Just One Entity ?!.' 
  • 'Tapering QE (Quantitative Easing) By Proxy Ponzi.'

Tuesday 27 May 2014


Pope’s reference to “satanic mass” in relation to catholic child rape constitutes “his tacit knowledge” of such a crime: Common Law Court … Outraged Survivors demand Pope’s immediate resignation for “sadistic insensitivity”

Posted on ITCCS 
An ITCCS Special Breaking Communique – Tuesday, May 27, 2014

News Item: The BBC World News reported today that Jorge Bergoglio (“aka “Pope Francis”) compared the rape of children by catholic priests to the performing of a “satanic mass”
After being publicly accused and indicted for participating in child trafficking and murder involving apparent satanic rituals, Jorge Bergoglio today indicated that he has a “tacit knowledge” of such satanic practices in his church by associating them with the rape of children by catholic priests, according to the Court now prosecuting him.
The Citizen Prosecutor of the International Common Law Court of Justice said today from Brussels,
“Our position is that Jorge Bergoglio’s bizarre remarks are not coincidental, but reveal that he understands that the rape of children within his church are linked to satanic rituals in which he himself participates. We consider the Pope’s remarks a tacit admission of guilt and more evidence of his involvement in this monstrous crime.”
Ruth Leopold, a 51 year old American survivor of Catholic ritual torture and rape who heads a survivors’ delegation to the Court, said today in a statement to other members of her network Against Church Terror,
“Any idiot knows that even mentioning trigger words like ‘satanic mass’ will re-traumatize victims of satanic torture. So we consider the Pope’s remarks the lowest kind of sadistic insensitivity. Maybe his words were deliberately designed to make more of us kill ourselves, now that we are accusing him of taking part in Ninth Circle ritual killings. It’s time he stepped down.”
The Common Law Court of Justice is in the midst of its third closed session in which numerous eyewitnesses and archival documentation clearly link Pope Francis, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Jesuit head Adolfo Pachon to the ritual rape and killing of children as recently as 2010. Pachon announced his resignation this past week, and the Pope has also mentioned that he is considering “early retirement”.
Bergoglio’s remarks about satanic practices have been included in the Prosecutor’s case against him, along with new evidence from Vatican sources detailing the Pope’s recent efforts to cover up Ninth Circle activities and disrupt the Court through covert means. This evidence will be described in upcoming Public Information Bulletins from the Prosecutor’s Office.
Issued by ITCCS Central and the Court’s Directorate
27 May, 2014

Monday 26 May 2014


Matt Taylor, amateur journalist, parliamentary candidate and anti-corruption crusader, caused a storm at this year’s AV5 Truth conference in Daventry.

Labeled a “menance,” by AV5 security, Matt Taylor clashed with both Ian R Crane and the UK Column’s anchor man Brian Gerrish, at the first AV event in four years.

Seen by many as the ‘village idiot,’ comments condemning his behaviour have appeared in Facebook/Youtube comments and across alternative media forums.

  • As Manerg wrote on the AV5 UK Column Forum:
Don’t think I’ve ever seen a more obnoxious big headed fucking retard so called Truther out for the glory of Truthseeking Godhood. What a fucking wanker. If ya have to cope with retards as this on a regular basis I pity you, I really do. Christ I thought I had a big gob this twat puts me to shame. This retard is a shill if he ain’t he’s doing a very good impression of one.

  • To Anthony Carr who wrote on Facebook.
That bloke belongs in a nut house period.

  • To Halo Jones who wrote in UK Column’s forum.
Matt Taylor is a gobshite, but his write up of events did make me laugh. Perhaps he should be a comedian instead of a 'truther'/ shill/ attention seeker. Oi, Matt, stay away from Spivey too!

  • To an anonymous comment posted on Youtube.
Who is this buffoon? Guerrilla Democracy news stinks.


Justifying his presence at AV5 Matt Taylor hits back,
“I knew I had to be at this year’s AV5. It was a great opportunity to meet my heroes and introduce myself to as many people as possible. I wasn’t expecting to clash with anyone, it just happened. Ian R Crane’s response to the arrest of Greg Nikolettos alarmed me because he ultimately acted like the politicians we are working so hard to expose. When push comes to shove, Ian R Crane acted like any other politician when faced with a question they’d rather not answer. “No comment,” is no longer acceptable from anyone.”

Matt Taylor caused further menace to the AV5 security, when later that night he clashed with UK Column anchorman Brian Gerrish.

As seen in this exclusive unseen footage from AV5, Matt Taylor praises Brian Gerrish for his work, only for Brian Gerrish to rubbish Matt Taylor’s work in return.

Video removed from YouTube 

The conversation kicks off with Matt Taylor reminding Brian Gerrish that he “promised” him a story, only for Brian Gerrish to retort that he never “promised” to give a story, but to only “report” on a story.

This small difference of opinion evidently snow-balled because Matt Taylor went onto maintain what he heard, while Brian Gerrish did the same.

The conversation turned ugly after Matt Taylor thanked Brian for all the work he does in the Alternative Media, only for Brain to reply, “Why aren’t you interested in finding out what people are doing to fight the system?”

Matt Taylor is seen on the video to be visibly shocked and taken back with this statement, saying, “Look excuse me Brian, I am a subscriber to UK Column,” meaning to convey his argument that he is very interested in what people are doing to fight the system and that he is heavily involved personally in fighting the system.

Undeterred Brian Gerrish further criticizes Matt Taylor by saying, “Why were you running around yesterday saying, “What’s the gossip?” “Who’s breaking up, who’s got trouble?”

To which Matt Taylor replies, “Because I heard there were money problems between you and the BCG (British Constitution Group).”

It’s at this point you can hear Guy Taylor, out of shot say, “Noooooooo.”

To which Brian Gerrish ends by saying, “So you’re not really a candidate are you? You are somebody who’s here to see if you can try and rake up some dirt that doesn’t exist. You put that on Facebook!”

Matt Taylor responds exclusively to Guerrilla Democracy News, “Yes it’s true, I’m always on a look out for a story and while walking about the AV5 conference I over heard a lot of things. One such thing I over-heard was serious discussion between the BCG and UK Column. While I didn’t heard anything specific, I did ask Mike Robinson, “What’s the gossip?” and later asked Brian Gerrish for the story of what’s going on between them; to which I distinctively remember Brian promising “to give me the story.”

“I was wrong-footed by Brian when he argued the point that he never said “promised,” but said “report,” instead. I remember what I heard because I went back and asked him to repeat it. Either-way the conservation nose-dived and once again AV5 security had to step in.”

The conversation then moved, (off-camera,) outside and away from disrupting other delegates.

Brian Gerrish maintained his assertion that Matt Taylor was only interested in destabilizing the Alternative Movement and rocking the apple-cart.

Matt Taylor fervently disputed these claims and reiterated his belief that he is doing such as much as the UK Column in bringing about justice and the end of the evil Establishment.

With the conservation going nowhere and with both Brian and Matt standing their ground, the impasse was evidently broken by Matt Taylor giving Brian Gerrish the hand and saying, “Up yours Brian,” before walking off.

Immediately after the confrontation AV5 security recommended Matt take a walk to calm down. It may amuse the readers and Matt Taylor’s critics to know that he promptly got himself lost for two hours by walking deep into the Northamptonshire countryside. It was only through his army training that Matt Taylor remained calm, and by using his field skills, retracted his footsteps back to the Daventry hotel complex and civilization.

“Up Yours Brian.”

The following morning Brian Gerrish apologized to Matt Taylor and Matt Taylor apologized back.
Having shook hands it’s yet to see whether the UK Column consider Matt Taylor as a ‘village idiot’ or not.



Simon Welsh, poet extraordinaire, stole the show at this year’s AV5 Truth conference at Daventry.

Having gained many new fans with his own presentation on Saturday afternoon, he was called in by the organizer Ian R Crane to further entertain the 200 plus delegates, after Greg Nikolettos failed to give his presentation on Saturday evening.

Read more: Greg Nikolettos arrested at AV5.

Simon Welsh showcased his poetry talents by engrossing the audience with many diverse poems plucked from the top of his head.

Describing his ability to recall such lengthy poems at will, Simon says its like getting on “roller-coaster,” in which he’s carried along the track and the words flow out accordingly.

Firmly on the path to success, fame and fortune, Simon Welsh gained notoriety during the 2013 Balcombe anti-fracking protests, in which he was arrested for singing.

Recounting the story of being arrested and writing a poem during the seven long hours he was imprisoned in his police cell, Simon impressed the conference with the following poem.

SIMON’S POEM: Arrested for Singing (written while in custody at Crawley Police Station)

Today I was arrested for the power of my voice.
I didn’t get arrested by design or wilful choice.
They arrested me for singing with my blessed heart and soul.
Do they understand that freedom for humanity’s my goal?
They say I was arrested for ignoring what they said.
But that wasn’t how it happened in my heart or in my head.
I was standing in the crowd when the music set me free,
And in that heightened state let me explain what I could see:
Three men standing near me in the bustle and the noise
As we sang for hope and freedom: I was singing with the boys!
I looked into their eyes and I sang with all my heart,
And in that breath I saw that we’d been brothers from the start.
I did not see their helmets, did not register their word.
The lyrics and vibration of the anthem’s all I heard.
I did not see their authorship. All I saw was kin
And my heart confirmed this truth and welcomed these three brothers in.
The beauty of this moment was both empty and complete.
My eyes were streaming tears and I couldn’t feel my feet.
And then, without a warning, I was pounced upon and grabbed.
I started, then, to understand. The understanding stabbed:
These brothers work for forces that care nothing for the heart,
And, though the policing uniform’s presentable and smart,
It’s like the cell I’m sitting in: solid, square and bleak.
No room in here for questions or the answers that we seek.
The uniform, the cell: I think they truly are the same;
And in this felling I let go the need to point and shame.
Our brothers and our sisters – they are trying to do their best
In a system that is broken and that needs to be addressed.
But how does one address an institution of control
That’s been corrupted by an entity that does not have a soul?
The law has been corrupted by financial corporate might.
No ONE is responsible. There’s no one here to fight.
So how do we say ‘No’ to the Corporate agenda?
Who, if not the police, will be humanity’s defender?
As I sit here in this prison cell I know not what to do,
Though I feel the answer stirring in the hearts of me and you.
Tuesday 10th September 2013 © Simon Welsh Poetry

And did they frack in ancient times?
Poisoning waters; once so clean?
And were their fil-thy rigs of doom
On England’s plea-sant-pastures seen?
And did the On-ly face of Truth
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And do the frackers know time is up
To use their dark sa-tanic drills.
Come join us here and sing your song:
Sing of the justice you desire.
Assist us NOW! These frackers are wrong.
We now remember: We’re the Choir.
We will not cease from camp-ing here,
Nor shall we rest till fracking’s banned.
Till we have kicked these frackers out
Of England’s green-and pleasant land.
5th August 2013 © Simon Welsh Poetry

Friday 23 May 2014


Could Kevin Annet be the next Pope?
God’s Army recruitment drive is launched.

A CAMPAIGN to attract thousands of new recruits to the ITCCS’s sponsored “God’s Army,” has got off to a miraculous start.

Kevin Annett their Field Secretary says they have signed up 200 people in nine countries, who are currently undergoing training as common law peace officers and as members of Direct Action Units (DAU).

Over three quarters of these trainees are based in the United States of America, England, and Canada.

Extracted from the ITCCS website:

There is no lawful government or system of law in England and Canada anymore because of the criminal and arbitrary nature of the Crown of England and its parent body in Rome. Citizens of those countries must therefore create a new Constitution and Republican government to replace the Crown, and lawfully establish common law courts of record and their officers.

The ITCCS’s new campaign aims to reclaim the law to serve the people and protect their liberty and security.

The DAU’s will undertake the following tasks:

1. Perform arrests on criminals convicted by the ICLCJ, and upon child rapists and others who are clear dangers to our communities, and seize the property of convicted criminal organizations;

2. Provide security for the common law court, and for ICLCJ investigations, such as at mass grave sites and crime scenes, and

3. Conduct public education about the work of the ICLCJ and our local common law courts, and recruit and deputize new members.

Positions are open to everyone from all walks of life and profession. Politicians, policemen, specialists, logistics workers, drivers, welders, veterinary technicians, musicians, environment health technicians, healthcare assistants and infantry soldiers; you name it and God’s Army wants it.

Read more about the Soldier who questioned the Queen.

Local common law groups around the world have been given the go-ahead to immediately recruit reliable, able bodied men and women into Direct Action Units of no more than ten people each, under the leadership of a Unit Commander.

Once formed, the DAU will be expected to undertake all three of the tasks outlined above, and to report regularly to ICLCJ Central or to Field Secretary Kevin Annett, who will provide you with the necessary material and information needed to proceed.

When issuing Stand Down Orders to crown officers, make it clear and state to them that the Orders are lawful instruments issued under the authority of God and the Sovereign People.

Be under no illusion God’s Army is making history. Already an urgent request for assistance has been issued for sheriff’s and peace officers to converge on Montreal cathedral, at 1085 Rue de la Cath├ędrale, Canada, on August 15, 2014 because it was identified as the next major conclave of the Ninth Circle, in which children under five years of age were ritually killed.

As hard as it is to believe, you must.

As Kevin Annett and the ITCCS reminds us:

Massive public education is therefore a key aspect of our common law work, and one of the main jobs of trained sheriffs and Direct Action Unit members. 

Before laying the stark truth on the line:

“We want the men and women who are now being trained as our police force to realize that children are dying horribly as we speak. Protecting those children will be the first job of our trained sheriffs. They will be detaining and incarcerating the guilty. And they will be deputizing other men and women to form Direct Action Units to enforce the standing arrest warrants against criminals like Joseph Ratzinger and Elizabeth Windsor. We can only protect our children by tracking down and stopping those who are raping and killing them, starting with the sick monsters known as the Ninth Circle.”

Educate your self further by watching Rhianne Baines, a unit Commander in action, as she and her team conduct a church reclamation in Coventry.

Rhianne Baines demonstrates what sheriff’s and peace officers will be expected to train for.

Contact to join or form a DAU in your area, and to take longer term sheriff training.
Issued by the Central Directorate of The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ), Brussels /

Thursday 22 May 2014


The Woolwich Hoax.

Signaling out the journalist Sarah Rainey and her employer The Telegraph newspaper as “MI5 controlled” for spreading today’s propaganda on the first year’s anniversary of the Woolwich Hoax, Chris Spivey the most controversial writer in the world, then goes on to call the Angel of Woolwich Ingrid Kennett, the lady who stayed with Lee Rigby in his dying minutes, a “Lying Cunt.”

“But fuck me,” he says in string of expletives, “I promise you that what I have written in that article exposes every traitorous cunt who took part in the Woolwich act of treachery.”

Before ramming the point home that Ingrid Kennett lied about the events that day exactly one year ago, saying “In fact, I am openly calling her a lying cunt who has sold this country down the pan.”

Promising the reader that ‘Look Back in Anger‘ is going to make her look like “a proper prat.”

Who is Chris Spivey, or CS as I will now refer to him?

Read more: “Who the fuck is CS?” As if you don’t know already.

Clicking the links he provides, you find out aspects of the story that simply beggar belief. Take for example this extract of self praise exhibited by Ingrid Kennett:

“I feel like a fraud,” Loyau-Kennet says, shrugging awkwardly at the mention of praise. “My great-grandfather was in M15 and my grandfather was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in the Second World War – they did their bit for their country. This was just 12 minutes of my life.” 

She is overwhelmed by the idea of being decorated for her actions, but would be “very grateful” if it did come to pass. “Even better than any medal would be if they made a Brownie badge in my honour,” she adds. 

“A Brownie badge in my honour,” is she for real? 

She admits to feeling like a “Fraud,” after receiving the following decorations:

·        The Prime Minister singled her out as a symbol of courage in the face of barbarity
·        She received a letter of gratitude on behalf of the British public
·        She received countless cards and tributes from strangers
·        Presented with a medal by the French Embassy in London.
·        Nearly 90,000 people have signed an online petition for her to be awarded the UK’s George Medal

And while having always denied she is a “hero,” says she would be “very grateful” to accept the George Medal if offered before going on to wish to have Brownie badge made in her honour as well.

Is there no pleasing this woman?

As CS would often say in his articles, “You couldn’t make this shit up.”

She ends off the interview saying that if she would commit the fraud again she would, “I would do it again. Definitely. As a mother, as a human being, I was just doing my job.”

“Just doing her job.”

Make no bones about it, CS’s ‘Look Back in Angel’ is going to be dynamite and it’s going to cause a war. It’s going to prove (as if it hasn’t been proved it in ‘The Drummer Man,’ already) that the Lee Rigby murder was a government hoax in the same ilk as the London 7/7 bombings.

Let’s look at some of the explosive revelations coming our way as promised in a previous article by CS ‘The Sunday Spiv 18/05/2014

·        CS has spent countless hours researching every detail of every claim he makes and then countless hours more double checking that research.
·        The vast majority of which have never even been touched upon by anyone else, anywhere else in the world.
·        Cannot say when Lee Rigby died or if he is even dead.
·        Can state as fact that Lee Rigby did exist at one time or another although under his real name of Lee James McClure – the only child of Mr & Mrs Philip McClure.
·        Can state as fact that the MOD knowingly released a photo of a person that is most definitely not Lee – at least not in its entirety?
·        The Woolwich Hoax has generated millions, upon millions of pounds for those involved in the fraud.
·        The classic picture depicting Lee Rigby is an undated fake photograph which has been used to turn someone into a national hero, who at best had/has a very dubious past and is/was of extremely questionable character.
·        The fact that highly intelligent members of the public buy into Lee’s ‘hero’ status is extremely absurd and extremely disturbing – even if the official version of events were true.
·        Prime Minister, David Cameron took part in and exploited the Rigby fraud for all it was worth and indeed continues to do so.
·        Calls David Cameron “The Cunt Cameron,” and “a sexually perverted deviant, a traitor, a liar, a murderer, and a common criminal, who should have been long dead by now along with many, many more perverted, corrupt cunts all guilty of high treason and crimes against humanity and those they were supposed to serve.
·        Has proved beyond any question of doubt that the official government story is an obscene lie.
·        Has proven without a shadow of doubt that all the major players, such as members of the “*aherm, aherm*” Rigby family, certain members of the West family, Rigby’s friends and colleagues along with every single witness given a voice in the play act are either members of the security services, crisis actors, or out and out liars, most knowingly breaking the law by obtaining money under false pretences, and/or looking to exploit the name of a man that has been given the identity of 3 different people – all of whom CS names, and indeed encouragingly invites – be it them or their families – to challenge him in a court of law.

In less than a weeks time CS will release an article that has approximately 75,000 words and hundreds upon hundreds of photographs, each word and each photo proving beyond all possible doubt that David Cameron… The leader of the country has made a right “cunt” out of us all… And we have let him.
Harsh words for harsh crimes, or as CS puts it, “There are no flies on the Great British public… Pathetic.”
Make no bones about it, CS means war.


  • You don’t call the mother of a national hero, Lyn Seville, “a lying, fraud, cunt who has also sold her country down the pan,” if you haven’t got the proof to back it up.
  • You don’t tease the mother of a national hero with public questions such as:
  1. Which one of your houses is the video filmed in Lyn? Be careful though because I do know the answer to that.
  2. How many full brothers and sisters does Lee have Lyn… Once again, be careful because I know the answer to that too.
  3. How close were you really to Lee… Your son who told you everything… Think on – I know the answer to that too.
  4. Who are the two children in the photo below Lyn… And Lyn, be sure that I do know exactly who they are.
  5. How deep are you really grieving Lyn… Yep! I know the answer to that too.
  • You don’t call the “best friend” of a national hero Owein O’Brien, a “scummy racist cunt,” without the back-up of a few dozens friends…
  • And you certainly don’t call the Major of London Boris Johnson a “scumbag, piece of Dogshite,” and the Prime Minsiter David Cameron a “despicable lying cunt,” without a team of lawyers and barristers. 
CS knows exactly what he is saying:

“I openly accuse Boris Johnson and David ‘cunt’ Cameron of high treason… I provide you with conclusive proof of that fact in “Look back in anger.”

You cannot argue with Chris Spivey, “Don’t look back in anger… Let’s go to war.”

Think about it…



David Boyle: Visionary Genesis
David Boyle blew away the AV5 audience last week with his revelation that in only 10-12 weeks time, he and his partners will be unveiling a revolutionary Solar Power station capable of producing unlimited energy with zero pollution.

Speaking to a packed audience of 200 delegates, David Boyle revealed that in partnership with the Larkfleet Group based in Lincolnshire, a ‘solar steam’ system consisting of panels which focus the sun’s rays onto metal tubes filled with water, will heat the water to produce steam which can be used to drive a generator to produce electricity.

Having seen for himself the power of sunlight on metal and how metal expands, he converted the idea to instead focus the sun’s rays onto metal tubes filled with water, thus harnessing the Sun’s rays to heat water, to produce steam which can be used to drive a generator to produce electricity.

The panels are mounted on a rig which will rotate to track the movement of the sun through the sky during the day.

Having tested the effectiveness of the equipment in British winter conditions – tests indicate that it should be possible to produce some power even on cold and cloudy days.

Having built a full scale Solar Power station the hope is for the system to be used alongside traditional power stations which raise steam by burning fossil fuels. The solar steam can be fed to the power station generators so that fuel will need to be burned only at night or on days when solar power is not enough to meet demand.

The system can also be used to desalinate sea water or purify polluted water to produce clean drinking water.

While the experimental solar steam rig measures just over 13 metres (42 feet) long by 5.5 metres (18 feet) high when extended to its maximum, the full-size systems promise be very much larger.

South Kesteven District Council has granted temporary planning consent for the experimental system to be in place for three years.


The solar steam system is the brainchild of engineer and inventor David Boyle, director of Solar Steel Ltd.

Having previously patented his revolutionary ideas and submitted them to approval, David Boyle’s life was turned up-side down by Dark Forces behind the scene doing everything they could to scupper his plans for a unlimited energy source which in effect would spell the end of the petroleum industry.
In a set of unfortunate incidents worthy of a thriller/horror novel, David Boyle watched in helpless horror as his Precision Mould Factory went up in smoke.

You can see for yourself how Dark Forces are doing everything in their power to silence him. Take for example the youtube video below where David discusses the back story only to be jammed from revealing anything more, 3 minutes, 43 minutes into the video.

Filling David Icke’s spot as the Spiritual Leader of the Alternative View, David Boyle has achieved what Einstein couldn’t, namely connecting the scientific world with the spiritual world.

Book Now for AV6
As the last speaker at Ian R Crane’s AV5 Truth conference, David Boyle revealed amongst other things:

  • There is no difference between Gods, Demons and Angels.
  • What we do onto others, we do to ourselves.
  • There are no straight lines and flat surfaces but only spheres.
  • We only hear 4% of the sounds around us.
  • We are only light and sound, limited by our 5 senses.
  • War stops Mankind’s advancement of consciousness.
  • If you don’t conquer your desires, your desires will conquer you.
  • The red spot on Jupiter is a volcano.
  • There are three speeds of light.
  • Hollywood moguls like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas got their stories from ‘Channeling Groups’.
  • Our bodies are outer containers.
David’s most amazing claim came when he revealed that following his speakers, crop circles appear which confirm what he said the night before.


Planning to build Solar Stations on the edge of deserts close to the sea, David Boyle and the Larkfleet Group promise to covert salted sea water via steam into clean drinking water. With the power of the Sun in their hands, they promise to irrigate useless deserts into fertile fields capable of feeding up to 20 million people.

Targetting Third World countries, David and Larkfleet Group plan to be ready to goto market in three years time.

Make no mistakes about it David Boyle and the Larkfleet Group are on the verge of producing unlimited power, pollution free.

The world will never be the same again.

Stay with Guerrilla Democracy News for more about David Boyle and his amazing mind.

The next piece of revolutionary thinking from David is his proposal of The Council’s of Twelve which promise to do away with Politicians and enables every man and women in the world to become leader of their societies at least three times in their life-times.

David Boyle is amazing.

To learn more about David Boyle visit his website at

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