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ImageAlways one to look deep into space and wonder when an army of friendly aliens would turn up and help me to change the world, I am always interested in anything space orientated.

Since 2012 after getting involved in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, I deal with cover-ups on a daily basis and have come to realize that ‘covering-up’ is used on an industrial scale across the world on a daily basis.

NASA, (Never A Straight Answer,) are famous within the Alternative Movement as being the Grand-Daddy of cover-ups, and comes as no surprise they are keeping silent about the historic collision of a asteroid hitting the moon on March 21st 2014.

Equaling the historic importance of the Jupiter Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts of 1994, an asteroid was tracked tumbling across the entire lunar surface by astronomers across the world and confirmed by Harvard University USA.

Has this historic and amazing event been advertised on mainstream TV?

Having heard about it briefly from radio and tv, the only person talking about it is Dark Sky Watcher on his Youtube Channel DarkSkyWatcher74


“Published on Mar 28, 2014, 1 week after capturing an amazing event live, NASA is still silent, find out why!” tempts DarkSkyWatchers from the Global Skywatch Network.

In an excellent video which puts every news organization to shame for not covering this scientific historical event, DarkSkyWatchers takes you through impact by impact, the footage of an unknown object tumbling across the entire lunar surface, leaving craters in its wake.

Was it an asteroid or comet? “None of the above,” concludes DarkSkyWatchers, “If you can debunk it, debunk it.”

moon landscape2Typical of the Mainstream Media.

A space craft crash lands on the moon in full view of Earth and the distracted masses are watching a young married couple, prance about Australia with their baby.

What hit the moon on 21st March 2014?

According to the Guardian Newspaper, what ever it was, we are lucky it never hit Earth.

Describing the asteroid 2003 QQ47, as ‘a lump of rock the size of Ben Nevis’ and ‘a 2,600m tonne monster’, experts warned that if it did hit the Earth its speed of about 13 miles a second, it would cause the kind of destruction expected in thermonuclear war.

Read more: The world can breathe again.

moon landscape4As pointed out by Darkskywatchers in his video, the asteroid would have acted very differently if it was an asteroid that hit, namely the moon would have been blown to bits.

Is it possible that the 2,600m tonne unidentified monster is tumbling through space, whose slammed through Jupiter, narrowly missed hitting the Earth and wiping out mankind as we know it, and has collided with the moon?

jupiter skyAs we find out by watching the follow Youtube video which tells us something made the gas atmosphere of Jupiter to “Freak Out.”

For those of you that want to see immediately the stuff happening with Jupiter, you can fast forward to time stamp: 5:00 and that is the best footage there is. All the rest is just more detail.

Suffice to say Jupiter freaks out on April 6, 2014 and almost nobody notices.

Could it be that a craft of gigantic proportions is tearing through our Solar System causing havoc?


moon landscape3We know a cover-up is in operation because all you need to do is type, “asteroid,” “moon,” and “collision” to find a lot of information published on the 24th February 2014, about a collision on the moon which happened on September 11, 2013.

In fact the only reference I can find of an asteroid reported to be coming near Earth was the Guardian report linked above.


I did consider that something may have passed close by to Jupiter and looked everywhere for comets or asteroids that may have passed nearby, I couldn’t find anything, but my search was very limited, NASA apparently is not interested in bodies that come close to other planets and so I couldn’t find anything listed there. I also looked for possible sun eruptions or flares that may have triggered the event, I gave up. It just plain takes too long trying to find out what might have triggered the event, in the end, I realized that ANYTHING might have triggered it, after all, it’s a gigantic ball of gas floating around in an electric universe.

The real question is why this doesn’t happen more often? Maybe Nibiru passed by it, maybe it was planetary alignment ( I checked, saw nothing special there), maybe a UFO zapped it, maybe an electrical discharge event happened, maybe it was a pole shift, maybe it was a meteor/asteroid bombardment…see? Trust me, I was racking my brains and gave up, the ‘what if’s’ are endless.


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