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Katy Bourne, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, has endured the most horrendous humiliation, by having to appeal on Youtube for a new Chief Constable for Sussex Police.
A week after advertising for an Assistant Chief Constable, Katy Bourne has received her orders from the College of Policing to advertise for a Sussex Chief Constable.
Katy Bourne said, “Hello I’m looking to recruit a new chief constable for Sussex.
I care passionately about Sussex and the people and the communities living within, which is why we are looking for Chief Constable who is innovative in the application of policing, bolden in their delivery and fearless in a decision-making, somebody who works to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.
If you want to know more please look on my website Sussex PCC and go to the Join Us page where you’ll get more information and an application form to download. Recruitment is now open and you have four weeks to apply and the deadline for applications is Friday the 2nd of May. This is a rewarding opportunity not just for you as potentially our next Chief Constable but also the Sussex thank you for listening and I look forward to receiving your application.”
With a yearly wage of £150,000, any candidate thinking about applying for the role will naturally type “Sussex Police Chief Constable” into Google, and will on the first page be made aware of the corruption, epidemic in Sussex Police HQ.
Make no mistake, the internet is awash with the Martin Richards early retirement scandal and the on-going Katrina Taylor murder cover-up.
Any candidate will know for sure that their first task in the job will be to address the corruption issue as highlighted by the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and other interested bodies and persons.
Katy Bourne has been forced to take the unprecedented step of using Youtube to attract a new Chief Constable to Sussex. This cry for help demonstrates the crisis unfolding at the heart of the Sussex Police force.
To believe that the Martin Richards early retirement scandal will simply fade away, is paramount to burying your head in the sand.
Katy Bourne has nowhere else to turn. By her own admission, she has a complete lack of experience when it comes to policing. It shows. Her inexperience has tainted everything she’s touched, since becoming the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner in November 2012.
Katy Bourne has failed at every opportunity to hold the Chief Constable to account, and has instead actually aided and abetted in the criminal cover-up of protecting the real criminals within Sussex Police.
While Katy Bourne uses words such as “the highest standards of professionalism and integrity,” in her appeal for a new Chief Constable, the truth of Sussex Police couldn’t be further away than what is happening in its ranks.
Take for example Sussex Police Sergeant Simon Kind’s blog, in which he tells us about the new Sussex police performance system.
Out goes the old system of assessment in which a spade was called a spade. While once upon a time police officers were graded ‘acceptable’ or ‘satisfactory,’ Sussex Police now prefer to help their failing police officers by labeling them all as ‘Good Performers.’
As Simon Kind points out, “Why shouldn’t the middle rating, which should cover the majority of persons in an organization, be an acknowledgement that their work is good, valued, and they’re earning their pay?”
So essentially what we are learning is that the spin of “the highest standards of professionalism and integrity” has been thrown out of the window to make way for ‘satisfactory and acceptable’ standards of policing.
Wouldn’t anyone running an organization as important as a Police Force, be striving for ‘excellence’ as the middle rating of the organization they run?
Sussex Police are diluting its integrity of its police officers by rewarding ‘satisfactory’ performance as ‘Good’.
While the application forms makes clear that only Superintendents, Chief Superintendents and police staff equivalents, who have passed the Strategic Command Course (SCC) need apply, Katy Bourne’s Youtube appeal implies that the application is open to more people than we are lead to believe.
Katy Bourne and the College of Policing know that both the Assistant Chief Constable and the Chief Constable positions are the most toxic in British Policing today. They know they must cast the net wider to attract someone foolish enough to enter the Lion’s Den and turn Sussex Police around.
Have no fear about the Strategic Command Course (SCC) entry requirement. As they make clear on their website,
“The (SCC) course also welcomes participants from partner agencies and other law enforcement agencies, and police officers from non-UK police services.”
And while the SCC is a statutory course for superintendents and chief superintendents who aspire to being appointed to chief officer posts throughout the UK, anyone with a Law Enforcement background can apply.
Someone said to me the other day, “You cannot hide the Sun, the Moon and the Truth.”
Katy Bourne, Giles York and every other corrupt police officer in Sussex Police know their time is up. They know that police corruption isn’t sustainable and that the truth will enjoy it’s day in the sunshine.
The BBC News are the latest to highlight the most recent ‘shocking’ example of Police Corruption.
Even from the other end on the country in Liverpool, police whistle-blower Harry Blackwood is exposing news which runs in parallel to the events happening in Sussex.
As he writes, “But what happened when I reported the deal-striking to Jane Kennedy, the IPCC, the Home Office and a plethora of MPs. I could make this blog run into War and Peace if I named everyone that knows it is going on and has done nothing. Enough to say, why am I having to write this Blog?”
Read more from Harry Blackwood here.
The bottom line is that what is happening in Sussex is happening everywhere.
Take for example what Harry Blackwood has to say, “If you ever see or hear anything that you feel is wrong never make the mistake of approaching a Local MP or Councillor. They strike deals with the Chiefs that if they hear anything negative about the Force they will not challenge it. The Chief in return for this Manus Manum Lavat agreement do not look closely when reports come in of their conduct! Always remember when an officer takes on the Force he is also taking on corrupt politicians!”
Take for example Warren Morgan, the Leader of Brighton and Hove Labour Party, who is also on the Police & Crime Panel.
Warren Morgan, leader of Labour and Cooperative on Brighton & Hove Council
Warren Morgan – Is he a curb-crawler?
While he is happy to orchestrate votes of no confidence against his political enemies such as Jason Kitcat from the Green Party, he does nothing to stand up for the interests of the hard-working constituents he claims to serve.
You just need to look at his picture. We know nothing about him really. Is he married? Has he got kids? Is he a curb-crawler?
What we do know is that Warren Morgan is in full receipt of all the information of corruption in Sussex Police. It makes sense after reading Harry Blackwood’s blog, that the reason Warren Morgan, and other councillors in the Police & Crime Panel are keeping quiet, is because they have a deal with Sussex Police in which they will turn a blind eye to their crimes, if they turn a blind eye to their own.
I think I should apply for the Chief Constable’s job, because it looks like I’m the only person in Sussex who seems to care whether we have a clean police force or not.
Katy Bourne, expect my application soon.

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