Tuesday, 6 May 2014


On the same day former UK number one tennis player in the world Elena Baltacha, died of liver cancer; Stephen Sutton walked out of the Queen Elizabeth's Hospital in Birmingham, discharged as healthy enough to return home, having previously been on his death bed dying of incurable bowel cancer.

Having raised an incredible £3.2 million (and rising) for the Teenage Cancer Trust, alleged terminally ill cancer sufferer Stephen Sutton is enjoying new found fame after being snapped with wanking comedian Jason Manford, and political wanker Prime Minister David Cameron.

Attacked by trolls for “duping” his supporters that he was dying of cancer, Stephen Sutton tweeted back that:

“Sorry to disappoint you! So you know, I still have my cancer and it's incurable, if that makes you feel less 'duped' x”

We’ve all been duped by Cancer.

Jason Manford, the clean cut comedian was the centre of a sex scandal in 2010, when he was busted by The Sun for sending private messages to a woman on Twitter getting her to send photos of her tits to him so he could have a wank whilst his wife sat at home heavily pregnant.

David Cameron never misses a good photo opportunity.

The insidious self promotion of Prime Minister David Cameron, as he gives his ‘thumbs up’ for the fatal treatment of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, hides a more sinister and murderous agenda.

Showing his psychopathic love of seeing people suffer, David Cameron gives credibility to Stephen Sutton’s self belief that Cancer is incurable.

Cancer is Curable and David Cameron knows it.

Retired tennis player Elena Baltacha didn’t have to die of Cancer. Stephen Sutton doesn’t have to die of cancer too. No one needs to die from Cancer because Rick Simpson has perfected the method of extracting oil from Hemp, which has been proven to cure all types of cancer.

We have all been duped.

The only reason David Cameron is giving his thumbs up is that millions of people across the world are dying of Cancer. It’s all part of the insidious hidden agenda to cut the world’s population down to only half a billion people.

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