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Chris Spivey

The Spivey success formula: Very High IQ + Grow a pair = Winner

As Chris Spivey says at the start of 'Mugged off just saying':

“Due to some information that I have received today I believe that it would be in my best interests to release more information on Rigby.”

Before throwing the reader in the deep end with, “The official photograph that is undated and released by the Ministry of Defense is not Lee Rigby… There is no such person as Lee Rigby.”

In fact Chris proves beyond doubt that the Lee Rigby we believe we know is actually a fictional creation of three other people:

  • Karl Whittle
  • Robert Sarjeant
  • Chris Amos

We know from Chris Spivey’s article called, “The DrummerMan,” that the Woolwich incident was a fake staged event to perpetuate a hidden agenda; but what Chris has achieved in “Look back in anger,” is a further step by step break down of the Woolwich ‘fake’ event in forensic detail.

Referring back to that picture of Lee Rigby in full military ceremonial dress that we have come to know so well, Chris has this to say:

“That official photo has been used to raise millions of pounds for Help the Heroes.

Lee McClure’s mother, Lyn Seville alias Rigby, and his half sister Sara McClure (they have different fathers, both McClures) have knowingly perpetuated the lie surrounding  the events that took place on the 22nd of May 2013 in order to deliberately deceive the general public for financial gain.

I publicly accuse them both of defrauding the general public and obtaining money by deception.”

  • The gist of the story is that Lee Rigby is a Photoshop creation of MI5 of a soldier shot and killed in Afghanistan in August 2012, nine months before Rigby was murdered, called Karl Whittle.
  • That further photographs of Lee Rigby at his wedding and at social events are composites of Robert Sarjeant and Chris Amos.
  • More heads were cut off and photo-shopped in the Woolwich fake incident, than people will ever realise.

Who is Karl Whittle?

Chris points out anomalies over Karl Whittle’s death:

  • The rebels fired from just one or two metres away, blasting him 12 times in the body and legs before he was even able to fire his weapon.
  • Told the medic, “I’m going to die, tell my Mrs and baby I love them.”
  • The soldier was airlifted to Camp Bastion following the attack on August 14, 2012
  • Survived for three weeks before he passed away.


Laying Karl Whittles image over the official Lee Rigby’s pictures, Chris Spivey blows away any pretense that what happened in Woolwich wasn’t a false flag event, orchestrated by MI5, perpetuated by David Cameron, and authorized by The Queen.

Matching perfectly the dimensions of their heads, ears, cheek-bones, chin and shoulders, the evidence in forensic detail, proves Photoshop [the greatest invention in the world] was used in all the official photographs released into the public.

Chris Spivey goes further than any investigative journalist in the AV movement, by actually showing the photographs from which the official photographs were photoshopped from.

Chris Spivey has sown up the Woolwich Incident water-tight. There are no leaks.


"Are you having that?

So, when you add together the drastic changes of appearance that Rigby has in different photos, along with his surname anomaly, whilst bearing in mind that every official photo released has been altered in some way and not forgetting the earlier testimonies from the army wife and soldier from Kent as well as Rigbys extremely strange ‘official’ army career, then you really have to wonder just what the fuck is going on.

Well, you do if you are a bit fucking slow."

He even runs through a collection of Lee Rigby’s marriage photographs, which with forensic detailed attention applied, their photoshopped anomalies become laughable.

Like the vintage car parked outside a church that doesn’t have a driveway?


By breaking down the footage of Michael Adebolajo rushing the police car and being shot by police, Chris proves that frames have been sliced and diced. He proves that the finished product released to the public is nothing more than a badly produced cover-up of a crime against the British people.

The time frames on the CCTV don’t even match up. We are being mugged off!

Chris makes the observation:

“But don’t worry if you are not convinced yet… I have a hundred thousand words for you to read and hundreds if not thousands of photos… Just sayin’.”

In an attack on the trolls who “seize on something that they can use to discredit the work whilst  ignore the rest that they haven’t got an answer for,” as Chris puts it, he takes us through the wedding photographs again and further onto Michael Adebolajo’s thumb which was allegedly shot off by police; not!

While in Family friends and neighbours – the complicated dynamics of the ‘Rigby’ clan, he breaks down who the Rigby families really are and why they should all be in jail for deceiving the British people.


  • There isn’t just one Michael Adebolajo… There are about 3 of them, maybe 4.
  • Sgt Aimee West (Lee’s alleged fiancée) is a major player in this government hoax; needless to say, she isn’t an RMP.
  • The Rigby family has profited through fraud, taking money from the dumb as fuck British public to the tune of millions of pounds… All under false pretences.
  • If you think that the two Michaels are in prison, think again; There are two men playing the role of Michael Adebolajo… One lives in London the other in Jamaica. Neither man is in prison.
  • The “Look back in anger,” exposé is a complete document which includes all of the facts – from minor to major importance – surrounding the government sponsored fraud
  • All avenues potentially open to rubbish have all been accounted for and firmly closed off.


  • The Queen
  • David Cameron
  • The Royal Family
  • The Security Services
  • Boris Johnson
  • Parents of the fictional character called Lee Rigby, Lyn, and Phil McClure
  • The step dad of the fictional character called Lee Rigby, Ian Rigby
  • Ingrid Kennett, The Woolwich Angel
  • Sgt Aimee West, fiancée of the fictional Lee Rigby and a major player in this government hoax.
  • Aimee’s friend Michael French
  • Detective Chief Inspector Peter Sparks
  • Lee’s friend Sean Sheer
  • Les Wilson, professional photographer
  • Joe Indaco
  • The Daily Mail newspaper

To name but a few… More names will be added as they are exposed.


By Stemcg1983, a senior member of David Icke’s forum:

"Chris Spivey is the most genuine, no nonsense, straight down the line researcher in the UK today and he doesn’t have a massive platform like others. If he did he would be massive.

He’s a true working class hero, I hope a lot of people wake the fuck up and read his piece on the whole Rigby farce."

The Spivey success formula : Very High IQ + Grow a pair = Winner

Leaving the last word to Chris:


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  2. Do you have the drummer man posted anywhere else as they have blocked access to it .

    1. Severely inappropriate. You should be ashamed.

    2. Severely inappropriate. You should be ashamed.

  3. never have i read so much bollocks! you should be ashamed of yourself!! you vile cunt!!

  4. Is that because you don't understand it?

  5. Never have i read utter bollocks in my life.... Karl was best friends with my son, how dare you say they used his picture and photoshopped it to look different.... His family and friends have been through hell since his death yet you find it in yourself to bring his name up, did you ask ? NO !! You should really look at yourself as you are one vile and disrespectful human being NASTY !!!

    1. He's deluded!! The killers were taking to the hospital where I worked at the time!!!

    2. Sorry why should we believe you? Right rom the get go the whole Lee Rigby thing looked ridiculous. Beheading? In the uk?? Some sort of media joke... slow news, no one reading newspapers, the guardian even begs people to pay £5 when reading an article online... media spin.. no one reads news or pays for it anymore and of course beheading happens ever day ... I step over them all the time whilst walking my dog. From the first images I saw of this story it looked totally made up.. the news is mainly for ridiculous people who wouldn't know something made up if it hit them in the face,,, you guys are the ones the media need to keep their readership up... i worked in publishing.. then left ... really quickly because of how no one reads newspapers or watches tv anymore... everyone's on FB and watching Netflix.... get a life guys and learn about what's going around you...


  7. Woolwich is the director base for the owners of SKYPE, Mcafee, Gmail as monitors hackers of all the files you save.....and you should see why Baroness blackstone opted out of Greenwich Uni as soon as she had secured the channel tunnel contract for her interlocking directors. Did Matt Taylor become an elected police commissioner? If not who got it the SOS image looks ever so right wing/BNP but I cannot find anything about his policy reform plans apart from 22 liked him as a police commisioner candidate on facebook.

  8. no paul hill its bollocks cause lee rigby was a real person. use some fkn logic. btw he was from my estate. rip

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  10. how do u explain cctv of lee rigby at the train station and in the chip shop??

  11. Put on the glasses or start chewing concrete

  12. What a load of rubbish. Would the people in the busy London Street or on the bus not need to be on the list of names of people who knew if it was a hoax? That would be to many people. Hope Lee's family don't see this rubbish although I'm guessing they will.

    1. Think he got jailed ,the guy that wrote the blog.

    2. Think he got jailed ,the guy that wrote the blog.

  13. Plenty of people profit from death- doesn't mean there's a conspiracy involving thousands of people- all of whom have to remain silent all the time, forever. That's too inefficient.

  14. What a load of insane and divisive drivel.

  15. Laying photographs of similar looking people over each other and saying they 'match' is not proof they have been 'photoshopped'. It's not a forensic technique either.

  16. Spivey needs locking up.He is subhuman scum.

  17. Spivey needs locking up.He is subhuman scum.

  18. shut your mouth unknown your a member of the 77th brigade.

  19. These members of the 77th brigade need to stop HARRASING SITES LIKE THIS FUCK OFFU SLIMEY CUNTS IM COMING FOR YOU.


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