Saturday, 14 June 2014


Loose cannon Matt Taylor, the parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015, says he would welcome a £1 million donation from JK Rowling.

Speaking out after the news that the Harry Potter creator donated £1 Million to the ‘Say No’ campaign to stop a ‘Yes’ independent Scotland result, Matt Taylor says he would welcome a £1 Million donation from JK Rowling to ensure he wins the Brighton Kemptown 2015 general election.

He said, “I say ‘no’ to Scottish Independence in memory of our forgotten hero King Arthur II. He would be turning in his grave if he knew that all his hard work of building a unified United Kingdom was about to be thrown away in a referendum on September 18th 2014.”

Counter-acting the £2.5million given to Yes campaign by Euro lottery winners Chris and Colin Weir, Matt Taylor hopes to entice an equally large donation from the most recent Euro multi-million lottery winner Neil Trotter.

Leaving a message on Neil’s Facebook page, Matt Taylor writes:

“Dear Neil, please fund my political campaign to become independent MP for Brighton Kemptown in 2015. With you backing we can rock the UK. With your financial backing we can reshape the British future, by revealing our British past. I've got an awesome story to tell you. Contact me and let's talk.”

Political maverick, Matt Taylor is planning to cause uproar in Brighton this coming Summer and following Spring.

He says in confidence, “The conservatives hold Brighton Kemptown by a tiny margin of only 3.8%. If any independent candidate is going to win anywhere in the UK, it’ll be in Brighton Kemptown. I am supremely confident that with the financial backing of JK Rowling and Neil Trotter, I will be able to run a winning campaign that will see me declared the MP for Brighton Kemptown, and will ensure we have a determined and vocal voice of independence in parliament.”

Matt Taylor, a Royal Military Policeman and now the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, is fighting his campaign on an anti-corruption platform.

Speaking from his Independence HQ located in Peacehaven he says, “Evoking the memory of King Arthur II, I want everyone to know that I love being British. I love my country, Irish, Welsh and Scottish included. We are a family with a long and distinguished history, lets not thrown this all away to placate an insidious European agenda and lets not undo the hard work our ancestor’s did to unite us.”

In the news recently, Matt Taylor caused controversy by ordering the arrest of both the Queen and David Cameron on charges of sexual offences against children.

Appealing directly to JK Rowling and Neil Trotter:

“Please give me £1 million too. With your money I can insure success and with your support I will be able to convince the electorate of Brighton Kemptown that they need me.”

For more information about Matt Taylor’s election campaign please check out

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