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Greg Nikolettos
Speaking from the Marina ward of Berrywood Mental hospital Greg makes his feelings known, “I’m not enjoying my stay here one bit whatsoever! It’s like…. I’m in with a bunch of lunatics!”

Greg said, “I’ve got 21 days to serve, then I’ll be released and then I’ll do AV5 with Ian, we’ll discuss the venue, date and the like.”

Asked what’s it all about? Greg answers, “When you play with fire you are going to get burnt a bit.”

Before going onto explain, “We are messing with the highest arch demons basically. They’ve got no power over us but they still can delay things, you know what I mean? The one thing I can’t control is time.”

“That’s how important this information is.”

Berrywood Mental Hospital in Northampton

Having a news embargo lifted today, Guerrilla Democracy news can reveal that Greg Nikolettos, an expert on human micro chipping and a speaker at AV5, remains under lock and key at Berrywood Mental Institution in Northampton.

Arrested on the Sunday morning of the 18th May 2014 at the Staverton Park Hotel in Daventry, Greg was pepper-sprayed and wrestled to the ground by four police officers before being taken to the local Northampton police station for processing.

Misinformation was spread almost immediately, with the announcement to the AV5 200 strong delegation that Greg had been taken to hospital.

With a clear discrepancy between eye-witness accounts of police officers arresting Greg, conflicting with the implication that ambulance crew staff took Greg away, an investigation was immediately launched by Guerrilla Democracy News, the only alternative news source on the ground.

With no clear answers forth-coming from either the police, hotel reception or Ian R Crane, an already paranoid audience feared the worse.

Labeled a menace, “but I like your heart, namaste,” by head of AV5 security Paul Spence, Matt Taylor caused a scene which seems to have polarized opinion in the alternative media.

Already banned from the UK Column Forum for arguing with fellow members, Matt Taylor’s character is being damned in various Facebook threads.

The animosity is best summed up by the well known writer and artist Thomas Sherdian who comments:

He is so clued in I had to explain to him what transhumanism is... He'd never heard of it yet paraded around AV5 like he was hot shit and the rest of us idiots.”

Thomas Sheridan

“As a hot shot, I may often come out with a lot of hot shit, but can I assure everyone at AV5, I certainly do not think any of you are idiots, and take offence that Thomas Sheridan should imply that I do. And on the subject of Thomas Sheridan, he did say, “Don’t care,” upon being asked for a comment about Greg’s arrest, though in fairness immediately requoted himself upon noting that I had wrote his response down to, “Don’t care but I do care that he’s got mental problems,” or words to that effect… Either way, he bemoans about being quoted when it isn’t in his favour, but yet thanks me for quoting him in other articles when it is in his favour, “Nice to see I got a soundbite,” he commented on the “AV5.5 coming to Brighton” article. Thomas also berates me for not knowing about Transhumanism, while at the same time not knowing who Kevin Annett is. Hypocritical springs to mind!”


Having called Guerrilla Democracy News to insist the “Let’s pray for Greg,” article be taken down on the request of Greg’s family, Ian R Crane preempted Greg’s tribunal scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday 3rd, and made this announcement on The Crane Report – Episode 14:

“I did mention that Greg Nikolettos had unfortunately had a turn for the worse whilst he was at AV5 and Greg was unable to give his presentation.

Let me tell you I have seen that presentation. I’ve seen the slides he produced, I’ve seen the video footage that he’d incorporated into that presentation and it is absolute dynamite. But its Greg’s work and it’s for Greg to present.

Now at Greg’s request that presentation is now in multiple places, so if anything untoward should occur that material will be put into the public domain.

Greg was arrested at AV5 following an incident that occurred early on the Sunday morning: but due to Greg’s mental state he was given the benefit of being treated under the mental health act, which means that there are certain protocols that are observed which might not otherwise be observed if he was being held under the pretext of an criminal act.

Greg was effectively issued with a Section 2. This is a 28 day section order and Greg was initially held in a private hospital in Northampton, he was subsequently transferred to a national health hospital in the Northampton area where he remains at present.

He has contacted a legal team in the UK and tomorrow afternoon [Tuesday 3rd June] there will be a tribunal to review whether or not that 28 day section order is terminated, is upheld or indeed – extended.

So I don’t want to predict the outcome. There are many aspects of this which are actually unknown to me. But I will be present at Greg’s request. I will be an observer at that tribunal tomorrow afternoon and once that tribunal is completed then I will give an update, video bulletin, post on various media outlets particularly facebook.

The outcome of that tribunal; obviously it is my desire that Greg has the opportunity to return home because he is 12,000 miles away from home. Obviously he has no family or relatives here in the UK, so in the ideal situation we will find a way to get Greg back into his home environment and the support of his immediate family.

So I really can’t say any more that that at the moment. Like I said there are many aspects of this that I’m not aware of and so there is a lot of conjecture going on there but I would ask you to avoid the conjecture until such time that facts are probably known.

Meanwhile I hope you will join me in wishing Greg a very speedy recovery and hopefully a speedy return home.”

Giving the finger to the EU & Tony Blair

"Its in the media, its a cover-up."

Having spent the last minute lecturing his audience about conjecture and jumping to conclusions when all the facts aren’t know, Ian R Crane then goes on to spread further confusion and conjecture into the Greg Nikolettos arrest story.

After admitting to not knowing all the facts, Ian R Crane goes on to conject:

“There is one aspect of this case though that I do find particularly disturbing. Greg was due to fly from Brisbane to the UK on the Tuesday before the AV5 weekend. The ideal being obviously to give home time to recover from the jet lag before participating in the weekend.

When he landed in Dubai a series of incidents occurred. Greg actually was arrested in Dubai. Greg tells me that he met a random individual who happened to be a former homeland security officer who had previously worked in the field of the micro-chipping agenda.

Now forgive me, but I find it extremely unlikely that Greg would have landed at Dubai and coincidently met a random individual with a background in micro-chipping who worked for homeland security.

So there are some aspects of this that give me some pretty serious cause for concern, but beyond that I don’t want to speculate, but I do want that information to be out there.

Let’s see how this unfolds and more tomorrow evening after the tribunal.”

So having told everyone to remain calm and don’t spread rumours, Ian R Crane goes onto spread more rumours and conjecture, further muddling the waters.

This is his Facebook update as promised:
“Earlier today I attended the Tribunal hearing at which it was ruled that Greg Nikolettos should continue to be held under a 28 day section order. The Tribunal recommended that Greg be moved into the more conducive surroundings of an open ward whilst remaining under medical supervision. For reasons that I will explain on tomorrow's UK Column News, I believe this decision in Greg's best interests. The Tribunal also raised the issue of what transpired in Dubai; where Greg was effectively 'lost' for 60hrs!”


While Ian R Crane essentially agrees with the decision that Greg should remain in a mental hospital, even he is alarmed by the circumstances leading up to this imprisonment.

Ian R Crane refers to Greg’s arrest with the words, “he was given the benefit of being treated under the mental health act.”

“Given the benefit?”

Evidently Greg was given the benefit of being pepper-sprayed, thrown to the ground and hand-cuffed, to which he evidently accepted.

Not wanting to preemptive any further news on Greg Nikolettos, we wait with baited breathe for Ian R Crane's update on today’s 1pm UK Column news.

The last word goes to Greg, “Just make Ian’s post go viral. He’ll condense it and do it justice.”

We all wish you the best Greg and hope you are out soon.


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