Thursday, 26 May 2022

Read Dog Shit News Round-Up - News the mainstream Media wouldn't Touch with a Bargepole! Music by SuperTramp!


Another TaylorTV! Picture Show - Music by Rick Astley - Angels on my Side!

MattTaylorTV! Sunday Service Part 1 and 2...

Hello! Is it me you've been looking for? Ft Tom Cahill and Chrissy Morris

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Exposing Linden Warden (Danny Jones - Hoax Police) for Giving Out False Information

LINDEN WARDEN, online name DANNY JONES, has been held to account for pushing false information about John Wanoa.

Sunday, 8 May 2022

For the Record!

The Dan & Dave Show featuring Angela Power-Disney, Reece Leverick & Grobnob the Fat 50 year old Incel from Preston....

MINT-TV!I agree with Paddy 110%
James Hind@ lee moo - I have answered that - you have a short memory
HoaxBusterfuck off humble you were prepared to let a man get fucked over for a crime her never committed... twisting it
MINT-TV!True Shellie.
Lorrie BrownSheva was told off for getting people to clog up the phone lines of childline years ago
Tony Quigley (Harry)Matt Paddy is wrong too
lee moono you haven't
MINT-TV!Why did my mum date a paedo, who went onto rape my sister (her daughter)
Paddy McCarthy 2.0What am I wrong about @Tony Quigley (Harry)
HumbleArseholeThat man is a serious risk to the public.. I informed the prison system.. they agree! YOU PROMOTE HIM LIKE WEDGER DOES
Shellie moteAngie knew that's the difference
HoaxBusterjamie put his own fucking name on twitter last week
Tony Quigley (Harry)Paddy McCarthy is lying here
James HindI would like to know more about Sheva Burton and her activities against ChildLine
Angie Power-DisneyReece voice makes my skin crawl your gut trust your intuition
Millie ( Emily)Paddy thats not Harry
lee moodid the archangel tell you that shelley
HumbleArseholeTrue facts.. well done hoaxbusters.. the whole prison system has reports on your page 😂😂 they wonder why you would promote him. They know why wedger does 😂😂😂😂
The Ghost Of You Tube PastJames Hind
BecksAngie 🙏
Paddy McCarthy 2.0I thought so @Millie ( Emily) ...just wanted to see the answer
Millie ( Emily)The Recorder has done a vanishing act.🙃
Angie Power-DisneySheva Burton aka Sue Melrose trolled my real life for years with devastating fall out
HoaxBusterwhat prison humble??? bubbles again
lee moojames hind protected a pee dough file
Millie ( Emily)Ok Paddy 🙂
Shellie moteSheva is exposed, there are survivors
MillieHarry squeeze
The Ghost Of You Tube PastCurator of child abusers explain that?
Becks[message retracted]
F R E D D Y 2.0The recorder has paused himself Emily
lee mooyou lie Jamie
MINT-TV!I agree with Angie 110% - Sheva has a lot to answer for.
HoaxBusteri never protected him what sort of person wants to fit anyone up?
BecksWhere’s Dusk Hades 😂
HumbleArseholeAnd how was the man getting fucked over you idiot!! He’d been recalled under life licence cause he’s a risk to the public 😂😂 you dumb bitch 😂😂😂😂 set him up with ya mum then 😂😂😂😂
MINT-TV!Whats the code work Emily?
Lorrie BrownSheva said it herself in an interview previously about clogging up the telephone lines
MINT-TV!* word
HoaxBusterI will raise these concerns sarah
Angie Power-Disney@Shellie Mote I knew what?
Belstaff ManYou chose to virtue signal,lie about carrying and burying a coffin of an ex,even stole his pictures off his Facebook,a month before he was cremated
Millieconvid hello Squeeze
Paddy McCarthy 2.0@Shellie mote I must have missed the exposure of Sheva Burton, I saw you take a couple of pot shots..that's about ti...thats not a criticism, just my opinion
The Recorder@Millie ( Emily) I'm still here observing this loon
MINT-TV!5th panel member needed.
Shellie moteSheva knew children were being taken out of the country
HoaxBusterfucked over for a rape he never done, just something mote made up
MINT-TV!Please jump on now
Millie ( Emily)Poppy
Kathy Rhoda BoyleYour full name came out ages ago Kathleen Cullinane
The Ghost Of You Tube PastDo xxi g Jamie Locthouze?
HoaxBusteri never said he should not be in prison you fool... im saying why make up lies why he is there?
HoaxBusterbollox shellie
brianpc pcdo you wnat me to pop on matt?
Shellie motepaddy you won't see whats with intelligence no pcs/DC's 🤣🤭
BecksChaos Agent in Da House
Kathy Rhoda BoyleSelective memory
Millie ( Emily)
Becks ☝🤣
Angie Power-Disneyby my experience of 7 years Sheva Burton aka Sue Melrose is a very wicca wicked troll
James HindThere is a major blog post planned about Sheva Burton - I am in the research stages
HoaxBustershellie you are a nasty piece of work .. she did not buy your bullshit simples
HumbleArseholeHe never got fucked over for rape you fool. You told me remember. He cut someone’s finger off on a robbery gone wrong while high on drugs… good bloke! Keep promoting him, humanitarian 😂😂😂😂 crying
Millie ( Emily)
Ha ha....Here we go people..?🎊🎊🎊
HoaxBusterjames go boil your head you absolute melt
BecksEmily haha spanner 🔧 time
MINT-TV!Please HoaxBuster, 300 sec warning
Shellie motelmao sheva videos went up with all the evidence you all needed from my channel ✌
Paddy McCarthy 2.0@James Hind Look forward to it
HoaxBustershellie mote posted he was a rapist dickhead
F R E D D Y 2.0Hahahaha Emily
BecksYou have the power Girl 😂
Lorrie BrownShe instructed people to keep ringing childline to report historical abuse which meant children who needed help couldn’t get through to speak to someone
Angie Power-DisneyJamie MauREECE
James HindOk Shellie - I will review them.
HumbleArseholeHoaxbusters.. remember what you said about his crimes? I got the screen shots seems like you proof.. remember the protests for the guy 😂😂😂
Angie Power-DisneyBig up to @Belstaff
HumbleArseholeWhat did he get recalled for?????
Becks 🎉 😂
Belstaff ManSay sorry for lying about carrying your ex's coffin and saying a eulogy and dishonoring his memory
HumbleArseholeIs he still in jail? 😂
Millie ( Emily)
24th March 2022. The Recorder 😛
HoaxBusterIm out they are all full of shit here backing up a liar who lied about his mates funeral cya trolls
James HindI actually do not know much about Sheva Burton despite having known her since Hoaxtead days
brianpc pcwomen and children first folks . vulnerable people dont need bullying .
HumbleArseholeHoaxhunter.. you are the lying enabler 😂😂
HoaxBusterdoesthat matter he was not the rapist shellie mote plastered around socials. if you have to lie about offences your sick
MINT-TV!Good point about Sheva, Lorrie. But then again, what good has Childline ever done to any child, past or present?
lee mooit's MUTTLEY J.L.
The Ghost Of You Tube PastHind you are under police investigation I would shut your he as all you spout is lies .....
HoaxBustersarah you are not right in the head love
MINT-TV!Mote has got soooo much wrong. She owes me an apology
Belstaff ManYou outed your own name on twitter when you changed it to jamieit was never put out publicly
Shellie moteLorrie childline helped me , it's disgusting she blocked the lines
HoaxBusterpro troller with a massive forehead and nose
Millie ( Emily)
Millie account...feb 2022 🙃
HumbleArseholeIt matters that he’s a significant risk to the PUBLIC! Not just women… the WHOLE PUBLIC.. HE HAS NO RELEASE DATE! Nice bloke
James Hind@ The Ghost Of You Tube Past - that is news to me lol
Paddy McCarthy 2.0Were you a part of Hoaxtead Research @James Hind
MINT-TV!Tell us more Shellie. Come onto the panel
Millie was hidden by Millie ( Emily).
Shellie motesue you are being looked at by counter terror and Sheva and......well u know don't u ;)
James Hind@ Paddy - yes, I was part of Hoaxtead community
Shellie moteghost of Christmas past is smelly fishy sue
Lorrie BrownA child may have only had that one chance to ring for help and couldn’t get through coz of sue Melrose
HoaxBusteri never disputed that sarah. what i disputed was he was not that rapist, you think that ok you should not be working where you are
The Marquis De QuigleyIf Anthing things have got worse over time..
MINT-TV!No nastiness against Sue please
HumbleArseholeHoaxbusters. I’d hate to be you. Imagine going around promoting people that are a significant risk to the public. Imagine your page being seen by HMP as a supporter of him.. excellent work mate 😂👍🏼
Shellie moteanyway all my videos will go up, some you have to view with VPN(sheva2)
Shellie motesue is an enabeler
MINT-TV!I had a phone call from someone about you today Shellie.
Shellie moteenjoy ✌
MINT-TV!You had the social and police turn up to innocent mother's homes.
MINT-TV!shame on you
HumbleArseholeNooooo you said.. come on Sara, all he did was cut someone’s finger off while he was out out of his face… how does someone sit still while you cut their finger off? We’re they calm or restrained?
The Ghost Of You Tube PastA two hour conversation where Mutt hasn’t addressed a single issue
MINT-TV!come on and explain yourself
MINT-TV!I agree with Ghost of Past 110%
HoaxBusterim not promoting him you absolute melt. he deserves to be in prison for the crime he committed in my opinion should never get out. im disputing he is not that rapist.. are you mentally challenged sara
HoaxBusteryou twisted it
HumbleArseholeI think I work really well where I am.. they agreed with me about you.. sooooooo 😂👍🏼
Shellie moteI help counter terror because this country is full of dangerous people ✌ I've been telling you all a year where is Jeanette now? Sian? 🤣🤭
The Merchant of Venom😤😤
Lorrie BrownMatt your so special , you got that wrong about Shellie… nice to see you’re sticking to your historic form of stalking
HoaxBusteri never once promoted him and i made a full declaration concerning that.
Tony Quigley (Harry) was hidden by Millie ( Emily).
The Marquis De QuigleyKatie needs to go therapy!
MINT-TV!Please Shellie. You sound like a fantasist
Becks😂😂😂 Freddy
HumbleArseholeWell, myself and the prison system saw it as you were! Text me, check me, it’s all true! You even linked his prison adresss.. o sorry that was sue.. but same thing 😂
Shellie moteJeanette is on 3rd bail🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭🤭🕳
HoaxBustershellie people knew she was a wrong un well before you left the i stand with wilfred wong group.. never have i stood with them
Shellie moteI have to much evidence 🤭🤣
moorzymooreslockdown is over.lighten up
Paddy McCarthy 2.0@The Marquis De Quigley Katie has been to therapy...ain't you been listening..but there are others who need to go!
HoaxBusterwhere did i link his prison address sara?? thats a lie where?
Shellie moteno sue you lied about child abuse you lied about suicide shall I put the recorded phonecalls up? ;)
HumbleArseholeYou are seen by the prison system as promoting him. They look at all ways of promoting. Look how you love to shout that he’s a good bloke… you’re page is naming him about 30ish times? Promoting
Millie ( Emily)