Friday, 29 October 2021

“I escaped Area 51," claims Anonymous Whistleblower.

“I escaped Area 51.” Whistle-blower Extraordinaire Jeanette Archer reveals Anonymous account of surviving and escaping from Area 51. 

Having gone viral across the world, the world’s most controversial whistle-blower Jeanette Archer, read out testimony by an anonymous individual claiming to have escaped Area 51. (The world’s most secretive and secure military base on planet Earth!), outside Windsor Castle on 14 October 2021,

“This is by anonymous, she is an incredible survivor!”

Dreamland, a place where nightmares are made aka (also known as) Area 51.

“I escaped Area 51.”

It's called Dreamland, Area 51 to those that know. To those that are held there, to those who have escaped there. This survivor escaped Area 51. 

It's a military compound in the state of Nevada. In a desert like area. It is also the most guarded and secure place on the planet, but not for the reasons they tell you.

It's about 140 plus levels deep. Going deep, going down into the ground, each level containing a different type of evil. 

One level they breed and birth soldiers for MK Ultra. They are trained as child assassins. They live and train for one purpose to kill and obey.

See Elliott Dawson Marshall - New Zealand Mosque shootings. 

Elliot Dawson - NZ Mosque Shooting witness

On another level they have a hall as far as your eyes can see of children as young as 12, that they hold are pregnant. Most of them are nine months pregnant in October. Halloween guys!

They are chained to the bed and monitored. They are the breeders for the adrenochrome. Some to be offered to the darkness; sacrificed. 

They have no names and are tagged like cattle.

Jeanette Archers breaks from reading the prepared speech, “guys this is happening now as in as we speak all of it.”

On another level they focus on the gifted children, the ones with special abilities. 

Different levels, different Horrors.

Government officials and top elite have access to this place. The Horrors are indescribable, what they do to children.

Not only do these places have lots of infants and children who will never ever see the light of day again, but the sole purpose is to provide the elite with the adrenochrome. 

The fountain of youth Elixir.

80 to 90% of the world's Adrenochrome comes from this location. That's what goes on in Area 51. That's the trick.

To produce this, [adrenachrome] you must torture or terrorize the infant. 

Jeanette Archer adds, “If you don't believe me, do your study on how it's produced and made.”

Someone had the idea to storm Area 51, that person was assassinated. 

In June, 20-year-old Matty Roberts, a student from Bakersfield, California, posted a tongue-in-cheek Facebook event.

The name of the Facebook event was: "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us". The plan, as the name implied, was to charge at the base in large enough numbers to bypass security.

Once inside the facility, the supposed secrets lurking within - the alien technology and clandestine government research - could finally be disclosed to the public. "Let's see them aliens", the event's description declared, albeit flippantly.

Within days of its launch, the event became a viral sensation, making headlines across the world.


All because this information was going to get out. This is where the head of the snake resides. It's time to cut it off, it's time, the children need us.

She has given some names of people that raped her and abused her and satanically ritually abused her in Area 51, in dreamland.

Klaus Schwab, Dick Cheney, William Casey, Robert Gates, Admiral William Webster, John Deutch, George Tennant, David Rockerfeller Junior, George Bush.

Monday, 25 October 2021

TaylorTV! - 'The Ammanford Untouchables,' by Alan Tait.

The video also has a piece from Lady Lesley Cooper, I didn’t know at the time but Lesley carried out her own investigation. What she says in the video about tunnels has just been confirmed by someone who has just (today) emailed me. If you want to have a look at our recent videos they can be found on our YouTube channel One of the recent videos is only three minutes or so long "The crying and screaming Boris cant hear" My aim is to try to get a full investigation into the matters we have discovered and I would like to hear from anyone who has any ideas or can offer any help Best regards Alan

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Sunday, 17 October 2021

“The Queen and Prince Phillip are not Human!” claims SRA survivor and whistleblower Jeanette Archer.

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) survivor Jeanette Archer, has upped the ante against the British Windsor Royal family, by publicly claiming the Queen and Prince Phillip are shape shifting reptilians.

“They are reptilians, they shape shift from human form into lizard form. I saw this with my own eyes, many many times, and trust me when I tell you they are the most evil, evil creatures that you could possibly imagine on this planet.”

Following on from her appearance outside Downing Street on Sat 15 May 2021, where she accused PM Boris Johnson of being a satanist, to Sat 26 June 2021, where outside Buckingham Palace she accused the Windsor royal family of being in a satanic cult, Archer has now gone further, by accusing the Royals of being tall lizard like shape shifting reptilian creatures.

Calling Boris Johnson a satanist outside Downing Street in London on 15 May 2021

Calling the Windsor royal family satanists outside Buckingham Palace on 26 June 2021

Displaying a prominent banner outside Windsor Castle on Thursday 14 Oct 2021, with the words, “Exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse,” Jeanette Archer revealed profoundly disturbing, alarming and earth shattering allegations against Queen Elizabeth II, and her now dead husband, Prince Phillip. 

“The Queen and Prince Philip are not human.”

Making it clear to the audience that she was speaking from her “own experiences,” Archer said, “I've been mocked, I've been laughed at, I've been attacked, I've been through every single thing you could imagine by trying to get this truth out there. I couldn't give a flying f*** what you would like, I am going to tell you the truth. They are reptilians, they shape shift from human form into lizard form. I saw this with my own eyes, many many times, and trust me when I tell you, they are the most evil, evil creatures that you could possibly imagine on this planet.”

Either the most incredible and heroic whistleblower to ever blow the lid on what’s really happening today in our world, or just a delusional nut-head who’s best served by the men with straight-jackets; Archer has thrown a grenade of epic proportions into the continuing story of one of the most secretive families in the world.

The Windsor Royal Family!

Archer’s words are left hanging in the air:

“They are reptilians, they shape shift from human form into lizard form. I saw this with my own eyes, many many times, and trust me when I tell you, they are the most evil, evil creatures that you could possibly imagine on this planet.”

For the first time in modern recorded history, albeit, self proclaimed, a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse is claiming to have witnessed, (with their own eyes), Queen Elizabeth II, “shape shift from human form into lizard form.”

Any news editor across the world would be obliged to report on such an event, and as the recipient of The Golden Ticket of Credibility by The Book of Revelation, I am happy to be the first alternative or mainstream news platform, to report on this earth shattering event.

Matt Taylor’s Golden Ticket of Credibility

“The Queen and Prince Philip are not human.”


The Queen is the Master of Ceremonies

“The Queen would come out last because she was the master of ceremonies. Just like she leads this country, (and Prince Philip is always second), she would come out last. She was the master of ceremonies, and she would walk out and there would be a glitching process that goes on, and she would turn around and stare straight into my eyes as if it was my turn on the concrete slab, and she would make me watch her change. Her face would change first.”

“Glitching Process!”

“She would make me watch her change. Her face would change first.”

“The Queen, she would turn and look at me, she would turn and look at me and make me stare her in the face while she glitched and went through human form to reptilian form, she would turn around and I could just see the back of her, and this was the same routine every single time. She would then change in physical form, and she would become very very tall. I can't tell you how tall, I don't know, but very very tall, very tall, very thin.”



Mocked as an Urban Myth, by satanists across the world, Jeanette Archer is heroically blowing the lid off the dark, sinister and nefarious black market trade of adrenalized blood; widely regarded as the most powerful and addictive drug in the world.

Claiming to have personally been present as a child at various satanic rituals at Royal residences such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, Archer lays bare the shocking truth about the international trade in children’s adrenalised blood.

“Do you want to know why they chant? because they worship Satan. It's why they are called satanists, which is why this is called satanic ritual abuse.

Loud chanting, Blood drinking; a child will be laid out and they will make a cut in the side of the throat, and they will bleed out, but before the child's cut and bled out, they will be tortured, they will be tortured to a point of such heightened terror, that their blood is adrenalized, filled with adrenaline. It's called adrenochrome and every single one of these scum drink it.”

Horrifying the crowd gathered, a member of the public shouted, “You've been lied to since day one you are whole lives have been a lie.”

Archer continued, “Every single one of these people drink it, and that's why they start to chant because they start drinking the adrenalized blood”.

WARNING: Revealed in shocking graphic detail, Archer bravely bears her soul to the audience, as she shares her own horrific experience of being a victim of SRA.

“For me, the mass ritual would be; I would be held in captivity for 3 days beforehand, no food no water, left naked chained up in the cold, they called it a cleansing process. I’d have tubes stuck down my throat and other parts of my body to flush me out, they wanted my body pure as possible, because they believe that's what Satan wants.

And then before the ritual, two to three days in, I would be drugged, injected, or given a drink, and I would be led out to mass rituals in a white gown, that they would put on me right at the last minute. I’d be led out and I'd be held on a concrete slab.

My legs would be taken apart and so would my arms. I would be watching other concrete slabs where children were being tortured and bloodletting, which they would be drinking.

I was never the one that was killed, but believe me, there were many many times where I begged for that to happen, because it was far easier than staying alive and living through this.

I would be the one on the concrete slab, that's then would be raped by every single person in the circle. the satanists would come over one at a time, and do whatever they wanted to do, step back and the next person would come forward.

These are mass rituals, this was my experience, this is what happened to me here. [Pointing in the direction of Windsor Castle,] This is what happened to me in Buckingham Palace. It goes on in Balmoral by our royals. The Queen was there.”

“The Queen was there.”

Confirming claims first made by David Icke, as far back as 1991, that the Royal family are blood sucking alien lizards, Archer has continued to defy her critics and skeptics, by bravely confronting the Royal family head on.

“I've been mocked, I've been laughed at, I've been attacked, I've been through every single thing you could imagine by trying to get this truth out there. I couldn't give a flying f*** what you react like, I am going to tell you the truth.”

Leading the charge in discrediting Archer, her distractors include Fake Satanist James Hind, Permanently Pissed Sharon Gale, Viking Warrior/Witch Shellie Mote and Failed Investigator Fanny Bones.

“Prince Philip will already be in reptilian form.”

“I never saw him change from reptilian to human, I just used to see him change back. But it was all about her, she would come out when everyone had done the blood drinking and she would then change, she would glitch. I wish this was not true because it's a whole other level of what the world needs to know. You need to wake up to the fact that everything you think you know to be true, is a lie. Everything you think to be true is a lie.”

Possibly the most important news article ever written in the history of British journalism, Guerrilla Democracy News is the only news platform in the world, to report on this Earth-Shattering Exclusive, that the bravest whistle-blower in the world, Jeanette Archer, has come forward to reveal to the world, that Queen Elizabeth (and her now dead husband) are shape shifting lizards, who drink the adrenalised blood of babies and children.

This is the news which the mainstream media dare not report!

“I plead with people to find the courage to know the truth because I've said this right from the beginning, imagine what it's like to actually go through this? I know it's horrific to hear if it is your first time. I know a defence mechanism happens, it's OK I forgive you.

This didn't just happen to me, it happens all over the world, it's been happening for decades and decades and it is still going on now. So many hundreds of thousands of children go missing every single year, and our civil servants will be able to vouch for this, and it's not on the mainstream is it? it doesn't get out there.

Over a hundred thousand children went missing in the UK last year, did you hear about them? No, it gets buried. Where do you think they go? In their and all the other estates, Crown Estates.

Satanic cults take the children, they send people out with shopping lists, and you can see them upping the ante now, white vans, black vans, with your blacked out windows. You will see it, they are snatching children off the street, why isn't it on mainstream media every single night, why? Why is there a cover up?”

“When the world truly knows the truth, then it will be stopped, we need to find the courage.”


“I would witness many many many children and babies being murdered, but not before they were tortured, and not before their blood was being drunk.

For me the end of a ritual would be; I would be put in a coffin, that was made to measure for me, and I'd be buried in the ground.

Some days I didn't know when, or how long I'll be there. Other days I would just be chucked back into the dungeons or tortured some more, which was actually more the norm in this place because they had to guarantee my silence. So I would be sent back down after these mass rituals for more torture, more torture, more being chained to the wall, more being sent to the man and the woman.

The other thing they do to mess with people, and to make sure we never stand up in court, is that they have torturers in judges uniforms, but let me tell you, they’re real judges.

So at the end of mass rituals, and they said to you, “go to the judges”, you knew where you had to go. I’d have to go off to a little hut where these three judges were, and I would torture me for hours, speaking in my ear while another one was torturing me to guarantee my silence. Let me tell you, these people in here, will do whatever it takes. People have been murdered for speaking out. 

But I will not live my life in fear, these people will not take one more day from me, and when I decided to speak out against them I knew I would be taking a huge risk. But I'm not afraid of them anymore, there is nothing else they can do to me.

What matters now are the children still in there. That it’s still happening today, there are the ones that matter.

If you think your children are safe, then more fool you, there is not one child on this planet that are safe, trust me when I tell you, they need that adrenochrome. They are addicted to that adrenochrome. It is the most powerful and addictive drug on this planet and they do whatever it takes, whatever it takes to keep their supply going.”



Friday, 8 October 2021

Ex East 17 Singer Brian Harvey accuses Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell of being in a London "Red Room."

Ex East 17 Singer Brian Harvey has accused Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell of being in a "Red Room," with two minors and "three other fucking nonces."

According to The Sun newspaper, a "Red Room" is an online space within the dark web, used to hide illegal activity online. Equally, "Red Rooms" are found in the real world, in which illegal activity takes place, away from public view and knowledge.

Having accepted "service" in the United States of a sexual assault lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre, who has accused the Prince of forcing her to have sex with him at the London home of the late financier and convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein; Prince Andrew is now facing the very real possibility of being found guilty of more sex crimes, and being thrown into an American prison for a very long time.

Turning to his mother for financial support to finance his $9m law suit defense, the wayward and disgraced Prince now faces further allegation from the ex East 17 singer Brian Harvey.

During a BHTV live on YouTube, Brian Harvey said, "Yeah, its time now, its time."

"Yeah its time now, its time. Prince Andrew I am accusing you and let me just have this clear, Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew I saw you, right, in the red rooms, behind a secret wall that I had to go through, a secret wall passage through an office door, and I saw you, right, and four others up in a room with two minors. They were two children, right, now also in 1994, Ghislaine Maxwell was harbouring minors, 1994, so she was in London, so I think its safe to say it was her in the red rooms, she was with Prince Andrew and three other fucking nonces, now, and thats what the truth is."

Fighting his own case of phone hacking against the Murdock media empire and a set up by major players in the truth movement to discredit him, (namely being fed a bogus story of paedophilia in high places, by Bill Maloney, Chris Fay and others,) Harvey accuses both Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell of being at a 'Red Room,' in London, where after being led through a secret wall passage, and through an office door, he witnessed Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell with two children, and "three other fucking nonces," as Harvey describes it.

This picture is of Brian Harvey and his then girlfriend actress Danniella Westbrook, outside the London nightclub, which hid the "Red room," in 1994

Under fire from all directions, Prince Andrew also faces allegations by Jessica Leigh Collins, who also accuses him of raping her, alongside his best friend, and now deceased Jeffrey Epstein.

READ MORE: JESSICA LEIGH COLLINS, "I was sex trafficked to US President Joe Biden."

Prince Andrew’s lawyers have said Virginia Giuffre's case is baseless, as the 2009 agreement prohibited her from suing anyone connected to Epstein, releasing “the duke and others from any and all potential liability.” Giuffre’s team refute this but, to allow the case to proceed, they accepted that the duke's legal team had "a right to review the release and to make whatever arguments they believe appropriate based on it.”

Stayed tuned to Guerrilla Democracy News for this breaking and developing story!

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Muttley (Reece) The Whole Story!

Muttley is a liar and fake satanist, and I will prove this in the following blog...

I first heard about Muttley in about October or November 2020. He was yet another YouTuber taking the plunge of setting himself up with a YouTube account and telling us his truth to the world.

Initially he referred to me favourably in his videos, implying we would make a good comedy act.

But sadly, the more he engaged with me and mentioned my name in hashtags on his video titles, he started to suffer a backlash from the Hoaxtead Research community, who have waged a campaign to get me either imprisoned or committed to a nut house since 2017.

It all came to an head in April 2020, when he demanded a public apology from me for saying he looked like Jonathan King.

Narcissist bully boy Muttley wants an apology for being compared to Jonathan King!

His resemblance to Jonathan King is uncanny! They could even be father and son!

"Our interesting fellow Matt Taylor announced in his YouTube video, 10 minutes of lots of different things, that he was the one who started the comparison between myself and Jonathan King, but couldn't remember who Jonathan King was. Who the hell doesn't know who that was?"

Where as what I exactly said in my Good Friday message was;

"I called him the love child of Jonathan King and I don't mean anything in that, I just thought they looked alike.

I had forgotten all about that Jonathan King was a nasty paedophile. I mean everyone's a nasty paedophile nowadays aren't they. It's just so crazy."

From the off, here we have him changing the facts of the story to fit his own narrative of the story.

As you can see for yourself, Muttley's assertion that I didn't know who Jonathan King was, differs to the reality, that I had forgotten he was a paedophile at the time of making the comparison, and as such wouldn't have known Muttley would take offense, and have an adverse reaction to the comparison being made.

The only other person I know who made the comparison was Brian Harvey, from East 17 fame, who referred to Muttley as "Jonathan King's After-birth."

Brian Harvey from East 17 fame.

I am not aware that Brian Harvey has ever watched my YouTube channel, and would have come to his own comparison, due to the uncanny resemblance between Jonathan King and Muttley.

"Listen, Matthew, Matt, whatever! Do the right thing. On camera I want an apology for that, just an apology."

"Do the right thing, apologise in a video and that's it, everyone moves on from it."

Evidently egged on by the Hoaxtead Research community, Muttley goes further and threatens me with possible police action, if I don't comply.

"I don't want to have to take it to the next level, I just want common human decency, all I want is an apology, a sincere one, not one thats sort of built into a jokey sort of thing, just a 'Muttley I'm really sorry, I didn't realise that was going to happen, I apologise.' Just give me that, that's the end of the matter."


Muttley can go and fuck himself!

As a middle-aged man of 50 years old, I didn't take too kindly to being publicly admonished. I didn't appreciate being told to give an aplogy, and told exactly how to give the apology.

"All I want is an apology, a sincere one, not one thats sort of built into a jokey sort of thing, just a 'Muttley I'm really sorry, I didn't realise that was going to happen, I apologise.' Just give me that, that's the end of the matter."

I found the whole thing very distasteful, unfair and passive aggressive. I made a fair comment, which I did not believe would cause anyone alarm, distress and fear, and the very fact that Muttley demanded an apology from me, with the threat that if I didn't he would "take it to the next level," which I believed meant making a complaint against me to Sussex Police.

I wasn't impressed, and I enacted my right to reply, with the following email sent to him on 4 April 2020.

Hi Muttley,
I watched with horror, distain and disgust your latest video, in which you've demanded an apology from me, for daring to comment on the facial resemblance between you and Jonathan King.

I've elaborated further on this at my blog, Exposing the Hoaxtead Trolls -[redacted]-demands-an-apology/
Your nasty, vindictive and bullying video has left me traumised because you've threatened to take it to the "next level," as you describe it, which leaves me believing you will report me to Sussex Police.

I have been traumatised by Sussex Police over the last 3-4 years, and there is an ongoing investigation by the IOPC into the conduct of Sussex Police against me.
I have decided to attach my statement of truth with this email, which chronicles the harassment I've received from Sussex Police up to July 2020.
Further events have occurred since then which aren't in the public domain, but which continues to traumise me

I have attached this information with the strict condition that it is not for public view. It is for your eyes only, and I do not encourage, or give you permission to share this information with anyone else but yourself.
It is private and confidential information for your eyes only, and I do not consent to any of the information within my Statement of Truth to be shared with any third party.  I trust I have made myself clear and you respect my wishes, and the wishes of the court's. 
I have been instructed by both my solicitor, Mr. [redacted] and my probation officer, [redacted], to capture any and all examples of online bullying and malicious communications.
Your video and the comments there-under, encouraging you to report me to Sussex Police, are abusive and malicious in nature and have caused me extreme alarm, distress and fear.

Your video and the comments have been captured and sent to both my solicitor and probation officer, who have requested I do so, to chronicle the abuse I recieve on a daily basis, to be sent to the appropriate authorities. 
I will not be issuing you with a public apology as you demand, because I did not make the comparison in the belief that it would cause you alarm, distress and fear.
Contrary to your claim that I did not know who Jonathan King was, I actually said I did not know he was a paedophile. 
For your information I am a victim of CSA myself. 
I have been contacted by other viewers of your videos, who are worried for your mental health and that you may be having a nervous breakdown, due to the stresses of being a YouTuber.
I don't have any medical experience to comment on your mental stability, but have been asked to pass on their concerns.

I have since unsubscribed from your channel and now consider you a toxic and malicious person, who I must distance myself from for my own mental health and well-being.
Sussex Police will be made aware of this incident, via communication by the Probation service.
May I take this opportunity to stress to you that you are causing me alarm, distress and fear whenever you mention or reference my name.
I will no longer mention or reference your name, and trust you will do the same for me.
I wish you all the best for the future.
Yours sincerely,
Matthew Taylor 

Has Muttley reported me to the Police?

It wasn't long after sending him my reply, that the first indications that Muttley had, "taken it to the next level," was coming through. (Evident by Muttley's tweet above.)

This compelled me to send him another email on 14 April 2020.

Hi Muttley,
I trust all is well.
I received a very nasty comment today implying a complaint of harassment has been made against me, and I noticed on your Twitter account that you asked Brighton Police to contact you.
Can you confirm whether you have made a complaint of harassment against me to Sussex Police?
Many thanks, 
Matt Taylor

But why? Surely it cannot be in connection with the innocently made connection between the resemblance of him, and Jonathan King, the famous DJ and entertainer of yesteryear?

Read more: Muttley demands an apology from Matt Taylor.

On Sunday 30th May 2020, at 4.30pm on a sunny peaceful Sunday afternoon, my peace and tranquility was broken when two Sussex police officers (one being PC Bishop) came to my home, to warn me not to mention Muttley again in public.

"You have been accused by Muttley of being obsessed and fixated on him," said PC Bishop, "We are here to warn you not to mention Muttley's name in public, and that we will say the same to him, about not mentioning your name in public too."

Later that day, Muttley published a video on his YouTube, in which he clearly impersonated me, while pretending it wasn't him.

It begs the obvious question, Who is Obsessed and Fixated with who?

Muttley (Reece) is a liar!

From the outset of this blog, I said I would prove Muttley is a liar and a fake satanist. I have now proved that Muttley is a liar.

He posted a video on his own Twitter and YoutTube channels, in which he impersonated me, but lied he hadn't.

Muttley's Conduct after the Police warned him NOT to mention me in public......

This disturbing post from Muttley shows how mentally ill he actually is.

"Once again, thank you. I didn't concern myself of worrying about how I came across during it. That would distract me. I am grateful for so many feedback that I came across as intended. I've learned to go high when they go low. Actually help me in self esteem terms too."

"No intentional jibe at him on this. Its spooky and does sort of sound like him. Just wondering, is that him?"

"Did sound a bit like Grob. I dunno. Freaky for sure."

Tom Niedermeier Supporting Muttley!

I cannot even begin to express my anger, horror and revulsion against Muttley for publicly accusing me of quote, "one month of non stop harassment be that via his videos or emails received since 4th April."

If anyone is obsessed or fixated, it is him and certainly not the other way round.

He accused me of making the comparison between him and Jonathan King, with the sole intention of causing him alarm distress and fear.

That is complete and utter bollocks.

He continued that because he was abused as a boy, the comparison made between his facial appearance to Jonathan King amounted to harassment and stalking, and that I was to make an public apology to him, and that if it wasn't said with the necessary sincerity, that he would take it, "to the next level."

I took it to mean, taking it "to the next level," meant making a complaint of harassment and stalking to the police. I was proved correct!

As you can see for yourself, he does look like Jonathan King, and I am not breaking any Laws known to man by making the comparison.


The comparisons are plain to see. They both wear glasses, they both have double chins, they both have the same hair, both look Jewish, (and while not visible in the picture above), both have that same stupid and gormless smirk/grin.

Whoever this vile individual is, hiding behind the username of "Muttley", to say, "After a month of staying silent, its time to speak out," is utterly despicable; and criminal.

Whoever this vile individual is, he is falsely accusing me of non stop harassment, when all I have done is send him two emails.

One to tell him, "NO," I will not be apologising to him, and two, on the 14 April 2021, enquiring whether he had or had not made a criminal complaint against me to Sussex Police.

Read more: Emails to Muttley.

Here we see the despicable gaslighting Muttley refer to being a "Survivor of CSA," and using it as the grounds to harass and intimidate me.

What he doesn't appreciate is that I am also a victim of child sexual abuse and the fact he is allegeding me of harassment and stalking, by targeting him as a CSA victim is actually very distressing to me.

While Muttley isn't prepared to tell the world about his CSA experiences, I'm happy to tell you mine.

It makes you wonder whether he is lying.

On two occasions during my childhood, I was a victim of attempted child abduction.

Yes, you read that correctly and it was hard for me to write that sentence.

It's not a memory I like to recollect and share with anyone.

I was 12 years old and walking back from calling on my girlfriend.

A man in his early 20's approached me and asked if I wanted to earn £12 by posting a few envelopes for him.

£12 just happened to be the exact same amount of a chemistry set I had my eyes on for months.

I naively followed the man to the back of a nearby church.

"Where are we going mister?," I remembered asking him.

"It's alright kid, we're not far away."

Keeping a healthy distance and on edge that something wasn't right, the man told me to go through a gate and wait for him.

"What do you mean mister?"

"Just wait for me kid, I'll be a minute and join you."

"What do you mean mister?"

"I just want to play with myself and get ready for you."

"What do you mean mister?"

"You know, play with myself."

"No mister, what do you mean?"

"You know, play with myself," said the man before gesturing with his hand the wanking movement.

It was then that the severity of the situation hit me.

This man wanted me to go behind a closed gate so he can molest me.

I ran for my life and didn't look back.

That was the first time a paedophile tried to abduct me and the experience has scared me ever since.

It happened again while me and two other friends were hanging around at the park.

I was talking with Paul Sutton and his younger sister, when an adult man approached us and asked us to follow him to his home.

Having experienced the first abduction attempt, I immediately saw the danger in the situation and urged both Paul and his sister to run away as fast as possible.

I was congratulated the next day during school assembly for my quick thinking action.

Actually it turned out quite differently.

I remembered the headmaster addressing the school, telling us all to be on our guard because a man had tried to abduct three children from the park the evening before. (He never actually mentioned any names, but I knew he was referring to the incident which I was involved in.)

The headmaster congratulated one of the three (me), for being so quick minded to realise the danger we were in, and to run away from the situation.

I naturally smiled with pride at being congratulated for quick thinking, and knowing that my action prevented a possible child abuse attack.

Another teacher saw me smile and look around in recognition.

"Wipe that smile of your face Taylor, its not a laughing matter and nothing to smurk about."

I was humiliated in front of the whole school.

Both of those occasions pail into insignificance in relation to the time my sister was sexually abused.

We were walking home from the same park in which the man tried to entice myself, Paul and his sister back to his home.

I was with my younger sister (3 years younger), I was about 13.

A 19 year old guy approached us and started talking with us, specifically to my sister.

I told him we couldn't hang out with him because it was dinner time and we had to get home.

He ignored me and kept chatting with my sister, egging her up, making her laugh and keeping her entertained.

I had to insist on him saying goodbye, and that we had to leave.

He wasn't having anything to do with it, even grabbing hold of my sister's arm, after I grabbed her hand to drag her home.

It ended with the 19 year old boy, pinning me to the ground, sitting on my chest and stuffing grass into my mouth, telling me in no uncertain terms that my sister is allowed to stay out with him for as long as she wants.

I remember with horrid clarity, how I ran back home in tears, knowing that I had left me sister alone with a dangerous pervert.

I remember reaching home and explaining to my mother with tears running down my face, that Emma was with an older guy at the park and that I think she's in danger.

I remember mum shouting at me to "go back and get her and bring her back home NOW!"

I remember running back to find my sister sitting alone and in tears.

She had been forced to give the 19 year old boy a blow job.

And then there was the sexual abuse I witnessed and suffered at the hands of our parish priest.

While people argue as to the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), there is no denying the existence of Roman Catholic Sexual Abuse (RCSA).

I witnessed with my own eyes a sexual attack on my friend in the same room as me, when Father Ralph wrestled Andy into the floor, rolling around fondling him, while Andy, only a teenager screamed and fought with all his might to escape Father Ralph's sexual assault.

I was at the receiving end of Father Ralph's confessionals when he asked about the sexual activity we had committed with our girlfriends.

And I remember vividly the scandal and anguish to my friend, when the Truth came out that Father Ralph had taken her younger brother on a trip to France with him, where during he was sexually abused.

And I haven't even touched on the further sexual abuse my sister received at the hands of our mother's boyfriend.

Peter from Wales, would often visit us for the weekend and ply my mother with alcohol, and even encourage myself to have a few sips of mother's favourite choice of brandy.

It was only after my mother's death in 2001, that Emma revealed that it was on these weekends that Peter would come into her room and have sex with her, safe in the knowledge that myself and our mother were passed out drunk.

And on top of all this, I haven't even touched on the paedophilia within the family at large.

I don't want to mention it now because my oldest aunty is still alive, and she would be horrified and livid with me, if I started recounting the rumours whispered to me about my grandfather.

Suffice to say, that unlike Muttley, I am willing to tell you the child sexually abuse I recieved as a child, unlike Muttley who complains of being a CSA victim, but doesn't reveal the specific details of his alleged child sexually abuse.

I personally think Muttley is lying. After all, he's lying that I've harassed him "non stop," and he's lying when he coming to the police that I am "obsessed and fixated," with him.

If he's lying about that, it's only common sense that he's lying about being a victim of child sexually abuse, especially considering he's unwilling to recount his experiences of it.

In the above Tweet he says, "the hate from one person is relentless and they are firmly fixated and obsessed with harassment of me. Watch and please, like & subscribe."

The overt narcissism of this individual is off the scale.

Here we see him falsely accuse me of "relentless," "harassment," While being "firmly fixated and obsessed," with him, while at the same time using the occasion to whip up some PR, with the plea to Watch, Like and Subscribe.

In the above Tweet, he demands I direct message him, or look at my email.

There were no emails!

Clearly a case of gaslighting me.

And then, as you can read from the above Tweet, tweeted into the public domain, he writes, "This man continues to harass me now being homophobic. Something must be done. It's affecting my wellbeing and certainly my mental health. Homophobic abuse should not be ignored here. Help."

Not only was it tweeted into the public domain, but both the Sussex Police Crime Commissioner and Sussex Police were hashtagged in with it.

To imply I am homophobic is again, very distressing towards me, and yet another slur against my reputation and character.

One of my only personal memories growing up, was visiting a family friend in hospital, called Simon Fisher, who had been beaten to an inch of his life in a homophobic attack in Brighton.

Simon was a friend of my mother, whom I knew since I was around 10 years old.

He was a lodger in our home. A homosexual who my mother trusted, and how allowed to live in the same home as my sister and I.

The memory of seeing Simon beaten black and blue on the hospital bed, still haunts me now.

I remember when I just saw him, and how he smiled at me, regardless of his horrific injuries.

He was pleased to see me, as I was to see him.

For Muttley to accuse me of being homophobic towards him, having already accused me of harassment and stalking, says more about Muttley than it says about me.

It says that Muttley is making unfounded and malicious complaints and allegations against me, with the sole intention of impressing his new found friends from the Hoaxtead Research community.

It says that if anyone is obsessed and fixated, it's Muttley who's obsessed and fixated with me.

After-all, wasn't it Muttley who was parked at a park park late at him, who told his audience that he had just been invited to partake in "dogging?"

Was it just my imagination, or did or didn't Muttley post a video with the title, "#Dogging, #Brian Harvey, #Matt Taylor, #Ann Drogyne."

How on earth is myself complaining of being mentioned in the same title as 'Dogging,' amount of homophobia?

Wasn't it Muttley who suggested I had been involved in sexually inappropriate behaviour, (dogging,) having had my name hashtagged, within the same title that hashtagged 'Dogging?'

It is a fact that he published a video depicting himself in a car, at night, parked at a car park, during which he told the audience that he had been approached and invited into "dogging."

To imply that just because he is a gay man, this amounts of homophobic abuse, demonstrates beyond doubt, that if anyone is obsessed and who is harassing anyone, it's him and not me.

And then things took a dark and dangerous turn for the worst.

As you can read from the message left above on my YouTube channel, Muttley publicly responds to an individual called Tony Clifton and says;

"Tony, feel free to email me. Address on the about section of my channel. You might want to hear about a few things. This one is still obsessed and fixated on me. He has a perverse mindset and form. Just look at the [censored] case, her lawyers case and how he got involved in the [censored] case. He harassed [censored] to the ends of the earth. I never begged Taylor to stop. I told him if he didn't he'll serve his 4 month suspended sentence."

I cannot even begin to describe how angry, distressed and horrified I am that he published this comment on my YouTube channel.

Tony Clifton is an individual I don't know and who I have never met, you contacted me claiming he was a journalist stating he was about to publish an article, inferring I was a paedophile.

I am fuming as I write these words.

Tony, who the fuck is he Clifton, messages me put of nowhere, asking me for a respond he can include in an article he is writing about me, inferring I'm a paedophile!

And here we have a vile and disgusting piece of shit, who hides behind a pathetic user name, publicly contacting him, via my YouTube channel, to offer him information on me.

"This one is still obsessed and fixated on me."

It should be blatantly obvious to any and everyone reading this, that it him who is obsessed and fixated with me, and not the other way round.

Muttley is aware of my history and the contact of the harassment and stalking claims against me, by certain police chiefs, whom I cannot mention due to court restrictions, because when I emailed him on the 4 April 2021, I attached with it my 65 paged affidavit which chronicled in detail my side of the story.

But yet, knowing that the mere mention of these individuals, who result in police attention against me, he intentionally went ahead and named two individuals, that he knew that if allowed to remain visible on my YouTube channel, would result in my immediate arrest and detention.

This man, who has crashed into my life about 3 months ago, by mentioning me in his videos, has brought it on himself to be the champion of the Hoaxtead Research community who finally jails Matt Taylor!

"He has a perverse mindset and form."

All because I said he looks like Jonathan King??????

He does look like Jonathan King for fucks sake!

I said it without maliciousness or ill intent.

In fact I was out of the UK when Jonathan King appeared in court in relation to sexual offences against children.

It happened 20 years ago!

And anyway, wasn't Jonathan King innocent?

Read more: Jonathan King is Innocent.

To intentionally mention two peoples name, which he knows would result in my immediate arrest and detention, shows beyond reasonable doubt that he is nothing more than a 'useful idiot,' being used by the Hoaxtead Research community for their own nefarious ends.

How dare he imply that I've harassed anyone to "the ends of the earth."

And then to finish off his message to Tony Clifton by saying, "I told him if he didn't he'll serve his 4 month suspended sentence," simply demonstrates again, his "perverse mindset," to intimidate and bully a man, who is a father to two beautiful children, who would be devastated if their father was to goto jail for any length of time.

Then, if you didn't think Muttley could sink to any new depths of depravity, he sinks to even deeper depths of depravity by bringing my girlfriend into the equation.

Muttley goes into overdrive!

While I was threatened with arrest if I continued to mention Muttley in public, Muttley enjoyed the freedom to say my name, and refer to me as either the '80's Chatshow host' or 'The Brighton Beast' with immunity.

On 7 July 2021, I received the following email from PC Newman, stating that no police action will be taken against Muttley.

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for baring with me, I’ve been off sick and then only just returned from my rest days, so thank you for your patience.

I have reviewed the twitter posts that you sent me copies of, thank you for that; it was good to see a large portion of the posts that this account has made.

I’ve looked at the messages and from what I understand, these messages are predominantly being posted on Twitter and you’ve told me previously that you have been blocked from being able to read this account’s Twitter Posts by the user and as such should not be able to see the messages. I fully appreciate that these posts have caused you upset, however due to the fact that they have not been sent to you and that from their actions they have attempted to make it so that you cannot see the posts, I do not believe that this is something we would be able to pursue as a criminal matter at this time.

I would suggest that the best way to deal with this is to report the content to Twitter and any other platform that you are aware of these messages being posted on as they will be able to see whether these breach any of their guidelines or policies. If they do breach these, they should be able to take down the posts themselves. I’ve added a link to the Twitter reporting guidelines page below:-,and%20notifications%20to%20you.%20...%20More%20items...%20

Further to this, I would suggest speaking to the solicitors that you spoke to last time and potentially looking to pursue a civil case against the user of this account as there is likely to be a link to some form of slander, however as I am not a civil law expert, you would be better suited to report this to them.

I fully appreciate that this is unlikely to be the outcome you wanted, however if there are any further developments, please report this to Sussex Police, either via the online reporting form at or by calling 101 as this may change the way in which we would be able to deal with this.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me or call me back.



But still, Muttley continues to spread lies about me.

"You know, we know how Matt Taylor harassed and became obsessed with me. He sent me emails to the point where police had to be involved, and had to go and speak with him and warn him about his behaviour by way of words of advice.”

At the end of the above clip, he says:

“I don’t want to be mentioned by you. Don’t use my name in anything to do with your work. But the stick keeps poking me and poking me. If it doesn’t stop then, just as I dealt with Matthew Taylor, I’ll do it again because its no skin of my nose! I will not accept it.”

This shows that the allegation against me for harassment, was a false allegation, and one which he would make against other people, if they continue to mention his name, or rather, "poking me," as he says it.

This man is continuing to make false allegations about me. In this latest video published to YouTube on Friday 1 October 2021, he is again making the false allegation that I stalked and harassed him, but he is also making a new allegation that I'm calling him, "Noncey-Nonce-Boy."
"The stalker and harasser of myself, Matthew Taylor."


He is aware that I suffer PTSD as a result of the multiple arrests by Sussex Police over the last few years.

He may not be aware that Sussex Police are investigating a certain individual who impersonated me online and which resulted with my arrest on 21 Dec 2020.

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In the video below Muttley discusses this, and as a result is actively spoiling and interfering with an active police investigation.

It isn't up to Muttley to speculate about my case.

I have proved Muttley is a liar.

Now I will prove he's a fake satanist too.

Muttley (Reece) claims to be a member of The Satanic Temple (TST) but defies The Satanic Temple's 4th Tenet:

'The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one's own.'

Muttley has willfully and unjustly encroached upon my Freedoms, by maliciously making a complaint to Sussex Police that I'm harassing and stalking him.

He has demonstrated he's a fake satanist by defending James Hind, another fake satanist who willfully and unjustly encroaches against me freedoms everyday day of the week.


Muttley is a fake satanist because he's defied The Satanic Temple's 4th Tenet, by willfully and unjustly encroaching upon my freedoms, because I innocently made the comparison between him and Jonathan King.

As a satanist, as a member of The Satanic Temple, he acknowledges the freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend, but then goes onto willfully and unjustly encroach upon my freedoms.



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