Thursday 28 May 2015


Adulterer, criminal and satanic cult member; the reign of Queen Elizabeth II is coming to an end.

Monday 25 May 2015

Shame on Parliament and shame on Queen Elizabeth II.

Britain is the paedophile capital of the world.

Margaret Thatcher covered up child-abuse while in government.
Tony Blair did the same; as did Gordon Brown and now David Cameron.
Parliament is infested with paedophiles; as is the Royal Family.

As reported in the Guardian newspaper:

Figures from police forces in England and Wales published on Wednesday reveal that 1,433 men have been identified in reports of alleged abuse by victims, since the operation was set up in 2014.

Of these 216 are dead, 76 are politicians, both national and local figures, 43 are from the music industry, 135 from TV, film or radio and seven from the world of sport. 

Wednesday 20 May 2015



SO ! 

The dust is settling. People are getting on with their lives. The pantomimes over. Some are happy the conservatives are in and most are waiting for the onslaught of more cuts. Yesterday's chip paper (again) and quite distraught.

I find it funny that most people still think that any of that was giving us a chance of change. The whole election crap is staged. A distraction !

Many just WONT and CANT get it.

I can see on people's walls the discussions they have had on labour this and conservative that.
As if we had a chance of a better life with a different party getting in !

They are called parties because they are having one at our expense ! 

It's called ...An act of Parliament because that's what it is AN ACT, play ..........get it ? 

Does any one believe the crap that comes out of their mouths trying to lure you into voting for them before hand? Really ? Do you really believe it? Hand on heart did you really believe it ?

It's all a game constructed by them eons ago !! Decades back. It's all been planned to get us here. SOCIAL ENGINEERING ...look into it. Even the suffragette movement was engineered by the Rothchilds. To break up the family unit. That's what they want. To break us ? 

To steer Britain into the biggest landslide of chaos ( divide and rule ) America is well on the way ?
We are social engineered on a scale so huge that many refuse to look at it.

We have not arrived here by accident. There is no inflation, or debt. Stocks and shares are manipulated. Money is fake. WE ARE ENSLAVED WITH IT FOR LIFE. 

The film The wolf of wolf street hits it on the head. 

There are thousands of people out there every day working their butts off to try and wake you up to this. 

Because 'they' haven't finished with us yet ? 

If your struggling, miserable and fed up with your life it's because they have MADE IT THIS WAY FOR YOU.

And at the end of the day no matter who is in we are all still chasing our tails for this fake money to survive. 


And we are all on course to become poorer and struggle more while 'they' serve the bankers and get richer themselves for doing so. 

THEY ARE INDEBTED TO THE BANKERS ! Who manipulated it all. 100s of years back.

No matter what is promised to us from now on you won't see it materialise. 

They are magicians and are here to fool the fools ?

Monday 18 May 2015


(Attention of Matt Taylor, Brighton Kemptown)

Dear Mr. Taylor,
Have attached email with important links for your attention, in regard to a campaign that was initiated on 20th April, 2014, as to whether or not, the Queen should be retained as head of state, of the United Kingdom.
With respect, I am requesting the assistance of "ALL" RT News Desks, in regard to the horrific genocide, of over 50,000 indigenous North American Indian children in Canada, which amounts to "Crimes Against Humanity".
I wish you well,
Kelvin Curnow

----- Forwarded message from -----
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2014 00:33:21 +0000
Subject: "Requires Urgent Attention"

 ----- Forwarded message from -----
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2014 00:25:54 +0000
Subject: "Requires Urgent Attention"

Dear Mr. Salmond,
First of all, I trust that you are well. You may remember receiving an email several weeks ago, that was sent not only to "ALL" Members of the Scottish Parliament, but was also sent to "ALL" 650 Members of the House of Commons, as well as "ALL" Members of the Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies.
The emails were sent, in regard to witnesses coming forward, concerning the Crown being complicit in "Crimes Against Humanity" involving the horrific genocide of over 50,000 indigenous North American Indian children in Canada. (Have attached links for your attention).
With respect, you have obviously been very busy campaigning in recent months, however, I am sure that whatever the outcome of the referendum on 18th September, (in regard to the content of several attached emails/links), I trust that your respective Parliament, will seriously consider having a "democratic" referendum, as to whether or not, the Queen should be retained, as head of state.
In fact, since 20th April when this campaign was initiated, several thousand similar emails have now been sent, not only to the world's mainstream and alternative media, but also to "ALL" Commonwealth Heads of State, requesting "member states" to honour the "Protocols" of the United Nations, and "Human Rights International Law". 
The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, as well as several of his colleagues at the UN, have also received similar emails. In view of the fact, that there is now overwhelming evidence, against the Crown and Members of the Royal Family, under a verdict of the "International Common Law Court", and the Protocols of the United Nations, "ALL" police, judicial and other officials, are released from their oaths of obligation, to the Crown.
Obviously, right now, the eyes of the world, are now on Scotland, but I trust that you and the Scottish Parliament will do "what is right" requesting Sir Stephen House, of Police Scotland, to initiate a full investigation, in regard to people coming forward, (attached links) that have witnessed horrific satanic rituals at the Royal Familie's Scottish residences, such as Glamis Castle on Tayside, and at Balmoral Castle. (You will note, that the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles, are staying at Balmoral Castle, until October) (As someone that not only has an interest in investigative journalism, I also have a wealth of knowledge, in Parapsychology and the Esoteric, and it is very important, that you listen to the attached link, with an open mind.
You will note, since the latter part of April, 2014, that the outgoing "Attorney General" and "Solicitor General", have also received the content of this email. To date, the only response since my campaign was initiated on 20th April , 2014 is a recent government re-shuffle, which is "still not good enough".
To date, there has still been no response from Prime Minister Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Clegg, or Theresa May, and I am requesting the assistance of the Scottish government, in regard to the Crown, being seriously complicit, in "Crimes Against Humanity".
I wish you well,
Kelvin Curnow

Friday 15 May 2015

@SOSLeader The New Labour Leader.

Matt Taylor for New Labour Party Leader

Sign me up as a party member and I’m happy to be the New Labour Leader. 

Give me the golden opportunity to expose David Cameron head on and I’ll win the nation a new snap general election.

Taking advantage of only 2 opportunities in every dozen, I can guarantee you I would win more than the 69 votes I got in the Brighton Kemptown 2015 election by doing it by myself.

Opportunities Lost.
1. Knocking on voters doors and introducing myself.
2. Taking advantage of the free Royal Mail Delivery Service.
3. Being at the Argus Hustings.
4. Being featured in The Argus, radio and Latest TV.
5. Holding my own public meetings at bars and community halls.
6. Setting up a stall in contested public areas handing out leaflets.
7. Effective fund-raising.
8. Endorsement by a famous figure or celebrity.
9. Speaking as a guest at various public meetings.
10. Speaking at the Peacehaven Community school Children's hustings.

One day I’ll write a book, ’How to run a losing election campaign.’

Opportunities Won:
11. Speaking at the LGBT hustings
12. Speaking at the White-Cliff hustings. 

By myself I got 69 votes (of which I’m immensely grateful.) 

  • Give me a team of ten campaigners I'd get 690 votes. (Which would of been enough to win Nancy Platts the Brighton Kemptown election.  
  • With 100 campaigners I’ll get 6900 votes, 
  • and with the Labour Party behind me I can put us (THE PEOPLE) back into Power.

Email me: and join my campaign.

The first thing I need is a Labour Party membership and 35 Labour MP's to sponsor me.

Wednesday 6 May 2015


Lizzy outside Roedean Private School for Girls
With only one day to go before the election; I’ve been left with no choice but to bring out my secret weapon as a last ditched attempt to win your vote and get my £500 deposit back.

Other than complaining to the Electoral Commission that I want a refund considering I wasn’t afforded the same respect and privileges the other parliamentary candidates got, I‘ve got no other choice but to play my ace; my secret weapon; my daughter- Elizabeth Taylor aka Lizzy.

Top of her class and destined to attend Roedean; Elizabeth Taylor is living proof that I’ve got what it takes to be the best MP Brighton Kemptown has ever had.

Following David Cameron’s example of using the memory of his dead son as a vote winner; I’m happy to use my daughter to win the much need votes I desperately need to win back my £500 deposit back.

Featured here for the first time on BBC South Today, Lizzy has gone onto feature in many SOS Party political broadcasts.

My greatest supporter and election agent, Lizzy is a wonderful young girl with the world at her feet.


The purpose of exploiting my daughter in this election is to illustrate my point that I am as credible as any other candidate on the ballot paper.

After-all, how could I bring up such a lovely young girl without possessing the ‘Right Stuff?’

I’ve got what it takes to be the best MP Brighton Kemptown has ever had because I’ve managed to bring up the best daughter a father could ever hope to have.

I boasted at the White Cliff CafĂ© Hustings that “I excel at everything I put my mind to.” I trust my daughter demonstrates the truth in that statement.

My parenting technique is to give absolute respect, encouragement and praise to everything my children do. I set them (I have a son too) challenges every day.

I call my son ‘Sir’ and I stand to attention and salute whenever my daughter enters the room.

“I’m here to help and nurture,” I often say to my kids. And in kind they respond with love, respect and affection.


Lizzy Taylor has got a great future in politics. Making her first public appearance on BBC South Today only a few months old, Lizzy has gone onto play an integral part in the 2012 Police & Crime Commissioner election and the 2015 General Election.

A confident interviewer, Lizzy’s most recent contribution to politics was to interview Independent councillor candidate for Moulsecoomb and Bevendean Nicolas de Conde.

A pleasure to teach and a pleasure to be around, Lizzy possesses all the Taylor traits which make me the best choice for Brighton Kemptown MP.

Having a cataract in her left eye from birth, Lizzy knows what it’s like to go through the gauntlet of life. Only a few months old we were travelling up and down from Brighton to London, taking her to St Ormond Street Hospital for treatment and regular check-ups.

Enduring three major eye operations, regular pokes and examinations, Lizzy only has 10% vision in her left eye. Having worn an eye patch for 6-7 years of her life, she knows hardship and sacrifice as much as anyone else.

My greatest supporter and fan; I confident that regardless of how many votes I get, Lizzy will still congratulate me and love me just the same.



Nigel Terry
King Arthur has died aged 69 from emphysema, or rather; Nigel Terry who played King Arthur in the 1981 ‘Excalibur’ film by John Boorman has died aged 69 from emphysema. Either way, King Arthur is dead; Long live the King…

If you ask people what Britain was like before 1066 most of them would reply with conviction that Britain was a collection of barbarian druid tribes worthy of no further mention.

Typical of an invading force to start dissimulating the great history that came before their invasion…

The cover-up of our ancient British history has been on-going ever since by consecutive foreign royal dynasties.

The Windsor Royal family are no different and the forthcoming Guy Ritchie King Arthur movie will go along way to keeping it that way.

No doubt shares in Warner Brother’s will surely plummet once the realization that Guy Ritchie has wasted millions of dollars to perpetuate a myth, when the money could have been spent on the Truth.

  • King Arthur didn’t run around Londonium and he certainly didn’t become King by pulling a sword out of a stone.
  • Merlin was a fierce Warrior King, who King Arthur II aged 7 and other noble princes of his age were sent to, to be taught the skills of war-fare and kingship.
Nigel Terry RIP
While many pour scorn on 12th century historian Geoffrey of Monmouth, who wrote about King Arthur in his book called ‘The History of the Kings of Britain,’ by accusing him of ‘making it up’; millions more believe the fiction of French writer Chretien de Troyes, who in the 15th century, wrote many Arthurian adventures based on nothing more than his imagination.

The mistake Geoffrey of Monmouth made was joining both the historical King Arthur’s into one.

In fact through-out ancient British history there were actually five King Arthur’s, with King Arthur I and II being the most memorable and influential.


According to a wealth of ancient Khumry manuscripts, King Arthur I was the son of Magnus Maximus Emperor of Rome.

The mistake Geoffrey of Monmouth made reading the ancient Khrumry scriptures was that there were in fact two great kings both named Arthur, who both fought famous European battles.

King Arthur I fought between 383-388 AD, while King Arthur II fought in 561-562 AD.

King Arthur I lived around 355-388 AD in Britain. In 383AD he conquered Gaul, Spain, Southern Germany, Switzerland and Italy, all on behalf of his father Magnus Maximus.

Back in those days only Kings could afford to have swords made. And swords were only forged by pouring molten metal into stone casts. Hence cracking open the stone mould and retrieving the sword, was something only a King could achieve; hence the basis of the Sword from the Stone myth no doubt.

It’s also recounted that when King Arthur I rode through Europe, Paris and down through Switzerland to Italy, he killed Gratian, Emperor of the West and took his sword from his dying hands and paraded it against his enemies, daring them to oppose his rule.

King Arthur I was killed at Sisica on the Sica River in June 383 fighting Theodosius the Great Emperor of the East.


The founding of Christianity in Britain in 35-37AD happened well before Rome knew about it. History reveals that in fact Christianity arrived in Rome with the family of the British King Caradoc I in 51AD. This little known piece of history is actually admitted by the Church of Rome – but not very loudly or too frequently.


The Khumry were in Britain for a thousand years before the Angles and Saxons arrived. The right of British Kingship resides with the descent from the first King of Britain, King Brutus, from which Britain is named.

Taken from ‘The King Arthur Conspiracy by Grant Berkley.’

  • Nothing can be assumed. The first assumption is that the Romans conquered all Britain- wrong.
  • It is assumed that the Roman totally dominated Britain for either 450 or 400 years- incorrect.
  • It is assumed that early Christianity spread from Rome out Westwards across Europe to Britain- bunkum.
  • It is assumed that there was political collapse in a serf-like servile British population after 411AD and that there was then a subsequent Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain- wrong.
  • It is assumed that the ancient British were barbarian “Celts”- a nonsense.
  • It is assumed that the ancient British were of a low culture and illiterate- untrue.
  • It is assumed that they were few in number and were primitive- wrong.

In short, all the most basic and fundamental points upon which any standard approach is made towards ancient British historical study is based upon are provably false assumptions.

So let’s reiterate exactly what’s happening here. Guy Ritchie is filming a phoney version of King Arthur based on the romantic imagination of a 15th century French writer called Chretien de Troyes; while the true story of the King Arthur’s is ready and waiting within the pages of ancient Khrumry manuscripts, ignored and ridiculed as fake for centuries.


Modern day journalist Tim Stanley wrote in The Spectator Magazine that I was wrong when I say King Arthur will return in the nation’s hour of need.

“Wrong, Mr Taylor. King Arthur has already returned: he is running in Salisbury. King Arthur Uther Pendragon, a white-haired druid formerly known as John Timothy Rothwell, discovered that he was a reincarnation of the English hero in the mid-1980s. He ran for Salisbury in 2010 and came second from last, with 257 votes.”

No Mr Stanley, you are wrong. John Rothwell is the reincarnation of King Arthur I, while the nation awaits the return of another King Arthur all together.

Don’t make the same mistake Geoffrey of Monmouth made in the 12th century.

Even Ivor Gabor, Professor of Journalism and Politics at Sussex University ridiculed me by calling my aims of “A cure for Cancer, volt-free tidal energy and a new King, King Arthur”- “real politics.”


Any professor of worth would be looking into the work of historian’s Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett as a matter of urgency, but whether Ivor Gabor has bothered to, is anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure; “That’s real history.”


Prepare to be blown away…

Every foreign royal dynasty since 1066 have tried their hardest to wipe the memory of King Arthur II from the history books; but still his influence and legend grows and grows unabated.

Over a 1001 things we do today can be traced back and accredited to the King Arthur’s. The Plantagenet Royal family moulded their lives on the Arthurian model, as did the Tudor’s and Stuart’s.

King Arthur II will never be banished from our hearts because his influence has been imprinted on our British DNA. Our Brutus DNA. Whether you take my word for it now, or whether you do you own research into Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett later, the ancient manuscripts tell us the Khumry can be traced back to the Ten Tribes of Israel.

The truth written in the ancient Khumry manuscripts reveal British history extends from around 1500BC to the present day.

“There is no history of any nation on Planet Earth that has been so disgracefully abused and so completely distorted and mangled as that of the British nation,” said Grant Berkley in his book ‘The Satanic Protocol,’ which chronicles the murderous attempts to kill and discredit Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett since making their Arthurian research public.


  • A major fleet invasion sailing from ancient Syria arrived in Britain around 1500BC.
  • A second major invasion arrived ashore in Britain around 504BC from Western Asia Minor consisting of a combined Trojan, Khumric and Cornish. (It just so happens that the Ark of the Covenant came with them.)
  • A third and much smaller party arrived in Khumric Western Britain in around 35-37AD, consisting of none other than the Holy Family from Jerusalem. The arrival of Jesus, his mother, wife and Uncle resulted in the setting up and the beginning of the First Christian Church in Western Europe.
Contrary to popular belief, Christianity did not start off in Rome, but in-fact was taken from Britain to Rome in 51AD by King Caradoc I, and his family and the first Bishop of Rome, Linus, son of Caradoc I.

In fact if it wasn’t for King Arthur II we wouldn’t be enjoying a unified Britain, the twelve days of Christmas or the Olympic Games.


  • He united Great Britain under one King, having fought off and defeated the Picts, Scots and Saxons.
  • He subdued the power of the Church over State.
  • The introduced the Twelve Days of Christmas in memory of the Twelve Disciples.
  • He created the Summer Games (fore-runner of the Olympic Games) to keep his Kingdom entertained and his warriors busy.
  • He created the Round Table as a gesture that everyone is equal.
  • He saved his Kingdom together after the Armageddon of the Comet debris strike of 562AD.
  • He sailed to America with 700 ships centuries before Columbus.

In 562AD Britain was struck by debris from a comet and this great catastrophe devastated and destroyed most of Britain heralding in the Dark Ages. The majority of the population, between 9-10 million were annihilated. Britain was contaminated and diseased. Nothing grew for 11 years. The Arthurian Kingdom was destroyed completely and utterly by rocks falling from the sky.

  • King Arthur II evacuated his army to Brittany, while his brother Madoc Morfan sailed west in search of new lands.
  • In 572AD Madoc returned after ten years and told of the wonderful news of finding America.
  • In 573AD King Arthur II’s admiral Gwenon sailed across the Atlantic to confirm Madoc’s claims and in 575AD King Arthur II, his army, friends and family sailed across the great pond in a fleet of 700 ships.

Unlike the 15th century French writer; everything you read from the research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett is recounted in ancient Khrumy literature. And by all accounts, the ancient Khumtry boasts the most comprehensive recording of history anywhere else in the world.

To remind you what Grant Berkley said:

“There is no history of any nation on Planet Earth that has been so disgracefully abused and so completely distorted and mangled as that of the British nation.”

King Arthur II died in America in 579AD and his body was brought back to Britain.  The fact is that there are at least ten clear records that combine to tell of his body being returned to Britain and the resultant state funeral.

Sixth Century Khumric poetry records the bringing home of his body in a leather bag made of deer skins.

I’ve written about King Arthur II’s birth, but his death is equally amazing.

Ancient Red Indian tales talk of a powerful nation of White people who arrived and settled in the Kentucky area of America. The 700 ships would have sailed up the Mississippi and their wood reused to build their homes and shelter.

The problem the Red Indians had was that these White people were very strong and very stubborn. The Red Indians had been walking through Kentucky since time began and now with these White people in the way, they were forced to go around them the long way.

It was inevitable that the native Indians of America would finally combine their forces and having built an alliance, wage an all-out war against King Arthur II and his army.

This is how the Kentucky region became a blood soaked land, in which ancient arrow heads can still be picked up from Kentucky fields today.

Ironically there was so much slaughter that the whole area was avoided at all costs. The Indians considered the land too ‘spirit ridden and defiled with blood’ that they ended up going the long way round after-all.

The remnants of King Arthur II’s mighty army were defeated and slaughtered on Sand Island close to the Ohio Falls.


After a long day fighting, King Arthur II returned to the safety of the camp. It was there while he removed his heavy armour that a young “naked savage” had slipped unnoticed through the camp’s defences and plunged a spear deep into King Arthur II’s heart.

A stone with ancient Coelbren alphabet (the written language of Khumry) inscribed on it translates in English, “Unlucky for the mighty ruler this place distinctly was his end.”


I’m evoking the memory of King Arthur II because he and his ancestors represent everything that is great and good in Britain.

We can be proud again. We can stand tall and say the only reason our great land was invaded and over-run by Europeans was because comet debris destroyed the Arthurian Kingdom. Europe had free run once the land become fertile again.

Neither the Romans nor Normans could completely defeat us. The British were mighty and equal to the might of Rome, not subservient to Rome.

This makes all the difference. The fact that King Arthur II sailed to America centuries before Columbus is simply awe inspiring because it reveals the extent we’ve been lied to.

Evoking the memory of King Arthur II, we are learning for the first time that King Arthur is real and a historical figure we can all believe in.

I equate it to finding Santa Claus’s sledge and rein-deer! The myth is true and that’s simply wonderful.



Tuesday 5 May 2015



I’ve been left reeling and deflated after being stabbed in the back by the very people I believed were my friends and honourable people of their profession.


Take the Bevy Committee for example. They make out they are for the community. “More than a pub but a Community hub,” they boast. Well from my experience they’ll more than likely snub the community rather than support it.


From the very conception of the idea of reopening the Bevy I was involved. In a way I was the invisible Bevy Committee member.

At the very start when The Bevy needed thousands of leaflets printed and dozens of laminated posters; it was me who paid for it. I paid for it all. Hundreds or pounds spent on furthering the Bevy dream.

Anyone who travels through the Brighton Kemptown constituency would see big banners and posters in favour of UKIP, NANCY PLATTS AND SIMON KIRBY.

Sitting on the bus driving past the Bevy their empty sign caught my attention.

The Bevy sign situated in the beer garden of the pub and in clear view of every vehicle which passes it; would be the perfect place to put up a poster of my own.


After-all every other candidate had their own big banner on display in their heart-land; the Bevy sign would be the perfect place to put up mine.

But alas The Bevy committee snubbed me…

“We don’t allow any political or religious poster or adverts in or outside the Bevy… We are neutral on these issues…

As always thanks for your support in the past, present and future… Cheers.”

So called Brighton Rebel (more like Brighton Conformist,) Warren Carter the Chairman of the Bevy Committee informed me via a private message on Tweeter:

“If you do, they will all ask. We have to stay neutral.”

Well you stay neutral then Brighton (Conformist) Rebel. Play it safe and sub the very community which helped you realise your dream of reopening the Bevy in the first place.

Its laughable to think Simon Kirby, Nancy Platts of Davy Jones would pass the Bevy sign-board and upon looking at immediately get onto the Bevy and demand to put their own sign up with only days to go until the election.

The Bevy Committee response to my request is nothing more than a snub. Fuck them!

This election has turned me into a bitter person and it’s the selfish and inward actions of The Bevy Committee which contributed to it.


  • Mike Gilson – The Argus Editor
  • Neil Vowles – The Argus political reporter
  • Mr Watford – Department head at Peacehaven Community School
  • Frank le Duc – Journalist and presenter of The Vote on Latest TV.
  • Tim Ridgway – Head of Latest TV News
  • Mike Mendoza – Latest TV news presenter
  • Bill Smith – Owner of Latest TV
  • Greg Hatfield – Brighton & Hove Independent Newspaper editor

MIKE MENDOZA has got to be the most brain-dead news reporter and journalist in the short history of Latest TV.

For example I contacted him directly on Thursday 23rd April to remind him to include me on any Brighton Kemptown Hustings which Latest TV may have planned.

It was the same day I contacted Frank Le Duc and Bill Smith. While Frank ignored me, Bill Smith did reply with the firm promise that, “I will speak directly to Frank today.”

The point I want to make is that I introduced myself to Mike Mendoza as the Independent Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown on the 23rd of April.

It makes it all the more amusing that over a week later on the 1st May, Mike Mendoza has the cheek to ask, “Are you a candidate Matt?”


“I am sure we can sort something after the elections.”

Fucking amazing! Thank you so much Dozy Mike Mendoza. Yes, get me on the TV after the election so I can tell the viewers after the event why they should have voted for me before the event.

Is it just me or is Dozy Mike Mendoza the most dozy fucking news reporter on national television?

I think he is… I asked him outright, “Call yourself a journalist? God save us!”

To which the dozy Mike Mendoza replied, “I am a member of the Journalist Union. So yes I must be, I don’t book the guests for The Vote shows. Sorry Matt.”


MIKE GILSON & NEIL VOWLES really take the biscuit.

Having spoiled Mike Gilson’s Argus re-launch on BBC Sussex and Surrey radio by asking the awkward question of why he and his political reporter failed to mention me as a parliamentary candidate, after promising his readers to provide‘comprehensive’ news coverage of Brighton and Hove?

He acknowledged he “might have made an error,” and would “rectify,” the situation the following week.

Well, believing Mike Gilson would keep his word I gave him a week to “rectify” his “error.”

A week went by and nothing happened.


Dear Mr Gilson & Mr Vowles,
Can you give me an honest answer?
Are you going to print an election profile of me in The Argus?
Yours Sincerely,
Matt Taylor
Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015.


Dear Mr Gilson & Mr Vowles,
In all honesty do you intend to publish a picture and profile of me in The Argus before the 7th of May?
Yes or No?
Many Thanks,
Matt Taylor
Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015.

Dear Mr Gilson & Mr Vowles,
In light of the recent Gscene publication of my profile in their magazine’s election special section.
May I enquire, that following your public admission on BBC Sussex/Surry radio, that you might have made an error and that you would reconsider rectifying the matter; will you be publishing a profile and picture of me in The Argus?
Many thanks for your time.
Matt Taylor
Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015.


Dear Mr Gilson & Mr Vowles,
Both the Sussex Express newspaper and the Gscene magazine have printed a profile and picture of me in their publications.
Can you give me a yes or no answer that you will print my picture and profile in The Argus.
Yours Sincerely,
Matt Taylor
Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015.


Dear Sirs,
With under a week to go to the election can you give me a yes or no answer as to whether you are going to tell The Argus readers I’m standing?
Yours Sincerely,
Matt Taylor
Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015.

As of yet not one word from Mike Gilson or Neil Vowles…. Gutless arse-holes.

Mike Gilson

FRANK LE DUC; wilfully ignored me even though assuring me in person that I’ll be invited on The Vote.

TIM RIDGWAY; wilfully ignored the breaking news that both Joe Neilson and I were attacked by thugs on the 16 January 2015, after-which phoning the Police for help were thrown in a police cell for 12 hours while the police and the crooks who attacked us, were allowed free access to our election campaign office. Only God knows what they got up to while we were locked up in a police cell? Tim wilfully ignored BREAKING NEWS. Prospective Parliamentary candidates attacked and arrested at their election campaign office and I’ll never forgive him for it.

BILL SMITH assured me, “I will speak directly to Frank today.”

Sadly speaking directly to Frank amounts to nothing and Bill Smith, the owner of Latest TV is about as helpful as a chocolate tea-pot.

GREG HATFIELD; Editor in Chief of the Brighton & Hove Independent newspaper. Evidently moulded from the same stuff as Frank le Duc and Tim Ridgway; Greg wouldn’t be able to recognise a news story if it slapped itself across his face.

Regardless of their personal opinion of me, regardless of their stance against my politics, they are journalists and are under obligation to their paying customers to report all the news, and not just the news they want to report.


And to round it all off with a cherry on the cake – NICOLAS DE CONDE.

Independent Councillor Candidate for Moulsecoomb and Bevendean and friend of the family, I spent all my Saturday night and Sunday producing two promotional videos and an interview for his election campaign.

I did this for no financial gain and from the kindness of my heart. I did it because I like his vision for the area, his independence and his passion and drive.

It was while drinking a cup of tea and reminiscing over all the hard work of the previous evening and Sunday spent on his campaign that he said in passing, more to himself than anyone else, “I must remember to vote for Nancy Platts because I’ve used a picture in which she is shown.”

Thanks then Nicolas De Conde; you go and vote for Nancy Pratts then. Don’t bother voting for me. Me who’s just spent my Saturday evening and Sunday working on your election campaign.


Please show your appreciation with a donation.