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A 30,000 readership built up over 6 months
It's been a great year for Guerrilla Democracy News. Launched in June, with a blast of publicity, Guerrilla Democracy News has gone onto to score over 30,000 hits and has earned it's badge of honour, by having three articles censored by dark forces working for the Evil Empire. Read the censored articles here.
Mentioned as amongst one of Chris Spivey's most trusted allies, Guerrilla Democracy News is building it's foundations as an up and coming alternative news source.

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Madeleine McCann who went missing from Praia da Luz in Portugal in 2007, after being left alone with her two younger siblings by her parents, has been found buried under Robert Murat’s driveway.

Brighton & Hove Albion football club has stunned the city, with the sacking of their football team manager, Gus Poyet.

Chris Spivey is becoming ever popular, having this week released figures that his readership has broken the 4 million mark.

***CENSORED BY GOOGLE*** Ken Clarke, 72-year-old Minister without portfolio and Conservative party heavy-weight is facing renewed calls to answer questions following an open letter from Ben Fellows.

Rich Planet TV has been sensationally pulled from the Showcase TV channel due to a single complaint from an unnamed viewer to Ofcom.

Do not, whatever you do, mention the name Stephen Birch.
Did you know the Seagulls were once called the Dolphins?
The Chris Spivey School of Thinking.
Is Ben Fellows a liar?
Richard D Hall
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and the best for 2014.

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Based on the research of Wilson & Blackett
At Christmas we often think about Jesus Christ, the Son of God and King of Kings, but did you know there was another historical figure, a King of Kings who was also born on Christmas Day, who until today has been forgotten about throughout the sands of time.

King Arthur II is not a myth, King Arthur II is a real historical figure who lived from 503AD to 573AD, born in Wales and assassinated in Kentucky USA. The story of King Arthur II blows away our understanding of our ancient British history.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett are two historian’s who have revealed a story of Ancient British history which has been lost (suppressed) for over a thousand years.

Now is the time to reacquaint yourself with King Arthur II and give praise for a King born on Christmas Day.

The Birth of a King.

The Kingdom lay under a blanket of snow
It was late December 503AD and the country lay under a white blanket of snow.

Winter-time was the time of peace for all the Kingdom. No enemy would raid by land or sea in the freezing cold and rain.

This was the time King Maurice and Queen Obrawst were about to have a baby. Christmas Day was drawing near and the holiest Bishop of the Kingdom, the Good Bishop Dyfrig, had travelled 45 miles with two monks, to baptise the child.

Good Bishop Dyfrig
The Good Bishop was the King’s cousin and met King Maurice in good cheer.

“You are welcome my good cousin,” said the King as be entered the room, “I’m so happy you made it.”

“May God Bless you and the family,” the Good Bishop replied as they embraced.

“How’s my father?” asked King Maurice having heard word that his father, the High King Theoderic, had visited the Bishop’s monastery the month before on state business.
King Maurice

“Your father is well” replied the Good Bishop, “and your wife? When is the child due?”

“The Queen is very well,” King Maurice reflected, “we both hope for a son and the child is expected at any time, or so the wise old women say.”

The Child shall be called Arthur.

Having served the Good Bishop with a hearty meal and refreshments after his long journey, they settled down to talk business. The Good Bishop rubbed his hands over the roaring fire for warmth and said “If your child is a boy and you have a healthy son, you must call him Arthur.”

Queen Onbrawst
Maurice looked at the Bishop in surprise, wary that his father King Theoderic would have commanded it, “Why Arthur?” he asked curiously, “no British King has had such a name since Arthur I, my ancestor over 250 years ago.”

“Well,” said the Good Bishop leaning in close and waving his forefinger in a gesture of wisdom towards his younger cousin “our ancient Bards and Druids before the time Jesus was born, taught of life after death and of the resurrection of the spirit many times in many earthly lives. Men will recognise the name Arthur and what its stands for, and your son, if it is a son, may draw men to him as a mighty conqueror with a name like Arthur.”

King Maurice was left pondering what the Bishop had said, "'Arth', means the Bear, and 'ur' means man. So we have a Bear-like Man. What if my son is more like a dove, than a bear? Perhaps we are wiser to delay the naming of the child until his character, habits and appearance is known.”
King Theoderic

The Bishop snorted in indifference, “The name Arthur is noble, valiant and victorious.”

“My son will probably have dark hair like the rest of the family, and so he will be as like a bear as I would wish him to be” said King Maurice soberly, “but the bear is known above all animals to be merciless in its anger. A bear will rip and tear and maul its enemy long after it has killed it. It is also savage and kills which it doesn’t need to.”

Bishop Dyfrid roared with laughter and slapped his cousin on the shoulder, “Then we need such a bear to deal with the heathen Saxons, who would destroy our churches and spoil our lands. They are the enemies of our Christian faith, and no name is more dignified and respected than that of Arthur.”

Later that day King Maurice visited Queen Onbrawst in her chambers.

Snow began to fall outside and he told her of the name chosen for their child, should their child be a boy. The Queen was delighted to hear the news and that night there was great feasting.
Baby Arthur

For the next three days the weather remained unchanged and the Kingdom waited for the royal birth.

On Christmas Day, while the King inspected his horses with his cousin the Good Bishop Dyfrig, a servant came running across the court-yard, “Good news King Maurice, a child has been born to the Queen, you have a son.”

The King and Good Bishop looked at each other both smiling broadly. The King slapped the servant on the shoulder, thanking him for the good news and the Good Bishop slapped the King on his shoulder congratulating him on becoming a dad, “On Christmas Day of all days.”

The Kingdom rejoices
As they walked to see the baby, all the Royal servants, soldiers and friends came out to congratulate the King as he walked past.

The King paced the hall waiting. Eventually Queen Onbrawst walked in carrying their son in her arms. She handed over the baby wrapped in cloth, to her husband. A servant came close with a candle to light the darkness.

Mother & Child
There in the flickering candle light they could see that the child had plentiful streaks of black hair.

“A future King”, whispered King Maurice, “A future King,” echoed the Good Bishop Dyfrig.

That evening people from the town outside the castle walls, came to the gates of the Kings hall to offer their good wishes.

In accordance with the Law, the infant was duly baptised and named.

A procession of heavily wrapped figures from the King’s household led by King Maurice, carrying his baby and followed by the Good Bishop Dyfrig, went quickly down to the little chapel by the river.

Baptism at the little Chapel
Soldiers of the King’s bodyguard went ahead of them and marched alongside carrying torches which flamed red and yellow, casting strange shadows over the snow covered ground.

And so baby Arthur was born and christened on Christmas Day in the year 503AD.

Spreading the News.

Spreading the news
His father King Maurice of Glamorgan and Gwent, the 36th ruler of the Royal Dynasty carried him back quickly through the snow and the evening winds, back to the warmth and safety of the Queen’s chamber.

The following day messages were sent to the High King Theoderic, who lived high in the mountains.

The news spread across the land, that a new king was born.

A King who would grow up to become King of Kings…

Arthur- The War King
To read more about King Arthur II, his adventures, accomplishments and death, I recommend you start with Arthur: The War King. It's a fantastic read, a real page turner, which will stick with you forever.

You can buy the book from the here.

Special thanks to Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett for saving ancient British history from being lost forever.

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Ken Clarke

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Ben Fellows
The notice that we received, with any personally identifying information removed, will be posted online by a service called Chilling Effects at You can search for the notice associated with the removal of your content by going to the Chilling Effects search page at, and entering in the URL of the blog post that was removed. If you have legal questions about this notification, you should consult your legal advisor.
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Here is what they tried to censor.

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The dirty little secret is that for many among us, austerity doesn't exist.

Dirty little secret is that those at the top feel no pain.

It is notable that the higher up you go, the greater the enthusiasm for the politics of austerity, writes Gene Kerrigan.

WHEN Enda Kenny spoke recently on RTE's Morning Ireland, he told the nation, "I feel the people's pain". A touching moment, as the Taoiseach reached out to those whose lives have been ravaged by this recession, and by his Government's policies. Perhaps he felt that his empathy might somehow comfort the afflicted – knowing that our leader shares their pain. But, of course, he doesn't share that pain.

From the comfortable surroundings of their annual "think-in", in Portlaoise, fresh-faced young Fine Gael TDs earnestly told the TV cameras they want to inflict "a little more pain" (this is a genuine quote) on the citizens, in order to create long term gain for the country.
From the comfortable surroundings of their annual "think-in", in Meath, jowly faced elderly Labour TDs told the TV cameras they'd like to inflict slightly less, but still quite a hefty amount of pain, on the citizens. For their own good.
From the comfortable surroundings of their annual "think-in", in Waterford, surly eyed Fianna Fail TDs suggested slight variations in the methods that might be used to inflict pain on the citizens.
Mind you, push a politician on this matter and they'll reel off the cuts they've personally taken in income. The comfortable classes, from judges to bank executives, can itemise each and every cut they've suffered. So, at every opportunity they stress that they feel the people's pain. But, of course, they don't feel that pain.
A confession: this recession has just about passed me by, so far. I have a job, with a comfortable wage. I'm not in debt. Not once since this recession began did I have to tot up the prices as I filled my supermarket basket – knowing that there would always be enough money to cover the daily needs.
Those of us who have jobs with comfortable wages have suffered income cuts, increased taxes and new levies and charges. We've cut back on holidays. We've considered replacing this or that and decided no – we'll get another year or two out of them. We have been inconvenienced, our aspirations have been trimmed – but we've never suffered the pain of refusing a child something they needed.
And we can only imagine – not feel – the hurt of those who did and do and will keep on feeling that pain.
The stories in the Living Section of today's Sunday Independent tell of how the politics of austerity inflict pain on some of the most vulnerable people in Ireland. Carers do what they do out of love, loyalty and a sense of duty. They save the State uncounted millions of euro. They don't seek to shift the burden to others, but they could do with a break from the State.
They are entitled to that break. They, and the unemployed, the low and medium paid, school kids and pensioners, the disabled – and many more – suffer damaging pain every week, their lives degraded, disrespected and destabilised. They are entitled to that break – not out of charity but from their status as citizens who have helped build this society.
Some of the thicker elements amongst us regard social welfare as a form of charity. They see themselves as martyrs, paying exorbitant taxes, money that's then sprinkled into the laps of layabouts who thrive on "handouts".
We all pay taxes. Every time we buy a comb or a battery, a chair or a ticket to a concert we're paying taxes. We work, pay income tax, lose jobs, get the dole for a while, work again. And every time we pay an income or transaction tax we're laying aside a small amount for those days when we will need what civilised societies call "social protection". Over a lifetime, you pay for what you get – but, with the politics of austerity, you don't always get what you've paid for.
The austerity fans weave legends of social welfare schemers who suck the life from the economy. There's a small proportion of freeloaders, always was and always will be, but the vast majority of us pay our way. The politicians whip up a frenzy about alleged benefit cheats – costing, on official estimates, €20m a year. And that includes mostly payments in error, as well as fraud. Money that should be recovered, but a pinprick. They'd need to defraud the State of that amount for 3,200 years to catch up with what the politicians gave away to the bankers.
Above those of us who have jobs and comfortable wages there are layers of those who know there's a recession only because they heard Brian Dobson mention something about it when they were waiting for the sports results to come on.
There are many storeys in the national house in which we dwell. When the flood comes, it's terror for those living in the basement, anguish for those on the ground floor. Above that, things are tolerable. The dirty little secret is that for many among us, austerity doesn't exist.
Given the passion for austerity, you'd never imagine that Enda Kenny is paid more than British Prime Minister David Cameron. Or that the TDs in Leinster House are paid more than the MPs in the House of Commons. Not to mention the tens of thousands of euro in expenses, to ensure that their lives run smoothly.
In the period 2002-2009, the top 10 per cent of earners took 35 per cent of the income.
In 2010, according to the Central Statistics Office, the lowest-earning 10 per cent took a 26 per cent cut in disposable income. Middle earners were cut by 12 per cent. The top earners got an 8 per cent increase. This isn't because they work harder.
Among the top 1 per cent, just over a quarter of their income comes from work, the rest comes from capital. Over the past 30 years there's been a shift, with a higher and higher income share going to capital – rents, shares and bonds – and an ever-decreasing amount going to labour.
This isn't just unfair, it's dangerous. In the Twenties, and in the years leading to 2008, gross income inequality was followed by a crash. As income is concentrated in fewer hands (and they invest in property), the real economy increasingly depends on borrowing, as the mass of people seek to make up for their smaller share of income. That's where we are now.
It would make sense to tax the vastly bloated incomes of the comfortable classes, but cutting the social protection of carers, the unemployed and the low paid – well, that's the easier choice. And it's notable that the higher up you go, the greater the enthusiasm for austerity – among the politicians, their pet academics and media cheerleaders, their wealthy patrons and their consultants.
Austerity is working – for some.
These people living in the penthouse, they look down upon the floods that soak the poorest, and they conclude that in the long run this rain is good for the soil. And, along with the Taoiseach, they send cheery greetings to those doing the suffering – take heart, we feel your pain.

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Extracts from the Private Diary of Matt Taylor, Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015.
My Private Diary
What a weekend its been? You could even say its been mankind’s greatest weekend in 37 years.
Allow me to explain.
It started off with Friday 13th, lucky for some and unlucky for others.
Well, it was certainly lucky for me (I’m a lucky guy) and unlucky for Simon Kirby, that’s for sure.
To my delight and good fortune Simon Kirby MP called a public meeting about the Lewes Road changes, right in my back yard, or rather my political heart-land, as I like to call it!
And what a meeting it was. I’m so glad Simon and I had already met at the Bridge, because it would seem we are now on first name terms, having walked into Moulsecoomb Leisure centre’s hall, only to be greeted by Simon Kirby who said, “Matthew,” to which I replied, “Simon.”
The following day I met a neighbour who was there and he said was it was rarer for the Queen to visit, than Simon Kirby. This illustrates what a lucky Friday 13th it was.
And if you did miss the Queen’s visit to Moulsecoomb on Halloween's Day, I took the liberty of recording it for you to see at your leisure.

Simon Kirby hasn’t got a chance in hell of winning the 2015 election.
I am convinced now, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes, that Simon Kirby hasn’t got a chance in hell in winning the 2015 election. He may as well resign now and trigger a by-election. At least that way, I’ll have a head-start on the new intake of independent politicians flooding into Parliament in 2015.
I mean, he ran out of the hall and hid in his car! What does that say about the man, and the animosity towards him.
And Graham Cox- What a knob! He can’t remember what he wrote in his own blog only ten days ago. What makes it worse is that he’s had a career as a policeman to boot. I found this about him by Scrapper Duncan, which sums up the type of man he is. Though I did exchange a friendly moment with him on the way out, after I asked him to pass on a private message to Simon Kirby, of which I’ll mention later.
Because as soon as the meeting was over, I was on my way to the Bevy Christmas party, at the Lectern Pub, where they had an important announcement to make.
Now bearing in mind I don’t get out much, it was a double bonus to have my partner out too. (Granddad baby-sat). I won’t mention the name of my partner because she finds my unique style of politics is highly embarrassing and doesn't want to be associated with it!
Suffice to say we had a wonderful celebrating the awesome news that:
thebevycommitteTHE BEVY HAS DONE IT!
What great news, the Bevy has raised their target of £200,000 and are set to re-open by Easter 2014.
I danced the night away in celebration.
Saturday 14th.
rabbit roverThe Chinese added to a great weekend with the momentous achievement of landing a rover on the moon.
I think the Chinese deserve a huge round of applause. What an amazing achievement. After 37 years a Mankind are back on the moon. (OK, a rover, but its close enough)
The most amazing weekend in 37 years rounded of on Sunday, with records broken.
the bevy xmasBeing the only person to report on Simon Kirby’s public meetings and The Bevy Christmas party, I scored a double whammy.
Having the exclusive on both stories, it reflected itself by the number of hits I got through Sunday.
First up was The Bevy announcement exclusive.
kirby at moulsecoombClosely followed by Simon Kirby’s public meeting exclusive.
By lunch time the stats we edging their way to double figures.
Building on the momentum, I published my solution to the concerns brought up in Simon Kirby’s public meeting, with my Moulsecoomb Redevelopment project.
Soon after, the stats sky-rocketed. It’s hit the public’s imagination and is taking on a life of its own. From double figures, to treble figures, to quadruple figures. I’ve never seen anything like it.MOULSECOOMB REDELEOPMENT
I couldn’t help myself by knock out a promotional video and publish it as a huge thank you to everyone who re-blogged, re-tweeted and liked my blogs.
I really couldn’t have had a better weekend. Friends (Jackie, Nicolas and Alec) were round Saturday night for a party, which I haven’t even mentioned yet, and…………….
It’s really been the best weekend in 37 years.
graham coxOh yes, I nearly forgot. On the way out of the Moulsecoomb leisure centre on Friday, I met Graham Cox (Simon Kirby’s fall-guy) and I asked him to pass on a personal message to Simon. It went something like this:
“Tell Simon from me, that I appreciated him coming and giving up his Friday night.”
The relief on Graham’s face was evident. You could see from the look of trepidation on his face that he thought I was going to launch into a tirade of abuse, like which he usually gets.
But yes, I mean it and if you are reading this Simon, thank you. Thank you for coming, you’ve made it the best weekend in 37 years.
And do you know what else I like about you Simon, well for the last few months I’ve waged a sustained and relentless character assassination against you, from calling you a transvestite, to a freemason and a general nasty piece of work.
Simon has maintained him dignity and choose to remain silent in response to them all.
Perhaps I’ve been telling the truth about him all along?

Friday 13 December 2013


Oh, did I tell you about Kate Middleton calling me the other night?

Its funny how the most important episodes in life, sometimes just pass you by without notice. It happened to me the other night when I received a mid-night phone from an withheld number.

Regrettably I never recorded the conversation but it went something like this:

Mystery Caller : Hi is this Guerrilla Democracy News?

Me: Yes, how can I help you?

Mystery Caller: Um, I've just read your article about the Queen arrested for High Treason.... Is it true?

Me: Ummm, what does your gut tell you?

Mystery Caller: We're not all that bad you know.

Me: Who are you?

Mystery Caller: I can't say.

Me: Why not?

Mystery Caller: Because I'm attached to the family you talk about.

Sudden silence on my part, as the words sink in.

Me: You aren't Kate Middleton are you?

Mystery Caller: Ha ha ha, no, I'm not Kate Middleton.

Me: Well let me assure you, everything published on Guerrilla Democracy News is based on real news, which you won't get from anywhere else.

Mystery Caller: Well if its true, why isn't it on ten o'clock news?

Me: Because the Queen and her minions, spend billions of pounds every year in hiding the truth from the people.

Mystery Caller: We are all not that bad.

Me: Yes, you keep saying that, but who are you.

Mystery Caller: I'm sorry, but I can't tell you.

Me: Well OK. Many thanks for calling me and I'm glad you took the time to read my stuff, thank you.

Mystery Caller: You are very brave and very talented, thank you.

Me: No thank you and I hope you will do me the pleasure of reading my debut novel, The Golden Cube, which you can find on the site, which you may enjoy.

Mystery Caller: OK thanks, I may just do that. Bye.

Me: Bye.

And the phone call ended.

I'll leave it to the reader to make up their mind. Did Kate ring me up?

Thursday 12 December 2013

A New Theory of Evolution

Following the news that conspiracy theorists are now in the majority, and those who believe the government’s line have been exposed to be the cranks and lunatics, here is a new theory of evolution which you may never have heard off before.

Homo sapiens are a hybrid offspring of a male pig and a female chimpanzee.

Yes, I’ll repeat that as you clean yourself up after chocking on your tea, “Homo sapiens are a hybrid offspring of a male pig and a female chimpanzee” says one of the worlds leading authority on hybridization in animals.

Eugene McCarthy: World’s leading authority on hybridization in animals

A new theory is being propounded by Eugene McCarthy, of the University of Georgia, who theorizes that the human species began as the hybrid offspring of a male pig and a female chimpanzee.

He said, “During my years at the genetics department, I became increasingly dissatisfied with the standard explanation of evolution. The more I read about fossils, the more convinced I became that Darwin's account of the evolutionary process was fundamentally flawed. Moreover, in my study of hybrids I became aware that an alternative way of thinking about evolution, what I now call "stabilization theory," could do a better job of explaining the available data.”

 A Paradigm Shift in Evolutionary Biology.

As you would expect with a theory like this, many objections have been raised. Unable to specifically fault the data, they claim his theory is inconsistent with one tenet or another of accepted theory. For those who shy away from anything that rocks the establishment's boat, such objections can never be satisfactorily addressed. And yet, for someone like Eugene McCarthy, who is trying to critique and improve upon standard theory, they are not even valid. “Obviously, a new theory that contradicts an existing theory will be inconsistent with the tenets of that theory!” as any scientist would point out.

Entitled the Hybrid Hypothesis, Eugene McCarthy argues that humans are probably of hybrid origin and of-course raises the question of what higher intelligence, facilitated the hybridization of pigs and apes?

The Death of Lloyd Pye and his legacy.

Remember the new paradigm of conspiracy theorists being in the majority, and those who believe the government’s line exposed to be the cranks and lunatics; Well, its time to address the big taboo.

Lloyd’s Pye’s legacy is that aliens are real.

Lloyd Pye was well known for his promotion of the controversial Starchild skull, an artifact he obtained and proved to indicate the existence of alien-human hybrid beings. The skull has gone through numerous tests and the results are conclusive. For more information, just search the internet.

Everything is Out There.

What do you get if you cross a pig and a chimpanzee?
A Politician.

The proof that aliens created homo-sapiens by hybridization of pigs and apes is seen everyday in the House of Commons.

Politicians act like chimpanzees in the House of Common’s, evident by the recent ape behaviour of both sides during the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, featuring a blustered Ed balls. It’s always worth a second look.

Pigs in the trough of an 11% pay rise while the nation starves.

Politicians are the pigs of Animal Farm.

Shame on anyone who votes for anyone other than an independent candidate.

Wednesday 11 December 2013



Yorkshire Regiment soldiers jailed for sit-in protest.

Fifteen soldiers have been jailed after a court martial for staging a "sit-in" in protest at being "led by muppets".

The men from the 1st Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment sat on the floor when ordered to stand to attention.

The protest by 16 soldiers was sparked by grievances with their captain and colour sergeant. It took place in February while on exercise in Kenya.

Fifteen were sentenced to detention, one of whom was dismissed from the Army. A 16th was also dismissed.

All the soldiers pleaded guilty to disobeying a lawful command - an offence that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years' imprisonment.

'Led by Muppets'

The soldiers complained of being "led by muppets, the court martial heard.

The prosecutor at the court martial said members of the platoon had been seething at the way they were being managed, and felt that they were "not appreciated".

The court heard a captain and sergeant apparently got drunk before a lengthy training march in the Brecon Beacons last winter.

The troops were said to have been furious at finding their two commanders asleep, rather than greeting the soldiers as they crossed the finish line.

Tensions came to a head at the end of a training exercise in Kenya in February, when 16 soldiers decided to protest.

Ahead of a parade, a ringleader shouted "sit down" and members of the platoon did so. The commanders ordered each man in turn to stand up, but were ignored.

'Public protest'

Corporal Anthony Brown, said to be the ringleader, was stripped of his rank, dismissed from the Army and sentenced to 60 days' detention. 

Two lance corporals were reduced to privates and sentenced to 60 days' detention, while a third was reduced to private and dismissed without detention.

Twelve privates were sentenced to 40 days' detention.

The soldiers were in the 1st Battalion at the time of the protest. However, the 1st has now become the 2nd, following Army restructuring.

John Wilson, a retired colonel and former editor of the British Army Review who lectures in military history, described the nature of the soldiers' protest as "unprecedented".

The sentences given to the troops at the court martial were "strong enough to make the point", added Col Wilson.

"I don't think a corporal, whatever his grievances, can expect to orchestrate such a public protest in front of the entire battle group parade and get away with it."

An Army spokesman said it was "not appropriate" to comment on the sentencing.

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