Monday, 2 December 2013


Guerrilla Democracy News can exclusively predict the Windsor Royal Dynasty will end in 2016.

Based on the calculation of averages, Guerrilla Democracy News are the first alternative news source to predict 2016 is the year the Windsor Royal Dynasty will end. Based on the fact British Royal Dynasties last on average 106 years each, it’s calculated that the German Royal Dynasty of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, who came to power in 1910 (and who changed their name to the Windsors in 1917,) will end 106 years later in 2016.

Since 1066 foreign Royal Dynasties have been:
  • The Normans 1066-1154 (88 years)
  • The Plantagenet’s 1154-1399 (245 years)
  • The House of Lancaster 1399-1461 (62 years)
  • The House of York 1461-1485 (24 years)
  • The Tudors 1485-1603 (118 years)
  • The House of Stuart 1603-1714 (111 years)
  • House of Hanover 1714-1910 (196 years)
  • House of Windsor 1910- (103 years and counting)

The Law of Averages.

By counting all the Royal Dynasty’s since 1066, you simply divide their years in power by the number of royal dynasties to reach the average number of years a Royal Dynasty last. Each dynasty will on average rule for 106 years, which means the Windsor Royal Dynasty will end in 2016.

The Signs are all around.

The Queen has been facing the inevitable since the ‘Annus horribilis’ of 1992 and the fateful death of Princess Diana in 1997. Some even argue the Windsor’s fate was sealed in 1957 when Elizabeth married Phillip, and in doing so allowed the perversions of Lord Mountbatten into the German royal family.

Keeping a dignified silence.

The Royal Palace continues to maintain a dignified royal silence to allegations of:

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  1. There have b een times when the Royal bloodline failed to achieve governance, with also the consent of the people. This is one of those times; and since Monarchy is a God-given Covenant, perhaps it's time to go find someone else in the bloodline who's qualified to do the job. Why? Because the Monarchy is set up to following bloodline, and there's no way to change that. Just choose a new Monarch from the bloodline, one who's honest like Edward the First or Henry the Third, that's all.


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