Saturday 14 June 2014


Reported exclusively by Guerrilla Democracy News, close friends and associates of Greg Hallett have broken the news that Greg has been “disappeared,” a familiar term in the AV for murdered.

As posted by John Paterson, a member of the ever-growing ABEL DANGER group.

Greg Hallett

God Bless John.
  • Hallett has either been murdered or has been paid off by the bastards....
  • When did you last hear him interviewed?
  • He took a formal case to the PM which was suppressed and Cameron just ploughed ahead with the changes in the laws of succession which permit only Prince Charles' bloodline to inherit the throne and continue with the lawless barbaric behaviours as corrupted/treasonous heads of state.
  • He was a SKYPE contact of mine and frequently sent me updates on his prolific published output and cuttingly truthful videos.
Yours George


John Paterson updated his status the next day with:

My last post (ON MY PAGE) will be up for as long as I can keep it there, please read it all, follow the links and the thread. This is the biggest story in history, our friend Greg Hallett has just been murdered by these scum.

Confirmed with a telephone conversation, Guerrilla Democracy News can exclusively reveal:

  • Greg Hallett claimed to be adopted by the True Royal family of England, and was elevated to Lord Chancellor to speak on their behalf.

“I am acting as Proxy, as stand-in for the True Monarch and the True Prince of Wales.”

Posted on, Greg Hallett makes the extraordinary statement:

  • “The British Royal Family is actually a fake – it’s a fraud. It’s Flat Lie Royal. It’s been an illegitimate non-Royal Family since at least 1901/1902, but really it’s been an illegitimate Flat Lie Royal, non-Royal Family since 1852.”

Contending that Queen Victoria had a firstborn son before King Edward VII and that son, whose name is “Marcos Manoel”, was born in wedlock legitimately, and that he is the True King of England, and his descendants are the True King of England – the true Monarchs of England: Greg effectively made a superior claim to the English Royal family than Elizabeth Windsor, from the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha royal dynasty.


While friends and associates of Greg cannot confirm his death with 100% certainly, they fear the worse having not heard from him for weeks.

Having survived at least 12 attempts on his life, it would seem the 13th attempt has been fatal.

From an interview on the 26th of July 2012 hosted by Jim Fetzer and Jim Viken.

Greg Hallett: Well, you know, it was the 12th one, and I thought, you know, the 13th is trying to be a bit too lucky. 

Jim Fetzer: Yes, yes.

Greg Hallett: The Rugby World Cup was having its Opening Ceremony, so I escaped on that day because all the security was busy and focused inwards on the games and not on people leaving the country, so I literally escaped. I got driven to the airport by somebody who knows what they’re doing and got seen onto the airplane.  It was a great relief to leave. There was an enormous amount of pressure on me.


John Paterson, who first broke the news on Facebook confesses to have been in tears having heard the news. He said, “I actually prayed for help.”

A member of Abel Danger, a collection of like-minded people exposing false-flag operations through evidence based investigations, John admits that they may not ever recover Greg's body.

“We are getting through,” he said exclusively to Guerrilla Democracy News, “We don't know how it happened but he's disappeared.”


Sending out the signal to scare other people off from walking in Greg's footsteps, dark forces connected with the Queen will face a back-lash from the alternative view movement.

Greg Hallett was not the only one who's calling the Queen a fake and wanted criminal.

  • Kevin Annett: Field Secretary of ITCCS , which has found the Queen guilty of Crimes against Humanity by an internationally recognised Common Law court.

Read more: The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

  • John Wanao: A leader of the MOAI CROWN ADMIRALTY COURT delegation with claims to the English Throne with authority from King William IV, Admiralty Court Martial Law Order of the King of England who Created this Law in first place.

  • Matt Taylor: Claiming the English Throne as a descendent of King Arthur II. (Willing to drop his claim if DNA evidence is provided that disproves his blood-line claim to the throne.)

  • Tony Robinson: Filmed a documentary which claimed the descendants of George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence, were the true heirs to the throne of England.

Watch the Youtube: Britain's Real Monarch.


“If by any chance Greg Hallett is in hiding for a good reason, then at least his disappearance will bring more attention to his revelations,” said John Paterson, “We hope he is alive and well, and if so his return will bring out even more startling revelations, however, I can't imagine anything worse than we already know.”

Echoing John's words, we wish his friends are wrong and that Greg is in hiding for a good reason.

Here are just a few of his explosive revelations:
  • The British Empire is a Mafia.

  • “Being There” by Peter Sellers is actually a direct parody of Marcos Manoel.

  • Lord Louis Mountbatten’s illegitimate son is Peter Sellers.

  • Peter Sellers had an affair with Princess Margaret.

  • Noel Coward had a homosexual affair with the Duke of Kent.

  • The Duke of Kent faked his own death.

  • Princess Margaret, had a sexual liaison with two West Indian men at the same time, and that was  photographed and it was kept in a Lloyds Bank vault, and that bank vault was raided on the 11th of September 1971, when a gang robbed the Lloyds Bank in London, and they actually produced photos of Princess Margaret having sex with two West Indian men, and then it was Lord Louis Mountbatten who was asked to come forward, and he brought the bank robbers new identities, new passports, and they were allowed to keep the money, and they were allowed to escape out of England without harassment.

  • Queen Victoria married Prince consort Albert bigamously and he actually wore what the gays call a “Prince Albert” which is a chain around your waist and through the foreskin.

  • All of Queen Victoria’s children were conceived by banker Lionel Nathan Rothschild.

  • The British Royal Family can virtually engage to their ends, any Intelligence agency across the globe.

  • Prince William’s father isn’t Prince Charles, it’s King Juan Carlos of Spain.

  • Prince Harry is the son of James Hewitt. (we all knew that!)

  • When Prince Charles was 16, and on Camilla Parker Bowles’ 18th birthday, they conceived a child.

  • Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles child was adopted out by a royal servant.

  • His name is Simon Charles Day and he’s a Telecommunications Engineer, living in Australia.

  • Just before William and Kate’s wedding, Simon Charles Day put out an email saying that he is the illegitimate son of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. And is married to a Torres Strait Islander – which is sort of half-Aborigine, half-Papua New Guinean – black woman, and they had six kids, and five are still alive.

  • Princess Diana did fly out to Australia and hold up all these Torres Strait Island children to the camera.

  • Royal Murders are called “unlawful killing.”

  • Prince Charles had another illegitimate child, born in 1968, with a Balmoral maid.

  • The Queen and the Windsor royal family are all Bâtards.


  • “So they could run the British Empire as a Mafia,” Greg's words echo beyond the grave.
  • “Lionel Nathan Rothschild was known as ‘The King of Kings’. He financed virtually all of the Monarchies in Europe, and even some in Asia. So he had ‘Breeding Rights’. He had breeding rights with Queen Victoria and conceived all of Queen Victoria’s children, which made them all Bigamously-Born Illegitimate Bâtards. That’s what bastards are called amongst Royalty, they are called Bâtards. So that’s carried on ’til today – the Royal Family of today is all Bâtards, and the term for that is ‘Flat Lie Royal’.”


Jim Fetzer: I mean, they wouldn’t be too pleased with having the Throne contested.

Greg Hallett: Well, it’s interesting, because we did another video on the 2nd of August 2010 (on Queen Olga Maria’s 80th birthday) which is about 3 weeks after I had been interviewed with you in London. And we delivered a letter to David Cameron at 10 Downing Street requesting him to facilitate the changeover of the Monarchy as we’re the legitimate Royal Family. And I have ‘The Hidden King of England’ book, just 20 copies done, just as a tester, to see what the reaction was etc. And I actually went on a couple of talks up in Scotland on it.

So we had pre-booked with 10 Downing Street. They knew we were coming – we had sent them the letter. We had sent it by registered post. We gave them 20 working days, which was one month. And then we went there, we’d phone beforehand: ‘Have you received the letter?’ – “Yes, very likely”, and then, ‘Have you received the letter?’ – “We don’t know”, and then you’d go there, ‘Have you received the letter?’ – and there is no record of the letter.

Jim Fetzer: Even though it was registered!

Greg Hallett: It was Registered Post, yeah.  So then I’d go and present the letter physically to 10 Downing Street, and they wouldn’t take the letter.  Normally they’d just take the letter, if you’d go there and present it, right!  They wouldn’t take the letter.  So we had to go around to the Army and Navy Stores and post it there, which is about another 15 minute walk.  Now that was the 2nd of August.

So what they did is, they got hold of a copy of the book, this is 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, and they studied the contents of the book, using scholars etc., and they realised that this was a legitimate and superior claim to the Throne of England.

Jim Fetzer: Greg, this is just astonishing!

To learn more about Greg Hallett's life's work, check out



  1. David (common purpose) Cameron, our current SCUM traitorous PM, should be behind bars for the damage he has done to this country and in particular for his involvement in the illegal purchase of three nuclear weapons that then went missing and provided £17.8 million pounds of taxpayers money into the Tory Party Election Funds (Re Lord Hoyle/Margaret Beckett – Hansard June 22 1993 From Column 197). Not seen in Knight of Malta Rupert Murdochs Presstitute media

    1. Not true he is was online on Facebook he even accepted me on his friend request 2 days ago


  3. any recent news on greg? in the early hours of this morning i received my first email for many months from the email is offering the chance to pre-order Greg's latest book THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND. i pray this means good news

  4. no need to reply.. just scanned your latest articles and found the answer. Thank all that is beautiful in this world that Greg is safe. x

  5. I so hope this is untrue. I just found out about Gregory's story. I was hopi g he would save the UK from the reptiles!!

  6. False alarm, Greg Hallett is alive and well XXX

  7. Greg Hallett is a fraud

    1. totally agree, money grabbing from vulnerable people.

  8. if he is a fraud he's a pretty good one, an if not I fear for his life

  9. 13 is 1+3=4 four = foundation, so I would suspect this is the non reality time. 8= a snake or an hour glass. 88 which is well codified in J.G.Hallett and Trump represents the duality of time, end of an old era and the start of a new era.
    The Vatican as many may know had nothing to do with Spirit religion. It was all about merchandise. The St Peters Square depicts a keyhole seen from above with all routes of trade which looks like the Union Jack! There is also an Hourglass that is positioned horizontal= they stopped time to have an orgy with earth, raping it for what it can offer, includes everything human. Well, that hourglass is now Vertical as the NEW ERA is in progress. The Vatican is already history as they have been captured, as is with the Federal research and Rothschild being bankrupted!. Saudi Arabia were the first to be eliminated. USA has to go first when collapsing the cabal, then comes Nesara followed by Gesara, meaning G=Global. Greg is alive and well from what I observe, if he were an impostor then Nesara/Gesara wouldn't be there for the currency reset which is upon the doorstep!

    1. Its amazing that 500 yrs of history and deceit,were literally here watching it unfold,I have to pinch myself..Our history bares many scars and loss of life,I'm glad we have President Trump to guide us thru these times and for the children being saved Globally,children deserve their innocence and protected

  10. We got the good the bag the ugly in all shapes sizes and colors we got to understand that each one of us got them selfs and that the best trust


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