Friday, 20 June 2014


Greg Hallett, feared kidnapped and sacrificed as a birthday present to evil Queen Elizabeth II, at a satanic ritual attended by 32 members of her closest family; is alive and well and lying low.

Greg Hallett is alive
A comment left on the Youtube video promoting Greg's murder, said:

“No, he is alive, he is just lying low.. I know from a friend."

Ending weeks of worry and speculation by friends and associates; this is the first message from anyone claiming a connection to Greg to make a public announcement.

Alerted first to Greg's disappearance by Professor George Lees, the AV community were left speechless as to the news but confounded as to the lack of evidence.

Fearing Greg's body may never have been found, feared literally devoured by the Royal family, the AV community were left fearing the worst but hoping for the best.

Last seen living in NW area of London, Greg had published his Hallett Report No'6, to with the AV community were waiting with baited breath for Hallett Report No'7.

Going off the radar feared “disappeared,” a term used in the AV movement for 'murdered,' everyone can now sigh a breathe of relief that Greg is just lying low, rather than lying in an unmarked grave in Sandringham Palace grounds.


Having raised the possibility that Greg's disappearance could have been a publicity stunt to sell more books, John Paterson couldn't be happier to learn his friend and hero is still alive.

Here is what John had to say to Tom Cahill, who called Greg Hallett a 'dickhead,' in the embedded video below.

  • “You really are a pr*ck, that’s my brother in arms you talking about you lump of lard a*se shite.”

With the whole of the AV community signing a breathe of relief to the news that Greg Hallett is alive, John Paterson reminds us that sometimes getting it wrong can work in our favour:

  • It has re-kindled the interest in The Fake Royals
  • "They" create publicity stunts every day of the week
  • We have to beat them at their own game

Part of a global community of investigative citizen’s, you’ll be amazed with what Abel Danger exposes.

Feel free to contact George Lees, he is in touch with Ex Military Gordon Bowden. What he has exposed will blow your mind. Good luck, and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. JP

Guerrilla Democracy News; Editorial Apology.

Certain articles published by Guerrilla Democracy News during Greg Hallett’s disappearance allude to the allegations that The Queen, The Pope, The Swiss Guards and the entire Windsor royal family, were involved in his disappearance, and that they further disposed of him by cannibalism following a satanic murder ritual in which The Queen slit his throat with a ceremonial dagger.

Guerrilla Democracy News acknowledges that Greg Hallett never met his death at the hands of The Queen and in such a gruesome way, and wish The Queen no offensive and hope the stories promoted and written by Guerrilla Democracy News hasn’t caused The Queen, The Pope, The Swiss Guards and the entire Windsor royal family, too much distress.

While the articles in question can be removed on request, Guerrilla Democracy News has decided to leave the articles up for purposes of entertainment and to remind Guerrilla Democracy News readers what a ‘Fuckwit,’ it's editor really is.


  1. Hail King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett

  2. It would be great to hear from Gregg Hallett again. He's welcome to come onto Guerrilla Democracy News for a chat.

  3. I'm sure he is no fan of Tom Cahill!
    Youtube has new videos and new books for 2023.. check it out.

    He continues to put up with a lot of abuse from the peanut gallery and wankers in alt. media.


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