Saturday 29 February 2020

Prince Harry in Threesome Blackmail Sex Tape Scandal.

Shocking Buckingham palace courtiers and sending the Queen racing to MI5 HQ for emergency talks, its been revealed that Prince Harry is being blackmailed by Meghan Markle and her secret lover, Markus Anderson, with a threesome sex tape, set to be released to the public, if certain conditions are not met.

Revealed in a Youtube upload by ‘Danja Zone,’ its been claimed that numerous sex tapes of Harry, Meghan and Markus in sexual union, have been filmed and will imminently be released into the public domain.
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Having published hundreds of videos based on the British royal family, with over 28 million hits between them, Danja Zone is revealing the truth of what’s really been happening behind the scenes.

Harry is not feeling it anymore!”

Thursday 27 February 2020

Death Threat against Matt Taylor

In a terrifying 41 worded comment left in the comment sections of Youtube video titled, “John Alexander Paterson – A Danger to Children,” Guerrilla Democracy News editor, Matt Taylor appears to be in danger from an individual identifying as ‘tniedermeier.’


'Absolute Proof' by Peter James Book Review.

Perfect Valentine Day presents!

Having been an avid fan of Peter James, since well before his Roy Grace crime novels, I broke out in a massive grin of excitement when I saw a hardback version of ‘Absolute Proof,’ on sale in St Catherine’s Hospice charity shop in Redhill, Surrey.

Careful with my pennies, having to survive on the pittance of Universal Credit, I handed over the £1.50 with joy and appreciation, saving a massive £18.50 from it’s original retail price. RESULT!
Described as the international bestselling author of many award-winning novels, I was especially excited about reading this book, because the year before, I picked up a free booklet from WHSmith, promoting the release of the hardback version, with three chapters from the book, wetting the reader’s appetite.
With the passing mention of the legendary King Arthur, and the promise of the Holy Grail thrown in for good measure, it was a story I was eager to read, and frustrated I didn’t have the money to buy the book as a Christmas present to myself!
I always get a cosy, fuzzy and warm feeling when I embark on a Peter James novel. I’m familiar with his style of writing, his pace, chapter length and how he jumps from one scene to another.
I remember with fondness the literal fright I got while reading ‘Twilight.’ That moment when they exhumed a young ladies coffin, only to see scratch marks INSIDE the coffin’s lid; sent a chill of terror down my spine, that still breaks out goosebumps when I think about it.
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Wednesday 26 February 2020

Tyson Fury is King Arthur II - The War King...

"Prince William is the Anti-Christ!"

“Christ will come back to Earth during Williams reign.”

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William is being groomed and prepared and I believe from what I have seen in the Tarot, and from research from my own psychic gifts, an intuition, but he is actually the Antichrist. He is the false prophet.”


"The Royal Family is probably the darkest family of them all on the planet," – No Shit Sherlock!

"The Royal Family is probably the darkest family of them all on the planet," – No Shit Sherlock!

William is being groomed and prepared and I believe from what I have seen in the Tarot, and from research from my own psychic gifts, an intuition, but he is actually the Antichrist. He is the false prophet.”


Tuesday 25 February 2020


Written by CM : Sourced from PopWorldNews

After aggressively researching into Services, such as Child Protection Services, (who are Globally owned and operated by the Catholic Church and it’s Banks and Corporations, who coincidentally happen to own the BAR Association and Family Courts, under Black Laws, and CESTUI QUE VIE TRUST, aka your Straw-man. Also, known as the All Caps Name on you and your Minor Children’s Birth Certificates). This is what I UNCOVERED!

These subjects, are vastly being researched and pushed out into media by myself and many more, who are rapidly becoming TRUTH SEEKERS on such mediums as YouTube, Facebook, and more. Brave, Strong, Men and Women, who have had enough of the injustices of this MURDEROUS, MODERN DAY SLAVERY AND CHILD TRAFFICKING SYSTEM. Mostly consisting of CHILD SEXUAL TRAFFICKING AND ABUSE, which can be discovered consistently by the TRUTH SEEKERS WORLD WIDE, GLOBALLY!
Due to many illegal and unlawful events in my own life, I have turned to probing and re-questioning ALL AUTHORITY and EVERYTHING I have ever believed in. I became a TRUTH SEEKER while researching all possible answers in effort to solve all the Legal complexity issues of Federal and International Crimes and Violations of Treason, (which were committed against me and my family in my own case while, on what should have been a Relaxing Educational Experience and Joyous Vacation, which will remain confidential till Trial).
However, due to my case, I Realize the Truth of this Systematic Child and Human Trafficking System and it’s LETHAL SLAUGHTERING OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES, which they do in fact, do for profit!

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Sussex Police fail to learn lessons from Shana Grice Horror!

Sussex Police haven’t learnt any lessons from the Shana Grice horror. They continue to treat the victims of harassment and stalking (Taylor, Paterson and Power-Disney) as the criminals, while protecting the real perpetrators of harassment and stalking.

Sussex Police Inspector Thompson said in an email dated 13 February 2020 at 13:15hrs, in relation to a deranged individual rapist called Paris..
“I would ordinarily take the report, however as you are a suspect for a similar matter that I am overseeing it would not be right or proper for me to do so.”

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