Friday 7 March 2014


One's posh and out of touch, another a weak idiot, the third a liar and the fourth is mad... just who could the voters be talking about? and women asked to name a word or phrase about four party leaders:
  • SOS Party Leader Matt Taylor is seen as a swiveled eyed loony
  • Prime Minister David Cameron is seen as posh, out of touch and smug
  • Labour leader Ed Miliband is a weak idiot, and women said 'slimy'
  • Lib Dem Nick Clegg viewed as weak, useless, untrustworthy and a liar
While some voters think Matt Taylor is a ‘legend,’ others think he’s a buffoon. Some think David Cameron is ‘posh and out of touch’, while others go further and call him a Nasty Nazis. Ed Miliband is a ‘weak idiot’ and Nick Clegg is a ‘spineless liar’, according to a survey.
Various comments left on topical news story threads, reveals what the electorate have to say about the country’s top politicians.
  • Matt Taylor
  • David Cameron
  • Ed Milliband
  • Nick Clegg
The unflattering assessments emerged after voters were asked for the first word or phrase that came to mind when they thought of the main party leaders.
SOS Party leader Matt Taylor is seen as mad, Tory Prime Minister David Cameron is seen as posh and out of touch, Labour leader Ed Miliband was a weak idiot and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was seen as weak and a liar.
While Matt Taylor is seen as mad and loony by some, he has earned praise from the giants of the alternative media, namely as Chris Spivey, who placed him in his top eight trusted allies list, to Jimmy Jones The Outlaw, who included a link to his news outlet 'Guerrilla Democracy', on his ‘Essential Links’ page.
Read more:
Here are just some comments which paint Matt Taylor as a man of the people.
  • “I like Matt. One of the good guys and 100% solid. Not too many of them around at the minute.”
  • “Matt…. Great guy!”
  • “Resides down my way.110 legit and bang on it. Took on a local Tory cunt called “Kirby”. Peace.”
  • “I like Matt Taylor and think he is doing a great job. He writes some cracking stuff!!”
  • “I follow Matt Taylor, partly because he endorses Chris Spivey, mainly because he's a good bloke as far as I can tell.”
  • “Great article, thanks! Enjoyed Matt Taylor’s site and the story of King Arthur II”
  • “Is he for real? Sounds too good to be true.”
The most common descriptions for Mr Cameron were Nazi, posh and out of touch, with voters also describing him as a evil, arrogant and privileged.
There were few kind words.
Voters were even less positive about Ed Miliband, with most rating him as ‘weak’ and ‘an idiot.’ He was also labeled useless and untrustworthy, with women also describing him as slimy and boring.
The most positive assessment of Mr Miliband was that he is ‘trying’.
Mr Clegg was also subjected to a withering assessment by the electorate. Most voters view him as ‘weak’ and ‘a liar’. Others described the Liberal Democrat leader as useless, spineless and a puppet. The most positive description was that he was ‘OK’.
Voters describe Ukip leader Nigel Farage, as a racist, whose party’s credibility falls apart, once they start talking about anything other than Europe.
Matt Taylor, leader of the SOS Party doesn’t fair too well, with skeptical voters describing him as:
  • Just another pathetic Oswald Molsely wannabe.
  • A loud mouthed jerk who should be sued for slander…
  • A buffoon; without intelligence, morals, and integrity.
To which Matt Taylor retorts, “I prefer ‘Twat’ thank you very much.
What men and women think of the party leaders: Top 20 responses.
“I am going to be really anal here and appreciate that I may well get some negative comments! Before I start, please bear in mind I am far from highly educated!
OK. I like Matt Taylor and think he is doing a great job. He writes some cracking stuff!! However, some of his syntax? Sentence construction can be poor. While I don’t think it is a major problem for most people, coming from someone with a great message and aspirations to become an MP, I think it can detract from what they are trying to say!
How many times do trolls get picked apart on their wording/grammar?
I know it may seem like a small thing, and I have total respect for Matt, but people will pick up on any minor error and dismiss it or slag it off on the smallest thing just to try and discredit it any tiny way they can!
Personally don’t have a problem with it, I get what he is saying! But I am not important, it’s the newbies, nit pickers and trolls that are!
It has taken me about 30min to write this. While I may have made some mistakes, I try to read through everything I post a few times as I am going!
golden cubeRegards, much love and respect, Teerev x”

Wednesday 5 March 2014


New Zealand's Maori King Tuheitia Paki has refused to meet Prince William and Catherine during their royal tour of the country next month, calling Prince William, “some carnival act to be rolled out at the beck and call.”

Following this stunning footage captured and published by the Guardian newspaper, showing a clone of Prince William stacking sand bags in Somerset, while the original Prince William gets dressed and ready for the photo shoot beside him, unaware someone was recording the scene on their mobile phone.

‘The real Prince ‘dim-but-nice’ William is only good for a photo-shoot, while the clone does all the hard work,’ insiders joke.

 Spun by Buckingham Palace to be an issue of time, the real reason King Paki snubbed Prince William and Catherine can be revealed exclusively here and now.

Prince William is not the son of Prince Charles.

Read more: Prince Charles will never be King.

Common practice in the world of Kings, industrialists and evil dictators, body-doubles have been used throughout history to protect the original. Rumour has it that Saddam Hussein’s body-double was the one who was hung, while the real Saddam Hussein did a deal with the masters of the NWO and is now living happily in an undisclosed location.

Prince William is the carnival act to be rolled out at the beck and call of the Windsor’s.

While the Windsor’s are ranked amongst the crème da-la crème of the world’s 13 ruling families, body-doubles are seen as old technology and the more advanced, and more expensive option of cloning, appears to be their preferred choice.

New Zealand born Greg Hallett was the first historian to expose the truth behind the façade and makes a series of astonishing claims in a number of radio interviews, which can be seen, listened to and read at

“Wow, Jim, you wouldn’t believe it!  This interview that Greg just gave is astonishing, absolutely fucking astonishing! Every time I talk to him he blows my mind,” said Dr Jim Fetzer the DJ, immediately after one interview finished.

Maori King Paki evidently supports Greg Hallett’s claim that Queen Victoria had a firstborn son before King Edward VII and that son, “Marcos Manoel”, was born in wedlock legitimately, and he is the True King of England, and his descendants are the True King of England – the true Monarch of England.

Other astonishing claims include:
  • Prince William’s father is King Juan Carlos of Spain.
  • Prince Harry’s father is James Hewitt. (But we all knew that!)
  • Prince Charles is the father to two other children.
  • When Prince Charles was 16, and on Camilla Parker Bowles’ 18th birthday, they conceived a child, who was adopted out by a royal servant. His name is Simon Charles Day and he’s a Telecommunications Engineer, living in Australia married to an aboriginal woman with 6 kids.
  • The other illegitimate child was born in 1968, whose mother was a Balmoral maid, no further details are known.
  • Princess Margaret, had a sexual liaison with two West Indian men at the same time, and that was  photographed and it was kept in a Lloyds Bank vault, and that bank vault was raided on the 11th of September 1971, when a gang robbed the Lloyds Bank in London, and they actually produced photos of Princess Margaret having sex with two West Indian men, and then it was Lord Louis Mountbatten who was asked to come forward, and he brought the bank robbers new identities, new passports, and they were allowed to keep the money, and they were allowed to escape out of England without harassment.
Greg Hallett sums it up with one definitive sentence, which has effectively condemned the British Royal family since 1852 as “Fakes.”

“The Queen and the Windsor royal family are all Bâtards.”

Read more: Greg Hallett calls the Queen a Fake!

A more Superior claim to the British Throne.
The race is on for the Throne of England. With the demise of the Windsor Royal family now set in stone, punters are taking bets as to who will take over the British monarchy.

Who will be the next British Royal family?

The front runners are the Rothschild. Destined to be Britain’s first Jewish King, baby Prince George is ear-marked to be the first Rothschild King. His father will symbolize the last of the Windsor’s and ensure the painless transition from one royal family to the next. Prince William will be free of any blame, deemed too ‘dim-but-nice’ to have an evil streak like his grand-parents and father.

While such famous family names as Branson, Beckham and Price are being talked about as serious contenders, the only other legitimate claim is that of Francisco Manoel, the True Prince of Wales, and son of The True Queen of England, Olga Maria, who is represented by their Lord Chancellor, Greg Hallett, who offer over 26 ‘Royal Marks’ to prove their claim to the throne.

But what’s this? A far more ancient and superior claim to the British Throne? 

Coming out of nowhere is Matt Taylor, claiming direct descendant from King Arthur II, and before him 250 years earlier, King Arthur I son of Magnus Maximus, and before him to the British Emperor Constantine the Great, and all the way back to Aunt Anne of the Holy Family, sister to Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

King Arthur: A far more ancient and superior claim to the British Throne.

Read more: Taylor or Rothschild, you decide?

Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett and Prince Francisco Manoel have yet to comment.

It is worthy of note that the recent Royal succession changes which are being held up by Australia, have nothing to do as to whether the first born is a boy or girl, but everything to do with ensuring the sons of Princes Charles become King.

“They actually shoot themselves in the foot,” said Greg Hallett, “Because Prince William’s father isn’t Prince Charles.”

The Web of Lies Unravel.

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Tuesday 4 March 2014


Pope Francis is feeling the pressure of the constant exposure of child trafficking, child-abuse and satanic worship within the Vatican. 

While giving his weekly blessing from the Vatican window, a seagull once again made an appearance and with the Brighton connection praying on his mind, the Argentinean Pope mistakenly uttered the word 'cazzo' in Italian, which means 'fuck' in English, before quickly correcting himself.

Fuck it.

It was while preaching about the rich and their wealth, that Pope Francis lost control of his composure and stunned the world with his shocking slip of the tongue.

While the Vatican doesn't wish to comment further on the slip-up, the pressure on his papacy is plain to see.

Having survived the first year anniversary of Pope Francis retirement to escape justice, having been found guilty of Crimes against Humanity by an International Common Law Court in Brussels, the Pope is faced with his own impending arrest, as Kevin Annett from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) organization, gears up to visit the Vatican city in April, to coincide with Queen Elizabeth's and her husband's historic visit to the Vatican.

Pope Francis will be left wondering, fuck it, is it worth it?

Monday 3 March 2014


ImageIf any more proof is needed that the Queen of England surrounds herself with paedophiles, look no further than her butler.

Read more: Buckingham Palace butler ‘ran paedophile sex ring while working for the Royal Family’.

In 1976 Paul Kidd aged 23 at the time, was appointed butler to the Queen at Buckingham Palace and served there for six years until being transferred to Clarence House where he served the Queen Mother.

Bachelor Paul Kidd, groomed at least one of his teenage victims for sex by taking him for tea with the Queen Mother at Clarence House, it has emerged.

To the public, he had been the perfect gent who waited on the Royals for nine years – first the Queen at the Palace and then her mother, but behind the mask, Paul Kidd was leading a secret double life as a serial child abuser who molested a string of boys over a 30 year period.

He admitted 29 sex charges involving three boys and was finally exposed after one of his victims read a newspaper article in which he boasted about his links to the Royals and talked fondly of Princess Diana and her musical tastes.

Police raided his two bedroom home in St Johns Street, Stalybridge, where they found almost 19,000 pornographic pictures and videos of children.

It is only speculation at this time whether pornographic pictures and videos of children being abused were passed onto either the Queen Mother or the Queen, but the probability is high that they were.

A police source said: ‘Kidd was a very accomplished groomer of children.

‘These offences are probably just the tip of the iceberg.’

Kidd had honed his skills as a silver service waiter when he joined the Royal Navy after leaving school – looking after the captain and officers.

During his naval service he visited 22 countries around the world. During his years in Royal service, he was said to have met and looked after three American Presidents including Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan plus many other Heads of State from around the world.

In 1979 he was awarded the Most Noble Order of Merit by then West German president while on a state visit with the Queen to that country. He is one of only 32 people in the world to hold the award.
He was also said to have worked closely with Princess Diana at Buckingham Palace in the six months prior to her wedding to Prince Charles.

A paedophile loose in the royal household and it isn’t Princes Philip, Andrew or Charles.

In 1985 he gave up Royal Service due to a cancer scare but then started charging up to £4,000 a time as an after dinner speaker talking about his work with the Royal Family.

Kidd also starred on numerous TV chat shows in the UK and USA including the Caroline Rhea show in New York.

He also appeared on stage with Hollywood actor Robin Williams at the Nemacolin Spa & Resort Centre in the USA.

He joined Robert Kilroy Silk’s UK Independence party standing unsuccessfully as a candidate in local council elections.

In one interview Kidd said of the Queen: “She deals with people in a genuinely caring manner. Her children are the future of the country, they cannot be brought up in a namby-pamby manner. But in private, as a mother and grandmother, she dotes on the children.”

Police began investigating Kidd earlier this year after a victim, now 47 read a newspaper article about Kidd in which he talked about Princess Diana on the 10th anniversary of her death.

The victim was thought to be so disgusted by his bragging, he went to police and told officers how he was 14 when he was abused by Paul Kidd after meeting him through a CB radio group.

Kidd introduced the lad to the royal household and took him for tea with the Queen Mother in the late 70s.
Paul Kidd will be released from prison in 2014, that’s to say if he hasn’t been already.

With time of the essence, the Queen has broken royal protocol and met David Cameron in Chequers to plan their next more.

Read more: The Queen and David Camerson’s Arrest Ordered by Ex-RMP.

Faced with increasing calls for their arrest, having been found guilty of Crimes against Humanity by an International Common Law court in Brussels last year, the Queen and her husband enjoyed an intimate, private lunch where they were served a starter of Scottish smoked salmon and a main course of lamb with potatoes and vegetables followed by bread and butter pudding with ice cream and cheese and biscuits.

Eating from the pig’s trough while they can.

Other guests included:
  • Ex-head of MI5 Baroness Manningham-Buller.
  • Lord Guthrie, the former head of the armed forces.
  • Writer William Shawcross, the Queen Mother’s official biographer.
  • Mrs Shawcross.
  • The designer and hotelier Olga Polizzi.
Thus the joke goes, what has a queen, prime minister, spy, general, writer, his wife and hotelier got in common? Secrets!

Mr. Cameron decided to extend the invitation to the Queen at his grace and favour home after stumbling upon some photographs of the Queen’s previous visits to Chequers over the years including pictures of the Queen and Richard Nixon in the gardens of the country house in 1970.
One wonders whether the photographs in question were off a similar nature found by two bank robbers in 1971.

As Greg Hallett exposes:

“Princess Margaret, had a sexual liaison with two West Indian men at the same time, and that was  photographed and it was kept in a Lloyds Bank vault, and that bank vault was raided on the 11th of September 1971, when a gang robbed the Lloyds Bank in London, and they actually produced photos of Princess Margaret having sex with two West Indian men, and then it was Lord Louis Mountbatten who was asked to come forward, and he brought the bank robbers new identities, new passports, and they were allowed to keep the money, and they were allowed to escape out of England without harassment.”

Read more: Greg Hallett calls the Queen a fake!

ImageThe Queen protects her paedophile PM’s, as much as she dotes on her children.

According to Buckingham Palace, the Queen has visited Chequers just twice during her reign so far.

Her first visit was in October 1970 when she joined the then, PM Edward Heath and US president Richard Nixon.

One Hell of a threesome, a gay murdering paedophile, a swindler and a Queen! Perhaps these were the photographs which David Cameron found, which brought the royal party scampering.

It has since been confirmed from the testimony of Michael Shrimpton, an establishment whistle blower and barrister, that Edward Heath was a serial paedophile and murderer, who killed his victims and threw their bodies overboard his yacht.

Read more: Matt Taylor calls on the Queen to hand herself into the nearest Police station.

The meeting appears to be so serious, the Queen was forced to take the unprecedented decision to break short her holiday at Balmoral to attend this make or break lunch.

A visit by the Queen to the Prime Minister’s official country residence Chequers is a rare occasion. She has not been to the house near Ellesborough in Buckinghamshire for 18 years.
There were no trips under Gordon Brown, Tony Blair or Margaret Thatcher, but the Queen paid a visit when Sir John Major was Prime Minister in 1996.


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