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One's posh and out of touch, another a weak idiot, the third a liar and the fourth is mad... just who could the voters be talking about? and women asked to name a word or phrase about four party leaders:
  • SOS Party Leader Matt Taylor is seen as a swiveled eyed loony
  • Prime Minister David Cameron is seen as posh, out of touch and smug
  • Labour leader Ed Miliband is a weak idiot, and women said 'slimy'
  • Lib Dem Nick Clegg viewed as weak, useless, untrustworthy and a liar
While some voters think Matt Taylor is a ‘legend,’ others think he’s a buffoon. Some think David Cameron is ‘posh and out of touch’, while others go further and call him a Nasty Nazis. Ed Miliband is a ‘weak idiot’ and Nick Clegg is a ‘spineless liar’, according to a survey.
Various comments left on topical news story threads, reveals what the electorate have to say about the country’s top politicians.
  • Matt Taylor
  • David Cameron
  • Ed Milliband
  • Nick Clegg
The unflattering assessments emerged after voters were asked for the first word or phrase that came to mind when they thought of the main party leaders.
SOS Party leader Matt Taylor is seen as mad, Tory Prime Minister David Cameron is seen as posh and out of touch, Labour leader Ed Miliband was a weak idiot and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was seen as weak and a liar.
While Matt Taylor is seen as mad and loony by some, he has earned praise from the giants of the alternative media, namely as Chris Spivey, who placed him in his top eight trusted allies list, to Jimmy Jones The Outlaw, who included a link to his news outlet 'Guerrilla Democracy', on his ‘Essential Links’ page.
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Here are just some comments which paint Matt Taylor as a man of the people.
  • “I like Matt. One of the good guys and 100% solid. Not too many of them around at the minute.”
  • “Matt…. Great guy!”
  • “Resides down my way.110 legit and bang on it. Took on a local Tory cunt called “Kirby”. Peace.”
  • “I like Matt Taylor and think he is doing a great job. He writes some cracking stuff!!”
  • “I follow Matt Taylor, partly because he endorses Chris Spivey, mainly because he's a good bloke as far as I can tell.”
  • “Great article, thanks! Enjoyed Matt Taylor’s site and the story of King Arthur II”
  • “Is he for real? Sounds too good to be true.”
The most common descriptions for Mr Cameron were Nazi, posh and out of touch, with voters also describing him as a evil, arrogant and privileged.
There were few kind words.
Voters were even less positive about Ed Miliband, with most rating him as ‘weak’ and ‘an idiot.’ He was also labeled useless and untrustworthy, with women also describing him as slimy and boring.
The most positive assessment of Mr Miliband was that he is ‘trying’.
Mr Clegg was also subjected to a withering assessment by the electorate. Most voters view him as ‘weak’ and ‘a liar’. Others described the Liberal Democrat leader as useless, spineless and a puppet. The most positive description was that he was ‘OK’.
Voters describe Ukip leader Nigel Farage, as a racist, whose party’s credibility falls apart, once they start talking about anything other than Europe.
Matt Taylor, leader of the SOS Party doesn’t fair too well, with skeptical voters describing him as:
  • Just another pathetic Oswald Molsely wannabe.
  • A loud mouthed jerk who should be sued for slander…
  • A buffoon; without intelligence, morals, and integrity.
To which Matt Taylor retorts, “I prefer ‘Twat’ thank you very much.
What men and women think of the party leaders: Top 20 responses.
“I am going to be really anal here and appreciate that I may well get some negative comments! Before I start, please bear in mind I am far from highly educated!
OK. I like Matt Taylor and think he is doing a great job. He writes some cracking stuff!! However, some of his syntax? Sentence construction can be poor. While I don’t think it is a major problem for most people, coming from someone with a great message and aspirations to become an MP, I think it can detract from what they are trying to say!
How many times do trolls get picked apart on their wording/grammar?
I know it may seem like a small thing, and I have total respect for Matt, but people will pick up on any minor error and dismiss it or slag it off on the smallest thing just to try and discredit it any tiny way they can!
Personally don’t have a problem with it, I get what he is saying! But I am not important, it’s the newbies, nit pickers and trolls that are!
It has taken me about 30min to write this. While I may have made some mistakes, I try to read through everything I post a few times as I am going!
golden cubeRegards, much love and respect, Teerev x”

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