Sunday 29 June 2014

Headless Chickens: The Woolwich Hoax Exposed by Chris Spivey.

You certainly have to love the haters.
They have come out in force to defend a family that they neither know or know anything about.
I am obviously referring to the hugely gullible supporters of the criminal ‘rigby’ family.
Most threaten physical violence… Big yawn.
However, I lost count of how many men wanted to beat up 5ft 4inch Lisa, who runs my Facebook page… Lisa is a fucking star by the way – as are all of my crew.
I mean she could have just blocked and deleted all of these violent bastions of ‘truth’, but instead she let them through and took them on.
And that is despite the fact that it is hard to reason or debate with someone who doesn’t know what the fuck they are talking about, let alone someone who doesn’t know what the fuck they are talking about and has only attained a primary school level of education in the English language.
Obviously, the vast majority of these defenders of free speech haven’t put forward any explanation for what I allege – although that would be because the vast majority have not taken the time to read the conclusive proof that I have already documented.
Mind you, I cannot say that I am surprised since the vast majority of these miniscule brained morons appear to have the attention span for reading nothing other than the Daily Chimpanzee and lack the mental capacity to actually think for themselves.
So, if you are one of the 300 plus dribbling idiots who tried to get my Facebook page removed, you may want to keep reading because the chances are that I have targeted you and made you look very, very silly in front of far, far more people than you could ever hope to achieve by trying to make me look silly.
The same applies to the Keyboard Warriors who tried to defend the ‘rigby’ family with threats of violence and child like reasoning to counter what I have written.
Indeed, the pea brained, half witted TROLLS embarrassingly accuse me of of being a TROLL!
How the fuck does that work?
Why the fuck would you doorknobs want to mug yourself off like that?
Are you all Quare?
I mean, get a grip for crying out loud… How the fuck am I a troll because I exercise my right to do the very thing that all of you vegetables wish to uphold i.e. my right to free speech.
Which I hasten to add, I do by writing exclusively for MY OWN website, of which I neither advertise or force people to read and which these gnat brained thugs who want to beat women up have to actively search and seek out to get here.
Honest to Dog, you would not believe the things that I have been accused of by these crazy ass, wonky twonks!
Yet I have not and do not spread any race hate – unlike many of these thick fucks have done and still do.
Neither am I inciting violence, harassing anyone or breaking the law… Yet these comic imbeciles think that they should be taken seriously?
Indeed, it is in fact quite quite pathetic that they attack me for publishing the ‘rigbys’ address which is actually common knowledge, rather than address the fact that the crooked rigbys operate out of another house that they don’t want anyone to know about… And that reason has fuck all to do with a persons right to privacy.
Mind you, I would put it to you that such is the grand scale of this fraud and so powerful are the people involved that anyone taking part has forfeited their right to privacy.
Moreover, the few people that did try and refute my evidence – without touching on the major stuff obviously –  have only demonstrated that they have a very limited knowledge of the facts… And even less common sense.
I mean fair do’s, everyone has a right to be a stupid cunt, but these rigby supporters have made it an art form.
And as it happens, I did actually talk about the huge number of people who do not understand the concept of free speech just last week.
After all, I am an active advocate of the right to free speech.
Never the less, for the slow minded, slug like, sour faced, suckers who tried to silence my right to free speech, I will repeat something along the lines of what I wrote last week.
Free speech does not give a person the right to go on say a website called something like and write “why don’t you all fuck off back to your Baghdad caves”.
On the contrary, free speech is being able to express your opinion on whatever subject that you want on a vehicle such as your own website.
No one is forced to read what I write and if they don’t like what is written, then more fool them for seeking out something that they are going to get their knickers in a twist about.
I mean for example, I find the views written on far right websites abhorrent. But I would not try to get them shut down and by the very same token neither would I visit one.
Of course, if what you write is libelous then you can expect to get sued, but apart from that I have no problem with anything anyone wants to write about or any views that they wish to express on their own website.
So, I suggest you spotty faced, lank haired, crank pot noodles ask the rigbys why they are not suing me… Dog knows, they certainly must have enough money – donated by you muppets – to afford to do so by now.
But they haven’t and neither will they do, despite there being many, many more revelations further down this page and many, many more to come.
Free speech see?
A simple, easy to understand concept… Or at least it should be.
It therefore never ceases to amaze me how many of the empty headed numpty dumpties, advocating free speech are the first to try and get it closed down.
Course, these will be the vacant eyed, knuckle dragging twats – never a good look in a person especially the women – who have the aforementioned arse about face idea about what free speech entails.
Take the criminal rigby family for instance.
On the 19th of December 2013, the Daily Mail wrote the following:
Ian Rigby told the BBC’s Panorama: ‘Lee died serving his country, doing what he believed in. Serving the country to preserve our way of life, our freedom of speech and the opportunity to be able to walk the streets in peace and say what you feel because that’s what our country is all about. Source
Now, quite obviously Idiot Ian is wrong in just about everything he said in that interview.
I mean, lee didn’t die serving gravy let alone his fucking country.
Moreover, the only cunts trying to disrupt the way I live my life are the evil arseholes who write Idiot Ians script for him and the daft twats who actually believe the old fanny.
Never the less, it beggars belief that just 6 short months later, the following appears on a CHARITY website in regard to my Facebook page linked to this site:
I’ve been asked, directly, by the heart broken family of Lee Rigby to get this page removed from Facebook.
You didn’t do very well then did ya, you useless cunt.
Never the less, I will be discussing this further on in the article, but for now it is safe to say that the rigbys are not only criminal, they are also gross hypocrites.
Okay, not much more to get through and then I can start this article about the Woolwich hoax properly.
However, there are still one or two things that need to be pointed out to the semi-retarded, bib needing dribblers with an over rated perception of their ability to understand the most basic of facts.
So, firstly I should explain very, very slowly in easy to understand words that neither I nor my team are keyboard warriors.
A keyboard warrior is someone who lets their fingers make promises that their body’s cannot keep, usually in the form of threats of violence – something neither I nor my team do in our day to day running of this site.
Neither are any of us 18 year old spotty nerds, who sit in our bedrooms all day playing C.O.D.
Photo’s of myself are in abundance on this site and indeed across the internet and my address is very easy to find… Indeed, I certainly have no trouble finding out where people live and I have never even been in the army.
I obviously mistakenly thought  that you tough army guys were good at finding out information.
Now to be quite honest, I couldn’t give a flying fuck what you think of me or my team, but I can promise you this, if you think that they are nerdy computer mugs then boy are you in for a proper rude of wakening should you ever be silly enough to knock on their door… You have my word on that.
And I defy anyone to find anyone who will say that I am not a man of my word.
Indeed, at least half of them are ex-military… Including ex special forces.
Secondly, neither myself or my team are trolls.
I have in fact never ever heard of a troll who waits for people to come to his website… Boy you people really are fucking dumb.
Thirdly, neither myself or my team are idiots.
Indeed, I personally write for upwards in thousands of a minimum ten thousand people every single day of the week, 52 weeks of the year and I have done so for the past two and a half years.
I also get regularly asked to speak on the radio and make personal appearances.
And furthermore, my vast following is made up mostly of people over 35 and includes Vets, serving Policemen, University Graduates, Army personnel – many still serving – and Computer Experts, and that is just those that I know about and who regularly donate to keep the site going.
Indeed, there is not one of you fucking idiots who have had a pop who is capable of doing what I do, and still maintain the interest of such a huge following.
Neither do I have a lot of time for idiots. Therefore, my crew cannot be idiots either.
Never the less, stick around because I am certainly going to prove who are the idiots.
Finally, it has been said that we are cowards… Boy, you really, really are fucking dumb.
You are the cowards. You are the ones who find safety in numbers… Not me, or my crew.
Indeed, we have the full attention of some very, very serious people.
Moreover, we have the security services crawling all over us… Once again, I couldnt give a flying fuck whether you believe that or not… But its the truth never the less.
But those cunts won’t shut me up either… So tell me again how me or my crew are cowards?
Because I can tell you, without shadow of fucking doubt that I would rather die than be a backward, scared, clone of all you know nothing, pathetic little arsewipes.
And as for making up stories, for attention?
Try finding this site on Google?
Ask yourself why the authorities are so worried about me if I make up stories.
Indeed, if I did make up stories, with the huge readership that I have they would be fucking paying me, not looking to shut me up.
So like I say, stick around, because I am going to have fun today at your expense, and I am going to be making more accusations about the rigby family and the fake false flag operation that elevated a no-mark to national hero status..
Now, a few of you silly arsewipes did try and refute a few of the things that I wrote.
For instance, one ‘clever’ flat dick claimed that rigby was identified by the ‘murderers’ as being a soldier by his rucksack… Not that I actually asked how the two Micks identified rigby as a soldier.
The following is what the thick chick wrote:
“Lee Rigby was identified to the killers because he was wearing a military rucksack which would have had his regiment, service number etc and the Help for Heroes logo is easily recognisable”.
This would be the rucksack placed neatly against the wall on the corner of Artillery Place and Repton Place, which wasn’t given priority status despite being a possible booby trapped bomb I suppose.
Indeed, the bomb squad were never on site despite early claims by the BBC on the 22nd May 2013 that the flats and surrounding area had been cleared in order for the bomb squad to carry out a controlled explosion on the car… Fuck the rucksack then, at least as far as the bomb squad is concerned.
So, quite funny then that the written information on the rucksack wasn’t mentioned as being a factor for identification in the subsequent court case.
In fact when mentioning the rucksack, Judge Sweeney gave the backpack that Rigby was seen carrying in the station photograph its proper title of a “daysack”.
A daysack is described as being:
A daysack is a small pack with between 15 and 45 litres of storage space, which is commonly taken by walkers on a day out on the hills. These little packs really are a ‘must have’ if you are planning on spending more than a few hours in the outdoors, since they give you room to carry warm clothes, waterproofs, a first aid kit and, most importantly, lunch. Source
And indeed, in even mentioning the “daysack” the wholly corrupt judge was stating something as fact which was anything but:
He was instantly recognisable as being a soldier as he was wearing a “Help for Heroes” top and carrying his Army day sack”.
So, best I remind you that Adebolajo said himself that he wasn’t certain that rigby was a soldier and that Ingrid Kennett also stated that there was nothing to suggest that he was a soldier either.
So, straight away that half witted flat dick is talking bollocks and basing her evidence on facts that she made up herself.
And then there is this:

“In civilian clothes”, with no mention or addendum to his false credentials whatsoever.
And just to muddy the waters further in the fuddled minds of the crazies we have this:
You will note, Dopey Dora, that it is a police constable being quoted above.
That is why there are quotation marks either side of the wording.
However, having read that, try making sense out of this – not that any of the fanny fighters will have got this far to do so:
In cross-examination, David Gottlieb, representing Adebolajo, suggested that his client did not mention the victim was ‘in his kit’.
“I’m going to suggest that you would have known full well that the soldier was not wearing full uniform.”
PC Vejnovic replied: “I was not aware of what the soldier was wearing at all.”
The judge, Mr Justice Sweeney then suggested that Mr Gottlieb got to the point and put forward what Adebolajo did in fact say.
Mr Gottlieb replied that his client could not remember what he said and added: “I suggest I am doing my duty in a very difficult case.
“This is a murder trial not a Sunday school outing.”
After the outburst, the judge sent the jury out of court.
When the trial resumed, the judge told the jury not to hold Mr Gottlieb’s outburst against the defendant.
 He said: “In a case of this type there are obvious pressures in play.
“Mr Gottlieb has made a handsome apology for our passage of arms just before you retired.
“I have accepted that apology. The one thing that is vitally important is that you don’t hold that against Mr Gottlieb but also not against his client.
“There is a simple issue here in the officer’s evidence and you can consider it in due course on its merits.”
After the conclusion of the officer’s evidence, the prosecutor Richard Whittam QC said the pathologist would be called tomorrow.
The case then finished for the day. Source
Indeed, had this been a real trial then David Gottlieb would have been struck off.
However, the jury was shown a totally pointless photo of the daysack, complete with fabricated detail written on it.

Now I say that showing the jury a photo of rigby’s sack was totally pointless because far from proving a point, it just led to even more evidence of this all being a fake event.
In other words, the daysack lends aid to the fact that this wasn’t a murder, it was a fucking pantomime.
You see, that photo is presumably meant to be one of those taken by forensics… But its not.
That much is obvious by the fact that there is no number marker photographed with it.
Moreover, that “daysack”  isn’t even the original rucksack!
And even if it was it would have had to have been moved hence once again proving that this wasn’t an evidence gathering photo taken by forensics.
How do I know? Because I have spoken to a retired policeman whose job was to collect evidence for court presentation.
You see, the one in the court photo is far too small and doesn’t reach the top of the brickwork whilst the original towered above it.
Indeed, the original is a proper rucksack, which actually looks like it is filled to the brim, whereas the “daysack” presented in the photo – AS EVIDENCE – is a limp handbag.
Moreover, for rigby to carry the original like he is carrying the daysack in this photo would be uncomfortable to do so… It has two straps for a reason.
However – if like we are told – rigby had been struck at 30 MPH (the force of which allegedly broke his back)  can you see the handbag staying on his shoulder up until he was catapulted the mammoth… Errr, 2 foot off the bonnet when the car hit the sign?
After which, messieurs Adebolajo and Adebowale politely placed the *aherm, aherm* daysack against the wall… Before having a bash at chopping rigby’s head off.
Indeed, you would be entitled to ask who worked on the investigation?  The same police defectives who are investigating Madeleine McCann’s disappearance by looks of things?
Had this fiasco been real, nobody would have been allowed to set foot in the area until Bob the bomb basher had been.
I mean, on any other given day old Bob would have been there quick as a bomb flash.
Yet the rucksack had been present throughout the whole course of the incident and was still there even after the old bill had set up their tents and what have you.
So, are we seriously expected to believe that this unattended rucksack wasn’t a priority?
Now, I know that our coppers are idiots, but fuck me; surely they are not that moronic.
So, to simply ignore this rucksack or dismiss it as being unimportant really isn’t good enough.
Logic dictates that this should have been one of the first things to check out.
I mean, the odd bod plod squad wouldn’t just have had a peek inside in – they wouldn’t dare.
After all, they didn’t know who it belonged to and it could well have been booby trapped.
So where was the bomb squad?
Now I’m glad I asked me that question because as it happens on the day of the ‘murder’, The Telegraph reported the following:
Surely the Telegraph wouldn’t make that up, yet it was never, ever reported again.
Moreover, I defy anyone to provide me with proof that the bombsquad was there.
Indeed, never mind the car – which is purple – it is  extremely strange that they were not carrying out a controlled explosion on the rucksack.
I mean, fair enough that in the court photo you can see rigby’s old fanny written on the handbag.
But don’t forget that it was facing the other way originally, if indeed that little gay handbag is the great big fuck off rucksack that we saw originally.
You couldn’t make this shit up.
However, the rucksack explanation was just the beginning of the bizarre explanations offered up by the pretentious prats for the anomalies that I bring up in various articles.
I mean, check out this one for the damage caused to the car whilst the sign post – like all signposts in this country; designed to bend on impact – stayed intact:
“The road sign is supported by concrete slaps which is a presume harder and tougher then mud and grass which some of the pictures displaying cars crashing into lamp post/post. Also speed would be a factor and the size of the post in question”. 
Ignore the fact that the dozy cunt can’t string a sentence together and Dog only knows what “concrete slaps” are.
Never the less, talk about making nonsense out of the nonsensical!
However, I can kill two birds with one stone here.
You see, in explaining what supposedly took place after the car had struck rigby, I can also show you how totally pathetic and mind controlled this bunch of losers are to believe that the court case was real.
And to do that, we need to examine prosecution witness Amanda Bailey’s evidence.
Course, Amanda Bailey wasn’t in court to give her evidence; it was simply read out by the prosecution counsel thus saving her committing perjury – And at the same time, preventing the defence counsel from cross examining her.
Now for that to happen, the defence counsel had to have agreed that the evidence being read out was correct before the trial got underway.
Yet Amanda Baileys evidence is easily proven false by the CCTV images that were used in court even though those too would never have been admissible due to the time stamp being exactly one hour and six minutes out of sync with Camera 46 – which had captured images also used in the puppet court case.
Therefore, neither Michael received a fair trial.
You see, that timelapse could have been used by the defence counsel to portray a whole different series of events had the Kangaroo Court been a real trial.
Time stamping comes in handy when presenting surveillance footage in a court of law. The evidence must be accurate for it to be approved for legal use. Many videos have been thrown out as evidence simply because they did not display the date and time. In some cases the time and date were displayed, but the time was off by an hour or so, and the footage was ruled invalid.source
Never the less, lets look at Amanda Bailey’s evidence – evidence that went towards convicting Mick & Mick of murder:
Amanda Bailey was driving when the Tigra cut across her, and said she saw it accelerate. After it hit the soldier “she saw that his eyes were open but they looked frozen.”
Mr Whittam said: “She saw the driver was carrying a cleaver in his right hand. He knelt down by Lee Rigby and took hold of his hair.
“He then repeatedly hacked at the right side of his neck just below the jaw. He was using considerable force, bringing his hand into the air each time before he struck.” Source
Now look at these photos:
So, straight away we have Bailey lying to the court… Or to be more exact, the prosecution counsel lying to the court on her behalf.
Bailey’s witness statement also said this:
Amanda Bailey saw the events from inside her Peugeot 206, the jury heard.
She saw the Tigra strike Fusilier Rigby and carry him until the car crashed into a road sign.
‘The young man flew off the bonnet and landed about two feet in front of the car,’ Mr Whittam said.
‘She (Bailey) saw that his eyes were open but they looked frozen.’  Source
And The Telegraph had this to say on the matter:
The men were in a Vauxhall Tigra in Artillery Place shortly after 2pm when it was driven at Mr Rigby at between 30 too 40 miles an hour.
The collision knocked him unconscious and the car, which did not brake, crashed in to a road sign “at great force”.  Source
Got that? Thirty to forty miles per hour (or as the Telegraph put it 30 too 40 miles an hour), no braking resulting in the Tigra colliding with a road sign with “great force” thus tossing Rigby 2 foot onto the ground.
Cool, now check this out:
vauxhall corsa vxr 888
Okay, the first car in the photo was going at 30 to 40 MPH when it hit a fella, sending him flying 8oft.
The second car was going at an unknown speed yet reported as not being greatly excessive. The driver didn’t brake, and knocked the fella he hit 20 foot through the air.
And then we have Adebolajo who not only doesn’t brake: he also rams into a sign post bringing him to a sharp halt and launching Rigby… Two fucking foot.
Had it been real, ‘riggers’ would have been coming in to land sometime within the next two months.
Course, that is pretty impressive driving, hitting a kerb at 30-40MPH without breaking, executing an almost impossible turn with burst front tyres, all done without rigby being slung off the short sloping bonnet, and then driving the last few yards – on flat fucking tyres – at 30-40 MPH whereupon the car (again without breaking) slams into a signpost designed to collapse yet leaving it inexplicably undamaged, launching rigby all of 2 fucking foot… Did I mention that the car is an automatic?
However, I am told by these half baked sad potatoes that I am talking shit because “there is video footage of Lee getting run over”.
Oh yeah so there is… Funny how the car is veering away from him but shhh.
Now, lets just have another look at dopey Dora’s rational explanation for all this:
“The road sign is supported by concrete slaps which is a presume harder and tougher then mud and grass which some of the pictures displaying cars crashing into lamp post/post. Also speed would be a factor and the size of the post in question”. 
And therein is the reason that I don’t get involved in commenting alongside my admin on my Facebook page: You can’t argue with stupid people, they will just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
Still, I feel sure that the ‘rigbys’ must feel relieved having all of these uneducated, semi-literate, woman beaters all with skulls clearly full of mushy peas defending their honour… Indeed, these tonka-twonks have done an excellent job in showing the rigby’s up for the criminals that they really are by leading many people – far more rational than themselves – to the articles, thus making even more people aware of the fraud than the tens of thousands of people who are already.
In turn, I would expect those people to spread the word to tens of thousands more, evidenced by the extra daily 3,000 to 4,000 visitors to the site for the past 5 days… Thank you half witted woman beaters, thank you very much.
Shall we have a hall of fame?
Yes, why the fuck not.

First off
Barry George Dave Langridge and what he had to say:
Dave Langridge  “you really are a stupid cunt Spivey…go play your silly games elsewhere….”
Stop laughing you lot, I really shouldn’t play stupid games on my own Facebook.
Sally Mary Clough “The road sign is supported by concrete slaps which is a presume harder and tougher then mud and grass which some of the pictures displaying cars crashing into lamp post/post. Also speed would be a factor and the size of the post in question”. 
If brains were dynamite she wouldn’t be able to scorch the inside of her skull.
Andy Fannon I went to his funeral in Bury. The soldiers from his regiment seemed real to me. Yeah and the coffin and his family crying. You are a sad little man. Sorry I mean TROLL!!!!!!
A man who goes to funerals of people he doesn’t even know calls me a sad little man!  You are what you look Andy; a gormless, pathetic cunt.

Patrick Furey  are you lot serious??? what is right about a bloke having his head cut off by 2 obvious extremist psycho’s and why discredit the family who are obvioualy devastated at his loss.why do they need this added to their trauma?
Nothing like being in possession of the true facts Paddy, fuck me if you were any sharper you would cut yourself.
Dave Currie  Bloody hell, reading this crap makes me wonder if you lot masturbate over Spivey’s photo at night. What a load of tossers lol!!
Well they certainly wouldn’t masturbate over yours would they you weird looking, ugly, inbred cunt… Just sayin’.
Piers Lockhart You need your head examined with a brick you attention seeking, trolling cunt.
And you being the embarrassing cunt dressed as a whoopi cushion are up to the job are you, you pathetic little man. I would hit you so many times, so quickly that you would think that you were surrounded.
Lee Wilky  Trolling little wanker.
Yes and it is about time you stopped it Wee Willy Wilky… And change your profile picture. Fuck me, everyone has the right to be ugly but your birds taking the piss.
Wow, you must be one of those special people who wear G-strings  Chris Knocker White to sink to the level of issuing veiled threats to women.
You will be threatening my daughter and grandchild next!
Dawn must be so proud of you although she is far too young for you… Oh hang on, I forgot that you are MI… Dawns far too old for you.
And from Bristol to boot.
Men who try intimidating women… And still fail. Ya piece of shit.
Okay, this next one really is too good to be true.
You see, what he did is inbox his threats and when Lisa politely pointed out that she wasn’t me, he threatened to shoot her.
Course, quite why he inboxed his threats is beyond me since he has 9 friends in common with me, one of them my brother… Yet he appeared to have no idea who I was or where I lived.
He did however point out that he had spent 18 years in the military.
Now, I would imagine that the reason for telling Lisa that he had wasted 18 years of his life – although he did seem genuinely proud of the fact – would be because the website that he found the article on must have told him to fuck off a few weeks ago.
You see, as far as I can tell from the FB status that he posted the other week, this site appeared to think he was lying about his military career.
Anyway, as I say, this piece of dog shit has 9 friends in common with me so I thought that I best let a few of them know that I was going to make him look fucking silly.
The following is a cut and paste of one of the conversations that I had about him:
Me: who is lee brent smith?
Friend: He is a misfit who has never fitted in known him since I was 5, a freak of nature who you would normally feel sorry for but you don’t because he brings it all on himself, as for giving threats . I think your safe lol
Me: I wasn’t bothered about that, I just wanted to know how you felt about him because I am going to make him look a right cunt.
Friend: Do as you need, I nearly got suspended at school cos I was with nod and he gave him a dig, he added me a couple of years ago and we haven’t ever shared any correspondence. I do know he got retired from the army and he can’t fit in to life and I hear he is quite depressed so I would say go easy as we both don’t like bully’s but I’ve seen what he has wrote so it would seem fair game
Me: He threatened to shoot Lisa, my admin. Has he actually been in the army because it has been questioned by one website before
Friend: Yes he has but he would of never been a fighter trust me
So let us have a look at some of the other shit that he sent… Sort of shit sending shit so to speak.

Lee Brent Smith
  This page is closed, I will make it my mission to get this page closed
Errrrr… No it isn’t cock breath. Can you do anything right?
Lee Brent Smith   As they say your arse is grass and there is plenty of us as lawn mowers
As you know, you’re arse is stinky and the size of a child’s paddling pool… Your point is?
So, lets have a look at what this sad joke looks like.

Fuck me, he ought to have a licence for that face.
I have taken it easy on you Lee Bent Smiff because you are as your mates confirmed; a retarded cunt.
If you want to find me, there are nine people who can tell you where I live you muggy prick… It is a 5 minute drive.
I would welcome the visit boy.
As for threatening to shoot Lisa?
Well I did advise her to contact the police you piece of dog shit.
Fortunately for you, she has much more about her than that.
You are indeed very lucky that Lisa has more metal than you will ever have boy.
Never the less, I might phone them myself yet.
And that website is bang on where you are concerned. You are a Walter Mitty… A fucking inbred looking one at that.
Shall we have one more?
Yes lets.
And I have saved the best till last.
You’re gonna love this.
Talk about the blind leading the blind.
“I’ve been asked directly by the heartbroken family of lee rigby to get this page removed from Facebook”… That went well then soft lad.
Why the fuck would the ‘rigbys’ ask Batman here to get me removed from Facebook?
Fuck me, the amount of money that the ‘rigbys’ have conned out of you lot they could afford to sue me for libel if I was making stories up about them.
Yet they ask Batman here to take care of it… Anyone find that a bit strange?
I suppose being heartbroken they hadn’t the strength to face a court case? Big yawn.
Mind you, Lyn
Seville rigby wasn’t that heartbroken that she couldn’t find the strength to set up a LIMITED COMPANY called Team Lee United Forces LTD on the 2nd of April 2014 though was she?
Still, it is a bit funny how she has left the LTD off of the company’s Facebook page though isn’t it.
You can find the Company Registration HERE
However, before I say anything much else about this Ltd Company, I shall give them a bit more time to prove their integrity… I.E, I will wait for them to publish their accounts.
And remind them that my dad is an Accountant.
Okay, lets look at some of the comments left in response to Batman’s post:
Peter Taglione There must be someone living near this retard who can call round for a meaningful discussion
Yeah, you ya cunt… Come and have a meaningful discussion with me and we will see who the retard is.
Keith Lamb Where does the guy live?
Some fucking soldier you are! It ain’t hard to find out sunshine. Course, you won’t look too fucking hard will you… Just in case you find out.
YES IT IS!!! DO YOU REMEMBER BEING ALL NICEY NICEY ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE WUSS:  “Forgive me if my point was a little confusing , I am not as eloquent as I would like to be. I don’t see how I contradicted myself regarding the Responder driving past”.
I love this next one:
David Williams  Disgusting, you can report it but FB does nothing about removing the page! I wander what our Prime Minster & Her Majesty would think!!!!
Do you “wander” or do you wonder Dave?
Tell me Dave, if the Prime Minister and the Queen gave a flying fuck about ex-servicemen and women, why is there a need for ex-service personnel charities like this one?
Personally I think that it is a national disgrace that anyone, let alone ex-military are homeless in this country… But instead of remedying the problem, what does the country do about it?
They put spikes in doorways so as the homeless can’t sleep there!
Tell me Dave? Do you know who Mark & Helen Mullins were?
Mark Mullins was ex military but along with his wife became so depressed at the squalor and poverty that they were living in, they killed themselves:
A newly married couple forced to live on £57 a week killed themselves in despair after being ‘abandoned’ by social services, their friends claimed yesterday.
The bodies of Mark and Helen Mullins were found lying side by side at their run-down home in an apparent suicide pact.
Military man: Mr Mullins served as a PE teacher in the Army but fell on hard times after leaving the service
The couple were given free vegetables at the soup kitchen in Coventry each Sunday, which they boiled into a broth on a camping stove.
They lived in just one room of their terraced house to save on heating costs and could not afford a fridge so kept their food in plastic bags in the garden.
They are believed to have killed themselves after 18 months of struggling to survive on the £57.50 Jobseeker’s Allowance payment Mr Mullins, a 48-year-old former Army physical training instructor, was able to claim.
Their heart-breaking plight was revealed yesterday, five days after their bodies were discovered at their council house in Bedworth, Warwickshire.
I don’t remember that nice Mr Cameron attending the funeral of MR & Mrs Mullins, do you Dave?
I don’t remember the queen asking for updates on the ever increasing suicide statistics of ex-military personnel do you Dave?
You do know that more British soldiers commit suicide than die in combat don’t you Dave?
Neither do I see the queen demanding an end to depleted uranium in army shells do you Dave?
Any idea of the number of ex servicemen who now have cancer due to being exposed to depleted uranium Dave?
Course, you do know that the queen makes millions of pounds every year from depleted uranium Dave, don’t you?
And now I come to fucking think of it, I don’t remember seeing Cameron attend a single one of the 179 soldiers killed in Iraq or the 453 soldiers killed in Afghanistan Dave do you?
Yet the cunt can find the time to attend the funeral of a man portrayed in the media by 4 different people, who wasn’t a serving fucking soldier and still convince you mugs that he was a hero!
There is no fucking flies on you lot is there.
“I wander what our Prime Minster & Her Majesty would think!!!!” 
You really are a thick fuck Dave.
You do know that the British royal family collaborated with the Nazi’s during the war don’t you Dave?
Philip, attended school in Germany and by his own admission says that plenty of heel clicking, Sieg Heiling and Nazi saluting was the order of the day. When Philip married Elizabeth he did a very good job of hiding his Nazi origins.
That wasn’t easy being as all four of his Sisters were paid up members of the Nazi party.
His sister Sophie went on to marry Prince Christoph of Hesse, a colonel in the SS on Himmler’s personal staff and head of the Forschungsamt, an elite intelligence operation controlled by Hermann Goering.
He was also the great grandson of Queen Victoria, but as you will find out later on in this article; the Royal’s like to keep it in the family. Aged 30, Christoph had become engaged to Prince Philip’s sister Sophie when she had only just turned 15.
The Forschungsamt carried out the famous ‘Night of the Long Knives’ which saw Hitler ‘remove’ his key opponents. Christoph and Sophie even named their eldest child, Karl Adolf, after Hitler and Prince Philip played an active part in the boy’s education.
Interestingly enough, Christoph’s brother, Philip of Hess, was related to the King of Italy and was the official liaison between the fascists of Italy and Germany.
Phillip finally broke his 60 year silence on his roots in 2006 when he gave an interview to the Daily Mail. In that interview he admitted that he “found Hitler’s attempts to restore Germany’s power and prestige ‘attractive‘”. In the same interview he also stated that his family had “inhibitions about the Jews”.
In 1937 Phillip, then aged 16 was photographed walking in his elder Sister Cecile’s funeral cortège, flanked by relatives in SS and Brownshirt uniforms.
One row back in the cortège - held in Darmstadt, western Germany – was his paedophile uncle, Lord Mountbatten wearing a Royal Navy bicorn hat. 
On either side of this Funeral parade, onlookers, pinned back by crowd control fences, can clearly be seen en-masse, giving the mourners the Nazi salute.
What was the question again Dave?
Okay, shall we have some more comments from the Humpty Numpties?
Why not:
Dennis Curtis  Okay guys find this scumbag and give him a serious hm how shall I put this TALKING to.
Why don’t you come give me a “serious TALKING to” yourself Dennis the Menace? Fucking tosser.
Nigel Goldsmith I have reported this page and will not give keyboard time to this person in any form. Please pass on my respect to the Rigby Family.
And you are a man of your word aren’t you Nigel? Do you know what irony is?
Tony Titman Ist not only him you should read what the other d-ck heads have to say! And I have tryed and Facebook see,s no reason to remove it, Says a lot about who ever is running there Show………
Ist it not Tit man? Well at least you tryed, even if Facebook see,s no reason to remove it… Do you know the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’ Tit man?
Probably not.
But I noticed that you like dots don’t you?  Who’s a big boy making dots… Shall we count the dots……….
Anton Read Gemma message the Sun, I’ve already messaged the Mail
Yes, quick Gemma! Rant On Anton can only message one propaganda rag per day. Its all down to you now.
Gemma Wylie Im sure the sun paper would love this story.
Errrr, I’m sure they wouldn’t Mystic Meg.
Linda Brumpton Can someone tell me how to report it please
Why? Can’t you think for yourself Linda Trumpton?
Anton Read Have messaged the Mail
Yes, yes we know Rant On Anton… Gemma’s got the Sun covered… Who’s doing the Mirror?
NO ONE! What do you mean “no one”!
At least tell me the Guardian has been informed?
Caroline McGhee Why this guy must have mental health issues. Just read a little because I’ve never heard of him thank goodness there are more sane people in the world. Reported to facebook.
Good girl Caroline. There is nothing more secure than an opinion based on little to no knowledge… Keep up the good work.
Anton Read Does the media know about this?
Not yet Rant On Anton. Here is the plan. You ring the Mail and get Gemma to speak to the Sun… Goodluck old chap.
Donald Samuel Villiers Thank you Mr faceless for your reply it appears your standards are as low as the low life poster in telling every terrorists in the UK where to find this family so will you carry the can if this family is attacked ?
And up to now you were all doing so well in keeping it a secret… And now look.
According to news reports there is a convoy of terrorists heading to Manchester as I type.
Best get the rigbys into a safe house… With a swimming pool… And flowers… Don’t forget the flowers… And a waterbed.
Jo Over I too have reported the page but couldn’t put why so ended up saying I didn’t like it, hopefully that will help
Fingers crossed it will do Jo. You did your bit anyway and that is all that matters… Over.
Len Cooper  Then it’s about time to leave Facebook.
That’ll show em Len.
Len? … Len? … LENNNNNN!
Where the fuck has Len gone?
Penelope Conway Nasty troll , our turn peeps to get one of them stopped , time to stand up and be counted , have reported and will continue to do so
Stacey Walker Absolutely vile what theyve said!! Theyre basically trying to make out that lee rigbys family are liars and the whole thing has been made up?! Clearly with the photos of the house they dont realise street maps are usually months or years behind. They sound like nothing more than conspiricy theorists!!
Thanks Stace. I wondered what I was trying to do.
Bill Gritt Reported, this sort of lowlife scum needs “positive reinforcement” to remind him of his civic duty
True Gritt.
Amanda Twyman Shared it and ive asked for it to be reported
Silly Billy! You should have reported it yourself Amanda.
Ask Linda Brumpton how to do it, if you don’t know how.
Dave DaddyDai Melloy I have left him a message and reported it to Facebook. This ” person ” should not be permitted to breath the same air as us.
Never a truer word spoken, Puff the Magic Dragon.
Lisa ‘Seddie’ Whitley  Reguardless of family etc.. A man is still dead… Reported
True, but at least two of him are still alive.
Mark Larden Should turn up at his house an intimidate him ser how he likes it
There is a flaw in your logic Lardass.
Sam Black  He should hang his head in shame….!
I thought you was on his side Sam? Besides, he wasn’t beheaded… That was just MSM bollox designed to incite racial hatred.
David Coverley Reported and not giving him the attention he craves
By reporting me and commenting presumably… Well done Dave, well done.
Diane Holman Heinous, reported
Why Di? What has Heinous done?
Steve Clarke Reported….and I’d love to know where
Probably to Facebook Stevie Wonder.
But you really do need to keep track of these things.
Eric Whicher You always get one assholep
Yes Eric you do… And one Vaginap if you are female and one penisp if you are male… Still, how is the course in anatomy going me old cockp sparrowp?
Lorraine Cottingham War and soldiers are what gives him the freedom to say these vile things. He should be damn grateful for people like Le and his family willing to sacrifice to keep that right for him. Hypocrite, causing anger and pain to people who gave that right.
IRONY: Soldiers making the ultimate sacrifice to defend a person’s right to free speech so as people can get it banned thus making the ultimate sacrifice a waste of time… I bet your nicknames Lightning isn’t it Lorraine.
Sharon Mcmillan Do not give this idiot the time of day. Haven’t. Lee’s family suffered enough without some moron upsetting. Them. Is it not illegal for him to to behave in this manner. His address and maps of his house should be published. As the whole country was devastated how Lee’s live was cut short by evil deranged nasty men. There was so much love for lees family we were all sick and saddened. Over Lee’s death. This nasty man in my eyes is as bad as lees killer’s. I think every one will no what a stupid man trying to get attention. We will make sure facebook takes it down. God bless all of. Lee’s family. RIP Dear Lee we will never forget you.
Do not give this idiot the time of day” says the idiot with just about the longest comment out of well over 300.
Mick Foxall  Have reported this page to Facebook several times, but as usual they do NOTHING, shame on you Facebook….
Shame on you for trying more than once then ya fucking half witted village idiot.
Malcolm Rutherford He is not worth a keystroke, hence reported….
Hence using quite a few keystrokes Einstein.
Danny Bartlett ive reported it twice now does anyone know how to email facebook admin directly as im sure if they were questioned why they find it appropriate to allow hate speech and harassment of dead british servicemen and there families and if they would make an official quote wonder if they would remove it then??
Errr, I don’t think that Facebook allows hate speech Danny the fanny… However, you are allowed to harass dead British servicemen, although it would be pointless due to them being dead. I trust this answers your query?.
Carolyn Cook Hoss Who are we talking about please. Don’t understand who is bad mouthing Lees family. Is it Chris Spivey. !!!!!!!
Shhhh, don’t tell her. Lets see how long it takes her to work it out.
Christopher Rico Thanks god. Its over…
Well he certainly let you down again didn’t he Chris… Good first name by the way.
Debbie Louise Perry Reported but like everyone else probably it was just dismissed.
Did you think that your go was going to be special then Debbie?
Are you a princess?
… Thank you S.O.T.S, you have proved Albert Einstein right.
The definition of insanity really is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
I do think that it is disgraceful that soldiers find themselves living rough though… If the queen was gracious and noble she would put an end to it… Just sayin’.
was it worthg it
That is one hell of a price to pay for someone who could end the suffering without a second thought… Ask yourself why she doesn’t.
However, even your misplaced loyalty to rigby is bollocks.
I mean, was Lee a regular full time soldier with 2RRF?
Was he fuck.

The following is what Wikipedia says about the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment (PWRR):
The regimental headquarters (RHQ) is at the Tower of London, whilst the regiment itself comprises three battalions:
  • 1st Battalion — Armoured Infantry (20th Armoured Brigade)
  • 2nd Battalion — Light Infantry (20th Armoured Brigade)
  • 3rd Battalion — Army Reserve Light Infantry (2nd (South East) Brigade)
There is also a single Army Reserve company, B (Queen’s) Company of the London Regiment.
Got that?
Now re-read the last line about company B and its status as an ARMY RESERVE company, formerly known as the TERRITORIAL ARMY.
Okay, now look at this screenshot of a Times Newspaper article about Rigby

Now, the Times states as fact that the TA soldier in that photo is Rigby, but even then, it isn’t necessarily so.
Take a look at this next photo batch.
r (1)1
Its just not cricket is it!
Course, he could have been in Afghanistan in 2009 since the Fusilier TA were there.
Again, this is from the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, Wikipedia page:
The regiment’s 2nd Battalion moved from Alexandria BarracksDhekelia after two years in Cyprus to Woolwich Garrison, London, to take up a Public Duties role as of August 2010 with the battalion’s corps of drums performing at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.
This ended on Sunday 3rd February 2013, with the battalion being the last light role infantry unit to perform Public Duties; this will now revert full-time back to the Household Division.
The corps of drums attained the role of best in the British Army. Prior to Cyprus, 2PWRR were based in BallykellyNorthern Ireland, the last resident battalion deployed in this role under Operation Banner.
Elements of both regular battalions were recently deployed to Afghanistan. Other elements of 1 PWRR were deployed to Iraq, where they helped train the Iraqi National Army and oversaw the withdrawal of UK Forces from Basra.
Members of the 3rd Battalion were deployed to both theatres alongside their regular colleagues.
So the 2RRF were indeed based at Woolwich barracks until February 2013, but it still leaves a shortfall of 3 months, unless they just forgot about him.
However, there was always lots of talk about ‘riggers’ doing “public duties” especially in 2010.
So hopefully this will check out thus proving me to be a right cunt.
Over to Wikipedia again then:
Three infantry battalions of the British army are currently tasked with the provision of Public Duties.
Two of these are from the Foot Guards of the Household Division, and one (since 1996) is a line infantry battalion.
The former are normally based at Wellington Barracks in central London, within a short distance of Buckingham Palace, and at Victoria Barracks in Windsor Castle, while the latter is at the Cavalry Barracks, Hounslow.
Permanent Public Duties companies of the Foot Guards also supplement these men.
Apart from providing the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace, and the Tower of London Guard, the Public Duties battalions occasionally also provide the Windsor Castle Guard, which is otherwise provided by the battalion based at Windsor.
Oh, perhaps not then.
So I think its safe to say that we have been lied to about Rigbys army career and where he lived.
Course, the waters were being muddied from the word go.
The following is what a serving soldier’s wife who allegedly knew Lee told the Telegraph back in May 2013:
“He was a young guy who cared very much about his country, like the rest of the soldiers.
“The atmosphere on the base is really quiet, very sad. It is just quiet, raw at the moment.
“A lot of our husbands left the country this morning to go to Kenya. I don’t believe he was due to go.
“He was on attachment to our battalion. I believe he was in training to start off his life as a soldier.
“It doesn’t matter who it is, it could have been any person on the street, but for it to be someone serving, it makes us all feel like targets.”
The woman was part of a procession of military wives and children who lay floral tributes at the Woolwich Army barracks this morning.
She said she personally knew the soldier, but that it “would not be fair” to identify him. Source
That claim was given credence by a serving soldier which was also reported in the Telegraph:
Zak Dempster, 36, from the Royal Mechanical Engineers, Kent Regiment, placed flowers at the Woolwich barracks today wearing a Help for Heroes t- shirt.
He told Josie Ensor: “The victim was not from around here, he was from Lincolnshire and i think he served in the Yorkshire Regiment. He was just starting off his career god bless him, in his 20s.
“we’ve been advised not to go around wearing our Help for Heroes clothes or fatigues but I’m here to show they won’t stop us or knock us down.” Source
So, early on into the reporting we had two witnesses testifying to knowing Rigby as being a  young soldier just starting off his career whose stories subsequently turned out to be a tissue of lies.
Course, whilst there is no accounting for human nature, I find the fact very strange that those two people – one a serving soldier, one an army wife living in Woolwich barracks – gave stories that concur yet were so wrong… Very strange indeed.
And then there is this snippet which appeared in the MSM and then disappeared just as quickly, never to be repeated:
Boys at a London private school held a personal tribute to Lee Rigby after getting to know him at a series of army cadet camps.
A group of teenagers at £15,000 a year Haberdashers’ Aske’s boys’ school were so moved by his death that they organised their own memorial service to Mr Rigby, who had worked with pupils at the Elstree school for three years.
Mr Rigby’s regiment, the Royal Fusiliers, has been linked with the school’s Combined Cadet Force since 1914 and he accompanied pupils on training exercises.
Dr Peter Spence, the school’s director of external relations, said: “He touched the lives of both a great many individuals and the CCF army section as a whole.
“At every turn his first thought was to help and encourage the cadets he was working with. That affection was something that was reciprocated and will endure within the memory of our CCF.”
Dr Spence added that Mr Rigby was considered an “exceptional” CCF instructor who was popular with the boys.
The school opened a book of remembrance and gave pupils the chance to light a candle in the school chapel on Friday. SOURCE
Did you notice that they called him Mr Rigby?
Moreover, Dr Spence called Rigby an “exceptional CCF instructor”.
Are those boys liars?
Is Dr Spence a liar?
So who are the CCF – Combined Cadet Force?
Well, according to the Government website:
The CCF is not part of the UK Armed Forces. While adult volunteers and cadets do wear uniform, they do not incur any liability for service or compulsory training in the Armed Forces as a result of being a CCF member.
Each school contingent is run by a team of enthusiastic adult volunteers drawn, in the main, from teachers within the school, although outside volunteers are often invited to help.
Schools may also employ a school staff instructor, either full or part-time, who is usually a retired senior non-commissioned officer.
Adult volunteers have the opportunity to gain nationally-recognised qualifications in leadership, management and outdoor pursuits. Source
And of course, serving soldiers are not allowed to be Cadet instructors:
from pamphlet ac14233: The Army Cadet Force Manual:
5.006. Regular Armed Forces and Regular Army Reserve. Serving members of the Regular Armed Forces may not be appointed as AI in the ACF. Members of the Regular Army Reserve may not be appointed as AI in the ACF without the consent in writing of the Army Personnel Centre… 
Course, I fully realise that you imbecilic twats clinging desperately to the official story will require more proof… So luckily I have plenty more.
For instance, the testimony of 15 year old cadet Lauren King which appeared on the fusiliers website… I should add that the fusiliers website reports on the TA’s, reservists and cadets news and not just that of the regular army:
I have wanted to do this for awhile to here it goes.
My names Lauren, I’m 15 and am part of the Army Cadet Force.
As part of the army cadet force we go away on a lot of training weekends.
One in particular was a weekend down in Surrey on the 3rd – 6th May.
It was a new experience for most of us because we had never been to Surrey with cadets and also we were camping with London cadets.
We were all looking forward to it! We got there and settled down for training to start on Saturday.
On Saturday morning we got on a coach and went to our training area.
When we arrived we got split in to groups, I was in a group of about 6 or 7.
We had a timetable of the weekend, we rotated our activities throughout the weekend.
My groups first activity was paint-balling. We walked up the pathway to where the paint-balling was being held and there we met our two instructors for the activity.
One if them was Drummer Lee Rigby.
We went paint-balling for the next two hours (we shot steel targets not each other) we still had a few hours until lunch, so we all sat around and talked for a while.
Lee Rigby and the other adult instructor started asking us questions like ‘what do you enjoy about cadets?
What is your favourite lesson? What do you want to do when you are older?’
I was on the edge of the group so was asked first. I said I wanted to be in the military however I was worried my asthma would stand in my way.
To which he responded; don’t let asthma stand in your way of being what you want to be, you can do anything.
That stood out to me. No one had said that to me before, only doctors saying my asthma may stop my chances.
Our lunch arrived and we all ate together, swapped food and had a right laugh! It was an amazing morning and an even better weekend.
Everyone made friends. A few weeks later I was on the phone to my friend (she is also a cadet) and she told me about a soldier that was killed in Woolwich. We were both upset at the thought and discussed it for a while. The next day the Lee Rigby was named as the victim and his photo was released.
I knew I recognised his name and face. I stared at his photo for a while trying desperately to remember. Then I saw a friends status saying how Lee Rigby was on our cadet weekend. Then it hit me.
The man that was killed in Woolwich was the very same man that sat in front of me 3 weeks prior telling me to never give up. I didn’t know how to react at first. I was shocked. I went to school and spoke to my friend (the same friend I spoke to on the phone the night before) about how I had met Lee Rigby.
We looked up on the BBC for any updates on the attack. I think it was then it really got to me, how horrifying it was and how much I appreciated the advice Lee had given to me. I got upset and went to the bathroom with my friend. I remember asking ‘ how can people do this?’ Then I thought of Lees family.
If this is how I feel after meeting Lee once for a few hours, how must they be feeling?
I have thought of them everyday since. I bought a wristband saying ‘R.I.P Lee Rigby 22/5/13 4/5/13 I will never forget’ I have worn it every day since it arrived and I don’t plan on taking it off.
I can not thank Lee enough for his advice. I’m even more determined to try my best now. Everyone should be, no matter what. Thank you Lee.
My thoughts are with Lee and his family.
R.I.P Lee Rigby
We will never forget. X
Is Lauren making it up?
You want more?
How about this from rigby’s ‘fiancee’, Aimee Wests cadet unit Facebook page… And if you think that Aimee was ever a real soldier or RMP you can think again… As I will prove shortly.
Always the same photoshopped photo of rigby isn’t it?
Course, had the fraud been in the regular army you would have to ask yourself why, after at least six years of “exemplary” service our “national hero” was still a fucking private?
The following is from the Army website:
Promotion to Lance Corporal may follow after Phase 2 Training or after about 3 years as a private. After 6-8 years, and depending on ability to lead, promotion to Corporal typically follows.
Yet Rigby was still a private.
Very strange then that the following is how he was described to one newspaper:
Drummer Rigby’s colleagues from 2nd Bn The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, described him as one of its “great characters”. Lieutenant Colonel Jim Taylor, the commanding officer of the Second Fusiliers, led tributes to the “dedicated and professional soldier”, a talented parade drummer who performed outside the Royal Palaces and whose strong personality marked him out to work in Army recruitment. SOURCE
So the fact that he was still a private doesn’t make sense does it?
Not that Jim Taylor would fucking know of course.
You see, he has never even so much as met Rigby:
Colonel Jim Taylor, of 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, had taken command just three weeks before Lee Rigby’s death.
The first time he addressed his soldiers was to deliver the news of their comrade’s murder. Source
Mind you, that could be why the gatekeeper made the following strange comment whilst reading a eulogy at Rigbys funeral:
“The recruiting post was one that required just the characteristics that Lee possessed and had shown in spades in the short time he had served with the Fusiliers”. Source
Who knows? Perhaps 6 years is a “short time” in the army.
Course, when you take into account that Taylor – who is a tell tale MBE, thanks ma’am – didn’t know him, you have to wonder why he also said the following at Lee’s funeral:
Soon after he arrived in Cyprus, Lee deployed to Jordan on exercise where he began to learn his operational trade as a machine gunner. As some of you will know, the terrain in Jordan is unforgiving, as is the heat, and I remember Lee being put through his paces with the Drums Platoon Source
“I remember Lee being put through his paces…”! Exactly how do you remember that then Taylor ya lying cunt?
Moreover, the vast majority of tributes came from the commanding officers of 2RRF stationed in Cyprus.
Take what is written above for instance. It clearly states that “Drummer Rigby’s colleagues from 2nd Bn The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, described him as one of its great characters”… Yet the piece doesn’t name the ‘colleagues.
Never the less, this pantomime goes from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Now I say that because the script writers needed to come up with an excuse as to why rigby was heading back to barracks so early on the 22nd of May 2013.
And what follows is presumably the best that the clowns could come up with:
The night before Lee was attacked and murdered, he had agreed to work at a wedding-themed fashion show being staged at the Tower of London so he could collect bridal products for his soon-to-be wife.
Volunteering for the show meant he only had to work until lunchtime on May 22 – and it was this arrangement which proved fatal.  Source
So we have a supposedly regular full time soldiers working at wedding fairs now do we?
Don’t be so fucking stupid!
You would have to be some kind of cunt to believe that… Unless of course Rigby wasn’t really a soldier.
Never the less, you have to check these claims out don’t you… Well I do anyway.
And guess what?
There were no wedding themed fashion shows going on at the Tower of London in May, June or any other fucking month for that matter.
weddin fair

Therefore, either the Chimp On Sunday was making it up or Aimee West – Lee’s *aherm, aherm* fiancée – is telling lies.
Or put another way: Porky Fucking Pig is telling Porky Fucking Pies… Harsh?
Fuck off ya soft cunts.
Anyone purposely conspiring with the ‘Establishment’ to take away our civil rights is undeserved of the tiniest bit of respect, the dirty fat slag whore… Hi aimee!
I mean, Aimee isn’t even a Military Police Woman like we have been led to believe.
She is a Cadet Instructor and as such any talk of her being an RMP is bollocks.
Course, if the above isn’t proof enough for you that the wedding show was just old fanny, then you can always have a butchers at the Tower of London website which should still have the past events listed, by clicking HERE
At least it did have when I checked in late December 2013… Just sayin’.
Yet that doesn’t alter the fact that at worst Lee was murdered.
He didn’t die in the course of an heroic act.
He didn’t give up his life selflessly.
There is no evidence suggesting that he put up a fight… Well he couldn’t, not with the impact of the car breaking his back anyway… Allegedly.
Therefore he was murdered without having a choice in the matter.
So why is Rigby more deserved of a state like funeral than anyone else who is murdered?
The following is from the Guardian regarding the funeral which took place on the 12/7/13:
From Thursday night until his funeral at 11am on Friday, 32 of his fellow soldiers will keep vigil over his coffin. Four at a time, they will keep watch over the corners of the casket: a procedure last seen the night before Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. “A very rare honour,” said an army spokesman. “Sixteen years I’ve been in the job and I’ve never seen a military funeral like this.”  Source
Never a truer word spoken Army Spokesman… Never a truer word spoken.
However, we do have the testimonies of rigbys army friends to give credence to him being a real soldier.
Course, we have already heard from the vile racist Owein O’Brien, and I am sure you will agree that his account of their friendship can be taken with a pinch of salt.
Moreover, if O’brien is the kind of person that rigby was friends with then the fella is deserving of a proper good kicking – not national hero status.
I mean, with such views it is hardly surprising that O’Brien was demoted is it?
We have also heard from the three Hyndman brothers – rigby’s childhood friends from Middleton… Least I think I have told you about them.
It is actually quite hard to remember what I have and what I haven’t told you what with there being so many things to tell you about.
Never the less, just to be on the safe side it won’t hurt to give you a reminder.
And then there is Tom Ferret – or some surname or another like that anyway… He spins a good yarn, don’t cha know:
An injured soldier who taught murdered drummer Lee Rigby music has spoken of his heartbreak.
Tom Freret, from Lewes, was seriously injured as he served in Afghanistan in 2008 after a bomb exploded just 30 metres from him.
The 26-year-old, who has since left the Second Royal Princess of Wales Regiment, returned to the UK and went to stay in Woolwich barracks where he met Lee, who was killed last month.
‘In his memory’ He told The Argus: “It shocked and horrified me enough to find out that a soldier had been hacked to death in broad daylight metres from where I was based in Woolwich while carrying out public duties, even more so when I found out it was a friend of mine.”
He taught Lee music and spent nights with the 25-year-old, who was stabbed to death in a street in Woolwich, just outside the barracks, last month.
Mr Freret would like people to donate to forces’ charity Help for Heroes.  (don’t the always – Spiv)
Lee was wearing one of the charity’s jumpers when he was attacked.
He said: “This is not political. I just want to do something for Lee.
“After I left Afghan I was in hospital in Selly Oak (in Birmingham) and then I went to barracks.
“I’ma drummer as well, good at music and I taught music to people including Lee.
“We had nights out together including on New Year’s Eve in 2008 and now I want to do something in his memory.
“I knew his wife Rebecca as well, she is lovely, and he was just a really nice bloke.
“The support from around the world has been overwhelming and people have paid their respects to him at war memorials in towns and cities all over the UK with flowers and candle lit vigils.”
Tributes to Lee Collections in Lee’s honour are being held in Harveys’ Shop, The Volunteer, The Crown, The Lamb, The Elephant & Castle, The Royal Oak, The Rights of Man, The Brewers Arms, The Black Horse and Nevill Newsagents in Lewes.
The Argus: Tom Freret and Lee Rigby with a friend on New Year's Eve 2008
PHOTO: Lee & Tom Freret on New Years Eve 2008 
So, here we have a friend who was blown up in 2008 but taught Lee music… What music would that be then Tom?
Moreover, Tom says that after he was injured in 2008 he went to stay at Woolwich barracks where he met Lee… Really Tom?
Or are you a lying cunt too?
You see, it isn’t normal practice to keep badly injured soldiers at barracks for 4 fucking years.
By that I mean that according to the official story, Lee didn’t move into Woolwich barracks until 2012.
Indeed, if you disregard the official line, he never lived there at all.
Never the less, if  Tom met Lee at the Woolwich barracks then how come he is in the photo above on New Years Eve 2008?
Moreover, that is taken in a club in Rochdale where many of the photos that you have seen were taken!
Safe to say then, that Tom’s story – like all of rigby’s other ‘mates’ – is nothing more that a crock of Horseshit.
However, I like this one best:
A pal yesterday told how Rocky fan Lee was thrilled when the film’s star Sylvester Stallone asked HIM to pose for a picture.
Lee was performing ceremonial duties with comrades from 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers when Sly, who was on holiday in London, stopped to chat.
A friend said: “Lee was chuffed to bits. Stallone told them all it was an honour and thanked them for letting him get a picture.”
Former Lance Corporal Dan Arch, 26, was in the regiment and he and Lee became good pals on a tour of Cyprus.
Dan, from Sale, Greater Manchester, said: “I met Lee after we had finished training and joined our battalion. We weren’t in the same company at first but we started to chat whenever we bumped into each other. He was in the drums and I was doing reconnaissance work.
“We lived in the same building in Cyprus. He was always playing drums outside my window so I would shout at him to ‘shut up’.
“He’d smile and come over and have a chat. He got on with everyone and wouldn’t hurt a fly.”
Dan, who left the Army three years ago and now works on the oil rigs in Scotland, added: “When I heard the news someone had been killed, I didn’t think it would be anyone I knew.
“Then I heard through someone at the regiment it was Lee. 
Unfortunately I have lost the Source link… My bad.
However, despite the story vanishing from the internet (a bit like this site according to Google – fuck you very much Google)  if anyone comes across it let me know and I will be only too happy to add it.
Never the fucking less, doesn’t Dan sounds like he was absolutely fucking livid when he found out that the Mickeys had murdered his old pal Digby Rigby.
Tell us again Danny, how angry were you when you found out?
“I was so angry I couldn’t even say what I thought for a while”. 
Fucking hell mate! That is angry.
Course, being a squaddie I will bet you were not lost for choice words once you had got your head together.
Did you call the Mickeys, Maggot infested dogshit? I’ll bet you did.
Either that or Gonorrhea infected spunk bubbles?
Oh fuck the guessing, I am way too excited to play guessing games.
Just tell us what you had to say about the pus dripping fanny warts Danny.
“His killers are disgusting human beings.”
Fuck me Dan the Man, don’t you go over the top now will ya!
Course, I did find it very strange that the report didn’t show us the photo of old Sly & rigby together.
Luckily, I managed to find it elsewhere.
“Stop blinking teasing them Spiv and just show them the bloody photo”!
Oh hi Voicey… Okay.
There ya go:
“Are you extracting the urine Spiv. You have just stuck Rigbys head on whoever Stallone is with”!
Yes I know I have.
Its called photoshopping, derrrrr.
The MSM do it all the time when they want something to appear other than it is.
And the fact is, despite searching my bollocks off, I couldn’t find that photo of Sly and ‘riggers’.
Anyway, safe to sa…
Whoops, my bad again.
No one special Voicey, just old Shaun Sheer.
Never the less, if rigby’s stories were not porkies then there would be no need for all this deceit would there?
However, the very fact that these traitors to their country are lying makes all of you muppets who believed the rigby story to be genuine, look like right cunts.
Heroes do not need to tell lies.
Indeed, the Cambridge Dictionary describes a hero as:  a person who is admired for having done something very brave or having achieved something great.
So, what did rigby do that was so brave?
Or what did he ever achieve in his whole life that was great? … Apart from this great big lie of course.
I mean, he didn’t win bravery medals in Afghanistan so why is he worthy of all this attention whilst soldiers who did win bravery medals go ignored?
Neither is being murdered a great achievement.
Yet the opportunist cunts Dave ‘the rave’ Cameron (British Prime Minister) and his monkey cunt cousin BoJo (mayor of London) turned up for his funeral… Are those two arsewipes for fucking real?
Now, if  Rigby had done a Ninja back flip onto Michael Adebolajo’s car as it approached, punched in the sun roof with his fist and dragged the two Michaels out by the scruff of the neck, then yes, a hero he would have been.
And have you seen how small a Vauxhall Tigra is! The acutely sloping bonnet is certainly no longer than 5 ft, that is for sure.
Unfortunately, the useless twat rigby put up no resistance whatsoever… Despite the car travelling at approximately 15 MPH and not even hitting him.
After all, if it had then we would have seen the footage.
And forget all that old fanny that it was too gruesome for the public to witness… Was it fuck.
All the newspapers would have had to do had it been real is put a warning up before showing the stills… Like they always fucking do.
Course, I would imagine that the powers that be used the same excuse for not showing the murder trial jury photographs of rigby’s wounds.
Had they done, then it might have put an end to the old bollocks that is still being spouted in the MSM to this very day about rigby nearly being decapitated – along with other such fantasies.
For instance, the following is just one of the Telegraph newspapers ludicrous claims that they make a year to the day of the event taking place :
They had been hunting for a British soldier to kill. As Dmr Lee Rigby lay unconscious, the men dragged him into the road and attacked him with a machete and meat cleaver so brutally that his head was almost severed from his body. It was, they told passers-by, an act of revenge for the deaths of Muslims at the hands of UK military abroad. Source
See what I mean?
The fraud cunts now have Rigby being attacked in the road, not on the pavement.
Moreover, the fraud cunts are still harping on about Ropey Rigby being beheaded – or as near as damn it.
Yet that old bollocks simply isn’t true.
Course, you can try and kid yourself that the Journalist made a mistake, but if I had made a mistake like that I would have zero credibility… What do you mean I haven’t?… FUCK OFF.
Never the less, you are never going to convince me that a British Journalist buying into this old fanny; did not know that rigbys rocker remained attached to his neck and that his body was not attacked in the road.
Therefore, it was a deliberate act of disinformation designed purely to make the unbelievable sound plausible… Yet if the phoney fucking story was true, there would have been no need to alter the facts.
Moreover, the witness accounts would match the video evidence and the jury would have seen clear, undeniable photos of Rigby on the slab… And anyone who cannot work that out for themselves is one dumb fuck and is in need of an urgent check up from the neck up.
Course, despite the shit stirring cunts in the MSM still printing on the 24th of May 2013, the outrageous, race hate inciting lie that ‘riggers’ was decapitated (or very near to being); I had an inkling that he wasn’t anywhere near that stage on the day that the hoax took place.
After all, to be nearly decapitated you need to have your spine severed at the neck because if its not, then your fucking head ain’t coming off no matter how deep you cut around it.
Moreover, I knew for certain that he had not been decapitated on the 23rd of May 2013, so if I knew then the cunts in the MSM knew too and as such they are all guilty of stirring up racial tension – punishable by up to 7 years in prison.

Indeed, the fact that Rigbys head remained where it should be was confirmed at the murder trial by Dr Simon Poo – least that is what I think his name is… Not that the “expert witness” clarified the point of course.
However, by not mentioning the fact to the Jury whilst describing rigby’s injuries only goes to confirm that Lee didn’t come anywhere near close to losing his head.
And since Dr Poo was just about the only expert witnesses to appear in court during the course of the trial, you would have thought that the MSM reporters present throughout would have paid particular attention to what Poo the Pathologist was saying when describing Biggers Riggers injuries – in between fucking sobs.
I mean come on, how pathetic does a story have to get before you realise that you must have been a proper muggy cunt to ever have believed such pathetic old fanny in the first place.
A pathologist!  fucking crying? … Beam me the fuck up Scotty:
Jurors and the pathologist who examined the Fusilier broke down today as the Old Bailey heard the injuries the soldier suffered when he was killed.
Pathologist Dr Simon Poole examined Fusilier Rigby’s body for six hours during the post mortem on  May 23.
He said all the injuries were consistent with being hit by a car and attacked with bladed weapons and the cause of death was multiple incised wounds.
Jurors were shown graphic representations of the numerous injuries Fusilier Rigby sustained in the fatal attack.
They included fractures to the left side of his back, consistent with a single high-energy blunt force impact which could have been the impact with the car and stab wounds to the body, neck and head. Source
See, no mention of him almost being decapitated… Except by the journalists themselves.
And I will also just point out that had the car struck rigby, it would have been his right side that bore the force of the impact and in any case, a Tigra bonnet is only thigh high on someone of Rigbys height.
Never the less, the Jury could have told you all that rigby’s injuries were not as described by the MSM – IF THEY HAD SEEN PHOTOS OF RIGBYS INJURIES.
Instead they saw fucking drawings… They did not see photos of Rigbys body… They saw fucking drawings… “Jurors were shown graphic representations”.
But it gets better… It always gets better don’t cha know:
“He said one of the wounds to the soldier’s arm could have been defensive or could have been inflicted while he was unconscious” Source
And that is what passes for an expert witness?
Fuck me, what he just said was equivalent to saying “he had a snotty nose which may have been due to him having a cold, or he might just have had a snotty fucking nose”!
However, before you even dare to suggest that they were not shown real photographs of rigby’s injuries because they would be too graphic, think about it first and then call yourself a gullible, retarded, halfwit.
You see, the following pathology photos – which would make rigbys look like he had been scratched – were shown to a  jury during the course of Jack Whomes and Michael Steel’s trial for murdering Essex Gangsters Tony Tucker, Pat Tate and Craig Rolfe.
See how easy it is?
All three gangsters had been shot twice in the head with a shotgun, from almost point blank range… You have been warned.
So, what we actually have so far is a murder trial in which the  jury has only heard contradictory statements read out to them and as such the stated facts were left to go unchallenged.
All they have seen is photoshopped photos of the time line
They haven’t seen a single exhibit other than in photos which proves fuck all… And even then the photos were of knives NOT used in the attack.
And now they haven’t even seen a dead fucking rigby.
Fuck me, Vagina versus Adebolajo & Adebowale must be the only trial to ever take place with a jury made up of 12 lobotomized, blind people!
I mean, even if you forget about the lack of blood that comes and goes from the Woolwich crime scene, have you ever seen a body that has been stabbed multiple times?
They look like Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson do in the following photos:
Piece of fucking piss.
Nicole Brown Simpson crime scene distance
Take no notice of the blood trails, there has already been too many arguments over the amount of blood – or lack of it – present at the Woolwich crime scene to get bogged down by that detail again.
It is the state of Goldman and Simpson’s bodies that you need to pay attention to.
Both were stabbed multiple times and neither came close to being decapitated.
Yet they have head to toe blood covering them.
And don’t forget that according to Dr Poo, rigby had deep cuts to his arms, body, neck and head… I wonder if Dr Poo examined his head in a separate room?
Nah, couldn’t have since his spine was still intact at the neck.
Never the less, the last thing that you would expect a corpse that had been hit by a car, stabbed multiple times and dragged around a fucking pavement to look like is this:
Fuck me, the last time I saw white like that was when the Bee Gees smiled.
However, if you look very closely at this photo especially to the right of the pixelation you can see the chalk line used to mark where ‘the body’ has to lay.
Okay, lets have a look at rigby’s body and how it was treated whilst still on site.
Course, there is no escaping the fact that after the ‘police’ shot Adebolajo and Adebowale, the two male coppers attended Adebowale who was in a bulletproof vest hidden under his big beige coat that didn’t have a drop of blood on it… Rigbys blood or his own.
Whilst at the same time, the female copper attended Adebolajo… Who showed no sign of blood loss either, despite being shot in the leg (at least according to the Daily Mirrors video) and having a pair of visible white socks on.
Quite why they didn’t shoot Tina Nimmo who was wandering around dropping knives(yes I have the proof) and could in fact have been with the two Micks as far as the gun cops were aware is indeed anyones guess.
Moreover, why the 3 coppers didn’t immediately secure the crime scene and attend to Rigby – whom they could have had no idea if he was dead or alive – is again anyones guess.
The paramedics then turned up a few minutes later.
Did the 3 coppers order them to go check Rigby?
Did they fuck!
Did the paramedics go and check Rigby off their own bat?
Did they fuck!
Did the paramedics take over attending to the two Michaels?
Did they fuck.
They just stood and watched while the white fella in the grey hoodie (most likely an MI5 agent and is referred to in the photo batch below as GH) rifled through the paramedics bag unchallenged by them or the police – after he had first herded the actors onto the bus of course.
Now, although I published the following photos in my article ‘The Drummer Man’, I feel it important that they should be published here too if for no other reason than to show the inexplicable actions of the bus driver… Well, that is to say “inexplicable if you don’t know what is going on.
I should also point out that this batch of photos was put together before I knew Tina Nimmo’s identity and as such she is referred to as being WD (weapon dropper):
Now before continuing, I should just point out that I did make a few errors in the above batch in regard to those around the body, who are all in fact in on the plot.
Then again, I did put these photos together nearly a year ago.
The woman who I refer to as Blondie (in the denim jacket) is of course Viki Cave. She too is in on the plot.
Okay, on with the photos.
Now, whilst all that old fanny was going on, there were extremely strange things going on with rigby’s body.
More photos please:

I would hazard a guess that the actor, having finished being photographed has now got up and been replaced by a dummy, hence the ‘security’ are kicking it into position.
Look closely at those last 4 photos and you can see a white chalk line outlining where the body needs to be positioned.
Now, you can call me a cunt and threaten to smash my head in as many times as you fucking want, but I will never stop telling you that this was a fraud fucking act committed by the security services – who are as I type crawling all over me and my crew – on behalf of your government, with the full knowledge of the queen of England and the RIGBYS who are up to their treacherous necks in it… And if you can’t see that fact you narrow minded tonka twats, then more fool you.
I mean, the rigby’s didn’t identify the body either did they.
Now don’t forget that mum Lyn allegedly wasn’t informed about Lee’s death until the 23rd of May at somewhere between midnight and 2AM in the morning (her story keeps changing so it is hard to be more specific):
Lyn said on the day he died, she had been on her way to work when her daughter rang to say a soldier had died in London. She said she knew it was Lee because he always rang her to put her mind at rest when there was news of a soldier being killed. She tried to reach Lee by phone and couldn’t get hold of him.
It was 2am when she was told. Lyn thought if it was Lee she would have known by now so she assumed it wasn’t him. Because Lee was separated from his wife there was delay in informing families. Lyn knew when she saw the police arrive at her house in the early hours. Telling Lee’s sister was the hardest, said Lyn. Source
And then there is this confusing, contradictory old fanny – again straight from the horse’s mouth:
Fusilier Rigby’s mother remembers how on the day he was murdered, she saw the item on the news about the attack on a soldier and knew it was her son. ‘I tried Lee straight away. I couldn’t get hold of Lee. I just thought to myself, it’s got to be Lee because he’s not phoned. He’s not phoned to say he was safe.
Now, that second account obviously doesn’t tally’s up with the first account.
I mean, the first has Sara ringing Lyn to tell her a soldier has been killed, whilst the second account has Lyn seeing the incident on the tv news.
But neither account alters the fact that Lying Lyn is only trying to garner sympathy for herself… And she won’t get any off me.
I mean to say, what a load of mawkish old bollocks: “she knew it was Lee because he always rang her to put her mind at rest when there was news of a soldier being killed”.
He didn’t fucking ring her to tell her he had got engaged, that is for sure.
And in any case, the fact that cry baby mummy’s boy hadn’t rung Lyn to tell her a soldier had died proves nothing except that Lyn is a lousy actress.
After all, rigby was at work – or meant to have been – so he might not have heard about a soldier being murdered.
Indeed, there could have been all manner of reasons that Sonny Lee hadn’t rang her.
In fact, given her track record, I’m quite surprised that she remembered that she had a son.
Moreover, the fact that mum Lyn, sister Sara and his fiancee Aimee all categorically state that they were frantically trying to reach him by phone – which they all also claim just rang until it went to answer phone  - just doesn’t ring true… No pun intended.
After all, despite the police & paramedics originally ignoring Rigby – what with him being THE VICTIM and as such it was much more important to give medical attention to the assailants – the emergency services were still with him approximately twenty minutes after the attack had begun… Long before anyone knew that a SOLDIER had been *aherm,aherm* beheaded.
So, do you mean to tell me that no cunt thought to answer his phone?
I mean, I know for a fact that the Odd Bod Plod Squad answer peoples mobiles because I have seen them do so with me own two mince pies.
The report then continues:
‘I was just going up to bed and there was a knock on the door. So I goes to the window, and there was four gentlemen stood there. And I knew then, why they was here and I just lost everything after that.’
In the heart-rending interview, Mrs Rigby said she was on her way to work to do an evening cleaning shift when her daughter, Sara McClure, 24, rang her to ask if she’d seen the news about a soldier being murdered in Woolwich.
She said: ‘I think I clicked then that it could possibly be Lee. 
Lee always phoned me if anything had happened to a soldier, to put my mind at rest.
Hold up, didn’t she say earlier that she KNEW straight away that it was lee?
Yet now she is just counting the news of a soldiers death as being a possibility that it was Lee!
Fair do’s, keep going:
‘But I hadn’t received a phone call.’
She added: ‘I went into work and we have TVs in work – I actually stood there and watched the whole thing.  I tried to phone Lee, couldn’t get hold of him.  We tried his barracks.
‘His phone would ring and it would ring, but we just couldn’t get hold of Lee.’
She must have magic fucking TV’s at work then since no cunt has ever seen “the whole thing”.
Indeed, on the 22nd of May 2013, we saw very, very little, being as Rigby hadn’t been identified until quite late on and the families hadn’t been informed.
Mrs Rigby told how she went home and only then learnt of her son’s death.
She said: ‘I was just going up to bed.  I put the bedroom light on and the door went.
‘I knew straight away.
Fuck me, she knew, she didn’t know, she knew, she didn’t know… Have a fucking word people.
The bird is an actress!
Not a very fucking good one either, although she has made a fucking packet from the racket.
You can tell when these victims are acting.
You see, they always talk in a flat monotonous tone, take plenty of deep breaths, and shake their head from side to side as they talk.
The report once again continues:
‘I went to the window and there were four gentlemen in black suits and then I started crying, as I knew it was Lee.
‘I went downstairs, I opened the door.  That was it.  I don’t really remember much from there – I just fell onto the couch and everything was just a blur from there.’
Speaking to her husband, she said: ‘I had to phone you at work but I couldn’t do it.  I had to phone Sara and tell Sara it was Lee.  That was so hard.’
The interviewer, Mary Nightingale, said: ‘You knew what had happened to him.’
Mr Rigby said: ‘We’d seen it all, I mean, everything was shown on the telly.’
His wife added: ‘That was the worst bit; losing your son and have to watch as well.’
Fusilier Rigby was the eldest of five children brought up in Greater Manchester, and fiercely protective of his siblings Sara, 24,  Chelsea, 21, Courtney, 11, and Amy, eight. Source
What about asking to see their I.D Lyn… Oh no, sorry that is another version that you gave wasn’t it.
Now if I remember rightly I have already pointed out that the MOD do not send more than 2 people round to inform a family about the death of a soldier – indeed in most instances it is just one.
Yet Lyn gets four, of whom she can’t decide if they were coppers or the MOD.
Never the less it is all bollocks because it is only the next of kin who are officially informed whom in this case was Rebecca – if you believe the official story.
Indeed, Lyn contradicted herself on this fact whilst receiving yet another freebie in the form of a garden makeover.
You see, with her best “please feel sorry for me” voice and hang dog expression in place Lyn told ITV:
“Its ripped me apart really. I’ve not really been able to grieve for Lee.
Not being next of kin I’ve had nothing. No possessions of Lee”.
That is to say apart from his uniform, more money than you have ever had in your life, fame, etc, etc… Carry on:
“And we just felt, y’know, we were put in a corner and ‘get on with it’. y’know.
The next of kin gets looked after, we get nothing”.
You sound a bit bitter Lyn… Tell us again how those four fellas came to inform you about Lee’s death in the middle of the night.

Ohhhh, yeah. Now we have the I.D version.
And whilst we’re at it, you may as well remind us of how devoted you and Lee were to each other despite the fact that you never met or spoke to his fiancee Aimee until he had been dead a month and a half.
Cheers, ya fucking lying old trout.
I mean, how many families get their house tarted up for free just because one of their number has been murdered?
Never the less, Lyn calls the Burnside Crescent house her “Safe Haven”, but said that it became overgrown when Lee died.
Really Lyn?
This first photo is from 2008.
And of course Lee had his head that well screwed on that he didn’t bother changing his personal information such as his next of kin – despite a very acrimonious split from his wife a year before his ‘death’..
Still, the results were nice, despite viewers of the video having to sit through Lyn & Ians old bollocks… Not that they live there anyway.
Moreover it was strange how Courtney ‘rigby’ was there for the grand unveiling, but there was no sign of youngest daughter Amy… I mean, what little girl is going to pass up the chance to see the garden completed, her parents reaction and be “ont tele” to boot?
Talk about mugging people off.
Of course, the key to much of the Woolwich deception lies with Shaun Sheer, a man reported to be a good friend of rigbys… Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t.
However, he was the key to bringing the north and south together for this pantomime.
971055_10151615957837645_1441358319_n (1)
Yet as you will know if you have taken the time to read my other articles – as opposed to just acting pathetically indignant without knowing why – the vast majority of rigby’s ‘friends’ at the funeral were in fact Aimee West’s friends.
And the vast majority of those, are like Aimee West in so much as they are army cadet instructors.
Course, neither was Aimee as ‘cut up’ over the death of her fiance as she would have us all believe.
In fact it wouldn’t be unfair to describe Aimee as being what my old Mum would call a “proper hard faced so and so”.
article-2331079-1A00E9F3000005DC-996_634x423 (1)
Never the less, it is fair to say that Aimee West was an anomaly from the start… Although I have more than got to grips with the old fanny now.
I mean, there was the MSM and every soft lad and ladette in the country mourning this so called wonderful hero of a man whilst all the while knowing that the cunt was married to Becci and engaged to be married to someone else… Again, not my idea of a fucking hero!
Worse still, we have Rebecca Rigby telling the world that she and Lee are going to get back together whilst he is supposedly living with Aimee West in Woolwich Barracks and talking about the lavish wedding that they are going to have.
This originally led me to believe that Aimee was nothing more than a right fucking nuisance spoiling an otherwise damn good wheeze.
But I too am a gullible fool at times… Albeit nowhere near in the same league as the ‘300 + Idiot Club’.
You see, I now believe that Aimee was always meant to be a distraction and put in place just to muddy the waters further whilst at the same time making sure that Sara McClure remained focused.
Now, the latter part of that last sentence obviously won’t make sense to you since it is obvious that the Rigby family had never met or even spoken to Aimee prior to Lee’s funeral in July 2013.
This fact was halfway evidenced by the fact that the rigby clan didn’t become friends with Aimee on Facebook until after Lee’s funeral.
Moreover, neither would rigby’s mother, stepfather and sister Sara have sat next to Rebecca Metcalfe at a press conference – shown worldwide two days after Lee’s alleged murder – and listen to Rebecca blatantly lie to the world about her and Lee getting back together had they been on friendly terms with Aimee.
Yet, despite the rigbys never having met Aimee, her and Lee were apparently set to get married:
Lee asked Aimee to marry him days before she flew out to Afghanistan in February 2013 — three months before his murder.
She said: “There’s a park near where we live. We went for a walk on my last weekend.
“He’s really soppy and I’m not. He got down on one knee. I just said ‘Yes’ straight away. He had asked my mum’s permission before going down on his knee.”
 Aimee and Lee planned to marry in 2016 after she had finished a university law course. She added: “He had picked a date. (Source: the Sun Newspaper)
That is of course if you buy into the official story.
I mean, since the whole thing is a scripted ruse, the cast of idiots are obviously going to go along with the bullshit… But surely they wouldn’t betray their dead son’s new fiance in such a public way, had they actually known her?
After all, close families have that saying ;”if you’re good enough for our ‘insert name‘, then you’re good enough for us”.
So, the fact that they did sit next to Becci at that press conference and pretended to be a close knit family united in grief becomes even more improbable when you consider that Rebecca had stopped not only Lee from seeing his son; but also extended that ban to the rigby family as a whole.
The following Facebook conversation took place two days after Lee’s funeral. However I should point out that the relevant bits are marked with orange:
So like I say, had the rigby’s known about Aimee and her engagement to Lee; for them to then sit next to Rebecca and play happy families would have been the ultimate slap in the face for young Aimee.
Moreover, in theory Lee’s memory would have come away from the press conference a lot less tarnished if the family had been straight about things from the start.
I mean to say, which of the following two statements show rigby in a better light:
1) Rigby’s devastated parents attended the press conference with his estranged wife while his equally distraught fiancée couldn’t be there as she has not yet arrived back in the country from Afghanistan where she is deployed as an RMP.
2) Rigbys devastated parents attended the press conference with their daughter in law Becci – who they can’t stand – yet despite Becci denying them access to their grandson following a messy breakup she has made it clear with a lie, that her and Lee had remained extremely close and were indeed due to meet at the weekend to discuss Lee moving back home. Meanwhile Lee’s live in lover – who he has proposed to despite still being married to rebecca and as such is blatantly lying to one of them – is currently flying home from Afghanistan, but wouldn’t have attended tonight’s press conference anyway as a bitch fight tends to look bad at times like this.
Just sayin’.
Other proof that the family had no idea about Aimee is demonstrated by the way that the rigbys didn’t object to Aimee not being allowed at Lee’s memorial service which was held on the day before his funeral.
Neither did the rigbys so much as look at her as they left that service.
Don’t worry if you don’t know who Martin French is. I will clarify this later on in this article.
Okay, getting back to it neither was Aimee allowed to sit with her previously intended future in-laws at the funeral service.
And then there is the great big ‘give the game away’ fact that Aimee admits in the Sun Newspaper that she didn’t know them:
“I still wake up thinking Lee is alive and have to remind myself. It’s the worst feeling.”
Lee was killed by Adebolajo and Adebowale weeks before Aimee was due back from Afghanistan to meet his parents for the first time. (the Sun Newspaper)
I suppose I could have used that snippet straight away to prove the point, but I like to build up an air of anticipation don’t cha know… Like ya do.
So, despite rigby being engaged 3 months at the time of his alleged death and indeed, he had been dating Aimee 6 months prior to getting engaged, I find it very strange that he hadn’t taken the “love of his life” to see his beloved Mother – to whom she tells us he was devoted… Not even over the Christmas period.
Very fucking strange indeed when you take into consideration snippets of news like the following.
For Lee Rigby, his son and family always came first and he had an especially strong bond to his mother, who split from his father, Philip McClure, and later married Ian Rigby in 2006, with Lee taking his step-father’s name. Source
Course, as I have already documented elsewhere there is very little evidence to suggest that Ian & Lyn ever got married and indeed, Ian is in all likelihood only there to keep Lyn focused in the same way that Aimee is there to keep Sara McClure focused.
Which of course would explain why he isn’t on the board of directors for Team Lee United Forces LIMITED, the company that Lyn and two others set up to make money by trading off of Lee’s name… But do let me know if there is another credible way of looking at it.
In fact, tell us again how hard it is just getting up in the mornings Lyn:
Untitled2 (1)
Someone nicked all those wooden crosses Lyn! And moved the sign… And the memorial book… And nicked the drum!
“What about Becci Spiv”?
What about her Voicey?
“She’s upset too y’know”.
Oh alright, show us how upset you are Becci Metcalfe who never married lee rigby.
Not a fucking tear in sight.
Never the less, Aimee admitted herself that she wasn’t allowed into the memorial service and had to sit at the back of the church for Lee’s funeral because she was neither a family member or next of kin:
As she was not a relative Ms West was refused access to the chapel of rest and left out of funeral plans. She was not allowed to go to the graveside, instead having to wait until everyone had left to visit alone, and was also forced to sit behind MPs at her fiancée’s funeral. Source
Of course, this then begs the question, how the fuck was she given compassionate leave and flown home by the Army when she clearly wouldn’t have qualified for it.
I will remind you of what we were told:
 She was immediately flown back to Britain on compassionate grounds and was photographed tearfully placing a bouquet of flowers outside Woolwich Barracks  and being comforted  by colleagues.  Source
However, I shall return to this matter shortly.
Never the less, we are still supposed to believe that Lee was that close to his ‘mother’ that he sent her a text message on the eve of his murder, thanking her for being the best mum in the world:
Lee’s stepfather Ian, 54, read out the last text message his wife received from her son, sent the night before his death.
It read: “Goodnight mum, I hope you had a fantastic day today because you are the most fantastic and one in a million mum that anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for supporting me all these years, you’re not just my mum you’re my best friend. So goodnight, love you loads.” Source
Now I personally find this very strange – not just because of the fact that the text message sounded completely false, but also because Lee had been hooked up with his FIANCEE Aimee since at least August 2012 (9 months at the time of his murder) and hadn’t so much as mentioned her to Lyn… Who is a board member of  TEAM LEE UNITED FORCES LTD, which is also strangely known as Team Lee United Forces on the company’s facebook page.
Almost in fact, as if they didn’t want people to know that it was a LTD company.
And hardly my perception of a close knit family, especially since Aimee tells us that her and Lee were inseparable.
Well they fucking would be. After all, they shared the same interests… Like being in the cadets together:
Speaking about their relationship, she revealed they fell in love in August 2012 when they met at an Army Cadets training event in Wales.
She said Lee would ‘follow me around like a little sheep’ and after they returned home he asked her out.
The 25-year-old father-of-one was then estranged from his wife Rebecca, who he had his son Jack with, and was getting a divorce.
The following year, before the military police woman flew away for a tour of Afghanistan, he proposed and she accepted.
She told The Sun: ‘He’s really soppy and I’m not. He got down on one knee. I just said “Yes” straight away. He had asked my mum’s permission before going down on his knee.’ Source
Yeah he’s a proper soppy cunt Aimee, I will give you that.
And its good to see that the MSM are still pushing the myth about Aimee being an RMP, which simply isn’t true as I will prove to you beyond all doubt by the time that this article has finished.
Never the less, it is pretty obvious that neither was a regular soldier and that is why the mention of the Army Cadets crops up time and again in this fictitious romance.
And I say fictitious, because that is exactly what it was.
There is no consistency in this fraud story whatsoever.
For instance, as I have just shown you Aimee says that she first met Rigby in August 2012 at a Cadet training camp, yet according to a Daily Mirror report from May the 26th 2013:
Lee was on good terms with his wife but planned his future with Aimee,  who he first met two years ago through their military careers.
In the Cadets… Sorry, just ignore me.
Do carry on Daily Mirror.
She bought him the Help for Heroes top he was wearing when he died.
One onlooker said: “I have never seen someone act in such a brave and dignified manner. With all that grief and upset she could have just left after placing her flowers but she wanted to read every single tribute and with every message came more tears.”
Shall we have a look at those tears again?
Again sorry, please do carry on Daily Mirror:
The mass of tributes has been growing over the past few days and many people have put up photographs of Lee – who served in Afghanistan, Cyprus, Germany and Jordan – in his full ­military uniform. Two drumsticks were also tied to a railing in honour of his role as a drummer with the renowned 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
A friend of Aimee from Middlesex said she was madly in love with Lee and had been desperate to see him again.
The pal said: “They met when Lee was based at barracks in Hounslow near where she is from and they have a lot of mutual friends who all socialise together.
“She understands how hard it is being apart from each other because she is in the military as well.
Military? Cadets? Since when?
Get on with it Daily Mirror for fucks sake:
They met about two years ago and he proposed to her recently. I don’t think she will ever take that ring off.
Not according to Aimee they didn’t.
Course, if the newspaper named this “pal” we could call him or her a liar to their face.
Unless of course the Mirror is just making up this old fanny to muddy the waters.
One more thing before I let the Mirror carry on bullshitting. Aimee took her ring off in October last year… I do have the photos to prove it:
“Since she was a young cadet all she wanted to do was be in the Army and they shared that same love together.
Aimee never managed it… Lee McClure might have but he certainly wasn’t in the army when he died… If he died.
“On New Year’s Eve they went to Weymouth with their friends for a fancy dress party and they had a great time. But then she had to go to Afghanistan. Source
Errr, I think you will find that that was actually Robert Sarjeant… And very warm looking for the time of year.
sammmMind you, how fucking sweet.
All they both ever wanted to do was be in the army… That line had my gag reflex going.
Never the less, there is a big time difference between when the Mirror says that Aimee and Lee first met and when Aimee says that they first met… Not to mention a big difference in venue too.
Moreover, the Mirror repeated their claim on November the 3rd 2013:
Aimee first met Lee two years ago when she was a young cadet before joining the Royal Military Police. Lee proposed to her just a few months before his death.  Source
Course, like most things that I have written so far in this sordid affair, you have to decide for yourself whether or not the Daily Mirror plucked that information out of thin air.
So let me now put to bed any notion that Aimee was an RMP.
On November 2nd 2013 most of the national newspapers ran an article about Aimee West planning to quit the army.
The following is taken from the Daily Mail:
The fiancee of murdered soldier Lee Rigby is reportedly leaving the army because she has been unable to cope after his death.
Ms West has told friends she can no longer serve in the Royal Military Police. Source
Now I have already shown you earlier on in this article what the Army manual says about a regular soldier not being allowed to be a cadet instructor.
Moreover, the following was left by way of a comment by a serving soldier called Billy on a previous article about rigby, which reinforces what the army manual says:
Firstly, good work. I’ll keep it brief , I am a serving soldier.
RMP’s rank upon completion of training is Lance corporal.
But for her to wear a fusilier beret and have SGT stripes she must be a cadet instructor. Meaning she would of LEFT the army and decided to help space cadets in her spare time. ( adult instructors get the rank of SGT to start with if they teach cadets) .
One thing I am confused with is ” Lee Rigby” a fusilier , being in the fusilier band , working at a recruitment office and teaching cadets ?
All these jobs at the same time for a private no chance!
Also He wouldn’t of done any career courses to be able to teach as a private ?? No teaching techniques nor the subject matter ?
Okay, now look at these photos and remember what that Daily Mail article says about Aimee planning on leaving the army in NOVEMBER 2013.
haha (2)

So how the fuck can Aimee have been an RMP?
Answer: She couldn’t have been.
And since Aimee was never an RMP, yet appeared with rigby in photographs dressed as an RMP  you can only conclude that either Lee rigby isn’t dead or that the fella/fellas she is posing with – who is supposed to be rigby – in reality isn’t the fella at all.
Moreover, since Aimee appeared at the funeral in the presence of David Cameron dressed in full RMP dress uniform, it is blatantly obvious that our Prime Minister, many members of his cabinet and in particular the Homo Secretary, the Right Orrible Transvestite Terry May, various other MP’s such as Keith Vaz, Boris Johnson who is obviously the Mayor of London, and the head of the Metropolitan police, the wholly corrupt Bernard Hog Howe – not to mention the queen of England, are all a party to the fraud.
Never the less, lets look at some photos of Aimee in her full RMP splendour.

aimee-west-the-funeral-of-drummer-lee_3758466 (1)
Another example of major inconsistencies in Aimee’s constantly changing story would be the text messages that rigby allegedly sent her.
For example:
The night before Lee was attacked and murdered, he had agreed to work at a wedding-themed fashion show being staged at the Tower of London so he could collect bridal products for his soon-to-be wife.
Volunteering for the show meant he only had to work until lunchtime on May 22 – and it was this arrangement which proved fatal.
At 1.30pm, just as Lee was leaving the Tower of London for Woolwich, where Adebolajo and Adebowale were lying in wait, he emailed Aimee: ‘I’m on my way home now princess, so we can have a decent chat tonight. I’m really looking forward to it. Love you xxxx.’ Source
He was fond of sending those cringe inducing fucking texts to people wasn’t he!
And I will also remind you that there was no wedding fashion show at the Tower of London, and even if there was, who the fuck ever heard of the Army helping out the show organisers… Not to mention the fucking apparent flexi-time that army personnel seem to enjoy these days.
Never the less, it is that 1:30PM text message (or e-mail) that I am interested in now… Although why the fuck rigby would send her an e-mail instead of a text is beyond me.
Mind you, whether it be an e-mail or text message, they are both instantly retrievable.
And bear in mind that the details of that text message came straight from the horses mouth – Aimee for you thickos – as reported in the Daily Chimp on the 21st of December 2013.
Furthermore,  just so as there is no confusion whatsoever, I will remind you that the text/e-mail message allegedly said: 
‘I’m on my way home now princess, so we can have a decent chat tonight. I’m really looking forward to it. Love you xxxx.’
Yet just two short months later, Aimee categorically stated on live TV that Rigby had sent her a text  message just 20 minutes before he was murdered:
Murdered fusilier Lee Rigby sent a heartfelt text to his fiancée trying to cheer her up just 20 minutes before he was slain in the street.
The soldier, 25, tried to cheer up his fiancée Aimee West, who was homesick in Afghanistan, telling her ‘Princess, keep smiling for me.’
The military policewoman said the text continued: ‘I know it is hard and you really want to come home but just remember I am always there for you and I will always love you no matter what. We are on the home stretch… you will always come first in my life xxxx’.  Source
That then would have put the time that she received that text at around 2 PM since according to the official version of events – as set by the establishment – rigby was struck by the Vauxhall Tigra at 2:20 PM, or 1:26 PM if you go by the CCTV evidence used in court to convict the two Mickeys… It is a fucking good job that I am not sarcastic.
Neither was this just a case of Aimee getting her times mixed up because she was in fact talking about a completely differently worded text – as you can see.
Now, that second text makes little sense when taken in comparison to the one sent at 1:30 PM – especially so when the couple hadn’t presumably spoken to each other within that half hour time frame.
Moreover, you have to question not only why Aimee didn’t reply to the texts but why Rigby had sent them in the first fucking place.
You see, I say that because once again according to Aimee, she and Rigby had an arrangement about what times they would ring each other:
She describes how she called from Camp Bastion that Wednesday afternoon at about 2.30pm UK time, as they’d agreed ‘but it went to voicemail. It was the first time he hadn’t answered in the three months I’d been in Afghanistan.
‘I called again and again – probably five times in close succession with the same result. I knew something wasn’t right but of course I had no idea what at that stage. It was so unlike Lee. We were like clockwork: we knew exactly where we were and what we were doing at all times.’
From her tent, which was decorated with pictures of Lee, cards he had sent her and his Manchester United shirt, she picked up her Kindle and wrote an email saying: ‘I tried to ring you – email me when you want me to ring you xxxx. Source
Now, before I go any further I will remind you that the details about the two text messages along with the above old fanny about the phone calls have all come as direct quotes from Aimee herself.
Therefore, the 1:30 PM message:  ‘I’m on my way home now princess, so we can have a decent chat tonight. I’m really looking forward to it. Love you xxxx.’  is in stark contradiction to Aimee’s claim that they were due to speak at 2:30 PM and begs the question: Why the fuck would Rigby text Aimee at 1:30PM and then again at 2PM when they were due to speak – as agreed -on the phone just half an hour later despite rigby stating in his text that they would “have a decent chat tonight”?
That fact is again confirmed by the Daily Telegraph:
Ms West knew something was wrong after Mr Rigby failed to answer the phone just a few hours earlier, at the time they had agreed she call him from Camp Bastion. This was the first time Mr Rigby, who was concerned about her safety in Helmand Province, had not answered the phone in three months.
She added: “It was so unlike Lee. We were like clockwork: we knew exactly where we were and what we were doing at all times.”
Mr Rigby had volunteered to work at the Tower of London at a wedding fair on the day of his death on May 22, so he could pick up items for Ms West. This decision meant he finished at lunchtime and was walking back to Woolwich barracks as Adebolajo, 29, and Adebowale, 22, were prowling the streets. Source
You will also notice that it keeps coming back to that fucking wedding fair old fanny?
Have these people writing the fucking script any idea of how absurd this sounds?
Let me re-fucking-cap for you:
We have a married soldier called Lee, who is separated from his wife Becci, although they are apparently getting back together.
That is despite him having been and still being at the time of his ‘murder’ engaged to Aimee West for the past 3 months.
Lee also has the best job in the world, where he can pick what tasks he wants to do during his long 4 hour working days.
For instance, on the day that he is killed Lee had decided that he would work at a wedding fair – like soldiers tend to do – because despite getting back with his wife Becci, he needed to buy some things for his unbooked wedding to Aimee.
His fiancee Aimee – who unlike any other soldier on deployment in Afghanistan - was on a 3 month tour of duty when Lee was killed.
That is despite there being no such thing as a 3 month tour since all deployments to Afghanistan are for a minimum of 6 months and have in fact not so long ago been increased to 8 months by the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.
Course, Lee intended to buy all of this stuff for their wedding despite Aimee not really liking him buying her stuff for their unplanned, unbooked wedding.
Never the less, Lee is a control freak who needs to know where she is every minute of the day and if he doesn’t get his own way, he blubbers like a right proper fucking baby girl.
Then, with Lee having now been murdered Aimee is given indefinite compassionate leave (CL), despite CL normally only being for one week – which is irrelevant since she isn’t entitled to it anyway what with her not being nominated as his next of kin.
Never the less, the army being pretty flexible and easy going where soldiers are concerned thought “fuck it” and gave it to her anyway – flying the lying bitch home in the bargain.
Meanwhile, there has been a delay in publicly naming rigby because no one could find his wife to tell her.
This meant that the 4 army personnel – dressed as policemen in plain dark suits – waiting on standby to tell rigbys mother about her son’s death didn’t get to do so until gone midnight.
And that is despite the fact that I am reliably informed by a former RMP that there are only ever two army personnel at most (usually just one CNO) who break the bad news to the next of kin (NOK) or Elected Contact (EC), who in this case was Rebecca and not Lyn.
The family then do a press conference on the 2nd full evening after the event, where Rebecca is seen holding hands with rigby’s sister and comforting his step-father – despite the families not speaking for at least 10 months and Rebecca having banned them from seeing their grandson Jack.
Despite this anomaly, the rigbys say fuck all when Rebecca announces that her and Lee were intending to get back together the very weekend before he was killed… Which Lyn must have known about since Lee tells her everything.
Mind you, they wouldn’t have said fuck all since they had never met or even spoken to their sons new fiancée Aimee, despite them taking every opportunity possible to tell the world what a close knit, loving family they were before the murder.
We are then treated to a glowing tribute by rigbys commanding officer who says that PRIVATE Rigby who is so fucking useless that he is still a PRIVATE after 6 or 7 years is the kind of soldier every regiment should have… Despite rigby having not been with his own fucking regiment for at least 2 years.
Mind you, Jim Taylor – rigbys commanding officer – was making it all up as he went along anyway since he didn’t know rigby from Adam; being as he had only just taken charge of the regiment – which rigby wasn’t with anyway.
And in any event, Taylor had never met rigby anyway.
Taylor then ended his praise by saying “Once a Fusilier, always a Fusilier” which is quite ironic really since there is no concrete evidence to suggest that rigby was ever a fucking Fusilier.
Indeed, there is however compelling evidence pointing to Rigby having been a Cadet instructor at the time of his death.
Therefore, “once a cadet, always a cadet” would have been far more appropriate.
And then, just to cap it all, the Cuntry celebrate this potato peeler as being a Hero.
Are you all fucking bon-bons for Dogs sake?
Moreover, that is just his fucking death. The rest of the story and fallout is a lot more far fucking fetched…  Yet those daft twats that believe this old bollox claim that I am the fucking mad man???
What a fucking thick lot of retarded, gullible, spineless clones I live amongst… You stupid, stupid, stupid cunts… And I don’t mean that in the nice sense of the words… Ya fucking brainless twats.
But lets carry on, because Aimee’s bullshitting is far from over yet, don’t cha know.
You see, she even managed to sneak allegations of yet another text in from Lee, which he inexplicably sent at 1:50PM – approximately half hour before his ‘murder’, twenty minutes after his last text and ten minutes before his next – the latter two making no mention whatsoever of the fact that she hadn’t replied to the first:
Then, at 1.50pm Lee wrote, in what would be his last email: ‘Talk soon, love you. xxxx’.
Fewer than 30 minutes later, at 2.18pm, he was run down by the killers’ car. By 2.21pm, he had been stabbed and hacked multiple times and his corpse dragged into the centre of the road. Source
Although obviously that wasn’t his last message if the lying slapper is to be believed and that 2:18 PM timeline is an impossibility.
Moreover, before I go any further I will once again remind you that it was Aimee herself who provided this information to the MSM.
With that in mind, it is quite extraordinary that she forgot about the 2PM text that he had sent:
Princess, keep smiling for me.’
The military policewoman said the text continued: ‘I know it is hard and you really want to come home but just remember I am always there for you and I will always love you no matter what. We are on the home stretch… you will always come first in my life xxxx’.  Source
Hmmm, what a load of old fanny.
Of course, there can be no denying that the MSM are forever harping on about how popular Rigby was, yet as we have seen his ‘best friends’ are not the kind of people to inspire confidence in anyone other than proper, brain dead, no marks.
Never the less, in the main it was all of Aimee’s friends and family who joined the rigbys to pose for photographs outside of Bury church following the funeral as opposed to those we are told were Lee’s best friends – despite this being the first time that North had met South… Allegedly.
And of course, Aimee’s family & friends could not have known Rigby longer than nine months, agreed?
Of course we are.
However, you would have thought that Lee’s three bestest, best friends – Owein O’Brien, Sean Sheer & David George would have made the effort to get in on a couple of the photos.
Then again, neither does Rebecca, Jack or any of the Metcalfe family appear in any of them for that matter.
Moreover, you can scour the internet as much as you like for as long as you like but I will bet you that you won’t find a single photo of any of rigby’s ‘family’ even casting their eyes in young Jacks direction let alone showing him any affection.
Neither did Jack so much as look in their direction at either the Vigil on the 11th of July 2013 or the funeral the day after.
Almost like young Jack doesn’t know them really.
Which isn’t really surprising, since the rigby’s take so little interest in him that no one in the family appears to know when he was born.
Now there was an article about a fundraising event for Jack, which was published in the Thurrock Gazette on the 5th of September 2013 which stated the following:
At the end of the evening Major Les Carr was presented with a cheque for £4,188 made out to Jack Rigby, Lee’s son, who turns three this week.
Therefore Jack had to have been born on either the 6th, 7th or 8th of September 2010.
And I should also point out that the Thurrock Gazette – which I have put adverts in myself in the past – has no agenda unlike the MSM.
Neither are they likely to make the mistake about his birthday.
Yet most MSM newspapers give Jacks birthday as 2011: 
In 2011, his son, Jack, was born and Drummer Rigby became a devoted and doting father, collecting teddy bears dressed in army regalia from across the world for his son. - The Independent quoting Rigbys commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Jim Taylor… Who has never so much as spoken to rigby.
They said that their grandson, Fusilier Rigby’s two-year-old son Jack, was ‘all we have left of Lee now’ and said he was ‘going to be one spoiled little boy.’
Mr Rigby said: ‘His understanding is that his Dad’s in the sky and that’s basically all he understands.’ - The Daily Mail quoting Ian & Lyn rigby on 20th December 2013 after the two Michaels had been found guilty of Lee’s murder.
Jack was three years old at the time.
Colleagues say Lee’s young son Jack “crashed” into his life in 2011, but that the young soldier took to fatherhood instantly. Sky News, Febuary 26th 2014.
Again, I could go on and on.
But I think that gives you a general idea.
Very fucking strange indeed.
Now, just so as there is no room for maneuver by the troll type thingys, I best just run you through that hoax affair between Becci and David George which as far as I can see was nothing more than an attempt by the script writers to bring a bit of realism to the play.
However, if that was the case then they failed miserably as far as I am concerned.
You see, apparently Becci loved Lee that much that she decided to run off with his – other – best mate, David George who just so happened to be married at the time to her ‘friend’.
The following is taken from the Daily Express:
Rebecca Rigby, 31, is believed to have found a “tower of strength” in Drummer David George after her husband was brutally killed in Woolwich last May.
Speaking to The Sun, a source said: “David is helping Rebecca through the most difficult time of her life.
“He has put a smile back on her face and helps her with day-to-day things that she struggled to do before because she would break down with grief.
“Rebecca really struggled after Lee’s death and it is great to see her smile again. Rebecca and David began to lean on each other when she went to the army barracks for a remembrance service.
“She’s known David for about six years through Lee, but they only recently became close. David makes her laugh again. He’s been a real tower of strength.
Mr George had served with Drummer Rigby for six years and played the Last Post at his funeral.
The 23-year-old is still in the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, which was Drummer Rigby’s regiment.
Mr George was reduced to tears on TV when he questioned if he missed his friend and he replied “massively”.  Source
Did you get all that?
Good, although funnily enough I have never heard the last post played on a drum.
Never the less, that report appeared on the 6th of January 2014 in just about every newspaper in England.
However, on the 12th of  January, David George’s wife gave an exclusive interview to the Sunday Mirror which kinda put a whole new take on the situation whilst making little sense in the bargain.
The following are snippets from that interview and I have given you my observations as we go along:
Emma Kirkwood was a shoulder to cry on for Drummer Rigby’s estranged wife Rebecca – but was repaid by her pal cheating on her with soldier husband David George
When Drummer Lee Rigby was hacked to death in the street by jihadist maniacs, his devastated widow Rebecca had his mate’s wife Emma Kirkwood’s shoulder to cry on.
Ok, first up why is she called Kirkwood if she is married to David George?
These married couples never have the same surnames in these false flag operations… Have you noticed that?
But grieving Rebecca, 31, repaid Emma’s kindness – by running off with her soldier husband David George.
Love rat David, 23 – who played the Last Post at Lee’s funeral and cried on television when he admitted how much he would miss his comrade – at first denied the relationship to Emma, 26, telling her she was “sick” to suggest it.
Nice bloke, nice bird… They are both accomplished liars.
When she questioned Rebecca, because she didn’t believe her husband, the mum-of-one replied: “Don’t you think I have enough to worry about without taking on other people’s problems?”
But Emma’s fears were finally confirmed this week when the couple were pictured together during a shopping trip in Halifax.
Emma – who married David two years ago – told the Sunday Mirror she felt let down by Rebecca and the man she loved.
“Around three months after Lee’s murder, Rebecca came to Cyprus where David and I were based.
“One evening she arrived at our house with a friend. It was quite late and we were in bed but got up and had a few drinks in the garden.
So, Becci was having a woop ti do in Cyprus last August – only one short  month after burying her beloved husband – and just so happened to know where the couple lived.
We won’t ask where Jack was but it must have been quite late at night since Becci got the couple out of bed.
“Rebecca broke down and poured her heart out. She said she loved Lee and that they had been about to get back together.
“I had no idea whether that was true, but I tried to comfort her as best I could.
“To start a relationship with my husband within weeks of that night is devastating.”
Okay, just as I have said all along, rigby can’t have been a nice fella if he was leading Becci and Aimee on.
Neither can Becci be a nice bird if she had started an affair with her friends husband by the time September 2013 was done.
At the time of his death, he was engaged to fiancée Aimee West, 23.
Last month she told of her distress at being frozen out at his funeral because Rebecca remained next of kin.
Aimee had to sit behind dignitaries including Prime Minister David Cameron in church and was not invited to the burial.
Where the fuck else did she expect to sit?
Yet why were the fucking dignitaries there in the first fucking place?
They married in January 2012, two days before learning Emma was pregnant with their daughter, Lilly-Mae, 15 months.
Emma said: “We had our ups and downs and I’d threatened to leave him before over his compulsive lies, but it wasn’t a serious threat. I just wanted him to grow up and live in the real world.
“When Rebecca came to visit in Cyprus, we had no marriage difficulties. But within a few weeks I was back in the UK and he was ignoring my calls and texts. I wondered what was wrong.
So, how did Becci and Dave actually get it on?
I mean, if Becci and her mate turned up at the George/Kirkwood residence unexpected, then surely they also left that night?
After all, Emma says that she came home to the UK although fuck knows why since Army wives don’t normally fly out to visit their husbands when they are overseas – which to me suggests that they were living there.
Never the less, Becci would also have been home in the UK.
Photo David & Emma
“I then learned he was staying with a soldier and his wife who lived in the same street as us, and they just happened to have Rebecca staying with them.
“He was sleeping there, kept his uniform there and was washing and changing there.
“I couldn’t understand why he was doing that when our home was in the same street?
“For a few weeks he blew hot and cold. One minute he said he loved me and wanted to be a family with our daughter and the next minute he wanted to be free to have fun with the lads.
Learned from whom?
I mean, how highly improbable does that sound?
And how many homes do these people have?
Moreover, why wasn’t Becci staying in her own home… Or doesn’t she worry about Jacks welfare?
Don’t answer that, just get on with it:
“I was staying with a friend in Uxbridge when he was on duty briefly in November at the Tower of London. I suggested we travel in to meet him, but he said he was too busy.
“Next day he got in touch, apologised and said he’d like to see us. Lilly-Mae was a bit poorly but I gathered our things and got on a bus and three tube trains to travel there. We were late as I got a bit lost, but he still kept us waiting.
“We went to a Subway restaurant. I looked at him as he held our daughter and asked if he was seeing Rebecca. He looked me in the eye and swore on Lilly-Mae’s life that he hadn’t seen her for weeks.
Fuck me, they get about a bit don’t they?
That poor child is dragged from pillar to post!
“I’ve had phone contact until fairly recently. He admitted he had seen Rebecca. He claimed she’d travelled from Halifax to Manchester where he was staying in a hotel to take him shopping for a Christmas present for our daughter. 
Fuck me a second time, does anyone in the army actually do any work?
“His latest pathetic attempt to deceive me was at New Year, when he told me he was still in Cyprus, but I saw pictures of a New Year party in Halifax on Facebook.
“Rebecca was dressed as Tweety Pie and he was dressed as Sylvester. Whoever was taking and posting the photos had been briefed, because his face isn’t on any of the pictures, but I knew it was him.
“When he was photographed with Rebecca in the street a few days later and the image appeared in the press, he was wearing the same shoes as Sylvester.
Apparently not then!
Photo: Dave & Bex
“At 23, he’s left two wives and two of his own children behind.
“As well as thinking about what they’re doing to my family, Rebecca might want to think about his track record for her own sake, and her son’s.  Source
Okay, so Bex had known David George for 6 years and made a play for him in Cyprus in August last year… At least according to the Mirror.
Whereas according to The Sun and The Daily Express:
Rebecca and David began to lean on each other when she went to the army barracks for a remembrance service.
No worry’s, at least all of the newspapers are agreed that Davey boy broke down in tears on TV.
Mr George was reduced to tears on TV when he questioned if he missed his friend and he replied “massively”
Not that, the tear in George’s eye looks real.
Still, that bit of gossip wasn’t just confined to the dailys.
But its nice that Emma is able to also milk the cash cow isn’t it?
Mind you,  just like David George, Rigbys other best friend, Owein O’Brien also broke down crying on TV when talking about ‘Riggers’.
What a lot of fucking cry baby’s the army has.
The only thing is, there are no photos of George playing the Last Post on the drums – stop laughing, its serious.
Still, lets return to that gathering outside of the church in Bury following the funeral.
I mean, it looked like a nice friendly gathering considering that this is the first time that the rigby and the West clans had ever fucking met… Just sayin’.
And it was nice of Amy rigby to make the journey north too… Just cage rattlin’.
Then again, having said that it really is awfully strange that rigby’s funeral was made up of his family, his fiance’s family & friends, a commanding officers who never so much as met him and a TA regiment of soldiers & army Cadets… Not to mention the low life slug masquerading as the British Prime Minister and his fat cunt of a cousin, the London Mayor BoJo.
I will tell you something else that is fucking strange too.
Aimees friends all consist of part time soldiers (TA’s) and cadet instructors.



Right, lets take a pit stop here.
Now, before I leave the topic of these people who casually walk past this cold blooded
 killer stooge there is something that you need to know.
All three are red herrings intended to keep everyone arguing over the fact that seemingly unconnected‘members of the public’ just casually strolled past Adebolajo in order to keep people from realising the major flaws in the story and what was going on in the background… And it has worked to be fair.
I mean, I see that the trolls have been saying that these ramblers were probably not fully aware of what had taken place hence their lack of concern.
Well, let me tell you that I have tracked their movements and indeed I have tracked the movements of all of the spectators and trust me, no one was there by chance that afternoon.
However, to show you that evidence would mean going too far off track, so I will save that for another day.
I will however let you see one of the relevant photo batches although the explanations might be a bit confusing to some of you since you obviously haven’t had access to what I have written prior to the photos appearing in ‘Look Back in Anger’ .
Therefore, I repeat that I am only showing you this batch now so as you know that it is futile arguing over their actions.
Okay, I feel sure that you get the idea so no more arguing over the jaywalkers because they are all part of the act.
And believe me when I say that I have plenty of photos tracking everybody’s movements.
Now, the evidence that I am going to put to you – and indeed a great deal of what I already have; had this been any other murder and that evidence – old & new – not thoroughly investigated, then the policemen involved would have been sacked for gross incompetence.
For instance, am I saying that Ricky Thomas was the bus driver at the crime scene on the 22nd of May 2013?
No I’m not.
What I am saying is the bus driver wasn’t so much as mentioned in terms of his inexplicable behaviour in court.
Neither was he named.
And so, given the circumstances Ricky Thomas would be at the very top of my suspect list.
Likewise, had I been an investigating officer I would most certainly have wanted to speak to Paul Draper, who was also rewarded along with Ricky Thomas for “Outstanding service and devotion to duty”:
Captain Paul Draper stepped forward proudly on Thursday (13th March) to receive the prestigious Lord Lieutenant’s Meritorious Service Award at a special ceremony in central London. Based at the Heston Unit, where for many years he was Officer in Charge,  Paul is now responsible for adult training across the Middlesex and North West London ACF region. 
The Award made personally and presented by Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant Greater London Sir David Brewer CMG JP recognised “outstanding service and devotion to duty to the Cadet Movement of Greater London.
The citation read: Captain Paul Draper is highly motivated, commited and enthusiastic and is second to none in ensuring that cadet have the broadest range of opportunities.
In his role as the Training Officer he has ensured that training has been fully delivered by motivating and directing such activities as Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, First Aid, Shooting and Community service. He has ensured that all teams for military and sporting competitions have been fairly selected and fully prepare for the event. Over the last twenty years he has planned and delivered a skiing week for cadets and adults.
Captain Draper has been an integral part of the organisation’s success over many years and continues to fully deliver in his thirty second year as a committed army cadet force commissioned officer.
About the award Paul says: “This is a real honour, but I have gained a huge amount from Army Cadets. I’m currently studying for my City & Guilds Membership in Leadership and Youth Management.
“Youth management”?
Sounds ominous… Just musin’.
You see, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale – neither of them whom they are reported to be – can admit to killing rigby until the cows come home.
But that does not make it true.
I mean, apart from witnesses that are proven liars and part of the fraud, there has not been ONE SINGLE SHRED OF EVIDENCE produced to prove that they so much as touched rigby.
So, lets get down to business… Lord Lieutenant of London David Brewer – What a wanker!
Lets have a bit of background on him:
Brewer is Her Majesty’s representative in Greater London and is charged with upholding the dignity of the Crown.
Across the thirty two boroughs (but not the City of London) he is responsible for the promotion of civic, commercial, voluntary and social activities within London and thus is part of the fabric of London in all its manifestations. Source
Unsurprisingly Brewer is a very high wanking freemason from the Guildhall Lodge #3116.
You can read all about the high wankers in a PDF file which can be found by clicking  HERE
Coincidentally enough, that PDF contains a story of large scale fraud & corruption involving Greenwich council and a Woolwich solicitor who tried to rip off a woman who had moved to Lincolnshire – reportedly where Michael Adebolajo’s father lives and where a soldier had claimed that rigby was from in the MSM, in the days immediately following the murder.
Now, according to Wikipedia:
Sir David William Brewer (born 28 May 1940) CMG JP is the Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, appointed by Queen Elizabeth II in May 2008.
been a Justice of the Peace since 1979. Prior to serving as Alderman of the Ward of Bassishaw 1996-2010, he was a Common Councilman in the City of London; and was Aldermanic Sheriff of the City in 2002/3.  
His term of office as Lord Mayor of London was 2005/6, and since 2008 has been HM’s representative in Greater London in his capacity as HM’s Lord Lieutenant
Sir David is a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors and a Liveryman of the Insurers’ and Blacksmiths’ Companies; he has been President of the London Cornish Association since 2005.
Sir David and Lady Brewer have a home at Hellandbridge, near Bodmin, in Cornwall.
Course, most of us are used to seeing the queer of England with this facial expression:

After all, there can be no doubt that Sweaty Betty loves paedophiles and hates those whose miserable lives makes her life of cosseted luxury possible.
Neither is it just her.
Indeed, the rest of her inbred family feel the same about us… And yes, that includes all you soldiers idiotic enough to swear allegiance to her.
Where did all your efforts and sacrifices get you?
For many of you, serious illness, mental problems (including PTSD), low paid jobs, disability and reliance on welfare benefits and charity.
Well played lads & lasses.
And remember. If you are on benefits you are scum, at least you are in the eyes of the government who sent you all to fight their private, corporate, money making, cash cow wars.
But I digress.
Have a look at these photos of Brewer and the royal parasites.
Our Extraordinary World: A Gala Celebration
Have you ever seen the royal ponces so happy to see anyone else? … Except Jimmy Savile of course.
No, me neither.
And I should mention that in the last photo, Brewer is with Dodgy Douglas Hurd.
Now, I believe that Brewer had a big hand in bringing the cast and crew of the Woolwich fraud all together.
Certainly, if I was a police detective he would also be very high on my list of people I would want to speak to.
Now, if you were paying attention, you will have read that Brewer has property down in Cornwall.
And as an aside, although I cannot find any evidence to back up what I am about to say, it wouldn’t surprise me if Brewer was related to that obnoxious cunt councillor, Peter Brewer.
Peter Brewer is of course the fella that I dubbed Steptoe after claiming that children born handicapped should be held by their ankles at birth and have their heads smashed against a wall to kill them.
After all, that sick cunt is from Cornwall way and the pair do look somewhat similar.
Never the less, there is someone else who comes from Cornwall and who is also a major player in the Woolwich fraud.
I am of course referring to Ingrid lying cunt Kennett.
Kennett, who comes from Helston (Hells Town) which is near a huge Royal Naval base – much of which is given over to military intelligence – received an award approved by … wait for it, wait for it… Lord Lieutenant David Brewer.
Mrs. Ingrid Loyau-Kennett – Helston – A Special Certificate of Exceptional Endeavour:
Cub Leader and Nurse, Ingrid comforted a British Soldier as he lay dying outside his Barracks at Woolwich in London.  Source
Now, I know for a fact that Kennett isn’t a cub leader.
And as for her being a nurse?
Well, like me I feel sure that this previously unreported occupation will come as news to you too.
Now, the fact that the cadets are intertwined with links to the royal parasites shouldn’t surprise anyone.
Obviously there is a lot more evidence than just that, but I can spend days adding evidence photos which are obviously in cases like this; non productive.
Therefore, you either need to take my word for it, look for yourselves or wait for me to write further on the subject.
So, what we now have have is someone very close to the Royal family giving awards out to Kennett in Cornwall and Aimee Wests friends in the cadets – one of whom is a likely candidate for the bus drivers job.
Therefore we need to take a closer look at Aimee’s friends who despite moaning that she had to sit at the back of the church because she was not next of kin, never the less somehow managed to arrive at the vigil & funeral mob handed.
So there you have a clear links to the cadets, the Hounslow Royal British Legion and Ingrid Kennett.
Almost there, all we need now is a link to the police.
Which as you know is a piece of piss to find… Indeed, there are many.
But for now, I think that we need look no further than DCI Peter Sparks.
I mean, he has already shown his allegiance to the royal ponces, with the hearsay evidence he gave at the 7/7 inquest.
The following is taken from the website:
Referring back to Acting Detective Inspector PETER SPARKS’ hearsay evidence at the 7/7 Inquest on 22 February, but he claimed (on page 91) that the first purchases of hydrogen peroxide took place at HUDDERSFIELD HYDROPONICS on 22 February 2005. He then says that further purchases continued through March and into April – “but especially March”.
However, WAJID HUSSEIN, in his statements to the Inquest, claimed that he did not rent out the property at 111 Chapeltown Road until the 4th, or the 11th, of April 2005 – with Lady Justice Hallett confirming the latter date.
 So, anyone who still believes in the official story of 7/7, will have to wait in vain to find out where the so-called “bombers” stored all this hydrogen peroxide during the six weeks prior to early April. The failure of the West Yorkshire Police to establish where all this material was stashed during this period, either means very sloppy police work, or they knew the whole story was “made-up” anyway, and thus didn’t bother to carry out an investigation.
ADI PETER SPARKS then refers to CCTV footage that purportedly shows repeated attendance of all four young men arriving and departing from 111 Chapeltown Road. He refers to items that were being unloaded from a red Mercedes car belonging to SHEHZAD TANWEER.
Now, I ask you – if you were intending to carry out a murderous terror attack in just a few months time, would you really be driving around carrying incriminating materials in a conspicuous bright red vehicle, and unloading it all in clear view of CCTV cameras ?
Course, he was only an acting DCI back then, but I would imagine that on the strength of his performance for that false flag, he was deemed suitably loyal and subsequently handed the Woolwich fraud… Just like Madeleine McCann’s DCI Andy Redwood, following the Jill dando cover up.
As for Bernard Hogan Howe? Well just read my article on the Mark Duggan police sponsored murder for a real eye opener.
And remember, the security services – who are involved in all false flags – cannot carry out a job of this magnitude without Bizzy Lizzies say so… Fact.
So, what better man for the Woolwich fraud?
Now, sparks was given the task of family liaison officer to Rebecca rigby.
However, considering his long association with the Hounslow Royal British Legion, which would have brought him into contact with the likes of Aimee West, Ricky Thomas and Priscilla Ledlie a long, long time ago, I feel sure that there must be some type of conflict of interest there.
And if there isn’t, then there fucking ought to be because from where I’m sat, the whole thing reeks of bullshit… Just saying.

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