Thursday 25 October 2012


Matt Taylor wins by default

Matt Taylor and David Joe Neilson, anti-corruption candidates in the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner elections, have smashed open a police corruption ring in Sussex Police force.

David Joe Neilson has named the killers of Brighton murdered mother, Katrina Taylor and named Sussex Police Chief Constable Martin Richards; guilty of protecting a well-known crime-lord, Mark Slade.

Matt Taylor says “The proof is indisputable and over-whelming and is contained in the Neilson Crime Files.”

He said, “We've cracked it. We have the evidence that proves who killed Katrina Taylor and we have the evidence that proves Chief Constable Martin Richards is a crook.

The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner elections must be called off, because every candidate standing is implicated in this wide scale corruption of both police and local government in Sussex.

The Jimmy Savile scandal, has shown us that rumour leads to fact. And the long running rumours of corruption in Sussex, have now been proved to be fact.

We have sent the crime files to the media, the IPCC, the Prime Minister and the Queen. If they choose to ignore them, then they will eventually have to explain themselves in a court of Law.

I have won the Police and Crime Commissioner elections by default.

As Police and Crime Commissioner I'll be looking for a new Chief Constable and asking him or her, to reopen a number of murder cases including Katrina Taylor's.

David Joe Neilson will be receiving an 'Outstanding Citizenship' medal for his tireless work in uncovering corruption and I will demand compensation for Mr Neilson, Katrina Taylor's family and all the other victims of police corruption across the decades.

It goes without saying that when the government is corrupt; corruption trickles down to local level. The Neilson Crime files indict up to 50 police officers in the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up and a further 300 local government officials, past and present, of whole-sale corruption in public life.

Its not a matter of convincing anyone anymore. The facts are out and the case is cracked. Sussex is corrupt and we have the evidence to prove it.

I look forward to commencing my new role as Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and at last, we'll have a clean police force, a more tolerant police force and, within my term of office, the Best Police Force in the country.

No one is above the Law."

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