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Guerrilla Democracy News - Alien Abduction Caught on Camera

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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Lesson from History - Hermann Goring.


70 years ago, when Hermann Göring testified at the Nuremberg trial, he was asked how he made the Germans do all of this?
He said it was easy. "It has nothing to do with Nazism. It has to do with human nature. You can do it under the Nazi regime, you can do it under the socialist regime, you can do it under the communist regime, you can do it under the monarchy and democracy.
The only thing a government needs to make people slaves is fear! And if you can think of something to scare them, you can make them do whatever you want ... "

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Guerrilla Democracy News - Alien Creature Caught on Camera


19 Years Later, Questions Still Hang Over the 9/11 Attacks.

By Derrick Broze

After nearly two decades, it should be perfectly clear to Americans that the U.S. government has no interest in getting to the bottom of the 9/11 false flag. Whatever potential remains for the truth to be set free will largely be determined by the activists, journalists, and researchers who make up the 9/11 Truth movement.

When historians look back upon 2020, they will focus their efforts on understanding the innumerable ways in which the COVID-19 crisis has affected the world. There will be books, documentaries, dissertations, and news specials interviewing the politicians and government officials who played major roles in the events currently unfolding before our eyes. Perhaps, in time, the questions surrounding the limitations of the PCR test, the variables with the numbers of COVID-19 cases, and concerns about foreknowledge will be explored in a logical and fact-based manner. Or, as is the case with the attacks of September 11, 2001, the questions will be ignored by the masses and the media, while a steadily increasing portion of the population continues to search for the answers which are needed to fully grasp the scope and cost of the false flag.

As people from all over the world participate in ceremonies and events to mark the anniversary of 9/11, the many remaining questions surrounding the attacks loom large. Our collective minds may be focused on the fears and ramifications related to COVID-19, but understanding the truth about 9/11 – the last major global event to affect billions of people – is still an extremely vital part of unraveling the control narrative spun by the Predator Class.

Justice Rising

On the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks the 9/11 Truth movement is continuing their nearly two decades battle for the unvarnished facts. The 9/11 Truth movement includes victims, their families, and experts in a range of fields who are skeptical of the government’s official line on 9/11. Some of the groups include Architects & Engineers for 9/11 TruthFirefighters for 9/11 Truth & Unity, Pilots for 9/11 Truth9/11 Families United for Justice Against Terrorism, Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice, and other local activist groups and individuals from around the globe. It’s a loose-knit movement without an official position, and the opinions, theories and ideas espoused by members often conflict with one another. However, the movement is united by the belief that the official narrative promoted by the U.S. government is full of holes.

The non-profit Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has been a vital component of the movement since the mid-2000s, organizing a number of conferences, protests, outreach events, and documentary screenings. For the 19th anniversary, AE for 9/11 Truth is organizing an online conference called “Justice Rising,” from Friday, September 11, to Sunday, September 13. The event will examine “the continuing struggle for 9/11 justice and the destructive trajectory of the post-9/11 world.” The conference will go for three hours each day and will be open to all free of charge.

On Friday evening the conference will feature Mick Harrison of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry to discuss the latest on the “request for correction” to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) 2008 report on World Trade Center 7. Many 9/11 Truth researchers focus on the mysterious collapse of WTC7 as the smoking gun evidence that Americans were lied to about the attacks. WTC7 was not hit by a plane, yet it collapsed at 5:20 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2001. According to the NIST, the collapse was caused by office fires leading to thermal expansion of the building’s supportive columns and girders.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth submitted the “request for correction” to NIST on April 15, 2020, demanding the agency revise their position on the collapse of WTC7. AE 9/11 Truth says they provided a detailed eight point report showing that office fires could not have caused the collapse of the building. However, on August 28, NIST issued its initial decision denying the request for correction that ten 9/11 family members and 88 architects and structural engineers submitted.

“Our request described in meticulous detail eight items of information in NIST’s Building 7 report that violated the federal Data Quality Act and NIST’s Information Quality Standards,” AE 9/11 Truth writes. “Our goal was to compel NIST to rectify these violations and in so doing reverse its unsupported conclusion that fire was the cause of Building 7’s collapse.”

AE also noted that NIST failed to meet their obligation by providing a “point-by-point response to all relevant arguments contained in the request,” as required by the Data Quality Act. The non-profit made up of more than 3,000 architects and engineers stated that NIST’s response was a “blatant avoidance of the arguments and facts contained in the request” designed with the intention of “misleading the uninformed reader.”  AE 9/11 Truth plans to appeal the decision by September 27, 2020.

The 19th anniversary Justice Rising conference will also feature three “pioneers” of the 9/11 Truth movement, including David Ray Griffin, Niels Harrit, and Steven Jones. All three men have been instrumental in providing clarity on the many questions surrounding the 9/11 attacks. Griffin is an emeritus professor of philosophy of religion and theology at Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University. He has published fourteen books which deal specifically with 9/11, including The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11, published in 2004.

Niels Harrit served as associate professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen from 1971 to 2009, and is the author of more than 60 published peer-reviewed papers. Since 2007 he has been actively involved in the global movement for 9/11 truth and is the lead author of a scientific paper, published in April 2009, describing the findings of active thermitic material in the dust from the collapses of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7. It is this presence of thermitic dust which has led researchers to conclude that explosive charges were placed throughout the buildings to assist in their controlled demolition.

Steven Jones is a former professor of physics at Brigham Young University. Jones was the initiator of research for the peer-reviewed paper, “Active Thermitic Material Observed in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe,” published in the Open Chemical Physics Journal. Steven is also the author of the influential 2005 paper, “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?”

One of the most profound aspects of the Justice Rising conference will be a discussion with Dr. Leroy Hulsey, former professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks who led a multi-year engineering study evaluating whether fire caused the collapse of WTC7 on September 11, 2001. Hulsey’s study is the subject of an upcoming documentary called SEVENdirected by Dylan Avery, the director behind the infamous 9/11 documentary, Loose Change.

Dr. Hulsey’s conclusions that fire could not have caused the collapse of World Trade Center 7 should have sent shockwaves through the American political scene, but a lack of reporting on the topic ensured that only those in the 9/11 Truth movement understood the implications. Hulsey has previously given presentations detailing how his team eliminated fire as the cause of the collapse of the 47-story building. Hulsey explained that NIST’s report on the collapse found fires on floors 7 through 9, 11 through 14, 19, 22, 29, and 30. However, there is no evidence of fire below floor 7, Hulsey said.

The 9/11 Truth community has long pointed to the unique nature of the collapse of the WTC towers. Never before have fires alone brought down steel skyscrapers. For many in the movement, Dr. Hulsey’s studies are welcomed but also met with skepticism. This is because immediately following 9/11, activists and researchers have been pointing out the numerous reports and descriptions of explosions taking place at the base of the Twin Towers. Now, some 9/11 Truthers wonder if Hulsey’s study will make a difference when the public has largely been indoctrinated to accept the U.S. government’s version of events.

Fourteen years ago, AE 9/11 Truth produced the article, 118 Witnesses: The Firefighters’ Testimony to Explosions in the Twin Towers, a review of interviews conducted with 503 members of the New York Fire Department (FDNY) in the weeks and months after 9/11. The review revealed that 118 firefighters described witnessing what they interpreted to be explosions.

More recently, AE has released a report which examined more than 70 hours of 9/11 news coverage. The report, How 36 Reporters Brought Us the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11sheds light on how the destruction of the Twin Towers was initially being reported. According to AE 9/11 Truth, the review of the news coverage reveals that the hypothesis of explosions bringing down the Twin Towers was not only prevalent among reporters covering the events in New York City on 9/11 but was, in fact, the dominant hypothesis.”

The 36 reporters who brought us the Twin Towers’ explosive demolition on 9/11 include, by network, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and Cynthia McFadden; CBS’s Harold DowTom FlynnMika Brzezinski, and Carol Marin (appearing on WCBS); NBC’s Pat Dawson and Anne Thompson; CNN’s Aaron BrownRose ArcePatty Sabga, and Alan Dodds Frank; Fox News’ David Lee Miller and Rick Leventhal; MSNBC’s Ashleigh Banfield and Rick Sanchez; CNBC’s John BusseyRon Insana, and Bob Pisani; WABC’s N.J. BurkettMichelle CharlesworthNina PinedaCheryl Fiandaca, and Joe Torres; WCBS’s John SlatteryMarcella PalmerVince DeMentri, and Marcia Kramer; WNBC’s Walter Perez; New York 1’s Kristen ShaughnessyAndrew SiffJohn Schiumo, and Andrew Kirtzman; USA Today’s Jack Kelley; and two unidentified reporters (1 and 2) who attended a press conference with NYC Mayor Giuliani and New York Governor Pataki.

The Truth Remains Buried

While AE 9/11 Truth remains committed to exposing the flaws in NIST’s fire/ thermal expansion theory, other family members and journalists are dedicated to uncovering the truth about the funding of the attacks and the many data that remain classified.

For several years, family members were fighting to secure the release of the now-declassified 28-pages of the “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.” Although the final report amounts to over 800 pages, the 28 pages were classified by former President George W. Bush shortly after the report was released in 2002. The papers detail the story of Saudi nationals suspected of being Saudi intelligence agents involved in the terror attacks. In July 2016, after nearly 15 years of secrecy and resistance from the Bush and Obama administrations, the report was released to the public and the family members of the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks.

The release of the 28 pages in conjunction with the passage of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) ensured the 9/11 victims will have a day in court. As Dan Christensen of the Florida Bulldog recently noted“the last, best chance to obtain actual answers in our lifetime is likely the immense lawsuit brought by thousands of 9/11 victims and families that’s now inching through U.S. District Court in New York City.”

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become the focus of the 9/11 victims families lawsuit “for knowingly providing material support and resources to the al Qaeda terrorist organization and facilitating the September 11th attacks” in 2001. The Obama administration fought the passing of the bill, eventually vetoing the legislation before Congress voted to override the former President. While Donald Trump paid lip service to finding out what was in the “secret papers,” he has since become one of the most vocal supporters of the Saudi Kingdom, including supporting an unprecedented weapons deal which fuel the human rights violations in Yemen.

The Trump Administration – through the Department of Justice and FBI – has continued the requirements for secrecy in the courtroom. “The government continues to resist producing thousands of more detailed records, claiming that such material concerning apparent Saudi involvement prior to 9/11 is a state secret,” the Bulldog reports. “In April, Attorney General William Barr and then-Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell swore public declarations that their personal assertions of the “state secrets privilege” were necessary to “protect the national security interests of the United States.””

The 9/11 families have attempted to push back on the government’s state secrets claims, but have faced difficulty due to the already secretive nature of the court room proceedings. For example, the government’s reasoning for state secrets arguments are not even available to the attorneys representing the families. Christensen notes that only last week the U.S. government filed a classified declaration from Michael H. Glasheen, acting deputy director, operations branch, counterterrorism division of the FBI. However, the declaration is only able to be seen by the judge, with the plaintiffs and the public left in the dark completely.

Interestingly, Christensen notes that the secret assertions are often classified pursuant to Presidential Executive Order 13526, signed by former President Obama on Dec. 29, 2009. The order essentially states that the U.S. government believes that national security is more important than “the free flow of information.”

After nearly two decades, it should be perfectly clear to Americans – and those around the world affected by American foreign policy – that the U.S. government has no interest in getting to the bottom of the 9/11 false flag. Whatever potential remains for the truth to be set free will largely be determined by the activists, journalists, and researchers who make up the 9/11 Truth movement.

Will the truth die on the vine, like so many other efforts to awaken the masses? Or will the people of the world finally wake up to the lies that surround the official version of the attacks of September 11, 2001?

Question Everything, Come To Your Own Conclusions.

Source: The Last American Vagabond

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Covid-19 or Covid-9-11?

By  - September 9, 2020 

“September 11th was the jumpstart for what is now an accelerated agenda by the ruthless elite: it was a staged war pretext no different from the sinking of the Lusitania, the provoking of Pearl Harbor and the Gulf of Tonkin lie.  In fact if 9/11 wasn’t a planned war pretext, it would be the exception to the rule.  It has been used to launch two unprovoked illegal wars – one against Iraq and one against Afghanistan.  However, 9/11 was a pretext for another war as well: the War against You.  The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, The Military Tribunals Act and other legislations are all completely and entirely designed to destroy your civil liberties and limit your ability to fight back against what is coming.  Currently in the United States unannounced to most brainwashed Americans your home can be searched without a warrant without you being home, you can in turn be arrested with no charges revealed to you, detained indefinitely with no access to a lawyer, and legally tortured all under the suspicion that you might be a terrorist … Let’s recognize how history repeats itself.” 

(United States & War on Terror & False Flag Ops & Civil Rights & Empire US & Foreign Relations US & 9/11)  Zeitgeist

On the eve of the 9-11 anniversary, it is imperative to look at government caused and staged events from the angle of extreme criticism. This criticism need not be considered from the standpoint of speculation or ‘conspiracy theory,’ although any collusion at high levels for the purpose of attaining a particular outcome is certainly conspiratorial. As is indicated in the quote above, false flag events are always meant to fool the people into supporting a particular agenda sought by the ruling ‘elites,’ and in turn are designed to be a war against you as citizens of a corrupt state. The most recent false flag has been this manufactured hoax called the coronavirus ‘pandemic,’ but this can only lead to false flag after false flag. This domino effect is now fully in play, and the victims of this nefarious plot are the masses called the 99%.

Yes, there is a difference in the manner of tyranny, but it is nonetheless tyranny at every turn. In fact, each false flag event leads to and enhances the next false flag event. This should be evident to any paying attention, but sadly, few in this country have the impetus or intellectual capability to follow the trail of deceit practiced by the ruling class and their political pawns in their game of attaining total control over what has become a modern proletariat. After 9-11, privacy was mostly eliminated, arrests of citizens without cause or warrant was legalized, being detained without access to due process and being suveilled at every turn became the ‘new normal.’ With those powers now in place, and the populace conditioned to accept this assault against liberty, the current false threat has taken a similar turn with a slightly different approach. Instead of a false terror threat by monsters from afar, the false threat today is said to be a killer ‘virus.’ Instead of the Patriot Act, we now are under emergency orders that have been used by the federal government as well as all state and local governments. Instead of arrests for being a terror suspect, arrests now take place due to being labeled a threat against society due to flu symptoms, or simply due to a positive test result, even without symptoms. Instead of being held in jail or physically tortured, people are forced into home confinement by orders from lowly politicians or local or state ‘health’ departments. Instead of being detained indefinitely, one may be detained for as long as the state deems a person to be a health threat by ‘self’ imprisonment. Instead of being water boarded, the public at large is required to wear oxygen-stealing masks, and avoid all social contact.

So the new normal, which is completely absurd, has taken much of the horrendous legislation that was passed after 9-11, and given it political steroids to do the same things in a different manner. Much of the legislation passed was said to be temporary in order to fool the public into accepting the emergency dictates. Of course, they are never temporary, and remain in place forever. Now, the lockdowns, or self-imprisonment, the quarantines, the isolation, business shutdowns, tracking and tracing, mask wearing, and distancing are all said to be temporary. The same will be claimed about the coming deadly vaccine. Most all liberty stealing legislation and executive orders enacted after every government false flag event have remained in place, all with the hope that the people are too ignorant to see what is happening right before their eyes. This seems to have worked well in the past, so what will happen this time around? Will all these temporary draconian measures simply go away as promised after the so-called ‘virus’ threat subsides, or will the ‘new normal’ instituted by the evil liars and cheats in the political class retain these measures for future use? There is only one answer to this question, and in this case, history will definitely repeat itself.

So what difference is there between the 9-11 false flag exercise and the current Covid-19 false flag? As mentioned, the differences are only at the margin, as everything that is initiated and implemented by the state is meant to force compliance by the herd, to gain their conformity due to fear, and to prosecute a war against all of us at each and every level required in order to gain more power for the state and total control over the masses. This is the real agenda, and has always been the main agenda. Power and control are the underlying aspects and core convictions of all government action. The government, even though the more powerful ruling class of banking, corporate, and wealthy claimed elites control it, is the enforcement arm of the real power. Government therefore, is the closest to the people, and by tearing down government power, the top tier of the ruling class become exposed and vulnerable, and more unprotected. So mass resistance against government can lead to tearing down the system of power and control, and help to lead us back to more freedom and less oppression.

Most think that the result of false flag events is to create war for money, power, geopolitical control, and for conquest, and that is not far wrong, but war is also desired in order to gain more control over the citizenry, because the powerful have to gain control at home in order to gain control globally. This new false flag called Covid-19 was long ago designed in order to effect global dominance by the few over the rest of us. Will this be a successful coup? Will the people of this country acquiesce to the will of tyrants? Will the people allow for the continued murder of their families and neighbors by the state? Will the people continue to hide from themselves and the truth? Will the people never fight back? Will the people allow themselves to become the serfs in a society ruled by kings?

That is what is coming, and there is only one thing standing in the way of the oppressors, and that is mass resistance by the majority. Without the courage to fight against the ruling class, we will soon be left with nothing, and will have allowed our own servitude.

The False Flag Operation takes the concept of black propaganda to a murderous extreme.  Secret agents carry out an act of terrorism or other outrage which is then blamed on the enemy of choice.

(CIA & Intelligence Agencies & Secrecy & Black Ops & False Flag Operations)  Counter-Intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations s1e3: The Strategy of Tension, 2013

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