Wednesday 17 December 2014


The Great Hope Matt Taylor
Its open warfare; the Truth Movement against the Alternative Movement, or that’s how I see it.

I’ve already been told otherwise; you know, that we are all finding our own truths in our own ways. And I understand that, I do.

I’m calling it the Truth Movement against the Alternative media because having been to the AV’s Truth Conference earlier this year, I like to think I’m a bit of an expert on the subject lol…

I wouldn’t have said anything but have done so because Richard D Hall has come out publicly chastising Ian R Crane for lying to the public about being CENSORED, and Ben Emlyn-Jones has come out in defence of Danielle George aka Danielle la Verite against Deborah Williams of Kent Truth Movement Fame.

This comes weeks after Chris Spivey very publicly ousted Jimmy Jones and his wife Helen Jones, as (what’s a nice way to say it?) shills- basically.

Ben Emlyn-Jones has written a very good piece explaining what the term ‘shill’ means and the argument against Danielle George, by Deborah Williams to be nothing more than professional bitching.

This is how I see it. (Warning: As a part of the AV movement, I know more about them than I do about the Truth Movement, so please excuse my ignorance about some big names that I may not have heard of.)

The Alternative Media is made up of such big hitters as:

  • Chris Spivey
  • Michael Doherty
  • Bill Maloney
  • Lou Collins
  • Brian Gerrish
  • Roger Hayes
  • Ian R Crane
  • Thomas Sheridan
  • Guy Taylor
  • Danielle George aka Danielle la Verite
  • Ben Emlyn-Jones
  • Myself, Matt Taylor
  • Ian Piddick
  • Mark Devlin
  • Daisy Jones
  • Alex: G
  • Simon Welsh
  • Ben Fellows
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Mark Cocking
  • Tom Sayers 

(In no particular order)

And the Truth Movement by:

  • Richard D Hall
  • Nick Kollerstrom
  • John King
  • Tom Cahill
  • Deborah Williams
  • Chris Deojee
  • Penny Pullen
  • Charlie Veitch
  • David Icke
  • Jimmy Jones
  • Daryl Churchill
  • Sharon Gifford

(In no particular order)

Now I may be way off, and I am happy to rearrange the list if people complain, but this is how I see it.

I apologise for anyone I left out. If you want to be included, give me a shout.

There are number of well known crusaders who never get a mention on any list:

  • Fabrice Bardsley
  • Fred Fairbrass
  • Fabooka De Stait
  • Scott Chambers
  • Kerry Ann-Howitt
  • Christopher Green
  • Andy Whittington
  • Darly Gardiner
  • Johhny Trumptibumm
  • Brenda Mcnamara
  • Joel Shepherd
  • Jazzy Semilong
  • Ollie Newell
  • Lisa Pea
  • John Wanoa
  • Jaymie Anna-Marie Stewart
  • Joe Neilson

In my view the Alternative Media seems to be much more vocal and gung-ho, while the Truth Movement is more quiet and reserved.

  • Pandora Sparks deserves a category all her own. She’s flying single, with no alliances! Blazing her own trail of brilliance. (God I love Pandora Sparks – she really does it for me!)


Deborah Williams is continually asked, “Who do we trust?” and while Deborah answers, “none of the above,” I answer, “Matt Taylor.”

If you are going to trust anyone in this day and age; trust:

  • Matt Taylor
  • Joe Neilson
  • John Wanoa


John is a native Moai King tipped to take over as the next Monarch of Great Britain and the Common Wealth.


Joe is the only disabled independent candidate yet to be running in the 2015 General Election. I’m happy to forego my own political ambitions to support Joe in becoming the next MP for Brighton Kemptown. That’s how much I believe in him.


Modesty aside, I am the great hope which Robert Langer describes me as.

Read more:


Stayed tuned to Guerrilla Democracy News and all will be revealed.

Reached for a gin and tonic, (Super Sonic,) lets put it all into prospective.

Much like the sport of Boxing which divided into two factions:

  • WBA World Boxing Association
  • WBC World Boxing Council

As with the world of Snooker:

  • EASB English Association of Snooker and Billiards
  • WPBSA World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association

So we have the same with the Truth…


Tom Cahill, the AV’s arch nemesis has been privy to my ear for a few months now and I do consider him a friend.

  • While he’s called me a sodomiser, I’ve called him a child-abuse victim.
  • While he calls me a Chris Spivey sycophant (or words to that effect) I’ve called him a piece of slime life who’s more suited to living under a rock at the bottom of a pond.
  • While he insists Bill Maloney and Chris Spivey are liars, I maintain they are genuine.

Tom Cahill and I differ on many subjects, but still, I’ll never block him or dump him as a Facebook friend.

I recently wrote to him in a private Face Book conversation, having read Deborah William’s character assassination against Danielle George aka Danielle la Verite:

“OK Tom. You are right and I’m wrong. You were right to have done what you done. I take everything I’ve said about you back. Forgive me Tom.”

To which he kindly replied, “Of course. Consider it done.”

After-all I reason, if we in the AV movement cannot handle Tom Cahill then how in hell do we expect to deal with the 59 million people who haven’t heard of us?

I gave way to Tom because I agreed with Deborah Williams on a few points, namely the absurd channelling of Jimmy Savile in the company of Thomas Sheridan during the Hull Truth festival.

Even Ben Enlyn-Jones (who defended Danielle) found that particular video distasteful.

I’m not a great fan of Thomas Sheridan at the best of times, especially since he rubbishes all opinions that aliens are real and walking amongst us, and being so uncaring when Greg Nikolettos was arrested at the AV5 Truth Conference.

I’ve had my own clashes with the great and good of the AV movement, notably Ian R Crane and Brian Gerrish. I did have two videos showing our clashes but have decided to take them off Youtube due to the constant criticism I got by posting them.

As I said to Philip J Chin on Facebook, “I like to give people the benefit of my doubt. If it transpires Tom Cahill is being paid to holiday in Thailand and discredit the AV movement, then fuck him. I'll never give him my time ever again.”

And I mean it Tom; and Tom knows I mean it without being told twice…

Again back to Philip J Chin who said this having started to read Ben Emlyn-Jones:

“Got bored reading it. This bickering narrative is turning it all Eastenders, I thought we were suppose to escape that not indulge it.”

OK, to cut a long and drawn out story short, who do you trust?


After-all I am in the Moai £100 Million Pound Note and that's got to mean something!


Danielle George

“A lesson in being very careful about lies & slandering on the Internet.
Deborah Williams has been sacked from her job. She was in question already & once her employers saw the article she produced for the Kent freedom movement, (kindly forwarded on by me) it only bolstered their reasoning.
The lives you fuck with are real & your opponents are strong enough to hold the rope with which you hang yourself.”

Richard D Hall

“In order to get my TV show on Sky 192, I had to sign a contract. That contract talks about the programmes need to comply with OFCOM regulation. I suspect that Steve Hopwood who provided UK Column to Sky 192 also signed a similar contract. So the UK column, including "The Crane Report" have already entered a contract agreeing to be regulated by OFCOM. If UK Column ALREADY complies with OFCOM then it will probably ALREADY comply with ATVOD. It seems "The Crane Report" are using this censored nonsense to increase the kudos of the content. Don't try and wriggle out if it, just do the honourable thing and remove that word CENSORED from your graphic. It annoys me because my show genuinely was censored, not by ATVOD or by OFCOM, but by Sky 192 for 9 months because of an OFCOM investigation. They are still effectively censoring my TV shows by only allowing certain content. It is plain and simple, "The Crane Report" has not been censored yet and that word being used to promote the show is therefore misleading.”


Henry Kline
Senior Producer
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Gerry Gilmore (

Sent: Star wars project, which no doubt involves some of your objects.

Thu 1/18/07 3:37 AM
john lenard (

Hello again, and again my congratulations on your superb astrophotography.

You are clearly getting some images at almost the diffraction limit of your telescope. In the very sharpest images there are hints of diffraction rings visible on the edges of the satellites. That is of course the absolute limit of optical performance, and is only rarely attained.

Interestingly, the process you have, of using a high-quality imaging system, with fast read-out, and then selecting the rare `perfect’ images is something which has been developed and applied somewhat by one of my colleagues here. You might like to look at our local web page presenting some of this: [link to

You might also be interested in a journal produced by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory – which is the group which has built some of the things you are seeing. Much of what they do is what used to be the Star wars project, which no doubt involves some of your objects. They
don’t talk about the military satellites, of course, but there are many dicussions of earth surveillance, and related issues. It is distributed only to academic organisations, so you may need to get your local library to borrow it, but you may be able to get this (for free) from

Subscription Coordinator
Room L-054
Lincoln Laboratory
244 Wood Street
MA 0240-9185
Gerry Gilmore FInstP ScD
Professor of Experimental Philosophy

Friday 12 December 2014


In this extraordinary footage we witness the Queen casting a spell over her paper work.

Watch for yourself four minutes into the nine minute video, The Queen off Duty, to see for yourself the Queen dappling in black magic.

Watch the video further and you’ll see an interesting exchange with her then Prime Minister Edward Heath, whom the Queen knew full well, was a murdering paedophile.


Edward Heath laughed because he knew that she knew Prime Ministers are expendable and murdering paedophile Prime Ministers are more expendable than most.


John Wanoa certainly isn’t laughing. This is what he had to say on today Facebook page.



Make no mistakes about it dear readers; The Queen took a solemn promise on her Coronation, as God is her witness that she would govern the People of:

  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain
  • Northern Ireland
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Union of South Africa
  • Pakistan
  • Ceylon
  • and of your Possessions
  • and the other Territories to any of them belonging or pertaining,

According to their respective laws and customs?


This is the crux of the matter. Words mean everything in our day and age. We rely on them to make our laws, to communicate and educate future generations.

Words are powerful instruments of change and every word used in the Queen’s Coronation was carefully used to authenticate her claim to the British Throne.

Let’s take a look again at what she actually said in her Coronation Oath on the 2nd of June 1953

The Archbishop gave her fair warning as to what she was about to promise.

“Madam, is your Majesty willing to take the Oath?”

To which the Queen answered, “I am willing.”

  • Archbishop: Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon, and of your Possessions and the other Territories to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs?
  • Queen: I solemnly promise so to do.
  • Archbishop: Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgements?
  • Queen: I will.
  • Archbishop: Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law? Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in England? And will you preserve unto the Bishops and Clergy of England, and to the Churches there committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges, as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them?
  • Queen: All this I promise to do.

Then the Queen was helped out of her chair and with the Sword of State being carried before her, went to the Altar, and made her solemn Oath in the sight of all the people to observe the promises: laying her right hand upon the Holy Gospel in the great Bible and said these words:

“The things which I have here before promised, I will perform and keep. So help me God.”

The Queen then kissed the Holy Bible and signed the Oath with a determined underline stroke.


Regardless of all the bumph about maintaining and preserving inviolably the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government blah blah blah, the pertinent point is her promise to do the utmost to maintain the Laws of God.

  • This is why King John Wanoa from New Zealand is coming all the way to Britain.
  • This is why Kevin Annett created the International Tribunal into the Crimes of Church and State.
  • This is why an arrest warrant has been issued against the Queen guilty of Crimes against Humanity.

The Queen has failed to do her utmost to maintain the Laws of God, and the fact that we see her casting spells over her paperwork confirms she’s turned her back on God and instead practises Black Magic.

By publicly making a solemn promise before God, she is acknowledging that God is of a higher authority to her own.

We all know God’s Law. It’s ingrained within Humanity’s DNA. We know not to kill our brother sister mother and father. We know not to steal from our neighbour and we know not to covet our neighbour’s wife (or donkey).


Wednesday 10 December 2014


Viewed by many as the natural successor to Margaret Thatcher, Home Secretary Theresa May is viewed by a few as a child-abuse victim, groomed and nurtured to where she is today to further the insidious grand plan of her royal and political masters.

Could it be true? The Conservative faithful scream in unison?

Could the only child of a vicar, be abused as a child, to grow up and be nurtured by a paedophile invested Establishment to climb to the very top of the ladder in order to consolidate and perpetuate child-abuse?

We have to remember that the Prime Minister was himself nurtured from an early age for the highest office in British politics. In case you haven’t forgotten, it was a phone call from Buckingham Palace to 10 Downing Street which gave the young and up-coming David Cameron his first step up on the greasy ladder.

So, it’s with this in mind that we take a closer look at Theresa May.

Born on 1 October 1956 in EastbourneSussex, Theresa May went on to enjoy a privileged upbringing courtesy of her mother Zaidee née Barnes and her father Rev. Hubert Brasier, an Anglican clergyman.

From the black and white picture of her sitting in between her mother and father, you would have thought she enjoyed a loving upbringing.

With her father holding her hand in such a tender and protective gesture, you would have thought Theresa would have plenty of nice things to say about him.

But no, reading between the lines of her Mail on Sunday interview printed on 1st September 2012, we learn that she doesn’t like to speak about her father at all.

Of-course the party faithful will point to the tragic fact that Theresa doesn’t like to talk about her father for the simple reason he died in a car crash when she was 12.

Perhaps she doesn’t like to say much about her father because firstly she finds it difficult to talk about the man who abused her as a child and secondly she finds it difficult to hide her joy and relief that he died in a car crash, which in itself would have brought her abuse to a sudden and abrupt end.

“Something is not right about her dad?” – (Who said that?)

“I don’t answer hypothetical questions,” she said the reporter when he asked whether she’d like to be Prime Minister.

She also doesn’t answer the obvious question of why she’s never had kids with her investment banker husband of 34 years.

As the Mail on Sunday article reveals:

“She met future husband, investment banker Philip May, at Oxford University. The ‘matchmaker’ was fellow student Benazir Bhutto, future leader of Pakistan, who was killed five years ago.

The couple celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary on Thursday. They have no children, something friends say they have come to terms with, and May finds hard to discuss. Her potential as a good role model was soon spotted: she was made a godmother in her teens.”

“May finds it hard to discuss,” is that because the thought of bringing a child into the world, who potentially could go through the same abuse she endured as a child is simply too much for even Theresa May to bear?

Lots of theoretical questions I know, but considering she could be a future Prime Minister isn’t it prudent to ask these difficult questions all the same?

Asked whether she could have succeeded in politics if she had to juggle a career with motherhood? Theresa May says “yes”, and points to mother-of-three Cabinet colleague Caroline Spelman as a good example.

She attributes her shyness during her growing years to her background of growing up in a vicarage. “You didn't think about yourself, the emphasis was on others.”

With her father always whispering in her ear, warning her not to show off, anyone could appreciate the restrictive and controlling upbringing she evidently had.

We glean a saucy detail of what she got up to, with the little titbit of what she used to get up to under her bed sheets, with or without her father being present.

“I never read Hansard under the bedclothes,” she said poking fun at William Hague who did, but what exactly she was doing under the bedclothes, she had this to say, “its probably best not to reveal that to The Mail on Sunday.”

Deciding she wanted to be an MP at the tender age of 12, she went onto be elected Conservative MP for Maidehead in 1997, having unsuccessfully stood in the 1994 Barking by-election.

The rest they say is history, or rather in her case, ‘her-story’.

Does it matter or is it vile conjecture?

Considering she’s the Home Secretary who has failed on at least two occasions to organise a public inquiry in historic child-abuse, I for one say “Yes,” it does matter. It matters that Theresa May could herself have been a child-abuse victim at the hands of her father, and that considering she is now in the prime position to continue the child-abuse cover-up, of which she is evidently doing a good job at prolonging, the question must be asked and answered, was Theresa May abused by her father and passed around the Establishment’s ring of paedophiles.

It would certainly explain a lot if she was.

After all, as the 2012 Sunday Mail article reminds us, “They have no children, something friends say they have come to terms with, and May finds hard to discuss.”

After all, with the most horrendous and criminal allegations levelled against the Establishment in a generation, Theresa May has done what every politician does in this situation, she’s set up an inquiry…

And she can’t even get right.

The question needs to be asked, is that by design or not?


That’s it folks! The inevitable has happened and the Queen and Country are no more.

The new £1 Trillion note with the face of John Wanoa
Having wriggled out of her imminent arrest for crimes against Humanity, Elizabeth Windsor is now desperately scrapping the barrel for excuses and has come up with the last ditch attempt of faking Alzheimer’s Disease to evade justice.

Reported in the mainstream press of the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail newspapers and the Globe Magazine, Buckingham Palace staff are on high alert keeping an eye for the ailing Queen and keeping everything under wraps about her rumoured mental problem.  

Rumoured not to remember anything, it’s said she:

  • Wanders the Palace garden lost and confused
  • Can't remember Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding,
  • and thinks Charles is her husband, Phillip.

While Palace officials are keen to maintain continuality in these times of transition by assuring the public her son Charles and grandson William are both pulling their weight, the alarming truth is that events behind the scenes have made it very unlikely that either Prince Charles or Prince William will ever be king.

With everything in place, the Queen has nowhere to run or hide.

  • Chris Spivey the leading Alternative Media’s investigative journalist has exposed Her Majesties secret service to be criminals of the highest order who orchestrate terror attacks on British people while on British soil and use blackmail to control highly place paedophiles within the government.

  • John Wanoa, the leading candidate to take over the monarchy of Great Britain and the Common Wealth, has started to distribute his long awaited legal tender and having located property in Devonport UK, will soon be issuing an arrest for Queen Elizabeth, then ordering the British Royal Military Police to arrest other establishment and banking figures from top to bottom.

New Zealand born John Kahaki Wanoa surrogate King, is powering full steam ahead with his £970 Million Trillion Trillion legal tender distribution scheme which will see every Moai member have an equal share of a £970 million trillion trillion jackpot.

The new £100 Billion note with the face of Jaymie Anna-Marie Stewart
As John’s secretary Jaymie Anna-Marie Stewart explains:

“We are SPLITTING this amount of £970 Million Trillion Trillion POUND NOTES among the members in those 250 Countries equally in smaller amounts of £1 Trillion each country just to fund them all.”

  • Britain UK have £120 Trillion
  • of which £25 Trillion for Aotea New Zealand
  • £25 Trillion for Ireland
  • £25 Trillion for England
  • £25 Trillion for Wales
  • £25 Trillion for Scotland.
The new £100 Million note with the face of Matt Taylor. 
Claiming Queen Elizabeth has abandoned Britain UK for the European Union Parliament, John Wanoa is using his birth-right as the surrogate King of England under the authority of the last great King of England William IV, to make amends and set the world back on track.


John Wanoa is acutely aware of the machinations grinding away in the background away from public view and scrutiny.

“I think its crucial to Proclaim King of England Title before Prince William has a chance to get that Title and remember my "ROGAN" Surname Family is my ENGLISH Bloodline to Live there as a CITIZEN as soon as I declare the LAND RETURNS by DEFAULT to KING WILLIAM IV at Devonport and again at WESTMINSTER GROUNDS outside or inside,” he said during a Facebook conversation.

John’s fears have been confirmed with the latest news coming from the mainstream news, telling us that Prince William understands the threat against him and wants to become King as soon as possible, even if it means sacrificing his father to do so.

Published by the Globe magazine we learn that not only is Queen Elizabeth on her death bed, but Prince William has informed the dying Queen that he does want to become the next King of England, having previously told her he didn’t want it.

It would seem the power struggle between father and son is about to intensify to new heights of hostility.


With the reappearance of Greg Hallett on the alternative media scene, John Wanoa has new competition for the British Throne.

“I am the daughter of the last lawful King, Edward, whose reign was truncated by deceit and betrayal. God will determine the next monarch, not Populism. With kindest regards, Emily Windsor-Cragg.”


Following in the footsteps of Kevin Annett and the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, (ITCCS) John Wanoa has used the legal public arena of Facebook to make allegations against Queen Elizabeth, allegations which the Queen has failed to answer and in doing so has indicated herself in serious crimes against humanity by remaining silent.

King Wanoa knows that only a monarch can sack a monarch. Hence with royal blood pumping through his veins, and the Crown Seal Sovereign title defaulted back to King William IV behind him, John has proclaimed himself as the SURROGATE KING OF ENGLAND MONARCH SOVEREIGN.


An angry John Wanoa retorts:

“Dirty stinking fucking bitch of a white man. Moai natives boot them out back to Europe and Rome. England EU and hang the fucking lot of them bastards, doing this on our lands. John Key (New Zealand PM) first to hang under King William IV law and Prince William will hang as well with his fucking Grandmother fucking poisoned mongrels. Moai and the people hang them on site on the land they can’t prove they own one shot!”


As John Wanoa makes clear:

“The Queen of England abandoned Britain UK for the European Union Parliament as a foreigner with no interest in England soil land title. The Crown Seal Sovereign title defaulted back to King William IV surrogate king of England monarch sovereign government on his estate land at Devonport as the claim to the estate property kings royal revenue of the Queen Victoria trust and all what the queen has stolen is salvaged back from those named criminals and commonwealth countries bank of England HM  treasury and countries she say she owns now belongs to King William IV surrogate king of England. New Zealand land title of 61 Cook Street is Moai crown title as a result of fraud Queen above the judges head in the New Zealand courts and police, lawyers parliaments in the Commonwealth and her corporations are all now part of this debt instrument fixed in the high court of admiralty in London and Devonport King William IV High Court of Admiralty Court marshal creditors surrogate King live breathing ruler!”


With the recent guilty verdict against Ray Teret, a close friend of Jimmy Savile in the news this week, the inference is being made that anyone who was friends with the UK’s most prolific child-abuser, necrophiliac and paedophile, would themselves be painted with the same brush.

Let’s remind ourselves of Jimmy Savile’s most famous friendships:

  • Prince Charles
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Tony Blair

John Wanoa is more aware than anyone of the Crimes perpetrated against the World by the Windsor royal family and the other 300 European royal families and banking dynasties. 

As we speak John and his team are linking fraud natural names and surnames to corporation’s names of the Directors to try them online to the Moai Crown King William IV High Court of Admiralty "Kings Bench Court House" For "King William IV Surrogate King of England John Kahaki Wanoa"

By setting up his own court John Wanoa can use Moai Sheriffs Marshals operating as LEVY DEBTOR AGENTS of the "Kings Royal Revenue Collection House" in Devonport England. These online Cases are transferred to any Court in Britain UK and MOAI WORLD COURTS in 250 Countries on the website!member-states/coqy


  • Who invented the Bank of England?
       Answer: William Patterson in 1694.

  • Who legislated the Bank of England Acts? And who created the Print Money and Mint Coins Money Act?
      Answer: King William IV no one else!

As John Wanoa explains, “The New Zealand government has the biggest problem to identify who they really are and where they get their sovereignty from since the Queen is no longer legitimate but still hanging above the Judges head as their authority when there is none. So the ignorant 4.5 million citizens people do not realize that they are now legally levy debtors of MOAI CROWN KING WILLIAM IV MONARCH SOVEREIGN SURROGATE KING OF ENGLAND by default of the Queen of England departure from the soil land of England to the soil land of Brussels and European union parliament now the Lisbon Treaty 1 November 2014 stripped away UK Westminster parliament power by legislating 43 conditions and sanctions in their EU law.

Now this Moai pound note certificate has bill levy debtor of the "Crown" corporation church and state and governments private corporations and the Queens 300 plus royal families, the Rothschild’s, the Federal States, the Churches, the Elite, the Commonwealth States, NATO, European Union Parliament government, World Bank, "Washington dc", "City of London", "Vatican city" private corporations the total amount of £970 million trillion trillion in one lump sum as a bank credit instrument against them as being 1 billion people out of 7 billion people making the 6 billion people the creditors of this note!”

This is now the MOAI WATER MONEY CURRENCY in MOAI POUND NOTE VALUE per Litre of Kg UNIT set against Moai Tidal Turbine Energy converted from Hydraulic Sea Power into Electricity POWER UNITS end Product. Seawater is then Electrically split into Oxygen and Hydrogen Gas by this Electricity and then compressed into Liquid Hydrogen Jet Fuel and Solid Metal Hydrogen Rocket Fuel for space Flight and Submarines Bulk Energy Power Storage. Water as Bottled Drinking Water as a Product and as Filtered purified Household Community Supply Town City Water made from the Air using the Stored power Energy Electricity or Gas or Stored Water. The Share Value of the MOAI Water Currency increases the value of the MOAI Gold Currency and MOAI POUND NOTE Currencies further!

To learn more about John Wanoa and what he means to you, follow him on his Facebook page:

Thursday 4 December 2014


David Cameron’s nasty Nazis conservative party have reached new heights of criminality following the release of statistics from Age UK, which reveals more than 200 elderly people die everyday due to the lack of warmth.

Revealing this shocking figure in their issue 10 Winter 2014 Age UK Life magazine, any pretence that the nasty Nazis conservative party are a caring sharing party has been wiped away once and for all.

While David Cameron spends millions on the non-existent Ebola virus and Terrorist threat, one elderly person will die in the UK every seven minutes as a result of the cold.

This is Unacceptable.

Claiming to be a first world country, the insidious truth is revealed that David Cameron’s drive for more and more austerity measures are nothing more than an ideological smoke-screen to commit genocide against our nation’s elderly.

This winter, one older person will die every seven minutes as a result of the cold.

It’s a sad fact indeed that this Christmas half a million old people will spend Christmas Day alone. It’s equally sad that more than a million older people haven't spoken to anyone for more than a month.

In David Cameron’s caring and sharing nation, elderly people are faced with a choice of feeding themselves or heating themselves.

Heating and eating should not be an issue.

While every single politician in parliament can reclaim their energy bill costs at the expense of the tax payer, while the most vulnerable people in Britain are dying at a rate of 200 a day, one every 7 minutes.

If you don’t see this as ‘GENOCIDE’, then you’re a Conservative voter.

As Age UK makes clear:

  • Fuel poverty and poor general health is a lethal combination - and the sad fact is that older people are more susceptible than most to both.
  • Many older people have not had the opportunity or money to plan for their financial future. That means they are forced to make careful choices about how they spend what little money they do have.
  • In too many cases, that has meant people doing without the things that will ultimately prove to be the difference between living and dying.

In a modern 21st Century Britain no-one should be forced to make a life or death decision on a daily basis.

According to the government’s own health, safely and welfare guidelines, schools must ensure the minimum temperature measured 0.5 meters above floor level doesn’t fall below 18°c (or 15°c while in the gym).

Employers are under a general duty of care to their employees to ensure the temperature in the workplace doesn’t fall below 16°c (or 13°c doing physical work).

Though if you apply the same rules to private accommodation, there are no requirements to provide heat to anyone outside schools and the work place.

We must all make a commitment to help keep older people warm in winter.

Back to Age UK:

“What does that mean? It means every older person being able to heat their bedroom and living room without worrying about the cost. It means being able to afford to buy or cook a hot, nutritious meal every day. It means having warm clothes.”

It means every older person being able to heat their bedroom and living room without worrying about the cost.

In any other time in history every single politician in parliament would be kicked out in shame, following the genocide of their greed, but thanks to television and the propaganda tools at the government’s disposal, David Cameron is able to keep kicking the can along the road, ensuring justice keeps a safe distance away.

When are the People of Britain going to wake up to the crimes being perpetrated against us on a daily basis by the very people we put into power to protect and serve our best interests?

Wednesday 3 December 2014


The Sun newspaper have jumped on the band-wagon by labeling millionaire comedian Russell Brand a “joke” following his outburst and rant against Channel 4 reporter Paraic O’Brien having been asked “What kind of rent are you paying?”

Labelled a “hypocrite” by Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, Russell Brand’s street cred as a revolutionary has taken a nose-dive following his self-serving publicity stunts, which many claim are performed to appease an insidious secret agenda, dreamed up by his Illuminati masters.


Threatening to sue mogul giant Rupert Murdoch, Russell Brand’s claim to be the great revolutionary hope now lies in tatters.


Described by child-abuse crusader Robert Langer as a “Wonderful Hope” and a “Great Spirit,” Matt Taylor 43 from Brighton UK, is racing up the ratings as the clear favourite to topple Russell Brand of his perch as the man most likely to lead a British revolution.

A champion of alternatives Matt Taylor promises a better way of life, such as:

  • Non-Privatisation of the NHS.
  • No to ideology tax cuts such as the Bedroom Tax, Labour’s Freeze on Child Benefit, ATOS and an end to the persecution of the poor, and attacks on the Welfare State.
  • Michael Reynolds inspired sustainable ‘Earthship’ housing to counter-act the nation’s housing shortage.
  • Moai Tidal Electric, bulk free energy captured at the base of the sea, doing away with the need for fracking and off-shore above surface wind turbines.
  • A cure for Cancer by exploring the claims by Canadian born Rick Simpson and thousands of others from around the world that Hemp Oil cures cancer and many other life debilitating diseases.
  • A new Monarch to replace the Windsor Royal Family in the guise of John Wanoa.
  • £970 Million Trillion Trillion in cash.
  • 750 thousand tons of Gold.

Supported by the next King of Great Britain and the Common Wealth John Wanoa, a native Moai from New Zealand, Matt Taylor is standing as an independent parliamentary candidate in the expected 2015 general election.


With his head soon to be immortalised on the new Ten Million pound note, Matt Taylor’s name is soon to become a household name.

As Darly Gardiner, a crusader against the illIlluminati makes clear on her Facebook status:

“Seriously we need these bunch of idiots out of Westminster...they are all totally illegal and I will not tolerate their rubbish any longer my fuse is getting really short because they couldn't give a nuns crunch of a care for the people of this country.. Matt! If you get in next year can I be your chief whip. I will make my own body armour?? I’m a mean shot with a bow and arrow moving targets my speciality...peez I would love to watch Westminster dance...”

Even the Alternative Media’s most feared nemesis Tom Cahill, hasn't got anything bad to say about him.

“You're a good sport, and you're OK from what I can tell. You're also amusing and not vindictive. You make people laugh, and are funny. I can tell you've got a strong character and I soon realised that you aren't petty.”


While Russell Brand preaches revolution from his posh pad in London, Matt Taylor works from his election campaign office in Peacehaven, part of the Brighton Kemptown constituency which he hopes to be elected MP in 2015.


“I’m happy to serve both the constituents of Brighton Kemptown and Lewes,” says Matt Taylor, “Vote for me and you won’t need Nazis MP Simon Kirby or Lib-fibber MP Norman Baker.”

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