Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Viewed by many as the natural successor to Margaret Thatcher, Home Secretary Theresa May is viewed by a few as a child-abuse victim, groomed and nurtured to where she is today to further the insidious grand plan of her royal and political masters.

Could it be true? The Conservative faithful scream in unison?

Could the only child of a vicar, be abused as a child, to grow up and be nurtured by a paedophile invested Establishment to climb to the very top of the ladder in order to consolidate and perpetuate child-abuse?

We have to remember that the Prime Minister was himself nurtured from an early age for the highest office in British politics. In case you haven’t forgotten, it was a phone call from Buckingham Palace to 10 Downing Street which gave the young and up-coming David Cameron his first step up on the greasy ladder.

So, it’s with this in mind that we take a closer look at Theresa May.

Born on 1 October 1956 in EastbourneSussex, Theresa May went on to enjoy a privileged upbringing courtesy of her mother Zaidee née Barnes and her father Rev. Hubert Brasier, an Anglican clergyman.

From the black and white picture of her sitting in between her mother and father, you would have thought she enjoyed a loving upbringing.

With her father holding her hand in such a tender and protective gesture, you would have thought Theresa would have plenty of nice things to say about him.

But no, reading between the lines of her Mail on Sunday interview printed on 1st September 2012, we learn that she doesn’t like to speak about her father at all.

Of-course the party faithful will point to the tragic fact that Theresa doesn’t like to talk about her father for the simple reason he died in a car crash when she was 12.

Perhaps she doesn’t like to say much about her father because firstly she finds it difficult to talk about the man who abused her as a child and secondly she finds it difficult to hide her joy and relief that he died in a car crash, which in itself would have brought her abuse to a sudden and abrupt end.

“Something is not right about her dad?” – (Who said that?)

“I don’t answer hypothetical questions,” she said the reporter when he asked whether she’d like to be Prime Minister.

She also doesn’t answer the obvious question of why she’s never had kids with her investment banker husband of 34 years.

As the Mail on Sunday article reveals:

“She met future husband, investment banker Philip May, at Oxford University. The ‘matchmaker’ was fellow student Benazir Bhutto, future leader of Pakistan, who was killed five years ago.

The couple celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary on Thursday. They have no children, something friends say they have come to terms with, and May finds hard to discuss. Her potential as a good role model was soon spotted: she was made a godmother in her teens.”

“May finds it hard to discuss,” is that because the thought of bringing a child into the world, who potentially could go through the same abuse she endured as a child is simply too much for even Theresa May to bear?

Lots of theoretical questions I know, but considering she could be a future Prime Minister isn’t it prudent to ask these difficult questions all the same?

Asked whether she could have succeeded in politics if she had to juggle a career with motherhood? Theresa May says “yes”, and points to mother-of-three Cabinet colleague Caroline Spelman as a good example.

She attributes her shyness during her growing years to her background of growing up in a vicarage. “You didn't think about yourself, the emphasis was on others.”

With her father always whispering in her ear, warning her not to show off, anyone could appreciate the restrictive and controlling upbringing she evidently had.

We glean a saucy detail of what she got up to, with the little titbit of what she used to get up to under her bed sheets, with or without her father being present.

“I never read Hansard under the bedclothes,” she said poking fun at William Hague who did, but what exactly she was doing under the bedclothes, she had this to say, “its probably best not to reveal that to The Mail on Sunday.”

Deciding she wanted to be an MP at the tender age of 12, she went onto be elected Conservative MP for Maidehead in 1997, having unsuccessfully stood in the 1994 Barking by-election.

The rest they say is history, or rather in her case, ‘her-story’.

Does it matter or is it vile conjecture?

Considering she’s the Home Secretary who has failed on at least two occasions to organise a public inquiry in historic child-abuse, I for one say “Yes,” it does matter. It matters that Theresa May could herself have been a child-abuse victim at the hands of her father, and that considering she is now in the prime position to continue the child-abuse cover-up, of which she is evidently doing a good job at prolonging, the question must be asked and answered, was Theresa May abused by her father and passed around the Establishment’s ring of paedophiles.

It would certainly explain a lot if she was.

After all, as the 2012 Sunday Mail article reminds us, “They have no children, something friends say they have come to terms with, and May finds hard to discuss.”

After all, with the most horrendous and criminal allegations levelled against the Establishment in a generation, Theresa May has done what every politician does in this situation, she’s set up an inquiry…

And she can’t even get right.

The question needs to be asked, is that by design or not?


  1. Anyone that goes into politics should also be screened. Everything about this woman should be made public for the public. And it is for the public to ask the question...Is she fit to be a politician or MP? Should all people who have been raped climb up the ladder to design laws against anyone?

  2. ANDREA DAVISON was convicted by a Jury of 26 charges including charges of Fraud, Theft, Falsification of Census records and running a Fake Document factory, Fake Passports, ID's, Fake Watches and providing fraudulent Documents then used by International Fraud networks in London, Spain, Thailand, Panama, Canada, Cyprus and other International Countries identified as N265 Form Exhibits in RCJ QBD Case HQ10D04366 Court Case by the writer.
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    I place this correspondence on Record, this to ensure you are further interviewed by an Authority body to examine the serious allegations and accusations made against you as a Public Servant along with named others, contained herein and, outlined briefly by the writer.
    Mr Gordon Bowden

  3. Hidden by the MSM. The full dirt on Justice Lowell Goddard
    Three strikes & you're out, Theresa May.



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