Saturday 28 February 2015


A naked man seen sensationally scaling down tied bed-sheets from a Buckingham Palace window, is feared dead tonight, following accusations that the Palace is conducting a cover-up to hide the man's untimely death.

As reported by and other media outlets:

  • Buckingham Palace are declining to comment on the video or its validity.
  • The Metropolitan Police said they have not received any reports of a naked man dangling from a Buckingham Palace window.
  • The Ambulance Service said they have not received any calls to treat a naked man suffering from injuries sustained from a fall from a rope made of bed sheets.

While MI5 & MI6 are working over-time this weekend to muddle the waters by pushing the tried and tested 'fake video' scenario; Chris Spivey is claiming that the footage is real and that the naked man witnessed escaping through a window, was escaping in fear of his life.


Tensions between a present Queen and a future Queen have reached boiling point, with revelations coming out that Kate, turned her back and walked out on The Queen, during a heated exchange over whether a nanny should care for Prince George, as opposed to his mother, as Kate wishes it to be.

Reported in the International Business Times, the headline screams: KATE MIDDLETON'S RUMOURED WAR WITH QUEEN ELIZABETH CONTINUES.

Kate “walked out” on The Queen during a recent visit to her Sandringham estate when they disagreed over how she should raise her new baby. While the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly wants to move in with her mother, Carole Middleton, following her child's arrival, The Queen is said to be determined that Kate will hire a baby nurse. “The Queen raised her voice as she clashed with Kate and Prince William about how they raised their child,” a “royal insider” told the magazine. “Kate couldn’t bear it any longer and walked out.”

With the Royal Palace reeling in recent weeks, this latest embarrassing breach of security is the last thing The Queen needs right now.

Speculation is rife as to whether the man seen escaping in fear of his life dressed in only his sock and shoe, was escaping having been prepared for satanic sacrifice or because he was escaping the advances of Prince Charles off his head on Viagra, LSD and cocaine.

Either way the experts agree that one would not risk public exposure by escaping out of a Buckingham Palace side window, if you weren't escaping in fear of imminent danger and death.

Seen in the video fatally falling out of sight, aerial views indicate that man fell at least 10 meters onto a lawn breaking his back and causing a serious haemorrhage leading to his subsequent death on the scene.


With the Moai Native King John Wanoa having sacked Queen Elizabeth II as the Monarch of Great Britain and the Commonwealth from the other side of the world in New Zealand; in Canada comes news The Queen had to resort to skullduggery to see of a further rebellion and fling onto power.

As reported by The Daily Mail newspaper.

“Canada's Supreme Court has rejected a challenge by three immigrants to ditch its citizenship oath, which requires would-be citizens to pledge allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II.”


The rebellion was launched by Canadian permanent residents Michael McAteer, Simone Topey and Dror Bar-Natan who wanted to become citizens without making the vow to the Queen and Royal family.

With no other choice but to resort to skullduggery, and giving no reason for refusing to hear the case, Canada's Supreme Court refused to hear the challenge ensuring the Status Quo remains as it is and The Queen is assured of a few more months clinging to power before her eventual abdication predicted in late 2015 or early 2016.

  • Mr McAteer, 81, said he was disappointed but not surprised after learning of the decision. “It's been a long haul,” said McAteer, a staunch republican who came to Canada from Ireland 51 years ago. “(But) I feel the same: If the oath stands, then I won't take Canadian citizenship.”
  • Topey, a Jamaican Rastafarian, said her religion forbids taking an oath to the Queen. “I'm trying to become a citizen not a subject,” she outside court, according to Canadian TV news.
  • Bar-Natan, an Israeli, argued that the oath represents entrenched privilege he opposes.

Canada's Citizenship Act requires would-be citizens to swear to be “Faithful and bear true allegiance to Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, her heirs and successors.”

In its ruling last year, the Ontario Court of Appeal noted the Queen remains Canada's head of state, calling the oath a 'symbolic commitment to be governed as a democratic constitutional monarchy unless and until democratically changed.'

In defence of the Realm it was left to Lawyer Peter Rosenthal to explain the high court's refusal to hear the case doesn't necessarily indicate an endorsement of the oath, but simply means the justices did not feel the case was worthy of their attention.





Friday 27 February 2015


I’m thrilled to have inspired Sam Murray to start a blog, of which its first post is a critique about me; ‘For Matt Taylor.’

I cannot thank Sam Murray enough for bestowing that honour on me.

You have prompted me for a reply; remarking that you are just as happy not to get a response, and for me to parade you as a ‘naysayer.’

“Well, it's nice to see my name in flashing lights, but are you planning on a response, or am I merely being paraded as one of the naysayers?
Either way, I really don't mind.”

Yes Sam, you’ll certainly get a response. Just be aware that the time between me deciding to write something and actually writing it varies from 7 to 14 days; so please don’t expect a response soon!


While I haven’t got the luxury of knowing who Sam Murray is, I do have the luxury of responding to a well written debut blog, which reveals much more about Sam than I think Sam even knows about himself.

Now baring in mind I don’t know how old Sam is, where he lives, what he does for a living or his sexual persuasions; I am confident in saying he’s got some anger issues; and that’s good…

The first thing Mike Fisher taught us at his Anger Management weekend is ‘Mirror-Projection.’ Its about treating people in a manner, you yourself despise and rally against.

Hence when Sam starts of his critique quoting Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s infamous debate with the late Christopher Hitchens, in which that he had a "crazy salad" of slander to respond to; I can only respond in kind and say that following the impressive 1834 worded critique ‘For Matt Taylor,’ I can only say that I too have a “Crazy Salad’ of Slander to respond to too.

Unlike Sam Murray who starts at the end; I’ll start at the beginning.


Let’s start with the first slap across the face.

I once finished a blog in bold capital letters:


When I read through for a second time I had doubts of putting it in, (only because is sounded so corny,) but I thought ‘what the hell.’

Talk about BOLD CAPITAL letters coming back to haunt me.

Here’s what Sam said.

“It certainly isn't Matt - especially the way you go about it. Aside from pretend to dabble in politics and immerse yourself in conspiracy for the best part of a decade and beyond, what have you actually done to "change the world"?”

OK; Let’s start. FOR YOU SAM MURRAY!

Pretend to fucking “dabble” in politics? And immerse myself in conspiracy for best part of a decade and beyond, “what have I actually done to “change the world?”

OK Sam, lets start. JUST FOR YOU.

I don’t dabble in politics; I’m an expert in politics. I participated in seven hustings during the 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner Elections. I’ve been studying the art of politics since 1997 after I decided to devote 20 years of my life to politics. This is why today I picked up Andrew Marr’s fictional novel ‘Head of State.’

I absorb everything concerned with politics and to publicly state I “dabble” is a slap across the face, which I take very unkindly too.

Then to bring in Conspiracy Theory; who the fucking hell are you? Who are you affiliated with?

Nick Kollerstrom and Muad Dib have proven (in my professional opinion) that through their book and documentary, Terror on The Tubes and 7/7 The Ripple Effect; that the London 7/7 Terror attacks were not the same events reported to the public by the government.

Chris Spivey and Nick Kollerstrom have proven that the Lee Rigby beheading incident was of the similar ilk and a false flag terror event sponsored by MI5 and MI6, with the full knowledge and consent of The Queen and David Cameron.

In fact so thorough is Chris Spivey’s investigative research that he has identified a whole crew of false flag actors and actresses who can travel the country staging government sponsored false flag events from John O'Groats to Land’s End.

Sam Murray has evidently immersed himself in the news propaganda of ITV, Channel 4, BBC, Sky news channels, while I have equally immersed myself in the news propaganda of the UK Column, the Crane Report, the Corbett Report, Abel Danger and many more including RichPlanet.TV, DoomWatch and UFO TV.

Snap Sam, we’ve both been watching and immersing ourselves in our own branded shit since the turn of the new century; what’s your point?

You can get away with calling me “Conspiracy Theorist” and you can look behind you to get a slap of encouragement on the shoulder from David Cameron and The Queen.

“Yes, well done Sam Murray, Matt Taylor is stupid because he’s a Conspiracy Theorist who thinks we’re the bad guys. Shoot him down for us Sam Murray and we’ll reward you with a pension and a title.”

Good boy Sam Murray, now just walk this way via a Gas Chamber and we’ll sign the paper work, dot the i’s and cross the t’s.


Sam Murray; mate……………. Please; do not believe the hype, the tripe that is spewed from BBC, SKY, ITV and Channel 4.

If you want to waste you time on critiquing people, go and critique Gordon Bowden and John Paterson at


I cannot believe you have taken the liberty of publicly asking me such a profound question, and then have the cheek to rush me for a reply, lol.

Like I said, I’m going to give this to you with both barrels.

I can say with confidence, even without knowing who you are, where you are, what you are or how old you are, that I’ve done more than you to change the world.

For a start I’m a father of two wonderful kids. If that isn’t changing the world I don’t know what else is.

I’ve saved people’s lives. The most recent on the 16th January 2015 by ensuring Joe Neilson is still in it, as opposed to if I never saved his life, he would be dead and the world would be a lesser place for it.

I saved my mother’s life when she found herself dying in the care of a heroin addicted daughter, on the path of self destruction.

I saved my nieces lives by always being there for them when they needed someone.

I first escaped Brighton aged 17 when I went to the South of France, but was called back just when it was getting fun, when my 15 year old sister fell pregnant.

The second time I was called back home was when I was in Hong Kong and my mother called me back because my sister and her crazy fucked up friends had driven her to a second break-down.

So I like to think I have changed the world by ensuring certain people of immense importance were kept alive because of my deeds and actions.

I expect I helped to change the world while I was a Military Policeman too. I attended lots of incidents where my calm, reassuring style and manner changed the course of events.

I’ve helped change the world in my capacity as Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner. In fact one person I’m helping says he only knew about me because this partner had a dream that he should contact me.


Make no mistake (my new catch-phase for 2015) I have changed the World and will continue to do so on a daily basis.

My blogs are changing the world because they are being read across the world.

Across these three blog platforms alone, I get one million readers a month.

You know how controversial my blogs are Sam, so don’t tell me I’m not changing the world. The numbers show that I’m being read and it’s being absorbed by people across the world.


Like Mike Fisher explains at his Anger Management weekends, you are lambasting yourself for doing nothing to change the world, by asking me what I’ve “actually” done to change the world.

It isn’t a Question for me to answer; it’s your own Question for yourself to Answer.


I love the SOS War Plan and one day there will be a top rating TV show based on it.


Shadow Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner: DEAR SUSSEX POLICE; I WANT TO REPORT THREE SERIOUS...

Shadow Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner: DEAR SUSSEX POLICE; I WANT TO REPORT THREE SERIOUS...: Matt Taylor & David (Joe) Neilson CRIME ONE. On Friday 16th January 2015 at about 11.20am at 318 AB South Coast Road, Peaceh...

Thursday 26 February 2015



In light of the significant increase of paedophile allegations against Sir Cliff Richard, a comment has been left by Liz Dowden which plunges his defence further into disarray and doubt.

Responding to a message from Bitten Bech on the Getting Ready for 2015 blog platform, which lambasted the many paedophile allegations against Cliff Richard:

“Cliff is innocent of it all!! All fabrication and lies. Furthermore, no proof at all!! …and …Cliff would not build up an image and then destroy it from within. He is a true gentleman. After all. he has been interviewed a month ago – not charged nor arrested. You fail to report that – because it does not fit in with the story you are telling us. I am disgusted.

Liz Bowden writes:

“I can prove Richards is a pedo and will do so in court.”

Cliff Richard’s confidence to add extra dates to his forthcoming tour, appears to be a desperate attempt by a condemned man to postpone the inevitable.

We’ve seen it all too often before;

  • Rolf Harris pleaded his innocence.
  • Stuart Hall pleaded his innocence too.
  • Jimmy Savile didn’t give a shit whether people knew he was a paedophile or not. During an interview with Louis Therou, he is quoted to have said, “How do they know whether I am or not? How does anybody know whether I am? Nobody knows whether I am or not. I know I'm not, and I can tell you from experience that the easy way of doing it, when they say, all them children on Jim'll Fix It, is to say, yeah, I hate them. That's my policy. That's the way it goes. And it's worked a dream. A dream.”

The investigation into Cliff Richard has now "increased significantly" to include former band members. Personally, I think they're chasing Shadows.

Sir Cliff Richard has strongly denied the allegations and police have not yet pressed any charges.

He said: “I have no idea where these absurd and untrue allegations come from. The police have not disclosed details to me. I have never, in my life, assaulted anyone and I remain confident that the truth will prevail. I have co-operated fully with the police, and will, of course, continue to do so. Beyond stating that the allegations are completely false, it would not be appropriate for me to say anything further until the investigation has concluded, which I hope will be very soon. In the meantime, I would, again, like to thank everyone for supporting me through this unbelievably difficult period.”



Wednesday 25 February 2015


Danny Kroonen
Following on from the worldwide success of WILL BLACK ROCKS THE UK; it’s only right and proper that I introduce another musical hero, of whom I cannot hear enough from.

Danny Kroonen (October 21st 1972) is a musician/composer/lyricist from Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

Taken from his website:

"Danny was brought up in a musical and artistic family and learned to play drums, guitar, piano and bass at a tender age. At the age of 15 he started composing and arranging his songs in his home studio. As a lyricist Danny has been active since the age of 11, already having a good command of and love for the English language then. His style brings a mix of alternative music, electronic, soundscapes, symphonic rock and orchestral arrangements. In 1993, Danny's song The Life of Angie was used in the Dutch motion picture Angie. In 2001 he released his EP/CD Solitary Journey which highlights his ability to create symphonic rock songs with compelling lyrics. Occasionally Danny performs his work on stage as a solo performer."

Sharing something in common with the world famous novelist Peter James, Danny Kroonen has composed a theme for both myself, Taylor’s Theme and for Peter, Sandy’s Theme, based on the fictional wife of Peter’s main character Roy Grace.

Danny was generous enough to compose Taylor’s Theme to accompany my Police and Crime Commissioner Election campaign in 2012.

Equally generous and talented, Danny composed Sandy’s Theme having been inspired by reading Peter James’s novels and has gone on to compose other tracks which delve deeper into Peter James’s Roy Grace world.

Over to Danny himself to describe his musical inspirations and influences.

A Peter James fan
“Although I am influenced by bands such as Pink Floyd, Steely Dan and artists like Dalbello, Rupert Hine and Bruce Cockburn, I am very aware of having developed my own style. And there's more to what I do than just being a songwriter playing his instrument and performing the songs on stage. I love working in my home-studio more than anything else. To me, the big picture is important: arranging, recording, production. With more to learn every day, of course. I love manipulating sound, experimenting with things like stepping away from traditional panning, I like to put in some surprises every now and then and am always searching for the right atmospheric sound effects. I like to create an ominous feel to things. Which blends in perfectly well with my lyrics. Always trying to find that right balance between words and music.”


Danny Kroonen & Peter James
“My guitar playing is heavily influenced by David Gilmour. He is absolutely my favourite guitarist! And I just love the way Roger Waters writes and arranges, and of course his lyrics are sublime, so there's your Pink Floyd-influence. And let's not forget Richard Wright's wonderful keyboard-playing and Nick Mason's drumming.

Dalbello had the most influence on me as an arranger, producer and lyricist. I think she's a genius! I especially paid a lot of attention to the way she programmed and played drums on her album Whomanfoursays. I think that is a fantastic album!

Then there's Steely Dan. One might not hear it directly in my music but I like to think I am influenced by them in the sense of lyric-writing and some piano-playing that I do. I am not a jazz fanatic per se but I've learnt a lot by studying Donald Fagen's approach, as he has a very unique style of his own that I really appreciate. I grew up with their music and have always been a big fan. 

Danny & Peter
Bruce Cockburn is also important to me: the man has integrity and writes wonderful songs and lyrics. He knows how to tell a story and is a brilliant guitarist!

As for Rupert Hine: there are three albums that are always in the back of my mind when I am composing and recording: Immunity, Waving Not Drowning and The Wildest Wish To Fly. I've been listening to those a lot in my youth and have always been fascinated by Hine's style of composing, arranging and recording. With this fine mix of influences I would like to think it is ME in the end... “

Danny is currently working on a new album as well as writing instrumental music with a focus on Film & TV.

Let’s hope the long awaited TV series of Roy Grace, comes with the soundtrack written by Danny Kroonen.

For discover more about Danny Kroonen, check out his Youtube video:

Sunday 22 February 2015

Sam's Grand Slam: Debut Blog.

Friday, 20 February 2015

For Matt Taylor

In one of my favourite ever debates, after a rather scathing, all too personal attack upon him by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the late Christopher Hitchens retorted that he had a "crazy salad" of slander to respond to.

(The debate in question, covering one of my favourite subjects - special creation vs evolution - can be found here:

While nothing you have said about me (so far) has been particularly slanderous, I readily and lovingly borrow the phrase "crazy salad" from the late Mr Hitchens to summarise the arguments that you have presented me with, for that is precisely what they are.

I'll start at the bottom of your post, and work my way up.....


It certainly isn't Matt - especially the way you go about it. Aside from pretend to dabble in politics and immerse yourself in conspiracy for the best part of a decade and beyond, what have you actually done to "change the world"?

Let's have a look at your track record shall we:

The earliest record I can find of you attempting to change the world was by unveiling the "SOS War Plan" in 2006 - 

With this early video, we set the tone for things to come. 

How so? Well this video, along with the the multitude of subsequent videos to follow over the years, show the world not WHAT you think Matt, because what you think has changed more often than the delegates at an incontinence convention; moreover it shows the world HOW you think. And this, I'm sorry to say Matt, hasn't changed one iota since you first graced the Internet with your presence.

If by any chance you still have faith in the idea that war can be superseded by a giant game of laser-tag, then let me offer this scenario to you:

The world has bizarrely accepted your proposal to revolutionise the way we fight war, and America is in the throws of "bolstering" its troops with the latest laser technology (like laser grenades, laser frag mines and, I don't know, laser photocopiers) in preparation to fight Iran, who are likewise fortifying their own troops.

The day arrives. Delegates from UN trundle up in a little golf caddy into the middle of no-mans-land to blow the war whistle - pheeeeeeeeep, AND THEY'RE OFF!!!!

From the west come the U.S. forces, armed to the back teeth with a huge selection of technologically advanced, but ultimately harmless weaponry. From the east storm the Iranian troops, similarly armed with.... wait.... where are the Iranian troops? They should be here by now. Have we got the right day? What's that in the sky? Is that a fighter plane? ARE THEY REAL FUCKING MISSILES???


America: 0
Iran: 1

I hope that you would see my point Matt, but all evidence thus far would suggest that you don't. Predicting "natural consequences" seems to be a facet of decision making that eludes you.

I don't want to labour the point, so let's move on.....

I was actually being fairly flippant by even remotely suggesting that John could ever hope to bring his own currency into circulation. £970 million, trillion, trillion is a fucking stupid amount of money. Not just "it'll never happen" stupid, I'm talking "the total amount of the ordinary mass of the universe, in kilograms, is a number only slightly larger than that number" stupid - I'm not joking either.

The estimated kilogram mass of ordinary matter in the known universe is 1053 kg. John's proposed currency, if it were only £1 trillion, trillion would equate to £1024...... now times that by 970 million. 

Any equation that BREAKS MY FUCKING CALCULATOR should not be seriously considered as a global index for currency.

This man is supposed to be a tidal engineer for fucks sake.

I guess this brings us neatly onto the subject of Mr Wanoa himself. I can't say that I've done much research on the fellow, except checked out his company - Platinum Tidal Electric Bridge Construction Company LTD - on New Zealand's company register:

Aside from the company being struck off and filing no accounts since being founded in 2008, there's not a lot there to go on. Not a great start for a man wanting to bring his own brand of tidal energy to the UK, but not evidence of madness, I'll give you that. 

As for his claims to the British throne; John seems to favour communicating supposed legal jargon IN CAPITALISED TYPE as if that were some kind of legislative sledge hammer (try saying that whilst pissed), but it's just not.

The area that I work in requires me to implement clauses under various legal frameworks and legislation, and I have various contacts in legal teams (one of whom I can't wait to show Mr Wanoa's plans to - I won't say what he does, but he'll have good reason to piss himself harder than most would at our New Zealander friend's plotting). 

Anyway, the point is that shouting things like AFFIDAVIT and MARSHALL ADMIRALTY is about as legally watertight as claiming a badger nicked your trousers in a dogging hot-spot.

Does any of this prove that he is mad? No. Do I still believe he is? Yes. Call it intuition.

Right, let's talk about that fucking disturbing video.....

After watching the video, and subsequent others on the same subject, I sent the following email to Hampstead Police:


Was was recently made aware of a series of videos on YouTube, supposedly of two young children admitting to whoever is filming them that they have been sexually abused, and have also witnessed/participated in the murder of babies. They begin by implicating many organisations and local authority services as complicit in these events:    

While I am not the reactionary conspiracy theorist type (quite the opposite in fact) and therefore am not overly convinced that there is in fact a paedophile baby killing cult made up of teachers, McDonald's employees and social workers, I do have a deep concern that these children have been instructed to say some truly harrowing things, and as the description claims that the video was shot in Hampstead, I would like to enquire if everything possible is being done to ensure that these children are safeguarded.                                                        

So -                                                        

1. Has this video been brought to your attention; and                                                        
2. Can you advise as to whether any appropriate action has been taken to ensure that these children are not being exploited?                                                        

As I don't believe much of what the video actually has to say, it could be that this event took place nowhere near Hampstead, and you may not be able to help, however I thought I'd start with you and see where that took me.    

Any small amount of information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.                                                        

Many thanks"

To which I received the following reply:

"Thanks Sam

        We are fully aware of this. In response to your questions, the children are in foster care and perfectly safe. The persons responsible for encouraging this false allegation and distributing it on the net are being pursued. Thank you for your concern."

Now, I know that your faith in the Metropolitan Police is somewhat diminished, but as someone who occasionally works very closely with them, I am fully satisfied with the majority of work that they do, and especially this response; it's the right action to take and I hope that those children get the care and support that they deserve. What they don't need is a fucking circus of conspiracy theorists, drumming up hysteria and suggestions that they belong in some sort of cartoon-villainous cult.

Now, let's chat about Dave.

Katrina Taylor was murdered in Brighton, in 1996. Details of the events leading to her death, her last movements, and the subsequent investigation of her suspected killer(s) is fairly succinctly documented (though surprisingly poorly written) in the following Guardian article from May 2000:

From this and various other chunks of online detritus, I've pieced together a timeline, which places the troubled protagonist of our story, David 'Joe' Neilson, not so much at the heart of the action, but more as a wearily repeating cameo appearance.

I've got no reason to doubt that David notified the Police about his upstairs neighbour's peculiar antics at a drain,  which lead to the discovery of the knife that was used to murder Katrina. However, I also have an albeit intuitive reason to believe that at this stage in his life, David was already a very lonely and isolated individual. 

From the footage I have seen of David, and from the way he conducts himself (let us just take for example scrawling the words "SUSSEX MURDER COVER UP" on his own property), I can say for absolute certainty that any witness statement taken from such an individual would be taken with a pinch of salt so large, you'd need a spade to shift it. These are not the actions of a well man, and I can only speculate that he has done more harm to the investigation of Katrina's death than good.

As for the pair of you and your recent ordeal - what I have is your story. I remember you once saying on a video, or on one of your many (many, many, many, many, many, etc) blogs that if someone tells you that something has happened to them, then you will believe that person until they are proved to be lying. This is precisely the wrong way to evaluate evidence. If you tell me something fantastical, then you'd better have some fantastical evidence to back it up.

To put it another way: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and that which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Lastly, let's bring it all back to you, Matt.

I didn't need to know about your family circumstances, but as you offered the information freely, I'm sorry to hear that you are no longer with your partner. It is my great hope that you are eventually able to yank your head out of the clouds and ground yourself in the laudable areas that you evidently do take an active interest in. You seem very community minded, and when you're not pissing around on iMovie like - and I'm not kidding - my thirteen year old child, you've actually made some fairly decent community based videos.

But for right now, piss around you do, and make a difference, you do not.

So, go ahead and see how you get on in the May elections. See how you and John get on single handedly overthrowing the monarchy. 

Or, and it's just a thought Matt, see how well you can get on as a man who may not be able to change THE world, but who can definitely change HIS world, for the better.

Best wishes, Sam

Saturday 21 February 2015

Sunday 15 February 2015


Danielle La Verite George
The darling of the Alternative Media Danielle La Verite, has slammed the authenticity of the videos showing Gabriel and Alisa discussing serious child abuse, satanic ritual and cannibalism.

Uploaded in her “Top tossers of the week - Valentine's Day 2015,” youtube video, Danielle launches a tirade of abuse against the validity of the viral videos, urging her viewers to “Chill your boots a little bit.”

Defiantly refusing to watch the videos herself, she says, “I'm not going to watch them and I would advise or would hope a lot of you will have the sense to do the same thing.”

It makes you wonder why a someone so entrenched in the Truth Movement wouldn't want anyone to watch these important videos exposing the worst crimes imaginable in society?

Like many, I stopped watching Danielle's videos after the "Top Tossers of the Week," she did with Thomas Sheridan during the Hull Truth Juice event in September 2014, where they channelled the dead pervert Jimmy Savile.


I thought I'd check her out her videos again having had a very public spat with her over Facebook for mentioning her nemesis Tom Cahill in the same list as her.

First touching on the subject, she said, “I just want to talk about the videos that have come out in the last week or so of the children who are talking about being, err experiences and abuse they have suffered. Now these have gone completely viral, um and I think I saw main stream media briefly touch on it this week.”

Before really putting the boot in.

“Now a lot of people have come to me and asked my opinion of these videos and um, I haven’t actually watched them and I said I'll watch them and give you my opinion and as the week went on and I thought about it more and more, I decided actually I wont watch these videos and I'll tell you why, um, they can't be verified for a start okay, um and there is a lot of argument going on about whether these claims of the children have been made are real, whether these kids have been coached, personally, well, I've seen a lot of arguing going on and anybody saying these kids might have been coached has been slaughtered and have been called a paedophile protector ad God knows what else.”


Isn't it disturbing that someone who sells themselves as, “Kicking the shit out of the corrupt system of tyrannical criminal elite,” is the first person to question the authentication of a video showing in shocking clarity the crimes of the very corrupt system and tyrannical criminal elite Danielle purports to the fighting against?

Her tirade continues, “Look the simple fact is right, you need to be logical about this shit. Right, either way whatever the situation with these children in these videos are, this is child-abuse pure and simple. Whether these children are telling the truth and they weren't coached or whether they were coached, it is child-abuse, either way the authorities, someone somewhere needs to step in and deal with this.”


We know that the one person who won't be stepping in and dealing with this is Danielle herself. How could she when she hasn't even seen the videos in question, after telling her fans she would.

Its disappointing to hear a high flyer in the Alternative Media essentially say that she doesn't believe the kids. What's worse is that she has come to his decision, without having watched the videos.

By disbelieving and not even bothering to watch the videos, Danielle has shown herself to be no better than the personalities she is famed for exposing on her Youtube channel. It can be argued that the very reason child-abuse has been allowed to prosper and escalate to such alarming levels is exactly because people like Danielle La Verite don't watch the evidence and don't listen to the children's plea for help.


She continues, “In these videos which I haven't watched but from what people told me, these children have named school teachers, local parents, they've named social workers, various people in authority of position who are involved in ritualistic child-abuse, urh and um, the things those children talk about are highly highly disturbing. I wouldn't advise you to watch these videos if i'm honest. I don't see who you will gain anything watching them other than getting awful images in your mind, um, I don't think its for any of us to sit in judgement about if any of these videos are real or not. The simple fact is there needs to be somebody to step in, somewhere and deal with this because either way, these children need serious help.”

The awful images like a baby being killed, decapitated and eaten, you mean...


Whether being called a “paedophile protector” or just “apathetic,” Danielle's advice rings alarm bells.

Why wouldn't someone who shouts about “Kicking the shit out of the corrupt system of tyrannical criminal elite,” wouldn't want everyone to watch one of the biggest scandals in the United Kingdom’s history from exploding right now.

Interested in the Alternative Media since going to the AV5 Conference in 2014, I have serious concerns that so close to exposing the truth, Danielle la Verite is urging everyone to turn the other way and “CHILL YOUR BOOTS A LITTLE BIT.”

Again, her hypocrisy shines through when she tells us, “I don't think its for any of us to sit in judgement about if any of these videos are real or not,” when having just cast judgement over the videos that they cannot be verified, hence they cannot be believed.


Yes, Danielle is right. Someone needs to step in and help these kids, and we know for sure it won't be her because she doesn't believe their story and she can't even be bothered to watch their videos.


Her self serving dribble continues, “They need to be somewhere safe because if they were coached they need to be away from whoever coached them into doing this and that person should be answerable to the Law and if they are telling the truth and it is real, then these children still need to be well away from the situation they're in.”

Oh, isn't it fortunate we have Danielle la Verite to tell us how it is?

This is the reason why child-abuse is epidemic in the world today. Self serving twits like Danielle La Verite bang on their soapboxes about the criminality of the world around them, and then when a case of criminality lands on their lap, they dismiss it without looking at the evidence and disbelieve it without any further consideration.

After the “Tom Cahill is my friend scandal,” of last week, Danielle publicly said that she “won't be supporting me again.”

Now the question needs to be asked, when did she ever support me?

When did she support John Walson and his history of child-abuse?
When did she support John Wanoa's goal of dethroning Queen Elizabeth II?
When did she support us when we were attacked at our election campaign office?

The “simply fact” is Danielle La Verite supports fuck all, especially victims of child-abuse.

Back to Danielle as she wraps up her Valentine's Day 2015 Tosser of the Week.

“Um at the moment without having any detail on the content and on these children or the people involved, I can't comment further.”

Stop it just there shall me. Can you believe the stupidity of this lady? Maybe in the future when people ask her to do something and she answers that she will, she should in fact do it and then post a youtube video about it.

Considering she never watched the videos, she seems to have had a lot to say about it thus far.

“And I'm not going to watch them and would advise or would hope a lot of you will have the sense to do the same thing. Um, please stop attacking people, calling them paedophile protectors because they are asking you to think about it before you go fucking crazy with the conspiracy theories. Just use a bit of common sense about this, um obviously when time goes on when more comes out, if more comes out, then it is something that needs to be discussed further. At the moment I think you need to chill your boots a little bit.”

Wow, so in effect she is advising us to turn the other way. Where have we heard that before?


I'll be honest with you, I'm disgusted with Danielle La Verite. Telling people to stop calling other people “paedophile protectors,” but then to publicly ask her fans not to watch a video exposing serious child-abuse. It sends out mixed signals at best, and implies Danielle La Verite is a “paedophile protector” at worse, without even realising it.


I would urge everyone to watch the videos. Why not? The kids were heroic in speaking up and the the adults who conducted the interviews were heroic in posting the videos across the world.

I just don't understand why someone who purports to be a child-abuse campaigner then goes on to rubbish the validity of the child-abuse victim's claims, while urging the world not to watch them.


In response to the 36 thumbs down she's got so far on her Youtube video, this is what she had to say on her Facebook page.

I love the fact that all the trolls have left, is thumbing down my videos. They must feel like such winners. I wish my life was that swell.”

Of-course, everyone who disagrees with Danielle is now labelled a “Troll”..

Even her most die hard fans, take Martin Giddings for example, whom, while he cannot bring himself to say anything negative about Danielle La Verite; attempts to put her straight with the message and link:

“I wouldn't bother watching the vid, as Dan says, there is no way of knowing if they are real. However they were released by their mum and this article gives some background. Excellent as ever Danielle.”

I recommend everyone takes Martin's advice and clicks on the link. Having watched the videos and read the article, I'm convinced what the kids are saying is true and would urge everyone to dismiss the madness of Danielle La Verite and watch the damn videos.



Saturday 14 February 2015



Revolution Leader Russell Brand is looking down the barrel of his broken career after damaging revelations have surfaced, exposing him as a paedophile of the same stature and ilk as Jimmy Savile.

Promoted on various Facebook pages, damning videos have been posted which expose Russell Brand as a predatory paedophile, protected by the Establishment in much the same way as Jimmy Savile was protected and nurtured through-out his show-biz career.

In this video posted by The Alien Fossil Project, Russell Brand is seen surreptitiously touching up a young girl’s developing breasts.


Its hard not to agree with the narrator, in that its painfully clear, Russell Brand is indeed surreptitiously touching up a 12 year old girls breasts, and there's no excuse for that!


Courtney Love complained he smelt so bad, that he was one of the few celebrities she didn't sleep with.

Many people in the Truth Movement now have no doubt in their minds that Russell Brand is a pervert, and can see clearly the agenda of introducing paedophilia into society spinning it as no more serious than driving while on your mobile phone.

He is trying to gain sympathy for his sex addiction. Notice the paedophile who he shared a room with, who was also being “treated.”

We are being groomed and desensitised to this subject and it is wrong.

Paedophilia is an illness and is linked to abnormalities in the brain’s white matter, according to one leading expert.

In this video, also posted by The Alien Fossil Project, we see Russell Brand bite a young boy's ear, before giving him a passionate kiss, hidden from the camera by his long hair.


Russell Brand boast that he's "shagged 1000's of girls," reminds many of William Hague's boast that he drank "14 pints of beer on a lad's night out." Pure Fantasy.


The most damaging of all links which tie Russell Brand with paedophilia is the sickening sycophantic radio interview with the Devil himself, Jimmy Savile.


Apologising profusely to Jimmy for interrupting his meal, the conversation sounded heavily coded, implying both Russell and Jimmy were indulging in a private joke. A coded conversation which only they knew the true meaning of.


“You are not interrupting my meal Russell because to speak to a mega star like you Russell is an honour and a pleasure,” praised Jimmy putting Russell at ease like the seasoned performer he was.

“Well sir, I could say the very same thing to you Sir. And I shall, thank you very much for coming to the phone,” Russell replies with his nose so far up Jimmy's arse that his G-spot is being tickled.

“I'm sitting here with a beautiful young lady, who can't believe I'm talking to the one and only, supposedly Russell Brand,” admits Jimmy.


From the Devil's own admission. Hanging out with one of his victim's while conducting a BBC funded radio interview.

We now know everyone in the BBC knew of Jimmy Savile's perverted deeds, and when the Devil tells you he's sitting with a beautiful young lady, you can bet your life's savings that the young lady in question would be no more than 10 or 12 years old.

“Are you going to be doing any more fixes for anyone?” Russell excitedly asks hoping that he could benefit from the Establishment’s hand-me-downs.

Jimmy's rely sends a shiver down the spine, “Of-course I'll be doing fixes long after you're dead.”

“I believe that to be true,” Russell agrees confirming that he too understands the Dark Arts from which Jimmy got his powers from.

“I'd love to meet you someday Mr Jimmy Savile?” Russell begs.

“Well if you have a sister you can bring her along,” Jimmy answers.

With no sister in his family Russell offers him the next best thing, “I've got a personal assistant called Marcia and part of her job description is that whatever I demand she greets, meets, massages, she has to do it. She's very attractive Jimmy.”

“That's a good start, you can send her along to do some research.”

“Anything in particular Jimmy?”

“I'd prefer her to wear nothing.”


Rounding the radio interview up Russell returns to his favourite and most secret interest, “Would you pass on my best wishes onto your dinner companion?”

With hindsight to the public, we now know that any young lady Jimmy Savile referred to most probably was a child-abuse victim, but to any employee of the BBC at that time, any young lady with reference to Jimmy Savile would have naturally be known to be no older than a teenager.

Jimmy Savile knows full well he is sitting half-naked in his penthouse flat, with a young girl he has just horribly abused, while he answers without remorse, “And my beautiful dinner companion will have to remain secret because she is an outstanding beauty.”

The identify of his dinner companion will have to remain secret because she is outstandingly young, and later will most probably be killed.


In this simply sentence, its confirmed by Jimmy Savile that he knows Russell Brand's secret.

Russell Brand then confirms his perversion with his reply, “Especially if I saw her with you because that just heightens the sexuality of the situation.”


Or in other words, when I see you rape a young girl Jimmy, it just heightens the sexuality of the situation.

“No, no, I'm not into threesomes,” replied Jimmy. No of-course not. We now know he was into paedophilia, incest, necromancy, cannibalism and murder.

  • “I STILL AM.”

Russell Brand finishes the short interview off with the cryptic clue, “As long as you are passing down information, you should be passing down other things, people could argue.”

Passing down other things? Do you mean young girls Russell?


Naked and sexily clad in only a towel (reminiscent of Jimmy Savile interviews of him half dressed,) Russell Brands confirms he is absolutely up-to-date about the scandal of paedophiles in parliament.

Russell Brands talks the talk but does he walk the walk? That question remains to be answered. With such an onslaught of negative media being generated, its only a matter of time before Russell Brand's true identify and agenda is exposed to the world.


  • “It's all very cleverly crafted, isn't it? I cannot argue with his fundamental message of humanity, etc, but I just don't trust his motives….”

  • “Is it possible he has grown up into this intelligent, caring individual. I mean we all have to grow up and change sometimes?”

  • “Then lets see him open the biggest homeless hostel that his money can buy, feed the masses and make some real change I say.”

  • “I have to say I am a bit confused. But also I had a nightmare about him last night and found myself chanting prayer to get him off of me. He had a very dark presence. These people are so accomplished at putting on a public persona, look at the "royal" family, Saville, Harris, nobody guessed it then did they? I am sick of giving people the benefit of the doubt I'm afraid as my gut feelings about somebody are usually right. Sorry to all of those who defend this man, but it's just how I feel.”

  • “Yes, you are right. He preaches love and tolerance, etc. Let's see him put his money where is mouth is...”

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