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This is not Danielle La Verite
The darling of the Alternative Movement Danielle La Verite has publicly denounced Matt Taylor, (a leading writer in the alternative media,) with the damning words, “Matt certainly won't be getting my support in the future.”

Responding to a Facebook post tagging a variety of leading personalities in the Alternative Media, including:

  • Tom Cahill
  • Chris Spivey
  • Mark Devlin
  • Roger Hayes
  • Kev Baker
  • Tony Sayers
  • Brian Gerrish
  • Richard D Hall
  • Ian R Crane

Promoting The MOAI KING WILLIAM PARTY, Danille La Verite has taken offence to the inclusion of her arch nemesis Tom Cahill on the list.

She writes:

“Tom Cahill is nothing more than a stalker, with serious issues & a chip on his shoulder. He's not even worthy of govt plant status. 
Tbh, I was pretty disgusted to see Matt give a stalker the time of day, which is why I didn't comment on this post. I think Matt might feel differently if Cahill was trying to coerce people into having his children put into care & spreading vicious claims that he's a prostitute... But each to their own.
Matt certainly won't be getting my support in the future.”

Matt Taylor has been criticised and ostracized by many in the Alternative Media following a Guerrilla Democracy News blog in which he refers to Tom Cahill as a “friend.”

Danielle La Verite was the first to comment:

  • “I can't quite make out what you were getting at in your blog. I'm quite concerned that you class Cahill as your friend. Are you aware of his latest video, calling me a prostitute, a benefit cheat & begging people to report me to the DWP, police & social services - to give my children the gift of foster care for Christmas?”
Closely followed by others, such as Melanie Clark for example:

  • “Matt I am disappointed in you, I thought you were a good guy and you had my respect. Now it seems you are friends with Cahill I'm surprised by this to say the least. I'm presuming you didn't see the page Cahill and his sick friends set up calling Spivey a peado and suggesting to Danielle that she should commit suicide. I myself have received threats from Cahill and his pals. I'm going to have my jaw broken cos I support Spivey and Danielle. I have the screenshots to prove it. These "men" also contacted my 13 year old little girl for what purpose is anyone's guess.”

In the same way Danielle La Verite stormed onto the Alternative Media scene, so did Tom Cahill.

Coming under sustained and relentless criticism, no one was safe from the acid tongue of Tom Cahill, as is no one in the Establishment is safe from the equally scathing tongue of Daneille La Verite.

Being calling a “Sodomist,” by Tom Cahill, Matt Taylor had to deal with the regular and sustained volley of abuse which Chris Spivey, Thomas Sheridan, Bill Maloney, Danielle La Verite and others were victim to.

As Matt Taylor says in his defence, “We all had to deal with Tom Cahill. Chris Spivey handled him in his own way. Others dealt with him in their own ways too. Many simply remained silent while others used the internet to publicly reply in anger. I myself choose a path of friendship to deal with Tom. We all have to deal with people questioning our beliefs, aims and aspirations. People like Tom Cahill number in their millions and if we cannot respond to his criticism politely and in a manner in which doesn’t spread anger and hostility, then what hope is there for us getting our message out to a wider audience.”

Make no mistake; while Matt Taylor publicly calls Tom Cahill a “friend,” their private conversations reveals a different picture.


This is a comment to Tom Cahill in which Matt Taylor defends Chris Spivey:

  • “Post revolution, I think the people will see Chris Spivey as a hero of the people. Lol, I can see you laughing now!!! Lol, but how can you criticise him for exposing the Woolwich fake. Surely he deserves credit for that. Just as Nick Kollerstrom deserves credit for exposing 7/7 for a fake and Richard D Hall for loads of stuff, including his most recent Maddy McCann documentary. I just can't see him as a con-man. I don't see him as boring, I see him as the man who's sparked the coming British Revolution.”
This is a comment in which Matt defends Danielle La Verite:

  • “lol, winding up Danielle again... You are mad Tom...”
This is a comment defending Richard D Hall.

  • “Man, you are always slagging of my heroes man lol. What's wrong with Richard D Hall for God's sake? Spivey is far from finished, he's just begun.”
But don’t think all Matt’s comments are critical. More often than not they are positive, polite and friendly.

  • “In my opinion you have made a bigger splash in the Truth movement than Danielle has. You are the only guy with the balls to go up against Chris Spivey and in my eyes, RESPECT!”


“Following the advice of Tsun Tzu's ‘Art of War,’ I’ve decided to deal with Tom in the way I know best. I’ve got enough on my plate working pro-bono helping victims of child-abuse and police corruption than worry about a blogger in Thailand calling me a sodomist. I’ve got an election to win and as the Leader of the Moai King William Party, I must ensure my character and reputation isn’t dragged through the mud by the likes of Tom Cahill and his friends.”

While Matt Taylor defends his friendship with Tom Cahill, he agrees whole-heartedly with the likes of Horatio Hufnagel who said on Facebook:

  • “Tom Cahill is a mentally disturbed stalker & puppet of even more mentally disturbed people using him as a conduit for their sick twisted online stalking/trolling. Openly calling Danielle a prostitute and benefits cheat/fraudster, and calling on people to report her to social services so that her children can be taken away from her...absolutely disgusting behaviour.”
One more than on occasion Matt has sent Tom messages very much like those below:

  • “You’re rambling and you make no sense. I can’t go on with u Tom. You’ve gone down in my estimations. You are just cruel and I don’t like you anymore.”
  • “Tom, I can't believe you are bitching about other people calling you names and blocking you, when you yourself do the same and are just as horrible!”
  • “It's shit Tom. Waste of fucking time. I don't want to hear your dribbling bullshit anymore.”
  • “This is a horrible tirade between people I don't want to know about. Don’t send me this shit. It’s your job to stir the shit cauldron not mine lol.”
Evident from the viewing figures, Tom Cahill has got an impressive audience hanging on to his every word.

As of today Tom's video has been seen by 3016 viewers.

As of today Danielle's video has been seen by 2249 viewers

“Of-course I will never condone anyone trying to coerce people into contacting the social services trying to get Danielle’s children put into care & spreading vicious claims that she's a prostitute...” says Matt Taylor.


Sadden by Danielle’s public comment; Matt Taylor has got his own problems to deal with.

In response he replies:

“She’s never given me any support in the past lol. This isn’t about me, Danielle or Tom Cahill. This is about every single leading personality in the Alternative Media ignoring the solution we’ve all been waiting for- John Wanoa, and The MOAI KING WILLIAM PARTY.”

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