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Friday, 20 February 2015

For Matt Taylor

In one of my favourite ever debates, after a rather scathing, all too personal attack upon him by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the late Christopher Hitchens retorted that he had a "crazy salad" of slander to respond to.

(The debate in question, covering one of my favourite subjects - special creation vs evolution - can be found here:

While nothing you have said about me (so far) has been particularly slanderous, I readily and lovingly borrow the phrase "crazy salad" from the late Mr Hitchens to summarise the arguments that you have presented me with, for that is precisely what they are.

I'll start at the bottom of your post, and work my way up.....


It certainly isn't Matt - especially the way you go about it. Aside from pretend to dabble in politics and immerse yourself in conspiracy for the best part of a decade and beyond, what have you actually done to "change the world"?

Let's have a look at your track record shall we:

The earliest record I can find of you attempting to change the world was by unveiling the "SOS War Plan" in 2006 - 

With this early video, we set the tone for things to come. 

How so? Well this video, along with the the multitude of subsequent videos to follow over the years, show the world not WHAT you think Matt, because what you think has changed more often than the delegates at an incontinence convention; moreover it shows the world HOW you think. And this, I'm sorry to say Matt, hasn't changed one iota since you first graced the Internet with your presence.

If by any chance you still have faith in the idea that war can be superseded by a giant game of laser-tag, then let me offer this scenario to you:

The world has bizarrely accepted your proposal to revolutionise the way we fight war, and America is in the throws of "bolstering" its troops with the latest laser technology (like laser grenades, laser frag mines and, I don't know, laser photocopiers) in preparation to fight Iran, who are likewise fortifying their own troops.

The day arrives. Delegates from UN trundle up in a little golf caddy into the middle of no-mans-land to blow the war whistle - pheeeeeeeeep, AND THEY'RE OFF!!!!

From the west come the U.S. forces, armed to the back teeth with a huge selection of technologically advanced, but ultimately harmless weaponry. From the east storm the Iranian troops, similarly armed with.... wait.... where are the Iranian troops? They should be here by now. Have we got the right day? What's that in the sky? Is that a fighter plane? ARE THEY REAL FUCKING MISSILES???


America: 0
Iran: 1

I hope that you would see my point Matt, but all evidence thus far would suggest that you don't. Predicting "natural consequences" seems to be a facet of decision making that eludes you.

I don't want to labour the point, so let's move on.....

I was actually being fairly flippant by even remotely suggesting that John could ever hope to bring his own currency into circulation. £970 million, trillion, trillion is a fucking stupid amount of money. Not just "it'll never happen" stupid, I'm talking "the total amount of the ordinary mass of the universe, in kilograms, is a number only slightly larger than that number" stupid - I'm not joking either.

The estimated kilogram mass of ordinary matter in the known universe is 1053 kg. John's proposed currency, if it were only £1 trillion, trillion would equate to £1024...... now times that by 970 million. 

Any equation that BREAKS MY FUCKING CALCULATOR should not be seriously considered as a global index for currency.

This man is supposed to be a tidal engineer for fucks sake.

I guess this brings us neatly onto the subject of Mr Wanoa himself. I can't say that I've done much research on the fellow, except checked out his company - Platinum Tidal Electric Bridge Construction Company LTD - on New Zealand's company register:

Aside from the company being struck off and filing no accounts since being founded in 2008, there's not a lot there to go on. Not a great start for a man wanting to bring his own brand of tidal energy to the UK, but not evidence of madness, I'll give you that. 

As for his claims to the British throne; John seems to favour communicating supposed legal jargon IN CAPITALISED TYPE as if that were some kind of legislative sledge hammer (try saying that whilst pissed), but it's just not.

The area that I work in requires me to implement clauses under various legal frameworks and legislation, and I have various contacts in legal teams (one of whom I can't wait to show Mr Wanoa's plans to - I won't say what he does, but he'll have good reason to piss himself harder than most would at our New Zealander friend's plotting). 

Anyway, the point is that shouting things like AFFIDAVIT and MARSHALL ADMIRALTY is about as legally watertight as claiming a badger nicked your trousers in a dogging hot-spot.

Does any of this prove that he is mad? No. Do I still believe he is? Yes. Call it intuition.

Right, let's talk about that fucking disturbing video.....

After watching the video, and subsequent others on the same subject, I sent the following email to Hampstead Police:


Was was recently made aware of a series of videos on YouTube, supposedly of two young children admitting to whoever is filming them that they have been sexually abused, and have also witnessed/participated in the murder of babies. They begin by implicating many organisations and local authority services as complicit in these events:    

While I am not the reactionary conspiracy theorist type (quite the opposite in fact) and therefore am not overly convinced that there is in fact a paedophile baby killing cult made up of teachers, McDonald's employees and social workers, I do have a deep concern that these children have been instructed to say some truly harrowing things, and as the description claims that the video was shot in Hampstead, I would like to enquire if everything possible is being done to ensure that these children are safeguarded.                                                        

So -                                                        

1. Has this video been brought to your attention; and                                                        
2. Can you advise as to whether any appropriate action has been taken to ensure that these children are not being exploited?                                                        

As I don't believe much of what the video actually has to say, it could be that this event took place nowhere near Hampstead, and you may not be able to help, however I thought I'd start with you and see where that took me.    

Any small amount of information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.                                                        

Many thanks"

To which I received the following reply:

"Thanks Sam

        We are fully aware of this. In response to your questions, the children are in foster care and perfectly safe. The persons responsible for encouraging this false allegation and distributing it on the net are being pursued. Thank you for your concern."

Now, I know that your faith in the Metropolitan Police is somewhat diminished, but as someone who occasionally works very closely with them, I am fully satisfied with the majority of work that they do, and especially this response; it's the right action to take and I hope that those children get the care and support that they deserve. What they don't need is a fucking circus of conspiracy theorists, drumming up hysteria and suggestions that they belong in some sort of cartoon-villainous cult.

Now, let's chat about Dave.

Katrina Taylor was murdered in Brighton, in 1996. Details of the events leading to her death, her last movements, and the subsequent investigation of her suspected killer(s) is fairly succinctly documented (though surprisingly poorly written) in the following Guardian article from May 2000:

From this and various other chunks of online detritus, I've pieced together a timeline, which places the troubled protagonist of our story, David 'Joe' Neilson, not so much at the heart of the action, but more as a wearily repeating cameo appearance.

I've got no reason to doubt that David notified the Police about his upstairs neighbour's peculiar antics at a drain,  which lead to the discovery of the knife that was used to murder Katrina. However, I also have an albeit intuitive reason to believe that at this stage in his life, David was already a very lonely and isolated individual. 

From the footage I have seen of David, and from the way he conducts himself (let us just take for example scrawling the words "SUSSEX MURDER COVER UP" on his own property), I can say for absolute certainty that any witness statement taken from such an individual would be taken with a pinch of salt so large, you'd need a spade to shift it. These are not the actions of a well man, and I can only speculate that he has done more harm to the investigation of Katrina's death than good.

As for the pair of you and your recent ordeal - what I have is your story. I remember you once saying on a video, or on one of your many (many, many, many, many, many, etc) blogs that if someone tells you that something has happened to them, then you will believe that person until they are proved to be lying. This is precisely the wrong way to evaluate evidence. If you tell me something fantastical, then you'd better have some fantastical evidence to back it up.

To put it another way: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and that which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Lastly, let's bring it all back to you, Matt.

I didn't need to know about your family circumstances, but as you offered the information freely, I'm sorry to hear that you are no longer with your partner. It is my great hope that you are eventually able to yank your head out of the clouds and ground yourself in the laudable areas that you evidently do take an active interest in. You seem very community minded, and when you're not pissing around on iMovie like - and I'm not kidding - my thirteen year old child, you've actually made some fairly decent community based videos.

But for right now, piss around you do, and make a difference, you do not.

So, go ahead and see how you get on in the May elections. See how you and John get on single handedly overthrowing the monarchy. 

Or, and it's just a thought Matt, see how well you can get on as a man who may not be able to change THE world, but who can definitely change HIS world, for the better.

Best wishes, Sam

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