Thursday 12 February 2015


I would never have guessed that standing in a British general election could be so dangerous! While I haven’t been shot at yet, I have been attacked on the door step of our election campaign office, I’ve been arrested and I’ve been locked up in a police cell for 12 hours for nothing more than saving an OAP’s life.

I knew there would be opposition to me standing as a parliamentary candidate, I just didn’t realise people would try and kill me for doing so.

A common criticism of my character is that I’m naïve. Perhaps my critics were right all along. It has been naïve of me to think that I could expose major criminal and police corruption, without the crooks in the criminal and police organizations fighting back.


I’ve been involved with politics since 1997 when I pledged myself to a 20 year mission to build a political party fit to stand in a general election. 18 years on I’m rubbing my hand in anticipation of standing in the Brighton Kemptown constituency.

My previous experience in an election was the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections of November 2012.

While I never had my name down on the ballot papers, I did attend 7 Hustings leading up to the PCC election and gained the inner confidence that I could stand in front of a packed room and coherently explain to an audience why they should vote for me.

Unwilling to throw £5,000 down the drain with no hope of winning the PCC Elections, I urged all my supporters to spoil their ballot papers, the result of which scored 3.8% of the overall vote.

Three years on I find myself the leader of the MOAI KING WILLIAM PARTY, fighting the election alongside Joe Neilson as an independent parliamentary candidate.

I first met Joe Neilson in 2012 when having publicly declared my intention to run in the PCC elections, he contacted me and asked, “What do you intend to do about Police corruption?”

“What police corruption?” I answered.

Since then I have worked with Joe Neilson in my capacity as Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SSPCC) and having become his friend, joined forces with him as independent parliamentary candidates standing in the 2015 General Election.

Joe Neilson is the only disabled independent parliamentary candidate standing in the 2015 General Election who is receiving funding from the Elected to Office Fund.


Working pro-bono helping victims of child-abuse and police corruption get the justice and compensation they deserve, it was inevitable that I would ignite the wrath of the criminals masquerading as local politicians and police chiefs.

Their most effective tool they have at their disposal is the absolute control of the local and national press. It’s with this in mind that Rachel Millard from The Argus newspaper in Brighton is given special praise for printing this story, which for the first time, connects the Murder House to the murder of Katrina Taylor in 1996, which is so important for the crooks in Sussex to cover-up.

The Independent HQ on South Coast Road, Peacehaven, (passed by hundreds of thousands of motorists a year,) is Ground Zero of our election campaign and the main cause of concern for the crooks of Sussex. Is it any wonder they are so desperate to shut us down? That they are willing to send thugs around to kill Joe Neilson?

Having exposed Sussex Police corruption since 2012, never once has any story been picked up by any local or national newspaper. The question needs to be asked, is it because the stories are bogus or is a higher power ordering local and national news organizations to turn their backs?

Sam Murray, a long time listener, first time caller left this comment on Guerrilla Democracy News blog “HOORAY; I’M THE LEADER OF THE MOAI KING WILLIAM PARTY,” which reveals what many people may think of my intentions....

“For when May comes around and you discover that, actually, you're not going to change the world by cavorting with an insane man from New Zealand. For when you realise that David Neilson is actually a man crippled by paranoia and delusion. For when you finally come to terms with the fact that the only change you're going to instigate is within your own family, for better or for worse...... For when all of this happens, there's Get help Matt. Your family deserve it. *oh, and John Wanoa - if you're reading this, Here's a quick economics refresher.... Let's assume for one mind boggling second that injecting £970 million trillion trillion into a single economy is possible. Let's assume that you and Matt single handedly circumnavigate the various protocols and laws that would ever allow that kind of thing to ever.”

Please allow me to answer each specific point; it’s important that people don’t misinterpret my goals and aspirations.

  • Cavorting with an insane man from New Zealand

How do you know John Wanoa is insane? This is the problem every visionary has to deal with. No doubt Sam Murray will be one of the first to benefit from the new world John Wanoa is proposing.

I feel very honoured and happy to be apart of John Wanoa’s Moai King William Party because he’s the only man I know with a viable solution to right the wrongs of the world.

Regardless of what Sam Murray says, allegations are abound that Establishment figures, including members of the Royal Family are involved in serious fraud, satanic rituals and immoral and perverse practices.

800 years ago, the Magna Carter forced King John I to concede that no-one is above the Law. Whether you are Royalty or a Peasant, the Laws of the Land apply to both parties.

John Wanoa has given everyone he’s accused of serious crimes 7 years to refute his affidavits. By Law this means that John Wanoa has won his case against prominent religious, royal and political leaders.

Believe it or not Sam Murray, he’s single handedly circumnavigated the various protocols of Law and in doing so has condemned Queen Elizabeth II for a life behind bars. (Possibly even death by hanging!)

  • David Neilson is actually a man crippled by paranoia and delusion

David Neilson after attack
Ordinary people often find themselves in extraordinary situations. David Neilson is your common man who found himself in a nightmare, NOT of his own making.

Typical of your blinkered voter to pass the crimes of the perpetrator upon the victim.

  • David Neilson didn’t ask for Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc to buy the up-stairs flat of his property.
  • David Neilson had no control over the murder of Katrina Taylor in 1996, after0which her killers returned to the up-stairs flat of where he lives.
  • David Neilson couldn’t help but not hear their conversations through the floor boards and couldn’t help but witness a gang member throw the murder weapon down the drain.

Let’s get a few things straight about David Neilson. He didn’t imagine the first attack on his life in which thugs tried to gain entry into his property and beat him to death. He could never have imagined that after calling the police, he would be arrested.

David Neilson didn’t imagine being attacked again in September 2013.

David Neilson didn’t imagine being attacked on his door step on Friday 16th January 2015, and certainly would never have imagined being arrested again, after calling the police for emergency help.

Having known David Neilson since 2012 and having experienced first hand the plight and danger he’s endured while exposing corruption in Sussex, I can categorically state that he is neither paranoid or delusional, but only crippled with fibromyalgia and macular disease and at the end of his tether.

  • The only change you're going to instigate is within your own family, for better or for worse

My family is my family; and like many people doing what I’m doing, we are doing it for our families.

  • My mother died in 2001.
  • I never knew my father.
  • My sister is a street drinker.
  • My two nieces are street drinkers too.
  • I’ve separated from my partner due to the work I do.
  • My daughter is top of the class.
  • My son is top of the class too.

What more can I do for my family than love and nurture them to the best of my ability? They know I cannot protect them completely for the simple reason I signed them over to the State at birth. Social services are more than entitled to deem me a bad parent and take my kids off me.

I often tell my children that while they can rely me, they cannot rely on me totally. I’ve warned them many times that there will be times when I’m not available and that they’ll have to over come problems themselves using their own abilities.

This was brought home perfectly on the 16th January 2015, when I was arrested and thrown in a police cell for 12 hours for saving a man’s life.

Being arrested at 11.30am, I had no idea that I would spend the rest of the day and night languishing in a cold stark police cell. My kids were left stranded at school because I couldn’t get there in time to pick them up as I promised them I would.


I could die in a car accident along my ex-partner and my kids will be left to the mercy of the State, condemned to children’s homes and foster parents until they reach adulthood.

This is exactly why I am putting my life on the line. You only need to watch such video evidence as below to realise there is something very very dark and sick at the heart of our way of life.

What would you do Sam Murray? Or do you believe the kids in the video are paranoid and delusional too?

You are right Sam Murray, I do need help. My family deserve it. I need counselling after the attack on 16th January 2015. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine standing as a Parliamentary candidate in a British general election could be so dangerous. But to imply I need help because I’m mentally insane is simply playing into the hands of the criminals and perverts who have a vested interest in their crimes and deeds continuing unchecked and disbelieved.

It’s the oldest trick in the book; don’t believe a word he says because he’s mad…

  • Let's assume for one mind boggling second that injecting £970 million trillion trillion into a single economy is possible.

Believe it Sam Murray. Take that “one mind boggling second” to assume an injection of £970 million trillion trillion into a single economy is possible.

Before our very eyes we are witnessing a gigantic fraud by our political leaders, worth millions of billions of public funds being stolen under the guise of Austerity.

What you have to understand Sam Murray is that I am not the only one. Take for example Gordon Bowden and John Paterson from

Whether you want to admit it or not? Its mind boggling the amount of public money being stolen by the very people we entrust to look after our public money.

  • Single handedly circumnavigate the various protocols and laws that would ever allow that kind of thing to ever.

The very reason that John Wanoa can inject £970 Million Trillion Trillion into the world’s economy is because he’s circumnavigated the various protocols and Law that has allowed this kind of thing to happen.

Mind you the latest from John Wanoa, paints a different picture.

“I got another hold-up I meant to be at my lawyer today but my Computer Technician has accidentally deleted my Lawyers Documents when he backed up my computer the files pictures and videos are missing. Sorry Matt Taylor and Jaymie Anna-Marie Stewart i am yet delayed until next week now cos he has to recover them all as they are many templates to make one page Affidavit and had to reword and re date the Documents again and bind them as a nuisance. I should have left it till after the Lawyer had done our MOAI CROWN PROPERTY SEIZURES case for 1/61 Cook Street Auckland New Zealand.”


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