Saturday 28 February 2015


A naked man seen sensationally scaling down tied bed-sheets from a Buckingham Palace window, is feared dead tonight, following accusations that the Palace is conducting a cover-up to hide the man's untimely death.

As reported by and other media outlets:

  • Buckingham Palace are declining to comment on the video or its validity.
  • The Metropolitan Police said they have not received any reports of a naked man dangling from a Buckingham Palace window.
  • The Ambulance Service said they have not received any calls to treat a naked man suffering from injuries sustained from a fall from a rope made of bed sheets.

While MI5 & MI6 are working over-time this weekend to muddle the waters by pushing the tried and tested 'fake video' scenario; Chris Spivey is claiming that the footage is real and that the naked man witnessed escaping through a window, was escaping in fear of his life.


Tensions between a present Queen and a future Queen have reached boiling point, with revelations coming out that Kate, turned her back and walked out on The Queen, during a heated exchange over whether a nanny should care for Prince George, as opposed to his mother, as Kate wishes it to be.

Reported in the International Business Times, the headline screams: KATE MIDDLETON'S RUMOURED WAR WITH QUEEN ELIZABETH CONTINUES.

Kate “walked out” on The Queen during a recent visit to her Sandringham estate when they disagreed over how she should raise her new baby. While the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly wants to move in with her mother, Carole Middleton, following her child's arrival, The Queen is said to be determined that Kate will hire a baby nurse. “The Queen raised her voice as she clashed with Kate and Prince William about how they raised their child,” a “royal insider” told the magazine. “Kate couldn’t bear it any longer and walked out.”

With the Royal Palace reeling in recent weeks, this latest embarrassing breach of security is the last thing The Queen needs right now.

Speculation is rife as to whether the man seen escaping in fear of his life dressed in only his sock and shoe, was escaping having been prepared for satanic sacrifice or because he was escaping the advances of Prince Charles off his head on Viagra, LSD and cocaine.

Either way the experts agree that one would not risk public exposure by escaping out of a Buckingham Palace side window, if you weren't escaping in fear of imminent danger and death.

Seen in the video fatally falling out of sight, aerial views indicate that man fell at least 10 meters onto a lawn breaking his back and causing a serious haemorrhage leading to his subsequent death on the scene.


With the Moai Native King John Wanoa having sacked Queen Elizabeth II as the Monarch of Great Britain and the Commonwealth from the other side of the world in New Zealand; in Canada comes news The Queen had to resort to skullduggery to see of a further rebellion and fling onto power.

As reported by The Daily Mail newspaper.

“Canada's Supreme Court has rejected a challenge by three immigrants to ditch its citizenship oath, which requires would-be citizens to pledge allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II.”


The rebellion was launched by Canadian permanent residents Michael McAteer, Simone Topey and Dror Bar-Natan who wanted to become citizens without making the vow to the Queen and Royal family.

With no other choice but to resort to skullduggery, and giving no reason for refusing to hear the case, Canada's Supreme Court refused to hear the challenge ensuring the Status Quo remains as it is and The Queen is assured of a few more months clinging to power before her eventual abdication predicted in late 2015 or early 2016.

  • Mr McAteer, 81, said he was disappointed but not surprised after learning of the decision. “It's been a long haul,” said McAteer, a staunch republican who came to Canada from Ireland 51 years ago. “(But) I feel the same: If the oath stands, then I won't take Canadian citizenship.”
  • Topey, a Jamaican Rastafarian, said her religion forbids taking an oath to the Queen. “I'm trying to become a citizen not a subject,” she outside court, according to Canadian TV news.
  • Bar-Natan, an Israeli, argued that the oath represents entrenched privilege he opposes.

Canada's Citizenship Act requires would-be citizens to swear to be “Faithful and bear true allegiance to Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, her heirs and successors.”

In its ruling last year, the Ontario Court of Appeal noted the Queen remains Canada's head of state, calling the oath a 'symbolic commitment to be governed as a democratic constitutional monarchy unless and until democratically changed.'

In defence of the Realm it was left to Lawyer Peter Rosenthal to explain the high court's refusal to hear the case doesn't necessarily indicate an endorsement of the oath, but simply means the justices did not feel the case was worthy of their attention.





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