Thursday, 26 August 2021

TaylorTV Podcast No'1 - The Movers, Shakers and Players of the UK's Truth/Conspiracy Community.

 With special guest Neelu Berry!

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TaylorTV Pod Cast No'3 - with special guest Neelu Berry.

TaylorTV Pod Cast No'1 - Movers and Shakers of the UK Truth/Conspiracy Community featuring Neelu Berry. TaylorTV Podcasts 01 Support Swissindo Launch of Payments 1-11 in the UK with Neelu Chaudhari Berry TaylorTV launches in the UK with an IMPROMPTU interview with a half asleep Neelu Berry as it starts at 10.30pm for over an hour! Her previous hosts complain that she is unable to answer questions,
But she says she has an ability to shortcut answers to difficult questions to keep it simple. Questions - How HM. Mr Sino came to be the guardian, controller and distributor of the $1 Quintillion assets - Connected with the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia on 17 Aug 1945 and the loan of the Gold which previously belonged to the League of Nations, for 70 years to 17 Aug 2015. Download the documents Old documents on Many Royals from all over the world had that Gold STOLEN by PIRATE SHIPS and so now it is being given back to them as Payments 1-11, 1. $138.99 Trillion Country Quota will be allocated and spent by Community leaders, Whistleblowers, Political Prisoners. 2. $600 per child per month will appear in your current bank account 3. $1200 per adult per month wil appear in your current bank account 4. $150,000 debts paid - Personal loans per adult 5. $150,000 debts paid - Corporate loans per adult 6. $1.2 million advance payment for home, car, trade 7. $2 billion per corporate loans paid off including countries 8. Unlimited for Community Projects 9. Unlimited for infrastructures 10. Total $1 Quintillion 11. Unlimited Infinite Accounts How is Edward Ellis? - He is still having kidney dialysis, 3 days a week, in Essex, and is well. He uploads updates on of all the UK warriors' Court cases on behalf of the Royal Commission Please sign the Petition Peace & Prosperity under Swissindo International Law 14 June 2010 Second Offer 14 June 2021 - Download Documents Peace & Prosperity under Swissindo International Law 14 June 2010 First Offer Corporate Banking Frauds by Corrupt Banks, via Governments, to Artificially induce Poverty and Slavery Systems under the pretence of PROFIT, to destroy Humanity under Satan's Laws of Child Theft, Child Rapes, Child Cannibalism, Child Death, Fear, Destruction, Hell on Earth

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