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Greg is drawn to his career in a fantasy world

While Greg Staples was still a teenager at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School, he recalls a teacher telling him his cartoons were impressive but there was no money to be made from a career in illustrating.

His mum was similarly keen to discourage the hobby: she banned him from having his favourite comic, Judge Dredd, in the house, saying it was too violent.

Almost 30 years on, the 43-year-old is one of the world’s most respected fantasy artists. He has drawn Batman and Spider-Man best sellers, created sci-fi music video sets for A-list bands like Muse and Scissor Sisters and was costume designer on this summer’s Brad Pitt blockbuster World War Z (“Brad was cool,” he nods). At just 19, he became the youngest ever illustrator to work on Britain’s biggest superhero series, 2000AD.

Now, today, in a home studio not more than a mile from his old school, he is starting perhaps his most eagerly anticipated work yet. It is, his mum might not be happy to hear, a Judge Dredd comic. He is hand-painting a special edition 60-page story written by the character’s original creator John Wagner.

“The fee for this,” he says, “has just bought me a new Mustang.”

Sometimes, it seems, teachers and parents can be wrong.

Greg, of Victoria Street, is a success story every bit as riveting as those comic books he illustrates.

His talents have won him awards and fans in equal measure. His body of work includes comics for American giants such as DC and Marvel, several films posters (notably for the 2012 Dredd film), illustrations for fantasy games such as World Of Warcraft and costume designs on a range of movies like 2009 thriller Solomon Kane.

His original paintings sell for thousands, while one of his works – an image of Judge Dredd fighting Judge Death – was considered so iconic by bosses at 2000AD they had it made into a statue. Fans, meanwhile, get in touch every day asking for both advice and autographs.

“Always boys,” he notes dryly. “You get a lot of fans as a comic book illustrator but, if you’re after girls, you’re very definitely in the wrong industry.”

It is, in short, some success for someone who admits: “Ultimately, I’ve just always like drawing muscles.”

Greg, a father-of-one, says he painted as soon as could hold a brush. His talent was prodigious even as a youngster – “I was the kid who turned up to my GCSE art exam with 10 minutes left and still got an A,” he remembers.

But after that advice from his teacher, he started training to be an architect with a Sheepbridge firm.

“It was okay,” he says. “But I remember the boss seeing my drawing board one day. It was covered round the side with all these comic book illustrations. He said: ‘You’re a talented kid but you’re in the wrong gig’. He was right.”
So, he worked up his portfolio and, in the summer of 1990, got a train to London to attend a comic book convention where the editors of the Britain’s biggest titles were on hand.

“The queues to meet them were so big,” he explains. “There was no way I could get to the front. Then I saw Simon Bisley who is one of the best illustrators in the world. He was having a beer but I begged him to look at my work.

“He took one glance and said: ‘Come with me’. Then he took me to the head of the queue to meet the editor of 2000AD. They more or less gave me a job on the spot.”

That Monday, back home in Dronfield, he was phoned with his first commission: draw a Judge Dredd story. “It was every dream I ever had come true,” he remembers.

He’s had a few more turn to reality since.

Among the work he’s most proud of is lesser- known pieces such as a character called Serra Angel (“an angel with a blue background and angel wings”) and illustrating a 1995 computer game called Loaded for Sheffield company Gremlin Interactive.

His work with the band Muse won Kerrang’s Video of the Year in 2004; while Greg himself was named world’s best artist by Fantasy Magazine.

Around the same time he set up his own visual arts business, Ark VFX, based in Broomhill, with three other Sheffielders (“I was sick of other people making money off my talent”), and then left the company to go freelance in 2006. “The other three wanted to go more into video games where I still preferred films and comic books,” he explains.

Since then he’s kept working and kept taking opportunities. When he was asked to work on World War Z he jumped at the chance.
“My job was I would be given a brief for how a costume should look then I’d have to design something which looked cool,” he says. “I’d do the illustrations, walk down the corridor, pass them to the costume makers and in the morning they’d be there, made real. That was pretty cool.”

One thing he’d still like to do is a comic book of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

“I think that visually it’s amazing,” he said previously. “You’ve got this old London town, you’ve got these smells, all this atmosphere, great characters and caricatures.”

But, for now, at home in Dronfield – he’s lived in London and Cambridge and worked extensively in the US but moved back to the town in 2007 – he’s determined to keep improving.

“Whenever I’ve ever thought I’m getting to the top I’ve always told myself I’m nowhere near,” he says. “Because the moment you lose that ambition, you’re no longer striving for perfection. And if you’re not striving for perfection, what’s the point?”

Peak perfection

Greg Staples has lived and worked all over the UK and US – from London to New York City, California to Cambridge. But his home and his heart have always been in Dronfield, he says.

The 43-year-old – who has drawn such cityscapes as Superman’s Metropolis and Batman’s Gotham City – left the Derbyshire town in his 20s but came home six years ago. He lives in Victoria Street.

“Why?” he muses. “I love the place. I love the people. I love the community feeling. I love the pubs. I’m settled. I like being on the doorstep of Sheffield and the Peak District. The colours you get there are something else. As an artist, it’s inspiring.”

Cool guy

Brad Pitt, Jonathan Ross, Matt Bellamy, that dude from Hung...

Greg Staples has met plenty of A-list celebrities – but he says he always has to play it cool.

“A lot of the time I’m working with these guys so it’s not professional to get star struck,” he says. 

“You can’t take instructions from Brad Pitt and then ask him for a picture. That’s one way of guaranteeing you don’t get work again.”

Yet he says it’s still a big thrill when big stars appreciate his work.

“Brad was cool,” he says. “We didn’t hang out but he was the producer on World War Z so we had to talk quite a bit. I think he appreciated what we’d done with the costumes.”

To read the original article by Colin Drury and published in the Daily Star, click on the link below:

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So, Cameron is getting ready to join in the PUSH for WW3.

China wants it.
Russia wants it.
Iran wants it.
Britain wants it.
USA wants it.
Israel wants it.
Germany wants it.

ALL the above Nations are governed by MASSIVELY unpopular rulers who FEAR the power of their heavily OPPRESSED people.

ALL are suffering under this economic depression.

The ONLY way they can continue to justify 'Austerity' is through WW3.

War will be used to CULL the AWAKENING global populations and to KEEP the powerful in POWER.


Russia couldn't give a SHITE about Syria, neither could China (take a good look at their OWN human rights abuses!) - the global powers are simply USING Syria as JUSTIFICATION to KILL MILLIONS and BILLIONS of people because they KNOW their GAME IS UP: The only way now, is to create HAVOC.

It is time to RISE UP people of Britain and say a RESOUNDING NO.

Legally, we live in a DEMOCRACY and according to the LAW of Democracy, this Nation cannot LEGALLY go to war WITHOUT our EXPRESS CONSENT.

We have no NEED to waste our soldiers lives toward killing innocent Syrians
We have no NEED to waste hudreds of BILLIONS in bombs & bullets.
We have no NEED to be involved in war because Syria is NO threat to us.

Where was NATO when the Rwandans were being SLAUGHTERED in their MILLIONS?

Don't be fooled: The War Mongers are HITLER and every one a 'ZIONIST' BANKERS NAZI... See them fighting for power coz they know not the hour...

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Cannabis crusader heading to Penticton


One of Canada’s cannabis crusaders visits Penticton on Tuesday to share with people his cure for whatever ails them.

Rick Simpson, 63, is a proponent of homemade cannabis oil, a product he developed from marijuana buds and claims to have used to heal himself.
“It’s basically a cure-all. It’s good for all types of cancer, I would say all types of diseases. I haven’t seen a disease yet it wasn’t a benefit for,” he said in an interview this week from Nanaimo, where he kicked off  a 17-day B.C. tour that ends Sept. 6 in Terrace.
“Over 10 years ago, I cured my own cancer using an extract from the cannabis plant,” he continued
“Since that time I’ve been to everybody there is to go to — the cancer societies, the different political parties, I’ve been to them all — and all they’ve done is persecute me.
“But now, it’s all over the Internet because I took my case to the public.”
Simpson, who lives in Nova Scotia, doesn’t sell cannabis oil, but rather teaches people how to make it and also about benefits to which he claims thousands of people have testified in online videos. Sourcing pot is still a problem.
“If possible, I like to see people grow (marijuana) themselves; that takes the money out of it,” he said. “But if you have a loved one who’s sick or dying, the only choice you have then if you need the medicine quickly is you have to go to an illegal grower or dealer.”
Bruce Prince, a Terrace resident who organized Simpson’s visit, said he learned about the oil through Internet research and became a convert earlier this year.
“I just started using it as a boost to my body with some incredible changes,” Prince said.
“My articulation in speaking, the way my brain works just seems to be cleaning right up. I’ve lost some weight off my body,” he added.
“I’m not treating any diseases in my body right now, I’m a healthy guy, but I’ve noticed some changes since I started using the oil.”
Interior Health spokesperson Lannea Parfitt said her organization was unable to provide comment on cannabis oil because its medical health officers focus primarily on public health hazards.
Prince encouraged people to do their own research.
“Once you start going online and start looking at the reports and the peer-reviewed studies, you can’t help but get involved,” he said.
Simpson will be at the Seniors Drop-in Centre in Penticton from 6-9 p.m on Tuesday, Aug. 27. Tickets start at $10 and will be available at the door. Proceeds from the event will cover his travel costs and also help fund his compassion club.

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Daily dose of Political Spirituality by Ghazi Doleh

Who Will Solve The Real Problems of The World

One of The Problems in Our World is that Some Leaders Become so Blind That They Cannot See The Problems and Consequences of Their Criminal and Corrupt Actions.

Thus, Solving The Real Problems of The World Require Real Understanding of The Roots, Reasons, Causes and Factors Relating to The Problems of The World That Are Due to Big Strategic Mistakes in The Global Organisational Systems That Normally Involve The Leaders of The Permanent Members of United Nations Security Council, Some of Whom Don’t Seem to Understand That They Are Damaging the so-called “National Interests” of Their Countries While Wrongly Thinking That They Are Trying to Protect Them.

Killers, Criminals, Alcoholics, Drug Addicts and Mentally Disturbed People “Wrongly” Think That What They Are Doing is “Right and Acceptable” Without Realising and Understanding That What They Are Doing is “Wrong and Unacceptable”.

Hence, it is Importance to Understand The Real Problems in Our World so that Every Global Citizen Including The Leaders of The World Will Understand Where We Are Going Wrong, these problems include the following;

First; The Obsessive Love of Political Power.

Second; The Obsessive Love To Remain in Power.

Third; The Obsessive Love of Military Power.

Fourth; The Obsessive Love of Monetary Power.

Fifth; The Obsessive Love of Money and Wealth.

Sixth; The Obsessive Love of Land and Nation.

Seventh; The Obsessive Love Tribal Identity. 

Eighth; The Obsessive Love of Human Ideology.

Ninth; The Obsessive Love of Creating Problems.

Tenth; The Obsessive Love of Avoiding Solving Problems.

All The Previously Mentioned Examples of Our Problems in The World Are The Direct Results of The Evil Works of The Devil Satan Who Has Been Continuously Working to Create so Many Divisions Between All Members of The Human Family Since The Creation of Adam & Eve.

God Knew in Advance The Problems of Human Behaviours While Giving All Members of The Human Family All The Right and Wrong Choices in order to Prove His Glory, Superiority and Supremacy.

Thus, The Various Actions That We Are Witnessing in Our World Were Known in Advance to The Creator of The Universe and Beyond, Who Wanted to Prove To All Members of The Human Family Who Has The Real Supernatural Powers, While Knowing in Advance What Would Actually Happen.

Hence, God, The Merciful and The Compassionate Will Naturally Intervene at Sometime in the Future to Prove His Love to All Members of The Human Family While Proving The Hatred of The Devil Satan to All Members of The Human Family.

Consequently, Despite of The Various Negative Actions in Our World, God is The Only One Who Will Change The State of The World. Thus, We Must Fully Trust The Supernatural Powers of God Who Will Change The World.

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GUERRILLA DEMOCRACY: MADDY MCCANN HAS BEEN FOUND: Madeleine McCann who went missing from Praia da Luz in Portugal in 2007, after being left alone with her two younger siblings by her par...

Citizen Journalist

James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe, the young man who exposed the corruption within ACORN, an organization whose voter registration program and others were closely allied with the Democratic Party, has written “Breakthrough: Our Guerrilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy.”
“The beauty of video, especially amplified by the Internet, is to allow a handful of citizen journalists working on a shoestring to end-run the biggest news organizations in the world.”
Fresh out of college, O’Keefe formed Project Veritas to go after stories that were being ignored by the mainstream press. ACORN gained him national attention when he and a female colleague pretended to be a pimp and a prostitute looking to purchase a home where they could import underage girls for the sex trade. Their hidden camera and microphone recorded the way ACORN employees were unfazed by this and offered advice on how to do it.
O’Keefe was fortunate to secure the late Andrew Breitbart as his mentor and, through him, access to major media personalities and outlets such as Glenn Beck who at the time had a popular show on Fox News. Breitbart was pioneering Internet news gathering and reporting on his own popular website, one element of which was
As PJTV commentator Bill Whittle would note in the wake of the ACORN expose and subsequent legislation that defunded it, “I think the enemy they were fighting against are the media. By not covering the story, not at all…Breitbart showed that the media is no longer merely biased. They’re no longer even ignoring the news. The mainstream media is now in the news suppression business.”
O’Keefe notes that “the New York Times suppresses more stuff, more consequentially, than any other media outlet in the world. Like the Post, the Times tried not to notice the ACORN furor. The newspaper ran its first staff-written article on the subject on September 15, five days after the airing of the initial video and three days after the Post had run its front-page story.”  O’Keefe was not even contacted by a Times reporter until two days after its initial story.
The impact of what O’Keefe’s citizen journalism was having was not lost on journalists who make their living within the business. Then executive editor of The New York Times, Bill Keller, would write “Julian Assange (of WikiLeaks) aims to enlist the media; O’Keefe aims to discredit us. But each, in his own guerrilla way, has sown his share of public doubt about whether the press can be trusted as an impartial bearer of news.”
O’Keefe, however, says that “in truth we don’t have the wherewithal to discredit the media. We merely scoop them. They discredit themselves by refusing to cover stories with national implications that much of America already knows to be news.”  The current examples of this are the 2012 Benghazi attack and the Obamacare debacle that continues to unfold with illegal delays, waivers, and its hideous implementation by an already tarnished Internal Revenue Service, involved in its own scandal.
As someone who joined the Society of Professional Journalists on April 1, 1979 and maintained membership ever since, I can attest that journalism over the thirty-five years or more that I have practiced it, has rarely been about being impartial. Indeed, it has gotten worse. Before and since, journalism has largely been an enterprise whose aim has been to advance liberal ideas, liberal legislative initiatives, and those espousing them.
The next time you’re reading the daily newspaper, listening to the radio, or watching television, what you’re not likely to receive is news that will do harm to the progressive agenda. You are receiving the liberal interpretation of what the news is and is not. Were it not for O’Keefe’s efforts you would not have known about ACORN, the deep biases within those running the National Public Radio programming, the attitudes uncovered in the New Jersey Teachers Union, and others.
The response to O’Keefe’s guerrilla journalism has been attacks by those in the news industry to discredit him while reporting on his exposes. He has also been subjected to a bevy a legal suits from those afflicted by the truths he reported. “Although I have been called a liar in a thousand different ways, I have not once been sued for libel or defamation. I have, however, sued others for libeling me. Of course, you would not know that from reading the New York Times.
“The beauty of video, especially as amplified by the Internet,” writes O’Keefe, “is to allow a handful of citizen journalists working on a shoestring to end-run the biggest news organizations in the world. When the American people saw our videos, they responded.”
In the aftermath of the ACORN story, O’Keefe reflected that, “There would be no Pulitzers waiting for us at the end of the day, no speaking engagements at prestigious J-schools. Instead we would face a continuing blizzard of legal challenges, a swarm of snippy media critics, and a tsunami of insider outrage at the slightest accusation of impropriety … It can be brutal along the way, but in the end there is something incredibly beautiful about shoving the facts down the throat of the mainstream media and watching them gag on the truth.”
If you are wondering why President Obama — despite scandals growing like mushrooms, despite his outright lies about Obamacare and the Benghazi attack — continues to go largely unchallenged by the mainstream press, O’Keefe provides a pithy answer: “If today’s reporters found themselves in revolutionary France, they would be endorsing the head choppers, and their audience would cheer each head as it hit the basket.”

Full article below

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Richard D Hall
Rich Planet TV has been sensationally pulled from the Showcase TV channel due to a single complaint from an unnamed viewer to Ofcom.

Fred Perkins, CEO of Information TV Ltd who runs the Showcase TV channel, said they have terminated the Richplanet TV show for 'purely commercial reasons,’ blaming Ofcom’s meddling, costs them time money and resources.

To an audience of 20,000 a week, Richard D Hall broadcasts his news show from his spaceship in orbit above the Earth.

’Richard D Hall presents one of the most controversial shows on television. Looking into hidden truths behind subjects which mainstream media are either too lazy or too corrupt to cover’, says its SkyBox description...

Richard D Hall responds to the Showcase statement that the show is a controversial, saying 'Its an evidence based programme which seeks to get to the truth. I argue it merely seems controversial when compared to other mainstream programmes because their news programmes, on the whole are not evidence based and are being manipulated to propagate fake or contrived narratives for a range of political purposes.'

The show that broke the camel's back was about the Woolwich hacking incident, in which Lee Rigby was alleged to have been beheaded.

Nick Kollerstrom
Nick Kollerstrom, a regular guest on the show, said the evidence didn't’ add up and the Woolwich incident was a contrived event comparable to other state fabricated terror events such as the 7/7 London Bombing, Sandy Hook shootings, and the Boston bombing.

A thorough investigation by Chris Spivey, blows away all pretence that the Woolwich wasn't a false flag event.

The Drummer Boy by Chris Spivey
In his article 'The Drummer Boy', Chris Spivey breaks the incident down frame by frame and methodically debunks every claim made by the official narrative.

As Chris Spivey admits, ’Their biggest mistake was to release the Mirror newspaper footage.’

And by 'they', Chris Spivey specifically indicts David Cameron and the Conservative government, as the criminals behind this latest false flag event.

Nick Kollerstrom was simply confirming the findings of a number of independent researches who have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Woolwich hacking incident is a false flag event.

Minutes after Richard D Hall made the announcement saying, ’This is the last Rich Planet TV show to be broadcasted on Showcase TV,’ social media was awash with stunned response.

Jim No Cash said 'This is an outrage it's the only thing true and right on the TV.'

Danny Fullilove said 'Rich, WTF! Final Richplanet on showcase ? Its the best programme on TV! They're mad!'

Paul Jackson said 'Any one that recognises that the national and international media is biased and grossly abuses the system, systemically denies the public the truth and on a mass scale, belittles, humiliates and denies the truth, should fight against this travesty …'

While Edward Hinton echoes many people's feelings with simply 'Gutted.'

Ofcom also revoked the Iranian news network Press TV on the 20th January 2013, on the grounds that they had breached several broadcasting licence rules over editorial control of the channel.

Guerrilla Democracy asks how a programme watched by so many, can be pulled from National TV over one complaint, which turns out to be unfounded because other independent researches have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Woolwich hacking incident was a staged event.

Many social media comments are calling this 'a clear example of censorship' and many are calling for all out rebellion against the Evil Empire.

Richard D Hall views this as ’a pot hole in the road’ and plans to continue broadcasting his shows on

'Its a pity,' says Richard D Hall, 'because I had some interesting material lined up. An interview with a builder who discovered an ancient underground pyramid in Wales in the 1960's. Mountains of research by Wilson and Blacket and others.'

Viewers can only hope that Rich Planet TV is back on National TV by next Friday. But then again, there is David Icke’s 'The People's Voice' TV coming soon. The perfect platform for RichPlanet TV.

Long live Richard D Hall and long live Rich Planet TV...

Here is a statement by Richard D Hall.

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Newhaven cliff top fires have been set ablaze as a rallying call to the nation to join the Rebellion and fight the Evil Empire.

Fire beacons have been used throughout ancient British history to warn of invaders and as a rally call to the people to rise up against tyranny.

‘A group of suspected arsonists is thought to have started a number of fires on the cliff top above Newhaven on Saturday night’, Sussex Police said.

Read the Rally call from Chris Spivey & The Outlaw here.

Prince Charles faces scrutiny by MPs over veto on laws.

Prince Charles
This is an interesting story worth keeping an eye on.

After all, this is the Evil Empire we are dealing with.

My advice is to tread carefully as Parliament examines Prince Charles's little-known veto over any laws that affect his private interests.

[Italic writing taken from the Guardian newspaper]

The House of Commons committee will ask whether there is a risk that the requirement of consent by royals including Prince Charles 'could be seen as politicising the monarchy'.

Of-course the answer is yes, but the Royal Palace doesn’t want the peasants to know that.

The British parliament is to investigate Prince Charles's controversial role in helping to shape government legislation in a move likely to increase pressure on Whitehall to reduce the secrecy around alleged royal lobbying.

MPs will examine the heir to the throne's little-known royal veto over any new laws that affect his private interests next month. The move follows a Guardian investigation in 2011 into the secretive constitutional loophole that revealed how ministers have been forced to seek permission from the prince to pass at least a dozen government bills.

Labour MP Graham Allen
The House of Commons political and constitutional reform committee, chaired by the Labour MP Graham Allen, will ask whether there is a risk that the requirement of royal consent, which is also granted by the Queen depending on the nature of the law being passed, "could be seen as politicising the monarchy".

It’ll be interesting to see if there are any prominent suicides from now till then. The Labour MP Graham Allen could well be in the firing line.

There are dark forces at work in this country…

It has emerged that Charles has held 36 meetings with ministers since the government took power in May 2010. He has met the prime minister, David Cameron, seven times, four different ministers in the Department for Communities and Local Government and held six meetings with ministers in the Department of Energy and Climate Change, which oversee areas in which the prince campaigns on planning and the environment respectively. Neither Whitehall nor Clarence House will elaborate on what was discussed in the private meetings.

Yes, now it’s getting juicy and we’re getting to the real crux of the story.

The royal veto is seen by some constitutional experts as a nuclear deterrent – a red button that is unlikely to be pressed but that may focus ministers' minds when Charles and other members of the royal family discuss policy matters with them.

As with conventional nuclear weaponry, there is no nuclear deterrent because the countries with the nuclear weapons have to explode them on their own soil to show their enemies what they could do on theirs.

What I’m trying to say is that the red button is being regularly pressed and this is the secret the Royal Palace needs to maintain.

Later this year, the court of appeal will hear the latest stage of an eight-year battle by the Guardian to get the government to reveal a set of 27 letters written by the prince to ministers in seven departments over a nine-month period.

Proves my point- an eight year battle! Likeable to getting blood out of a rock!

Historian Tristram Hunt
The questions being asked by the committee, whose members include the historian Tristram Hunt, include: "Is there a continuing justification for the Queen's or prince's consent to be part of the legislative process?"

Another player to keep an eye on is Tristram Hunt. An historian brass enough to question ‘the justification for the Queen's or prince's consent to be part of the legislative process?’

What Tristram Hunt fails to appreciate is that the British Monarchy is above the legislative process and above the Law. The Palace will always veto any legislation which jeopardizes that fact.

Graham Allan said seeking Charles's consent to laws that affect his interests was "a relic" but stressed his focus was on how the executive may manipulate the royal prerogative to push through decisions without the proper scrutiny of MPs.

Oh naughty boy Graham, you shouldn’t be going around calling your masters ‘relics’. Of which they are of course.

Arthur: The War King
The true British Monarchy died with the death of King Arthur II in Kentucky, USA. Anyone who doesn’t believe me should read Alan Wilson’s and Baram Blackett’s research on Ancient British History.

Both Clarence House and Buckingham Palace said it was "a long-established convention" that the prince, as Duke of Cornwall, is asked by parliament to provide consent to those bills that parliament has decided would affect Duchy of Cornwall interests. They said the same process is followed with regards to the Queen providing consent to bills that would affect Crown interests.

"In modern times, neither the Queen nor the Prince of Wales has refused to consent to any bill affecting Crown, Duchy of Lancaster or Duchy of Cornwall interests, unless advised to do so by ministers," the palace said. "In matters of legislation, the Queen always acts on the advice of the government. Every instance of the Queen and the prince's consent having been sought and given to legislation is a matter of public record."

And here the twist of the tongue is stated, ‘unless advised to do so by ministers’. Every minister pledges allegiance to the Queen. The Queen pays the wages of her MP’s. Hence the Queen’s ministers will always err on the side of caution and mold legislation which is pleasing to her majesty.

You get what I’m saying?

Anti-monarchy campaigners welcomed the MPs' inquiry.
"If Charles believes he has a right to secretly lobby ministers and exercise a veto over new laws then he should be called to the Commons to give evidence himself," said Graham Smith, director of Republic. "It's no good Charles sending his PR men to give evidence, he needs to turn up and explain himself in public. He seems keen to meet MPs in private, now is the time to hear what he has to say out in the open."

Graham Smith
I like Graham Smith, director of Republic, and only hope he doesn't turn up crammed into a travel bag, dead…

I stand with Graham Smith and want to see Prince Charles turn up and explain himself in public. It’s the very least he can do.

No members of the royal family or their staff are expected to be called to the three hearings scheduled for September, Allan said.

Well fat chance of that then?

Since 2005, ministers have sought the Prince of Wales's consent to draft bills on everything from road safety to gambling and the London Olympics. Unlike royal assent to bills, which is exercised by the Queen as a matter of constitutional law, the prince's power applies when a new bill might affect his own interests, in particular the Duchy of Cornwall, a private £847m property empire that last year provided him with an £19m income.

Prince Charles - Royal Parasite?
He should give up the Duchy of Cornwall for a start.

The government tried to block the release of further information about the extent of the power enjoyed by the Queen and Prince Charles, but earlier this year Whitehall papers prepared by Cabinet Office lawyers were finally published, showing at least 39 bills have been subject to the most senior royals' power of consent.

The most secretive family in the world
Yeah yeah yeah, I’m sure they did. The Windsor Royal family is the most secretive family in the world, don’t you know, it’s only right and proper the government blocks the release of further information about the extent of the power enjoyed by the Queen and Prince Charles.

They also revealed the power has been used to torpedo proposed legislation relating to decisions about the country going to war. In the pamphlet, the parliamentary counsel warned civil servants that if consent is not forthcoming there is a risk "a major plank of the bill must be removed".
In one instance, the Queen vetoed the military actions against Iraq bill in 1999, a private member's bill that sought to transfer the power to authorise military strikes against Iraq from the monarch to parliament.

Yes, I knew this already, but did you?


If there are any David Cameron fans out there, they must be hanging their heads in shame.

The risk that drinking water in Sussex could be contaminated by fracking chemicals was known by the Government more than a year ago, previously secret documents reveal.

David Cameron says ‘Britain must accept fracking for the good of nation,’ and in doing so exposes his true evil to the world.

These nine words, ‘Britain must accept fracking for the good of nation,’ has revealed David Cameron, to be what we have always known him to be…

A front-man of the Evil Empire.

A man who stands in front of the Nation’s famous black door and says with a straight face ‘I cannot see anything wrong with fracking if it is properly regulated’ is a very evil man indeed.

By dismissing concerns about the controversial method of extracting gas by saying it’ll cause only ‘very minor changes to the landscape’ is a calculated lie to the British public.

By saying there is ‘no evidence’ fracking causes contamination of water supplies or other damage if properly regulated, is a sham because the very bosses of the fracking industry were the very people who wrote the regulations for the fracking industry.

He even has the audacity to spell out the bribe arrangements in detail, ‘Companies have agreed to pay £100,000 to every community situated near an exploratory well... If shale gas is then extracted, 1 per cent - perhaps as much as £10 million - will go straight back to residents.’

To add, ‘I want all parts of our nation to share in the benefits: north or south, Conservative or Labour,’ rubber stamps the demise of David Cameron.

‘Britain must accept fracking for good of nation’, says David Cameron; the nations answers ‘No!’

What David Cameron isn’t telling the British public, but which the British public already know, which in itself is the reason why he’s finished, is that fracking is evil.

We know because fellow human beings from across the pond in America and on the other side of the world in Australia have told us that fracking has decimated their environments and communities.

What David Cameron isn’t telling the British public is that they are stealing our water to frack out a product which makes huge profits, and destroys the environment.

Full stop and whether a question mark is meant to go at the end of the sentence is irrelevant, this is the way it is.

A town in Texas has run out of water due to fracking.

Put simply, there are towns in Texas where you turn on the tap, and nothing comes out for days.

David Cameron knows this is going to happen in the UK too. Like I’ve said and will continue to say throughout this article, David Cameron is a Very Evil Man indeed.

Whether the honourable members of Parliament knew it or not, when they voted for fracking, they voted the nation out of water.

A David Cameron tragedy: Plenty of gas, plenty of profit, no water, no votes, no future.

Already in Texas, the Fracking boom has sucked away the precious water from beneath the ground, leaving cattle dead, farms bone-dry and people thirsty.

Across the south-west of Texas, residents of small communities are confronting the reality that something as basic as running water, as unthinking as turning on a tap, can no longer be taken for granted. 

If you think what happens in Texas doesn’t happen in Balcombe, you are as evil as David Cameron, because even Britain's water companies have claimed ‘Fracking for shale gas will raise the risk of water shortages and could contaminate drinking supplies.’

Its not rocket science, its evil intent by the Evil Empire to murder as many of us as possible and get away with it in broad daylight.

The fracking industry uses about 5 million gallons of water per fracking well. Regardless of what percentager 5 million gallons of water is in relation to the nation’s fresh water supply, it’s an awful lot of water.

This is God’s water which falls from the sky, which the consumer pays for in water rates and which fracking companies use in it’s billions of gallons to frack the Earth, contaminated the environment and make billions of profit for share-holders.

And what about all the fuss over low carbon emissions? I thought we were all about renewables?

What’s more important? Protecting the private profit of the predators (and protecting the opportunity of a few), or guarding a public resource for the public good? This dynamic is now playing out for real in rural Sussex.

What David Cameron doesn’t understand, due to his evilness, is that a lack of water is a first-order consequence; social and political chaos — ultimately, large-scale population migration and political ungovernability — are inevitable third-order and fourth-order consequences. And yes, I do mean inevitable, if we don’t stop fracking now.

This isn’t just a fracking story, it’s a water story and an evil story as well.


Protest group 'No Dash for Gas' has invited everyone to a six-day action camp in Balcombe starting on the 16th August.

While over 1,000 people are expected to attend, Balcombe Parish Council has called David Cameron to ask him what to do?

The advice is ‘Strongly oppose any actions which may be taken which involve civil trespass and/or illegal acts.’

Now while the Police may have been doing just that, the protesters at Balcombe, sure as hell haven’t.

A spokesman for 'No Dash for Gas' says ‘There are no plans to break the Law, but civil disobedience does result in people getting arrested sometimes. We can understand the parish council’s anxieties, but we have no plans for violence.’

Sussex police have remained silent as to whether that have similar plans…


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

£50,000 REWARD

Richard D Hall, the anchor man for his own show called RichPlanet TV aired on Showcase TV, has revealed that a supporter has put up a £50,000 reward for information leading to a conviction for the attempted murder of Baram Blackett on Sunday 14th August, 2011.

Baram Blackett, Alan Wilson & Rcihard D Hall
Baram Blackett and Alan Wilson, known as the Forensic Historians, have been conducting research in ancient British history since the 1970’s.

Their research has turned up many interesting finds which conflict what is being taught in history lessons across the country.

Amongst the most sensational findings are:

  1. King Arthur II is a real historical figure and High King of Britain.
  2. King Arthur’s brother Madoc, had sailed to America, before sailing with his brother for a second time, making a home in Kentucky.
  3. A meteor struck Britain and Ireland in 562AD, making the country uninhabitable and ending the Arthurian reign.
  4. That ancient British history and it's alphabet is being suppressed by the British Establishment and has been since the 17th century.
  5. That Jesus Chris survived his crucifixion and having come to Britain with his family in 33AD, is buried in a known grave in England.
In the early hours of Sunday 14th August 2011, a sudden and violent fire broke out from underneath Baram Blackett’s bed. He subsequently nearly died and remained in a coma for 11 days.

As a potentially fatal fire, the Fire Brigade would have conducted a more thorough investigation in connection with the police, but no such investigation happened.

Under further inspection, Baram Blackett and Alan Wilson discovered evidence of an incendiary device placed under the floor boards, directly under Baram Blackett’s bed.

As of yet no investigation by their local police force has been conducted and the person(s) responsible for the attempted murder of Baram Blackett are still at large.

To read more about their research, start with 'Arthur- The War King'.
You can buy the book from the website here.
You will never look at our history in the same light again.


Ben Fellows, the self proclaimed investigative journalist and filmmaker, who recently made accusations against Ken Clarke MP and ‘others’, such as Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, for being paedophiles and child abusers, has been arrested by British Police for ‘Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice’ and was bundled into a waiting police van and driven to Belgravia Police Station.

He had been invited to Charring Cross Police station to do a witness statement in connection with his allegations against Ken Clarke, where he was taken to a room, arrested and handcuffed, before being taken to another police station without notifying Ben’s colleagues, who had arrived to the station with him, where he had been taken.

Police officers then proceeded to search Ben’s home and subsequently removed his computers, phones and USB sticks. 

Ben Fellows had recently completed a gruelling charity walk from Plymouth to London, raising awareness of the corruption in Parliament.

Feel free to donate at

Ben Fellows had this to say ‘This is what happens when victims complain about abuse. They (the police) turn it round and make you the criminal to get the perpetrator out of the investigation.’

It really does appear that Ken Clarke, Minister with Portfolio, really is above the Law.

The fact that Ben was released later that evening without charge and bailed with no conditions, confirms his solicitors theory that the whole incident was a ‘fishing exercise’ aimed at the Police attempting to persuade Ben to change his statement, which he has so far refused to do. 

As ‘1RebelDog1’ said in the comment section of the Youtube video, ‘How disgusting. A victim of crime gets arrested and his computers seized, and Ken Clarke the pedophile sits in the house of commons drinking a double whiskey and smoking a cigar sitting in front of his computer looking at god knows what... The wrong computers have been seized on this occasion!’

Echoing the words of Chris Spivey, ‘Let’s go to War’.


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