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I know that in the main I am preaching to the converted here, but for those who are not, you have to understand what is going on here.
Wages for the common man are deliberately being driven down right across the board.
From Policemen & Paramedics through to Lorry Drivers & Building workers.
I have documented two or three times how our Sovereign is fully complicit in this agenda… The piss taking old bitch.
Meanwhile, she is getting a £2million pound pay rise. The greedy nonce cunts in parliament are looking at a ten grand pay rise.
We are all systematically being pushed into slavery.
Zero hour contracts for slave wages… No one will be spared.
It has to fucking stop and it has to stop now.
These mad cunts have to be removed. What the fuck are you scared of?
I refuse to become a slave. There is no way on earth that will ever fucking happen. NEVER.
I have had enough of their piss taking and your apathy.
Fuck me, what have I got to do to provoke action? Martyr myself?
I would rather do that than sit around and wait for our demise… I will not allow them perverted nonce cunts to walk all over us. It has to end now.
Start agitating your friends and neighbours. Rally support, C’mon people lets get to it.
This madness will not end by you being apathetic. Get angry. GET FUCKING ANGRY.
Its for your children and their future.
Lets go to war.


I have been blown away by the support I have had on this blog, and the number of visitors it has received has shown me that I may indeed, have something valid to contribute.
I have been approached recently with an offer of payment for writing exclusively for someone else.
Although flattering, that is not what I am all about, if someone is willing to pay me, it stands to reason that they are going to charge others to read anything I have written.
I strongly believe that information should be free, you should not have to pay for something that should have always been available to anyone who wishes to access it.
I shall keep writing here, and elsewhere, for as long as I feel I have something worthwhile to say.
But in saying that, I also feel that things should now be stepped up a gear.
I realise that some people are not going to like what I am going to say, but that cannot be helped and I fully expect, and am ready for whatever adverse reaction my writing may bring upon myself.
The truth is important.
I believe it is a human right to be aware of the truth about the world we inhabit, however unpleasant that truth may be.
So, from here on in, I am going to be writing about the things I have hesitated in posting before now, as they may have been be too ‘honest’ and truthful for some people to accept.
Some of these ‘truths’ may cause people to look inside themselves, and when that happens, they may not like what they find.
That is one of the many reasons that people tend to bury their heads in the sand, to accept what is happening to them, without a murmur, as questioning anything may reveal the thing they fear the most.
People seem afraid of the truth.
Because the truth is like a mirror, when you look into it, you see a reflection of your true self.
Is it because you genuinely do not believe it, or is it that you do not want to admit that you have accepted and totally believed a lie for your whole lives?
The belief system for generations in this country has been what is taught in our schools, and it pours from the television and commercial radio, and is impregnated into almost all printed mediums.
You cannot escape from the propaganda, it jumps out at you from everywhere….
Eat this, drink this, wear these, be this, love this, hate this, buy this, you need this… It never stops.
The assault on your senses is overwhelming, and has been designed to capture every aspect of your life..
And it has almost worked.
There are perhaps 10 or maybe 20% of the population who can see beyond the obvious, they do not believe the mainstream media, they have no faith in the political system, they question the doctors, they eye with suspicion the so-called professional bodies that have held sway over our lives for generations…
They can see the truth…
They are the ones who should be talking, writing and spreading the truth among their friends and neighbours, they are the ones who are wide awake and are very angry.
The establishment has been waging a covert war against the British people for generations.
You still don’t think so?
When your children are going hungry, when good people are denied access to basic healthcare, are taxed almost beyond endurance, are being constantly watched, being priced out and hounded from their homes, and if unable to ‘contribute,’ people are living in fear of their Government, is that not existing in a state of war?
Are dozens of vulnerable people being driven to suicide almost daily not a cause for concern for you?
When Cabinet Ministers are sneering and spewing their bile-filled rhetoric and publicly announcing how proud they are of what they are doing.. Is that not a concern?
If it isn’t, then continue as you are, keep watching the mainstream news, keep reading the RedTop newspapers and park your arse in front of the TV to watch the ‘reality’ shows and celebrity-laden trash designed to keep you in a trance-like state of altered reality.
Do not pay any mind to people like David Icke, Chris Spivey, or Abby Martin, Max Keiser and Sonia Poulton or anyone who does not conform to the sanitised picture of the world that has been carefully painted for you.
After All…
Who wants to swallow the bitter pill that is the truth when deception is so much easier to digest eh?

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