Wednesday, 14 August 2013


If there are any David Cameron fans out there, they must be hanging their heads in shame.

The risk that drinking water in Sussex could be contaminated by fracking chemicals was known by the Government more than a year ago, previously secret documents reveal.

David Cameron says ‘Britain must accept fracking for the good of nation,’ and in doing so exposes his true evil to the world.

These nine words, ‘Britain must accept fracking for the good of nation,’ has revealed David Cameron, to be what we have always known him to be…

A front-man of the Evil Empire.

A man who stands in front of the Nation’s famous black door and says with a straight face ‘I cannot see anything wrong with fracking if it is properly regulated’ is a very evil man indeed.

By dismissing concerns about the controversial method of extracting gas by saying it’ll cause only ‘very minor changes to the landscape’ is a calculated lie to the British public.

By saying there is ‘no evidence’ fracking causes contamination of water supplies or other damage if properly regulated, is a sham because the very bosses of the fracking industry were the very people who wrote the regulations for the fracking industry.

He even has the audacity to spell out the bribe arrangements in detail, ‘Companies have agreed to pay £100,000 to every community situated near an exploratory well... If shale gas is then extracted, 1 per cent - perhaps as much as £10 million - will go straight back to residents.’

To add, ‘I want all parts of our nation to share in the benefits: north or south, Conservative or Labour,’ rubber stamps the demise of David Cameron.

‘Britain must accept fracking for good of nation’, says David Cameron; the nations answers ‘No!’

What David Cameron isn’t telling the British public, but which the British public already know, which in itself is the reason why he’s finished, is that fracking is evil.

We know because fellow human beings from across the pond in America and on the other side of the world in Australia have told us that fracking has decimated their environments and communities.

What David Cameron isn’t telling the British public is that they are stealing our water to frack out a product which makes huge profits, and destroys the environment.

Full stop and whether a question mark is meant to go at the end of the sentence is irrelevant, this is the way it is.

A town in Texas has run out of water due to fracking.

Put simply, there are towns in Texas where you turn on the tap, and nothing comes out for days.

David Cameron knows this is going to happen in the UK too. Like I’ve said and will continue to say throughout this article, David Cameron is a Very Evil Man indeed.

Whether the honourable members of Parliament knew it or not, when they voted for fracking, they voted the nation out of water.

A David Cameron tragedy: Plenty of gas, plenty of profit, no water, no votes, no future.

Already in Texas, the Fracking boom has sucked away the precious water from beneath the ground, leaving cattle dead, farms bone-dry and people thirsty.

Across the south-west of Texas, residents of small communities are confronting the reality that something as basic as running water, as unthinking as turning on a tap, can no longer be taken for granted. 

If you think what happens in Texas doesn’t happen in Balcombe, you are as evil as David Cameron, because even Britain's water companies have claimed ‘Fracking for shale gas will raise the risk of water shortages and could contaminate drinking supplies.’

Its not rocket science, its evil intent by the Evil Empire to murder as many of us as possible and get away with it in broad daylight.

The fracking industry uses about 5 million gallons of water per fracking well. Regardless of what percentager 5 million gallons of water is in relation to the nation’s fresh water supply, it’s an awful lot of water.

This is God’s water which falls from the sky, which the consumer pays for in water rates and which fracking companies use in it’s billions of gallons to frack the Earth, contaminated the environment and make billions of profit for share-holders.

And what about all the fuss over low carbon emissions? I thought we were all about renewables?

What’s more important? Protecting the private profit of the predators (and protecting the opportunity of a few), or guarding a public resource for the public good? This dynamic is now playing out for real in rural Sussex.

What David Cameron doesn’t understand, due to his evilness, is that a lack of water is a first-order consequence; social and political chaos — ultimately, large-scale population migration and political ungovernability — are inevitable third-order and fourth-order consequences. And yes, I do mean inevitable, if we don’t stop fracking now.

This isn’t just a fracking story, it’s a water story and an evil story as well.


Protest group 'No Dash for Gas' has invited everyone to a six-day action camp in Balcombe starting on the 16th August.

While over 1,000 people are expected to attend, Balcombe Parish Council has called David Cameron to ask him what to do?

The advice is ‘Strongly oppose any actions which may be taken which involve civil trespass and/or illegal acts.’

Now while the Police may have been doing just that, the protesters at Balcombe, sure as hell haven’t.

A spokesman for 'No Dash for Gas' says ‘There are no plans to break the Law, but civil disobedience does result in people getting arrested sometimes. We can understand the parish council’s anxieties, but we have no plans for violence.’

Sussex police have remained silent as to whether that have similar plans…


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