Thursday, 22 August 2013

Daily dose of Political Spirituality by Ghazi Doleh

Who Will Solve The Real Problems of The World

One of The Problems in Our World is that Some Leaders Become so Blind That They Cannot See The Problems and Consequences of Their Criminal and Corrupt Actions.

Thus, Solving The Real Problems of The World Require Real Understanding of The Roots, Reasons, Causes and Factors Relating to The Problems of The World That Are Due to Big Strategic Mistakes in The Global Organisational Systems That Normally Involve The Leaders of The Permanent Members of United Nations Security Council, Some of Whom Don’t Seem to Understand That They Are Damaging the so-called “National Interests” of Their Countries While Wrongly Thinking That They Are Trying to Protect Them.

Killers, Criminals, Alcoholics, Drug Addicts and Mentally Disturbed People “Wrongly” Think That What They Are Doing is “Right and Acceptable” Without Realising and Understanding That What They Are Doing is “Wrong and Unacceptable”.

Hence, it is Importance to Understand The Real Problems in Our World so that Every Global Citizen Including The Leaders of The World Will Understand Where We Are Going Wrong, these problems include the following;

First; The Obsessive Love of Political Power.

Second; The Obsessive Love To Remain in Power.

Third; The Obsessive Love of Military Power.

Fourth; The Obsessive Love of Monetary Power.

Fifth; The Obsessive Love of Money and Wealth.

Sixth; The Obsessive Love of Land and Nation.

Seventh; The Obsessive Love Tribal Identity. 

Eighth; The Obsessive Love of Human Ideology.

Ninth; The Obsessive Love of Creating Problems.

Tenth; The Obsessive Love of Avoiding Solving Problems.

All The Previously Mentioned Examples of Our Problems in The World Are The Direct Results of The Evil Works of The Devil Satan Who Has Been Continuously Working to Create so Many Divisions Between All Members of The Human Family Since The Creation of Adam & Eve.

God Knew in Advance The Problems of Human Behaviours While Giving All Members of The Human Family All The Right and Wrong Choices in order to Prove His Glory, Superiority and Supremacy.

Thus, The Various Actions That We Are Witnessing in Our World Were Known in Advance to The Creator of The Universe and Beyond, Who Wanted to Prove To All Members of The Human Family Who Has The Real Supernatural Powers, While Knowing in Advance What Would Actually Happen.

Hence, God, The Merciful and The Compassionate Will Naturally Intervene at Sometime in the Future to Prove His Love to All Members of The Human Family While Proving The Hatred of The Devil Satan to All Members of The Human Family.

Consequently, Despite of The Various Negative Actions in Our World, God is The Only One Who Will Change The State of The World. Thus, We Must Fully Trust The Supernatural Powers of God Who Will Change The World.

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