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Chris Spivey the popular alternative media journalist has appeared on Conspiracy This Week Radio, being interviewed by Canadian DJ Dave Boyle, where he launched into a tirade against the British and American governments and specifically the Windsor Royal family, and pretty much everybody else in the world.

Chris Spivey first got involved with conspiracy related media after the 9/11 terror attacks, though confesses to having a feeling of ‘something not right with the world’ since a child.

After originally writing for the Sovereign newspaper, about subjects which ‘pissed him off’, a neighbour created as a birthday present and readership numbers soon increased month after month; reaching today’s number of 500,000 readers a month.

Asked about the state of the country and people’s attitude to conspiracy, Spivey answers, People have got their heads so far up their arse; there’s no hope left.’

Spivey on the Royal Family
‘They could end world poverty ten times over and still be trillionaires.’

Before going on to ridicule that man who handed over a £10 voucher to Prince Charles to buy his grandson a present.

Spivey goes on a tirade saying that it’s pure madness to give a £10 voucher to a boy who will want for nothing during life, while other children are dying of malnutrition.

Spivey on the Queen
He says ‘She’s fucking evil, and there is nothing gracious or graceful about the cunt’, having saidThe Queen is fabulously wealthy and could end poverty and not even notice the money gone.’

Spivey on Prince George
‘He will grow up to despise us (the British peasants) by the time he’s 5 years old.’

Spivey on the BBC
‘It’s a paedophiles paradise.’

Chris Spivey and the Canadian DJ go on to discuss why the Windsor royal family allow such damaging rumours of their private life to be circulated.

As they point out, They don’t defend themselves against damaging and libellous allegations of murder, adultery, paedophilia and Satanism. If they never come out to challenge such vile rumours, it implies guilt.

Spivey says ‘They dismiss me and others as the tin foil hat brigade.’

He then goes on to repeat allegations published in his Monsters Inc article, which must be read to understand who the Windsor royal family really are.

  • He says the Queen is Winston Churchill’s secret child (quoting from Greg Hallet)
  • He calls into question the parental illegitimacy of the Queen’s children, Anne, Andrew and Edward
  • He says the Queen vowed never to sleep with Prince Philip again because of his extramarital affairs, and goes further in agreeing with the DJ that the reason the Queen doesn’t share his bed is because he’s a paedophile.
  • Calls the film ‘The Kings Speech’ bollocks and propaganda
  • Calls the Queen’s father, King George ‘a border-line retard’, adding credence that Winston Churchill is the Queen’s father.
  • Says Prince George will become the first (openly) Jewish King on the throne, following the Jewish faith of passing down the bloodline through the mother.
Spivey on David Cameron
‘A wanker’

Spivey on the Cabinet
‘David Cameron and Nick Clegg and all the cabinet are Zionists and take their orders from Israel, quoting from John Hamer’s book ‘The Falsification of History’ which he is still reading.

Spivey on William Hague
‘William fucking Hague bragging about his £200 bottle of wine paid by us, while kids are left eating jam fucking sandwiches.’

Spivey on Tony Blair
‘He’s a psychopath, a fucking psychopath.’

Spivey on Politicians and Royalty
‘Depravity holds them together.’

And what not’

Spivey on David Icke
‘If it’s not in the mainstream media then it isn’t believed and put down to the ramblings of a mad man.’

Spivey on the Woolwich hacking attack
‘The Woolwich incident is a typical false flag event and that people can’t see through it, is sickening’.

In retaliation to the abuse he got for calling Lee Rigby a ‘dog’, he challenges anyone to take apart the evidence he’s put forward in his ‘Drummer Boy’ article.

As far as the main evidence is concerned is the act itself and I defy anybody to take my evidence apart or explain what I point out.’

He maintains the Woolwich incident is a typical false flag event and it was all scripted and played out by actors.

He said ‘The daily Mirror video evidence was their biggest mistake.’

  • Pointing out in particular the role of the reported pub land-lady, Tina Nimoy (correct spelling unknown), who controlled the crime scene and placed weapons on the ground.
  • The bus that blocked the road brought the actors to the stage.
  • Pointing out the glaring fact that no police officers went to check Lee Rigby’s body, even though at that point they wouldn’t have known whether he was dead or alive.
  • That a uniformed police officer is witnessed to speak to a random bloke, who walks to a paramedics bag and takes something out, before picking something up from the ground and putting it back in the paramedics bag.
  • As Spivey reminds us; interfering with a crime scene carries a 7 year sentence.
He claims the evidence he puts forward in the Drummer Boy article is indisputable.  ‘Indisputable’ he repeats, ‘anyone who can say any differently, please do.’

With plenty of funny moments, he lambastes the world leaders across the globe who joined united in their condemnation of the terrorist attacks within hours of the incident.

Calling it total bollocks,’ when David Cameron cut short his French visit, and Ed Miliband cut short his German visit.

Spivey on the Boston Bombing
Telling us he’s working on a new article about Jeff Bauman, who had his legs blown off in the bomb, he says ‘If he lost his legs in that bomb I’d cut my legs off because the whole thing is bollocks.’

Before going on to reiterate his extraordinary pledge of putting his legs where his mouth is.

‘I’m going to expose Jeff Bauman, (and his partner in crime, Carlos the Cowboy) who by his own admission has received $3.85 million in donations. The cunt is laughing at them. If that cunt lost his legs in that bomb, I’d cut my own legs off.’

He goes on to ridicule the bomb which resulted in 12-17 people having amputations, ‘it’s a powerful bomb that concerns who it injuries and doesn’t’, pointing out that a person could have their legs blown off, while the picket fence they stood in front of didn’t suffer even a ripple.

Responding to criticism from others who say that he wouldn’t say what he says in his articles to their faces, Spivey categorically answers-

If they pay my plane fare, I would love to meet them face-to-face. I would love to confront these people because they are fucking wankers and they are following a government agenda that wants to kills us all. They are scum.’

Chris Spivey left the listener in no doubt- He’s ready for war…

He’s called the Establishment’s bluff and we can only wait and see how the Palace and 10 Downing Street react.

Make no mistakes about it. With a readership of 500,000 a month and figures rising due to his recent radio appearances, Chris Spivey is a power to be reckoned with.

With a critical mass achieved, the Royal family can no longer simply hold a dignified silence.

This man is making allegations which, not true, would land him in a dark prison cell for 100 years.

In his defence he says With 500,000 a month reading my stuff, its research, research, research; everything I put my name to is correct.’

Chris Spivey is shouting from the roof tops in rage and frustration Do the fucking research, like I have. Read the fucking articles, like I have. Then come back and call me a cunt.’

Leaving the last word to Spivey-

‘People are so stupid they cannot see what’s going on before their eyes and if they can see, they don’t care, because it ain’t happening to them, but they will be coming for them too, that’s for sure.’

Spivey is booked to appear on Conspiracy this Week on 16 August 2013. You can book yourself a seat here.

Listen to the radio interview here

and what not...




  1. Matthew

    Nice article, well done. There is a problem with the link to the radio interview
    Here is the corrected one.

  2. Thank you Dave, I'm looking forward to the next interview with Spivey. And I'll be listening there-after to your show. Great work, thanks.

  3. Thanks Matt, the interview on the 16th will be streamed live on
    Conspiracy News Radio on Tune In. Spread the word!!!



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