Tuesday, 27 August 2013

So, Cameron is getting ready to join in the PUSH for WW3.

China wants it.
Russia wants it.
Iran wants it.
Britain wants it.
USA wants it.
Israel wants it.
Germany wants it.

ALL the above Nations are governed by MASSIVELY unpopular rulers who FEAR the power of their heavily OPPRESSED people.

ALL are suffering under this economic depression.

The ONLY way they can continue to justify 'Austerity' is through WW3.

War will be used to CULL the AWAKENING global populations and to KEEP the powerful in POWER.


Russia couldn't give a SHITE about Syria, neither could China (take a good look at their OWN human rights abuses!) - the global powers are simply USING Syria as JUSTIFICATION to KILL MILLIONS and BILLIONS of people because they KNOW their GAME IS UP: The only way now, is to create HAVOC.

It is time to RISE UP people of Britain and say a RESOUNDING NO.

Legally, we live in a DEMOCRACY and according to the LAW of Democracy, this Nation cannot LEGALLY go to war WITHOUT our EXPRESS CONSENT.

We have no NEED to waste our soldiers lives toward killing innocent Syrians
We have no NEED to waste hudreds of BILLIONS in bombs & bullets.
We have no NEED to be involved in war because Syria is NO threat to us.

Where was NATO when the Rwandans were being SLAUGHTERED in their MILLIONS?

Don't be fooled: The War Mongers are HITLER and every one a 'ZIONIST' BANKERS NAZI... See them fighting for power coz they know not the hour...

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