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BBC Newshite presented by Anita Anand
I don’t often watch the news from the mainstream media anymore but thought I’d give it a go on Friday 2nd August 2013 to see what everybody else was being feed.


British Politics is the Premier League of the World because David Cameron has appointed Jim Messina, (the man who got President Obama elected for the second time), to his election campaign team for the 2015 General election.

Jim Messina
Jim Messina described as ‘part geek and part assassin’, is famous for Big Data, anti-gay campaigns and heavily using negative campaigns in his elections.

Boosting never to have lost an election yet he says ‘I have long admired Prime Minister Cameron, while I will not be moving to London nor will I be managing any type of day to day political operations, I will be offering strategic campaign advice leading up to 2015.’

It’ll be interesting to learn how much a few emails from across the pond will cost the British taxpayer?

Jim Messina is viewed as a ‘Mythical figure’ in American politics. Bearing in mind the Obama administration is the only elected government to be elected for the second time since the economic crisis, Cameron wants in.

Allegra Stratton
There’s ‘Fury in Labour ranks’ proclaims Allegra Stratton, the BBC Newsnight political editor, ‘its sent shockwaves through Westminster’ (even though they are all on holiday), ‘this is a game changer’ a labour MP said to her from the edge of a swimming pool somewhere hot and sunny, ‘Labour are spooked and caught short’ said another, ‘Labour are outraged to have no campaign manager of Jim Messina’s mythical stature’. Metaphors rushing in think and fast.

Ben Smith, an American blogger, added ‘He wouldn’t have done this without Obama’s permission’, adding more woes to Labour’s chances of winning the next general election.

Dan Hodges, a Telegraph newspaper blogger summed up the feelings of unrest within the Labour party with ‘If you add David Cameron besides Ed Miliband, nobody in Labour is feeling assured.’


Kelly Clarkson wearing ring
The British government slaps export ban on Kelly Clarkson to stop her taking home Jane Austen’s ring which she brought legally for £50,000 in a British auction.

I was waiting for the punch line but none came.

They wasted a third of their programme discussing the merits of a useless trinket.

Jane Austen's ring
Culture Minister Ed Vaizey
Of-course, pitting one historian against the other, one argued it was a ‘vital national object’, while the other, asked ‘what’s so special?’

Perhaps this is where the real story lies. What is so special about this ring that the Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, is enforcing a rare power of banning its export, the fourth time the British government has done so in a very long time.

Or is it as petty as ‘a political argument because her face is on a £10 note’ as one historian says, or is it more sinister?


Streisand, Clinton, Peres & Netanyahu
Celebrating the 90th birthday of Israel’s President Peres Shimon, celebrities across the world, including Barbara Streisand, Sharon Stone, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair came flocking to the Holy Land to join in his spectacular birthday celebrations.

The VT, as they say in the business, cuts to our former Prime Minister Tony Blair, standing at a podium in front of many famous people including Shimon Peres, sandwiched in-between Bill Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Tony Blair sycophants “Its his birthday, he’s 90 now, he’s President, what comes next?’ he asks, ‘well,’ he continues in his dependable charismatic style, ‘we in Britain have our Queen and you have your Shimon.’

Tony Blair calls for Peres Shimon to be King of Zion on his 90th birthday.

Tony Blair at 90th birthday
As the news VT reminds us, it was Peres Shimon, as the director general of the military in the 1950’s, who was the driving force in making Israel the most powerful state in the Middle East by illegally securing nuclear weapons.

Isn’t it ironic that Shimon Peres won the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize together with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat, while being the one who got Israel their nuclear weapons in the first place?

When asked about it, he maintains ‘Yes I did so to defend ourselves. We were on our own. Nobody came to our side and we were 650,000 people, 250,000 Arabs, outgunned, out numbered, the country was poor, no land and no water, no natural resources, so what should we have done? People speak as though you have a choice, but we didn't have a choice.’

Which explains why since Israel has gone on to become the most advanced military state in the Middle East and why Israel has gone to war every decade since the 1950’s.

Leaving the last word to birthday boy, ‘I got the bombs to secure peace and its worked.’

Shame on BBC2

So that’s it folks, three news story of zero relevance to what’s going on in the UK today.

That’s what you get when you watch BBC2 Newsnight, and I should have known better.

Name and Shame

Jamie Angus
BBC2 Newsnight on Friday 2 August 2013
Presented by Anita Anand
Production team
Adam Livingstone
Theo Brainin
Molly Watson
Matthew Thompson
James Layton
Programme producer, Rhodri Jones

And the boss who ought to be fired immediately, Jamie Angus.


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  1. Yes, Newsnight, the BBC itself, ITV and SKY make a mockery of true, honest, and what is really relevant to the people today, news reporting.
    George Galloway said he would not appear on the Sky charade again after being interviewed by Anne Botting.
    We also squirm when we see all the establishment guests being lined up to appear.on
    Question time is a farce too with all the safe guest being invited back on the show 2 or 3 times in a season.


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