Monday 30 March 2015

Prince Charlie’s Link To Pedophile Networks.

You are a very naughty boy!
Fresh on the heels of the fallout from revelations regarding former BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile and his unbelievably sickening and innumerable instances of child molestation as well as the “look the other way” approach taken by the BBC, more and more questions are now emerging in regards to the connection between Savile and British Royalty (sic), most notably Prince Charlie.

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Thursday 26 March 2015


Mr Matthew Taylor
(Shadow Sussex Police and Crime commissioner).

Dear Sir.

Thank you for speaking with me yesterday it was extremely helpful, albeit, that our conversation was cut short for some strange reason?

Matthew, your latest tweet with reference to the ex RAF Officer, Mr Gordon Bowden, where he has spent the last (13) Years investigating serious "FRAUD AND DECEPTION" within the Establishment. This is exactly the same "ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS" that we have been constantly reporting to you.

We do realise that you fully understand the position with reference to all of these Criminals, but, just to confirm the real and true situation.

(1) The "ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS" that Mr Bowden has reported to the BBC, will of course all walk free, because, the Establishment have total control over the BBC, and, total control over any of the mainstream Media that exist throughout the World.

(2) For example, you detect serious crime committed by these "VILE VENOMOUS VILLAINS" to the Police, where of course the Police do absolutely nothing to deal with the Criminals that have been reported to them.

(3) You then report the Police to the appropriate authorities which does of course include Katy Bourne and the Crime Panel, again, nothing happens.

(4) You then report the "ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS" and, the Police, which also includes Katy Bourne, to the senior members of parliament, again, nothing happens, just look what happened to Mr Setchfield is on the Warpath number one where the entire matter was totally ignored.

(5) You then go public through any of the independent alternative media outlets available to you, again, nothing happens.

(6) You then continue to blow the whistle as loud as you possibly can, again, nothing ever happens.

It is clear for all to see, that by what you have revealed through all of the means available and open to you, indeed, yields you no positive outcome, meaning in quite clear terms, that all of the Government Agencies and the Establishment, are all in it to protect one another from being exposed and placed before a Criminal Crown Court. It is also more than clear to see, that the whole situation that you have spent so much time fighting, must of course all be correct, or, all of these "VILE VENOMOUS VILLAINS" would have been arrested and charged and placed before a Criminal Crown Court long ago.

Finally, lets us not forget, that when the MP Mr Andrew Mitchell , only allegedly called a Police office a "PLEB", just look at all of the Media attention that particular event caused. Furthermore, what you along with us have repeatedly reported to all of the appropriate authorities, just simply falls on deaf ears which can only highlight quite clearly, that they are afraid of dealing with any of the serious events reported for if they were to do so, would cause absolute uproar.

Matthew, please respond to this email and also please feel free to go public with its contents, thank you.

Yours sincerely

Team Setchfield.



BY  · 5TH MARCH 2015

Gordon Bowden is an ex RAF officer who has spent the last 13 years uncovering detailed and forensic evidence of massive corruption within the British establishment that involves Lords, Politicians and the Monarchy.
The evidence that he is witnessed and recorded handing into the BBC to do their own full investigation, is set to reveal the biggest political corruption scandal in British history, that included the setup of a colossal 250,000 “shell virtual oil and gas companies” registered from a few house addresses in Finchley Rd London, and linked to the most prominent people at the core of the British establishment. These companies were deliberately set up to steal and rob BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of pounds from the public and asset strip the whole country!

Thursday 19 March 2015


I’m grateful to Sam Murray for pointing out the areas of my argument which need more explaining.

Take for example the SOS WAR PLAN.

Sam Murray points out the obvious flaw, which I have thought about myself on many occasions.

As Sam writes, “If by any chance you still have faith in the idea that war can be superseded by a giant game of laser-tag, then let me offer this scenario to you:

The world has bizarrely accepted your proposal to revolutionise the way we fight war, and America is in the throws of "bolstering" its troops with the latest laser technology (like laser grenades, laser frag mines and, I don't know, laser photocopiers) in preparation to fight Iran, who are likewise fortifying their own troops.

The day arrives. Delegates from UN trundle up in a little golf caddy into the middle of no-mans-land to blow the war whistle - pheeeeeeeeep, AND THEY'RE OFF!!!!

From the west come the U.S. forces, armed to the back teeth with a huge selection of technologically advanced, but ultimately harmless weaponry. From the east storm the Iranian troops, similarly armed with.... wait.... where are the Iranian troops? They should be here by now. Have we got the right day? What's that in the sky? Is that a fighter plane? ARE THEY REAL FUCKING MISSILES???


Well okay – where do I start?

My SOS War-Plan is meant to be the start of a conversation about how to fight our wars in the future.

It’s my firm belief that once the world understands about the Military/Industrial Complex, and how wars are actively fought to sustain the profits of the Arms Industry then the public will view wars as totally avoidable and will develop other methods to resolve their differences.

I love the idea of the SOS War Plan because I think it’d make a wonderful Reality Based TV Game Show.

Once a television production company shows that a reality TV show based on War, can attract the viewers then maybe, just maybe, the concept can be applied to real-life scenarios.

For Sam Murray to rubbish the SOS War Plan on the pretext that the enemy would renegade on the agreement and actually use real weapons is just “utterly nonsensical” scare-mongering of the first degree.

It just goes to show that the SOS War Plan is a difficult plan to pick holes in. Let’s just take that flight of fancy and imagine the U.S was about to fight IRAN in a laser war-fare game.

The war officials would have checked both the U.S and IRAN’s weapons the night before, ensuring that neither side brings ‘live weapons’ to the battle field.

Don’t worry Sam Murray, the “KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!” factor has been taken into consideration and the fail-safe measures built into the SOS War-Plan will ensure neither side brings ‘Live Weapons’ into the Theatre of War.


“I was actually being fairly flippant by even remotely suggesting that John could ever hope to bring his own currency into circulation. £970 million, trillion, trillion is a fucking stupid amount of money. Not just "it'll never happen" stupid, I'm talking "the total amount of the ordinary mass of the universe, in kilograms, is a number only slightly larger than that number" stupid - I'm not joking either.

The estimated kilogram mass of ordinary matter in the known universe is 1053 kg. John's proposed currency, if it were only £1 trillion, trillion would equate to £1024...... now times that by 970 million. 

Any equation that BREAKS MY FUCKING CALCULATOR should not be seriously considered as a global index for currency.

This man is supposed to be a tidal engineer for fucks sake.”

Oh fucking hell Sam Murray, you make me laugh and shake my head in worry.

“The estimated kilogram mass of ordinary matter in the known universe is 1053 kg,” oh fuck off Sam Murray, you really are a nerd.

How the fuck do you know the estimated kilogram mass of ordinary matter in the known universe is 1053 kg? Give me a break. You and I and every single scientist has no flipping idea of what the mass of ordinary matter in the known Universe is because firstly, we don’t yet understand the nature of ‘matter,’ and secondly, not all the Universe is known yet.

The figure of £970 Million Trillion Trillion is based on the 750,000 tons of Gold King William IV bequeathed to Queen Victoria and the fraudulent assets of the 300 Royal and Banking families of Europe.

Sam Murray evidently has no idea of the ‘Derivative Market,’ which trades trillions on a daily basis.

The global currency is no longer based on the Gold Standard. Whatever sum John Wanoa agrees on will be created by adding the figures into a database; just as fiat money is created by the established banks of the world.

Sam Murray shouts, “Any equation that BREAKS MY FUCKING CALCULATOR should not be seriously considered as a global index for currency,” well if that the case, its time to turn your back on the Bank of England.


In light of the news that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is investigating alleged corruption in the Metropolitan Police, including claims it covered up child sex offences because MPs and police officers were involved, it’s interesting what Sam Murray next presents as her tirade against me.

This is what she wrote to Hampstead Police.


Was was recently made aware of a series of videos on YouTube, supposedly of two young children admitting to whoever is filming them that they have been sexually abused, and have also witnessed/participated in the murder of babies. They begin by implicating many organisations and local authority services as complicit in these events:                                                           

While I am not the reactionary conspiracy theorist type (quite the opposite in fact) and therefore am not overly convinced that there is in fact a paedophile baby killing cult made up of teachers, McDonald's employees and social workers, I do have a deep concern that these children have been instructed to say some truly harrowing things, and as the description claims that the video was shot in Hampstead, I would like to enquire if everything possible is being done to ensure that these children are safeguarded.                                                      

So -                                                      

1. Has this video been brought to your attention; and                                                      
2. Can you advise as to whether any appropriate action has been taken to ensure that these children are not being exploited?                                                      

As I don't believe much of what the video actually has to say, it could be that this event took place nowhere near Hampstead, and you may not be able to help, however I thought I'd start with you and see where that took me.                                                       
Any small amount of information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.                                                      
Many thanks”

To which she received the following reply:

"Thanks Sam

        We are fully aware of this. In response to your questions, the children are in foster care and perfectly safe. The persons responsible for encouraging this false allegation and distributing it on the net are being pursued. Thank you for your concern.”

So while the IPCC are investigating a police force which is alleged to have covered up child-abuse, we must endure Sam Murray’s attempt to convince us other-wise:

“Now, I know that your faith in the Metropolitan Police is somewhat diminished, but as someone who occasionally works very closely with them, I am fully satisfied with the majority of work that they do, and especially this response; it's the right action to take and I hope that those children get the care and support that they deserve. What they don't need is a fucking circus of conspiracy theorists, drumming up hysteria and suggestions that they belong in some sort of cartoon-villainous cult.”


She writes, “Katrina Taylor was murdered in Brighton, in 1996. Details of the events leading to her death, her last movements, and the subsequent investigation of her suspected killer(s) is fairly succinctly documented (though surprisingly poorly written) in the following Guardian article from May 2000:

From this and various other chunks of online detritus, I've pieced together a timeline, which places the troubled protagonist of our story, David 'Joe' Neilson, not so much at the heart of the action, but more as a wearily repeating cameo appearance.

I've got no reason to doubt that David notified the Police about his upstairs neighbour's peculiar antics at a drain, which lead to the discovery of the knife that was used to murder Katrina. However, I also have an albeit intuitive reason to believe that at this stage in his life, David was already a very lonely and isolated individual. 

From the footage I have seen of David, and from the way he conducts himself (let us just take for example scrawling the words "SUSSEX MURDER COVER UP" on his own property), I can say for absolute certainty that any witness statement taken from such an individual would be taken with a pinch of salt so large, you'd need a spade to shift it. These are not the actions of a well man, and I can only speculate that he has done more harm to the investigation of Katrina's death than good.

As for the pair of you and your recent ordeal - what I have is your story. I remember you once saying on a video, or on one of your many (many, many, many, many, many, etc) blogs that if someone tells you that something has happened to them, then you will believe that person until they are proved to be lying. This is precisely the wrong way to evaluate evidence. If you tell me something fantastical, then you'd better have some fantastical evidence to back it up.

To put it another way: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and that which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

WOW, Sam Murray’s rudeness and cruelness knows no bounds.

David Joe Neilson is a broken man because he’s been a victim of Sussex Police crime and continues to suffer from the murder cover-up of Katrina Taylor in 1996.

Now however much one may want this to go away, the truth remains that serious allegations of police corruption are being made in Sussex and no one is investigating it to find out if its true.

Perhaps because it’s true, nothing is happening.

David Neilson is a very lonely and isolated individual who deserves to be in a old people’s home instead of freezing in an empty house, in which thugs turn up and try and kill you.

God help Sam Murray if she finds herself in the same position as the victims of Sussex Police corruption find themselves.

She throws scorn on my belief that I will believe anyone until they are proved to be lying by saying, “This is precisely the wrong way to evaluate evidence. If you tell me something fantastical, then you'd better have some fantastical evidence to back it up.”

I utterly disagree. We each have our own way of conducting ourselves in life and I choose to view people with trust and belief. If someone tells me something fantastical I will give them the benefit of the doubt, until such time I find out they have been dishonest in what they’ve told me.

I don’t know about Sam Murray or anyone else, but I would predict more people are like me than they are like Sam Murray.


“It is my great hope that you are eventually able to yank your head out of the clouds and ground yourself in the laudable areas that you evidently do take an active interest in. You seem very community minded, and when you're not pissing around on iMovie like - and I'm not kidding - my thirteen year old child, you've actually made some fairly decent community based videos.

But for right now, piss around you do, and make a difference, you do not.

So, go ahead and see how you get on in the May elections. See how you and John get on single handedly overthrowing the monarchy. 

Or, and it's just a thought Matt, see how well you can get on as a man who may not be able to change THE world, but who can definitely change HIS world, for the better.

Best wishes, Sam.”

Thank you for your comments Sam, but I totally disagree.

I’m not pissing about and I am making a difference…

I’ve been building up to this point for the last 17 years and I fully intend to be Brighton Kemptown’s next MP.

It’s true; having blown all my savings on solicitor fees fighting crooks trying to close down our election campaign office; only God knows how many votes I’ll get.

I need a miracle to win this election; just as much as I need a miracle to get my deposit back.

The number of votes I win on the 7th of May will be linked to my name for eternity.

Whether I get 1 or 100 or 30,000 votes; I’ll have to live with it.

Ladbrokes have me at 200-1 to win; which in itself demonstrates to the world that I have got a chance and my chance of becoming the next MP for Brighton Kemptown is a lot better than winning the lottery.

I’m putting my money where my mouth is; are you?

Instead of bitching about me; STOP & CONSIDER:

If you think you can do any better, stand as a Parliamentary candidate in the 2015 General election.

This is an email I received from Caroline Pybus, which you may find interesting:

“Hi Matt

Thank you for letting me know you will not be coming to the Lewes Hustings on 23 April as you are standing the Brighton Kemptown constituency.  I am sorry you won't be with us, as an Independent voice is usually so valuable.  We of course have a wonderful Independent County Council, District Council, and Town Council member in Ruth O'Keeffe.

Should you know of another Independent candidate standing in the Lewes constituency, do please let me know, as it is always possible I might miss any announcement.

Thanks again
Caroline Pybus”

Go for it Sam Murray; put your money where your mouth is.


Please excuse any spelling & grammar mistakes - If you see any please let me know!


While I have written many derogatory things about our ruling Monarch Queen Elizabeth II, not many people have criticized me for doing so.

I defend my right to express my feelings towards our Queen, just as much as I defend the right of others to express their own feelings towards me.

Take for example Steve Parry, whose comment I warmly welcomed in response to my treasonous YouTube video ‘Queen named in International Paedophile ring.”

“Her Majesty The Queen has dedicated over 60 years to Her People, for which we are grateful and hold her in the highest esteem.  This video is an act of Treason and as a Loyal British Subject, if you ever try to mess with my Monarch, then you will get the beating of your life and prompted dropped into the deepest darkest hole in the whole of the UK, where many others loyal subject will find nothing better to do, than to regularly kick, slap and torture you for a great many years. Anyone that agrees with this filth is a moron and should get a knock on the door from men in black suits.”

It’s only right and proper that loyal subjects of our Queen should stand in her defence in light of such treasonous and defamatory comments.

It’s with this spirit in mind that I’ll defend my King in light of the defamatory comments made by Sam Murray.

She writes, “When I first came across your YouTube channel, I mistakenly thought that your videos were satirical parodies; childish musings on the political landscape. However, after watching more and more, the realisation crept up on me that you were actually serious, and that's when I really became interested.”

I’m happy that my videos are interesting to people and that I’ve motivated Sam Murray to start writing a blog, but I do begrudge her going further and utterly discrediting everything I believe in.

Read more:

Of-course, I discredit everything many people believe in on a daily basis, though I like to think I do so with very good reason and justification.

Let’s take a look at Sam Murray’s reasons and justifications for throwing scorn on my political dreams and aspirations.

She writes, “I've been trying to wrap my head around how and why you take John Wanoa seriously, because any sensible person can plainly see that he is utterly nonsensical. His narrative and sentence structure are all over the place and, as a result, he just doesn't make any sense.”

Oh really – “He is utterly nonsensical,” is he? “His narrative and sentence structure are all over the place,” is it and as a result, “he just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Imagine King John Wanoa's Christmas speech!!!”

John Wanoa
I often imagine a King John Wanoa Christmas speech. It’ll be awesome. Knowing King John he’ll give his Christmas speech while eating his Christmas meal with his family and friends.

Its “utterly nonsensical” of Sam Murray to accuse John  of being “utterly nonsensical;” I mean how rude?

So rude of Sam Murray to say King John’s narrative and sentence structure are all over the place.”

Wasn’t Queen Elizabeth II’s father rumoured to be a stuttering imbecile after-all?

John Wanoa is a native Moai from New Zealand and Sam Murray from the UK is criticising him for his sentence structure.

Oh Please!

It just goes to show that if that’s all you can criticise John Wanoa for, then you are clutching at straws and John’s argument cannot be refuted.

Sam Murray’s overt rudeness reaches new heights with the comment, “You'd need a legal encyclopaedia and a copy of "My First Words" just to advise him where the fuck he's gone wrong.”

And continues, “Poor Bethan. I think she handled herself admirably in the face of sustained verbal diarrhoea from Mr Wanoa. I could learn a thing or two from that girl. It's not difficult to speculate that as John confidently hung up and declared triumph at having got directly through to Scotland Yard, on the other side of the planet, Bethan - the hero of the story, as far as I'm concerned - simultaneously turned round to one of her colleagues at the Scotland Yard call centre and said "cor, I've just had a right crazy weirdo call in.”

“Sustained verbal diarrhoea from Mr Wanoa,” oh such nice words from such a polite lady. “Crazy weirdo,” cruelness of the first degree.

”For that is what he is. And as for you - I'm sorry Matt, but you're just as bad.”

This is where we get to the crux of Sam’s anger towards King John Wanoa’s dream of world domination.

“You see, despite your protestations, your appeals to authority, and your inflated sense of self importance, you don't actually ever say or do anything worthwhile, or even coherent. Having the occasional "Um" interrupt your train of thought should be the least of your concerns, and instead being unable to structure actual intelligible sentences should rank pretty high. Intelligible speech is pretty much a foundational requirement for the aspiring politician/monarch.”

My mother was often accused of having “Illusions of Grandeur,” and evidently it’s rubbed of on me.

I know that I’m just an average man born to an average woman from an average family. There is nothing special about me. I was average at school and have worked average jobs like every other average man and woman in the country. Even my surname is an average British name, Taylor.

Right from an early age I've seen myself as average, but I always knew that if I put my mind to something I could achieve A grades.

Once out of school I put this realization to work and promptly travelled the world, fulfilling my dreams until aged 26 when I joined the army as a Royal Military Policeman. (Keep in mind only the top 3% of entrants passes the RMP entrance exam.)


Whether Sam Murray wants to pour scorn on my achievements, I stand by my contention that:

  • I do have authority
  • I do have a right for a ‘sense of self importance’
  • I am worthwhile
  • I am coherent

It’s true my mother never pushed me at school. I knew I could achieve A grades if I put my mind to it, but made the choice to cruise through school having fun being average instead.

It’s a choice I made and as a result my education suffered. My grammar and spelling could be better. My sentence structure could be better. There are many things about myself that could be better.

Sam Murray really presses home her animosity, “In order to highlight this, I'd like you to undertake a little experiment. Take any one of your videos in which you talk and play it back to yourself. As you play it, write down what you hear EXACTLY as you hear it - not just writing down the words that you are saying, but how you are saying them too. Write what you hear phonetically (for example, if you hear yourself say the word 'children', don't write it down like that. Write it down as you say it, which is 'chooldren')”

I suffered from a stutter growing up and I still suffer from it now. One of my first memories of school was Sister Rita shouting at me to pronounce “thought” properly. In front of all the class holding back the tears I’d replied, “fort.”

  • “No Matthew. Thought, th, th, th, thought, say it again.”
  • “Fort.”
  • “No Matthew. Thought, th, th, th, thought, say it again.”
  • “F,f, f, f, f, f, fort.”

And so it continued.

I think my oratory is alright. I spoke publicly on several occasions during the 2012 Police & Crime Commissioner election and didn't embarrass myself too much. It’s just a shame Sam Murray doesn't feel the same.

“These (not so) daily 'Matt's News' videos do nothing other than highlight and underline how poor an orator you are, and how few people know or care about your personal aspirations to be a politician.”

  • Fuck you Sam Murray! I care about my personal aspiration to be a politician and that’s enough for me.
  • The people I’ve helped in my capacity as ‘Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner,’ care about my aspiration to be a politician too.
  • My children care!

“The video view counts are woeful (not what you'd expect from a one million strong following.... and you might have thought that one or two of those million might have put their hand in their pocket for your crowd funding campaign).”

Says Sam Murray who’s never posted a YouTube video before in her life! Talk about kicking the guy doing something about the corruption in the world, as opposed to the bitch sat behind her computer screen bitching about someone doing something which she really wants to do but doesn't have the tits to do it herself.

Since broadcasting my (not so) daily Matt’s News, 429 people have watched them. I agree I haven’t got the massive viewing figures of Danielle La Verite, but still describing the video view counts as “woeful,” is yet another bitchy comment from a lady who secretly begrudges me for doing something she hasn't got the tits to do herself.

Any video of mine which reaches double figures is doing alright by me!

Yes, you would have thought that considering I boast of a million strong readership, someone other than Brian, would have put their hand in their pocket for my crowd funding campaign.

“I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that 'Brian', your one and only donor is none other than Mr Setchfield? Another nut-box you appear to have picked up on your travels.... Please tell me if I'm wrong though (about him being a donor - I can clearly see that he's a nut-box, so no need to clarify there).”


Sam Murray is so polite about people she has never met and knows nothing about, NOT.

Where does she get off calling complete strangers ‘Nut-Box’? God forbid Sam Murray should ever find herself a victim of Sussex Police crime. Which ‘NUT-BOX’ would believe her?

God forbid anything should ever happen to Sam Murray that she finds herself with no one to turn to but Matt Taylor. Let’s just hope she has a strong set of friends and family, because take it from me; being a victim of Sussex Police and Government sponsored corruption; you soon lose friends and family very quickly!

Let’s just hope Sam Murray never needs my help…

“In short Matt, your election campaign was on the verge of collapse before you even started. I'm sorry to have to be the one to break it to you.”

MATT'S NEWS - 19TH MARCH 2015 - 48 DAYS TO GO...

Without your kind donations to my Election Campaign I have no chance of winning the Brighton Kemptown Election on Independence Day 7th May 2015.

Friday 13 March 2015


"I called Sir Bernard Hogan Howe "Secretary" Bethan at 11 09 PM on 13/3/2015 now waiting for him to call me anytime now. I am staying up late again because they are 12 hours behind us exactly. So now when she reads my facebook site she can now see a clear picture of why I have to clear this end in New Zealand of the Kings "LORD HIGH ADMIRAL" Surrogate King William IV "King of England" Contract Fraud Business, then get to the Elections in England quick smart before the end of the month. You can hear what I am saying on the video that I need SCOTLAND YARD POLICE to ARREST my MOAI KINGS Land Property back off the Current Land Owners "Crown" Corporations FRAUD New Zealand LINZ Registered Mortgage Bank Lien Instruments to borrow money that is not in the BANK! So I am getting the Metropolitan Police to Reinstate the Original British UK Government 339 DEED TITLE and insert MOAI CROWN KING WILLIAM TRUST as the new British Land Title Holder. I will then go on my land with SCOTLAND YARD POLICE and SEIZE the Businesses operating there and Place the KING WILLIAM IV MOAI CROWN TITLES in Devonport England British UK Land Laws of England Land Titles Registration."

John Wanoa


Without your kind donations to my Election Campaign I have no chance of winning the Brighton Kemptown Election on Independence Day 7th May 2015.

Thursday 12 March 2015


Joe Neilson; the UK’s only disabled independent parliamentary candidate and Matt Taylor; the UK’s most controversial independent parliamentary candidate, are close to having their election campaign office shut down.


With Sussex Police having mercilessly declared that they won’t respond to “every small thing that comes to our door,” Joe Neilson and Matt Taylor have been left to their own devices to stop Freemason criminals from fraudulently seizing their lawful property and closing down their bids to be the next MP of Brighton Kemptown.


Following in his Crime Lord’s footsteps, drug dealer **** ****** is using ‘Civil Law,’ to fraudulently acquire property which they have no right to own.

The Guardian newspaper has written extensively on Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc, about how he built up a multi-million fortune fraudulently acquiring property through the courts, leaving their rightful owners homeless.

The loop hole Crime Lord Mark Slade exploited required two attempts by Parliament to close it.

Clearly a Criminal Mastermind, Mark Slade single-handedly twisted the meaning of ‘property’ to exclude ‘money as an intangible property’ to prove he didn’t steal the money he stole because technically money doesn’t exist.

Section 15:
(1) A person who by any deception dishonestly obtains property belonging to another, with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it, shall on conviction on indictment be liable for a term of imprisonment not exceeding ten years.

One interesting sentence you’ll read in the Guardian article is:

“Over the past decade Sulc has built up his seaside empire without a whimper of protest from the authorities.”

This proves that the local authority turned a blind eye; just as they are doing today.

Identified as a drug dealer belonging to the same gang that killed Katrina Taylor in 1996, **** ****** has now been linked directly with Mark Slade and the attempted murder of Joe Neilson.

We know from Brighton’s street-drinking community that Katrina Taylor was murdered because she was stealing from prominent drug dealers in the area.

We now know that **** ****** was a drug dealer from whom Katrina Taylor may have stole from and who would have conspired with Mark Slade to have her murdered.

The drug dealer’s mentality dictates that they cannot be seen to be taken advantage off.

Katrina Taylor was stabbed to death in a Brighton grave yard in July 1996 following a burglary, where she stole drugs from a drug dealer. No doubt it was a step too far and Katrina had to be made an example of.

Either way I can now report that **** ****** is directly linked to Crime Lord Mark Slade and Katrina Taylor.


**** ****** concedes that the previous owner (Mr Barry Cox) from whom he alleges to have brought the property 318A South Coast Road in Peacehaven, did sign over his shares to Joe Neilson, but did so “following a prolonged course of harassment and intimidation of Mr Barry Cox by the Second Defendant (Joe Neilson.)”

And this is how the Law is bent to their criminal advantage. Compounded with the fact that Sussex based Freemason’s are instrumental in closing down Joe’s election dreams, the Judge will most probably aver Joe Neilson has no right to occupy his own property, (as they have done so on many occasions to Mark Slade’s criminal advantage.)


The only fact they have any case against Joe Neilson is because Mr Barry Cox’s name is still on Her Majesty’s Land Registry and this is the one “loop-hole” Joe forgot to take care off.

Disabled with Fibromyaliga and macular disease, mind fog is a common symptom Joe has to deal with on a daily basis.

It would seem that due to Joe forgetting to remove Mr. Barry Cox’s name of Her Majesty’s Land Registry, it allows **** ****** to call the legal transfer of shares between Mr Barry Cox and Joe Neilson ‘invalid,’ because Mr Barry Cox now claims “The Agreement was signed following a prolonged course of harassment and intimidation of Mr Barry Cox by the Second Defendant (Joe Neilson.)”


It’ll be interesting to see Barry Cox present the proof that he suffered a “prolonged course of harassment and intimidation,” by Joe Neilson, a disabled old aged pensioner.


I’m looking forward to presenting my witness whose affidavit will state that **** ****** was a known drug dealer in 1996, with links to Katrina Taylor and Mark Slade.


Clearly a threat to local and national security, neither I nor Joe Neilson would ever be allowed to run for Parliament.

Joe Neilson has too much evidence against Sussex Police and local authority officials which could condemn them all to lengthy prison sentences.

I’ve been branded a “trouble maker” and “the UK’s most controversial Parliamentary candidate,” of which neither the Queen nor the Prime Minister would want me winning the Brighton Kemptown constituency and becoming its MP.

In the same way Sussex Police are forced to subcontract out services to third-parties, so too MI5 & MI6 do the same.

**** ****** is nothing more than a local drug dealer, protected by Sussex Freemasons, to close down our election campaign office by all and any means necessary.

With Sussex Police in their pockets, crime is not only being allowed to prosper in Sussex but is being actively encouraged to prosper.

If Joe Neilson had remained silent and hadn’t brought attention to Katrina Taylor’s murder cover-up, he would be left alone.


Joe Neilson is now wrecked with worry that history is about to repeat itself.

Lets just imagine (as is most probable) that the judgement goes against Joe and the front flat of 318 South Coast Road is handed over to a known criminal.

Joe will be forced out by constant harassment and intimidation.

“They’ll flood me out, just as they did last time,” Joe predicts.

The considerable amount of drugs money amassed by **** ****** has not only been spent on acquiring the front flat of 318 South Coast road, but also the top-stairs flat too.


8. In respect of Paragraph 7, and to the extent relevant to the proceeding, the
Claimant puts the Second Defendant to strict proof regarding ownership of the top
floor flat. The Claimant puts the Defendants to strict proof that they have occupied
and or had continuous use of the Premises since 1996.


Joe Neilson has no defence against a concerted criminal conspiracy to silence him and drive him out of the Brighton Kemptown parliamentary election.

**** ****** is a known criminal who is being aided and abetted by Sussex Freemasons and Sussex Police, to close down Brighton Kemptown’s Independent Parliamentary candidates election campaign office.

If you don’t think the actions and influences of Sussex Freemasonry don’t affect you, you’ll be wrong. Whether it’s right or wrong to silence me; the influence of Freemasonry in Sussex is now being felt in every area of life.


Without a doubt, I’m a threat to national security. There isn’t another Independent Parliamentary candidate standing in the 2015 general election who promises to deliver:

  • A New Monarch.
  • Free Moai Tidal wave energy.
  • A Cure for Cancer in the guise of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)
  • A new £970 million trillion trillion economy
  • Sustainable housing in the guise of Michael Reynold inspired Earth Ships
  • A Natural Health Service as opposed to a National Health Service dependent of discredited pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Honesty and integrity in public office.



Without your kind donations to my Election Campaign I have no chance of winning the Brighton Kemptown Election on Independence Day 7th May 2015.

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