Friday, 13 March 2015


"I called Sir Bernard Hogan Howe "Secretary" Bethan at 11 09 PM on 13/3/2015 now waiting for him to call me anytime now. I am staying up late again because they are 12 hours behind us exactly. So now when she reads my facebook site she can now see a clear picture of why I have to clear this end in New Zealand of the Kings "LORD HIGH ADMIRAL" Surrogate King William IV "King of England" Contract Fraud Business, then get to the Elections in England quick smart before the end of the month. You can hear what I am saying on the video that I need SCOTLAND YARD POLICE to ARREST my MOAI KINGS Land Property back off the Current Land Owners "Crown" Corporations FRAUD New Zealand LINZ Registered Mortgage Bank Lien Instruments to borrow money that is not in the BANK! So I am getting the Metropolitan Police to Reinstate the Original British UK Government 339 DEED TITLE and insert MOAI CROWN KING WILLIAM TRUST as the new British Land Title Holder. I will then go on my land with SCOTLAND YARD POLICE and SEIZE the Businesses operating there and Place the KING WILLIAM IV MOAI CROWN TITLES in Devonport England British UK Land Laws of England Land Titles Registration."

John Wanoa

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  1. When I first came across your YouTube channel, I mistakenly thought that your videos were satirical parodies; childish musings on the political landscape. However, after watching more and more , the realisation crept up on me that you were actually serious, and that's when I really became interested.

    I've been trying to wrap my head around how and why you take John Wanoa seriously, because any sensible person can plainly see that he is utterly nonsensical. His narrative and sentence structure are all over the place and, as a result, he just doesn't make any sense.

    Imagine King John Wanoa's Christmas speech!!!

    You'd need a legal encyclopaedia and a copy of "My First Words" just to advise him where the fuck he's gone wrong.

    Poor Bethan. I think she handled herself admirably in the face of sustained verbal diarrhoea from Mr Wanoa. I could learn a thing or two from that girl. It's not difficult to speculate that as John confidently hung up and declared triumph at having got directly through to Scotland Yard, on the other side of the planet, Bethan - the hero of the story, as far as I'm concerned - simultaneously turned round to one of her colleagues at the Scotland Yard call centre and said "cor, I've just had a right crazy weirdo call in"

    For that is what he is. And as for you - I'm sorry Matt, but you're just as bad.

    You see, despite your protestations, your appeals to authority, and your inflated sense of self importance, you don't actually ever say or do anything worthwhile, or even coherent. Having the occasional "Um" interrupt your train of thought should be the least of your concerns, and instead being unable to structure actual intelligible sentences should rank pretty high. Intelligible speech is pretty much a foundational requirement for the aspiring politician/monarch.

    In order to highlight this, I'd like you to undertake a little experiment. Take any one of your videos in which you talk and play it back to yourself. As you play it, write down what you hear EXACTLY as you hear it - not just writing down the words that you are saying, but how you are saying them too. Write what you hear phonetically (for example, if you hear yourself say the word 'children', don't write it down like that. Write it down as you say it, which is 'chooldren')

    Once you've done that, stop the video and read through the transcript on its own, as if it were a genuine political speech. Does anything seem amiss?

    These (not so) daily 'Matt's News' videos do nothing other than highlight and underline how poor an orator you are, and how few people know or care about your personal aspirations to be a politician.

    The video view counts are woeful (not what you'd expect from a one million strong following.... and you might have thought that one or two of those million might have put their hand in their pocket for your crowd funding campaign).

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that 'Brian', your one and only donor is none other than Mr Setchfield? Another nut-box you appear to have picked up on your travels.... Please tell me if I'm wrong though (about him being a donor - I can clearly see that he's a nut-box, so no need to clarify there)

    In short Matt, your election campaign was on the verge of collapse before you even started. I'm sorry to have to be the one to break it to you.


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