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While I have written many derogatory things about our ruling Monarch Queen Elizabeth II, not many people have criticized me for doing so.

I defend my right to express my feelings towards our Queen, just as much as I defend the right of others to express their own feelings towards me.

Take for example Steve Parry, whose comment I warmly welcomed in response to my treasonous YouTube video ‘Queen named in International Paedophile ring.”

“Her Majesty The Queen has dedicated over 60 years to Her People, for which we are grateful and hold her in the highest esteem.  This video is an act of Treason and as a Loyal British Subject, if you ever try to mess with my Monarch, then you will get the beating of your life and prompted dropped into the deepest darkest hole in the whole of the UK, where many others loyal subject will find nothing better to do, than to regularly kick, slap and torture you for a great many years. Anyone that agrees with this filth is a moron and should get a knock on the door from men in black suits.”

It’s only right and proper that loyal subjects of our Queen should stand in her defence in light of such treasonous and defamatory comments.

It’s with this spirit in mind that I’ll defend my King in light of the defamatory comments made by Sam Murray.

She writes, “When I first came across your YouTube channel, I mistakenly thought that your videos were satirical parodies; childish musings on the political landscape. However, after watching more and more, the realisation crept up on me that you were actually serious, and that's when I really became interested.”

I’m happy that my videos are interesting to people and that I’ve motivated Sam Murray to start writing a blog, but I do begrudge her going further and utterly discrediting everything I believe in.

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Of-course, I discredit everything many people believe in on a daily basis, though I like to think I do so with very good reason and justification.

Let’s take a look at Sam Murray’s reasons and justifications for throwing scorn on my political dreams and aspirations.

She writes, “I've been trying to wrap my head around how and why you take John Wanoa seriously, because any sensible person can plainly see that he is utterly nonsensical. His narrative and sentence structure are all over the place and, as a result, he just doesn't make any sense.”

Oh really – “He is utterly nonsensical,” is he? “His narrative and sentence structure are all over the place,” is it and as a result, “he just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Imagine King John Wanoa's Christmas speech!!!”

John Wanoa
I often imagine a King John Wanoa Christmas speech. It’ll be awesome. Knowing King John he’ll give his Christmas speech while eating his Christmas meal with his family and friends.

Its “utterly nonsensical” of Sam Murray to accuse John  of being “utterly nonsensical;” I mean how rude?

So rude of Sam Murray to say King John’s narrative and sentence structure are all over the place.”

Wasn’t Queen Elizabeth II’s father rumoured to be a stuttering imbecile after-all?

John Wanoa is a native Moai from New Zealand and Sam Murray from the UK is criticising him for his sentence structure.

Oh Please!

It just goes to show that if that’s all you can criticise John Wanoa for, then you are clutching at straws and John’s argument cannot be refuted.

Sam Murray’s overt rudeness reaches new heights with the comment, “You'd need a legal encyclopaedia and a copy of "My First Words" just to advise him where the fuck he's gone wrong.”

And continues, “Poor Bethan. I think she handled herself admirably in the face of sustained verbal diarrhoea from Mr Wanoa. I could learn a thing or two from that girl. It's not difficult to speculate that as John confidently hung up and declared triumph at having got directly through to Scotland Yard, on the other side of the planet, Bethan - the hero of the story, as far as I'm concerned - simultaneously turned round to one of her colleagues at the Scotland Yard call centre and said "cor, I've just had a right crazy weirdo call in.”

“Sustained verbal diarrhoea from Mr Wanoa,” oh such nice words from such a polite lady. “Crazy weirdo,” cruelness of the first degree.

”For that is what he is. And as for you - I'm sorry Matt, but you're just as bad.”

This is where we get to the crux of Sam’s anger towards King John Wanoa’s dream of world domination.

“You see, despite your protestations, your appeals to authority, and your inflated sense of self importance, you don't actually ever say or do anything worthwhile, or even coherent. Having the occasional "Um" interrupt your train of thought should be the least of your concerns, and instead being unable to structure actual intelligible sentences should rank pretty high. Intelligible speech is pretty much a foundational requirement for the aspiring politician/monarch.”

My mother was often accused of having “Illusions of Grandeur,” and evidently it’s rubbed of on me.

I know that I’m just an average man born to an average woman from an average family. There is nothing special about me. I was average at school and have worked average jobs like every other average man and woman in the country. Even my surname is an average British name, Taylor.

Right from an early age I've seen myself as average, but I always knew that if I put my mind to something I could achieve A grades.

Once out of school I put this realization to work and promptly travelled the world, fulfilling my dreams until aged 26 when I joined the army as a Royal Military Policeman. (Keep in mind only the top 3% of entrants passes the RMP entrance exam.)


Whether Sam Murray wants to pour scorn on my achievements, I stand by my contention that:

  • I do have authority
  • I do have a right for a ‘sense of self importance’
  • I am worthwhile
  • I am coherent

It’s true my mother never pushed me at school. I knew I could achieve A grades if I put my mind to it, but made the choice to cruise through school having fun being average instead.

It’s a choice I made and as a result my education suffered. My grammar and spelling could be better. My sentence structure could be better. There are many things about myself that could be better.

Sam Murray really presses home her animosity, “In order to highlight this, I'd like you to undertake a little experiment. Take any one of your videos in which you talk and play it back to yourself. As you play it, write down what you hear EXACTLY as you hear it - not just writing down the words that you are saying, but how you are saying them too. Write what you hear phonetically (for example, if you hear yourself say the word 'children', don't write it down like that. Write it down as you say it, which is 'chooldren')”

I suffered from a stutter growing up and I still suffer from it now. One of my first memories of school was Sister Rita shouting at me to pronounce “thought” properly. In front of all the class holding back the tears I’d replied, “fort.”

  • “No Matthew. Thought, th, th, th, thought, say it again.”
  • “Fort.”
  • “No Matthew. Thought, th, th, th, thought, say it again.”
  • “F,f, f, f, f, f, fort.”

And so it continued.

I think my oratory is alright. I spoke publicly on several occasions during the 2012 Police & Crime Commissioner election and didn't embarrass myself too much. It’s just a shame Sam Murray doesn't feel the same.

“These (not so) daily 'Matt's News' videos do nothing other than highlight and underline how poor an orator you are, and how few people know or care about your personal aspirations to be a politician.”

  • Fuck you Sam Murray! I care about my personal aspiration to be a politician and that’s enough for me.
  • The people I’ve helped in my capacity as ‘Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner,’ care about my aspiration to be a politician too.
  • My children care!

“The video view counts are woeful (not what you'd expect from a one million strong following.... and you might have thought that one or two of those million might have put their hand in their pocket for your crowd funding campaign).”

Says Sam Murray who’s never posted a YouTube video before in her life! Talk about kicking the guy doing something about the corruption in the world, as opposed to the bitch sat behind her computer screen bitching about someone doing something which she really wants to do but doesn't have the tits to do it herself.

Since broadcasting my (not so) daily Matt’s News, 429 people have watched them. I agree I haven’t got the massive viewing figures of Danielle La Verite, but still describing the video view counts as “woeful,” is yet another bitchy comment from a lady who secretly begrudges me for doing something she hasn't got the tits to do herself.

Any video of mine which reaches double figures is doing alright by me!

Yes, you would have thought that considering I boast of a million strong readership, someone other than Brian, would have put their hand in their pocket for my crowd funding campaign.

“I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that 'Brian', your one and only donor is none other than Mr Setchfield? Another nut-box you appear to have picked up on your travels.... Please tell me if I'm wrong though (about him being a donor - I can clearly see that he's a nut-box, so no need to clarify there).”


Sam Murray is so polite about people she has never met and knows nothing about, NOT.

Where does she get off calling complete strangers ‘Nut-Box’? God forbid Sam Murray should ever find herself a victim of Sussex Police crime. Which ‘NUT-BOX’ would believe her?

God forbid anything should ever happen to Sam Murray that she finds herself with no one to turn to but Matt Taylor. Let’s just hope she has a strong set of friends and family, because take it from me; being a victim of Sussex Police and Government sponsored corruption; you soon lose friends and family very quickly!

Let’s just hope Sam Murray never needs my help…

“In short Matt, your election campaign was on the verge of collapse before you even started. I'm sorry to have to be the one to break it to you.”

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