Thursday, 26 March 2015


Mr Matthew Taylor
(Shadow Sussex Police and Crime commissioner).

Dear Sir.

Thank you for speaking with me yesterday it was extremely helpful, albeit, that our conversation was cut short for some strange reason?

Matthew, your latest tweet with reference to the ex RAF Officer, Mr Gordon Bowden, where he has spent the last (13) Years investigating serious "FRAUD AND DECEPTION" within the Establishment. This is exactly the same "ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS" that we have been constantly reporting to you.

We do realise that you fully understand the position with reference to all of these Criminals, but, just to confirm the real and true situation.

(1) The "ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS" that Mr Bowden has reported to the BBC, will of course all walk free, because, the Establishment have total control over the BBC, and, total control over any of the mainstream Media that exist throughout the World.

(2) For example, you detect serious crime committed by these "VILE VENOMOUS VILLAINS" to the Police, where of course the Police do absolutely nothing to deal with the Criminals that have been reported to them.

(3) You then report the Police to the appropriate authorities which does of course include Katy Bourne and the Crime Panel, again, nothing happens.

(4) You then report the "ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS" and, the Police, which also includes Katy Bourne, to the senior members of parliament, again, nothing happens, just look what happened to Mr Setchfield is on the Warpath number one where the entire matter was totally ignored.

(5) You then go public through any of the independent alternative media outlets available to you, again, nothing happens.

(6) You then continue to blow the whistle as loud as you possibly can, again, nothing ever happens.

It is clear for all to see, that by what you have revealed through all of the means available and open to you, indeed, yields you no positive outcome, meaning in quite clear terms, that all of the Government Agencies and the Establishment, are all in it to protect one another from being exposed and placed before a Criminal Crown Court. It is also more than clear to see, that the whole situation that you have spent so much time fighting, must of course all be correct, or, all of these "VILE VENOMOUS VILLAINS" would have been arrested and charged and placed before a Criminal Crown Court long ago.

Finally, lets us not forget, that when the MP Mr Andrew Mitchell , only allegedly called a Police office a "PLEB", just look at all of the Media attention that particular event caused. Furthermore, what you along with us have repeatedly reported to all of the appropriate authorities, just simply falls on deaf ears which can only highlight quite clearly, that they are afraid of dealing with any of the serious events reported for if they were to do so, would cause absolute uproar.

Matthew, please respond to this email and also please feel free to go public with its contents, thank you.

Yours sincerely

Team Setchfield.

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