Monday 30 September 2013


Simon Kirby MP for Brighton Kemptown is the latest in a long line of Conservative MP’s to have shamed the Country in a string of damaging and criminal scandals.

Most recently with:
  • Alan Lewis, arrested over allegations he raped a teenage girl, closely followed by
  • Eric Pickles telling a child abuse survivor to ‘adjust her medication’, after being accused of ignoring paedophilia at a children’s home in Kent.

The Conservative Party’s addiction with criminal sex continues with:
  • Nigel Evans, re-arrested over further alleged sex offences.
  • Andrew Bridgen, arrested on suspicion of sexual assault against woman.
  • Then there are the continuing 'Grab a Cock' allegations by Ben Fellows that Ken Clarke needs investigating for sex crimes, which hang over the Conservative Party.

Bizarrely in Manchester, Simon Kirby and their like are received as heroes and congratulated on their prowess for evading justice.

With news coming through over Facebook, the Conservative Party further shamed our countries history of free expression by censoring the BBC from filming 50,000 protesters marching outside the conference.

“If you don’t let the BBC film outside, then the BBC should refuse to film them inside!” said a commentator.

Simon Kirby is fighting for his political career following a long list of scandals from provoking war with Russia, to covering up murder, to Parliamentary Fraud, to being accused of being a Freemason.

A victim of a sustained character assassination by his main rival, Matthew Taylor, who is Getting Ready for the 2015 election, Simon Kirby could be left wondering whether its all worth it or whether he should just do the ‘right thing’ for Brighton and the country and resign!

After all the rats are the first to flee a sinking ship and it looks like the Conservative Party is about to smash against rocks during their Manchester conference.

Friday 27 September 2013


Matthew Taylor, the Prospective Member of Parliament (PMP) for Brighton Kemptown is asking the obvious question of whether Simon Kirby MP is a freemason.
Making his claim based on what Simon Kirby’s partner in crime, Shipley’s MP Philip Davies, said in the House of Commons and recorded on Hansard, on Friday 9 November 2012, while debating their Disabled Person’s Parking Badges Bill; a mention is make of how Simon Kirby managed to pass his Bill through to its third stage and eventual Royal Assent without the required Second Reading and by a ‘nod of the head.’
As quoted on Hansard, Philip Davies MP, pictured here exhibiting psychopathic tendencies as he checks out an electric chair in America says, “My Right Honourable member for Kemptown Brighton, is steering the Bill through with great skill, like an old hand. Indeed, if he can introduce a private Member’s Bill that finds favour with my honourable Friend the Member for Christchurch, he is doing particularly well—certainly a lot better than what many others can hope to achieve—and I congratulate him on that.”
Philip Davies makes reference to Simon Kirby’s ability to ‘steer through a Bill with great skill, like an old hand.’
Does the mention of an ‘old hand,’ point to the use of the fabled ‘old hand shake’ of Freemasonry, or is it an indication of his veteran experience as a politician? Of course its open to interpretation, which has enabled Simon Kirby to by-pass a Second Reading, with ‘a nod of the head’, and which Philip Davies points out, as “certainly a lot better than what many others can hope to achieve,” is a clear inference that Simon Kirby MP is a freemason who has enjoyed extra help from friends in high places.
With a nod of the head.
Hansard quotes on 9 Nov 2012 : Column 1129, Mr Choper MP for Christchurch saying, “The point that I was trying to make is that, although the Bill was discussed briefly in Committee, it was never debated on Second Reading because it went through on the nod.”
The Speaker of the House, John Bercow quickly smoothed over this blatant case of Parliamentary fraud by saying, “Order. The honourable Gentleman cannot take the opportunity now to initiate a Second Reading debate, the absence of which he spent some moments lamenting. He must now focus his remarks on the new clause, accompanying new clauses and amendments. I feel sure that after that brief diversion that is precisely what he is now minded to do.”
With reference of ‘an old hand’, and the ability to steer a Bill through the second reading and on the strength of a nod, demonstrates without doubt that a certain degree of skullduggery has been performed behind the scenes.
Simon Kirby MP responds.
With this irregularity pointed out by an email to Simon Kirby from Matthew Taylor on the 5 March 2013, Simon Kirby responds:
My Bill had its Second Reading on the 6 July 2012. You can see the progress of the Bill by following this link:
The provisions of the Bill were debated in detail at various stages of its passage through Parliament.
Upon further inspection the link reveals:
Bill read a Second time; to stand committed to a Public Bill Committee (Standing Order No. 63).
6 July 2012 : Column 1264
Which clearly shows that no ‘detailed’ debate took place, confirming the Mr Choper’s contention that the Bill has not been debated during a Second Reading.
Freemasons in Parliament.
Freemasons are common in Parliament, as the Falling Masonary website reveals. Notable Freemasons, past and present are exposed to include Ed Balls, Tony Blair, Kenneth Clarke, Winston Churchill, William Hague and George Osbourne, amongst a list of many more.
Perhaps its time to add Simon Kirby and Norman Baker, the Transport Minister and friend of Simon Kirby who gave his backing for the Disabled Person’s Parking Badges Bill, to the list.
MPs told to declare links to Masons.
As revealed by the Guardian newspaper in their Sunday edition on 12 June 2005, a parliamentary motion was tabled by Liberal Democrat MP Roger Williams, that MP’s and peers should be forced to declare membership of secret societies such as the freemasons in line with police officers and judges.
The motion called on the Standards and Privileges Committee to include societies with a closed membership in its list of members interests, including freemason’s lodges.
Roger Williams claimed it wasn’t an attack on freemasonry but a call for increased openness in parliament saying, “Re-establishing the public’s trust in politicians depends upon being open about interests and affiliations”.
With five million freemasons worldwide, who pledge to give each other mutual support, it is obvious that such as secret organization would be open to corruption and misuse.
This is explored further with allegations of perversion and links to paedaphilia inside Freemasonry regularly made by the investigative journalist Chris Spivey, as illustrated in his now famous article Monster’s Inc, which can be read here.
As of today there is no requirement for any serving MP or peer to declare membership of Freemasonry.
Lets just hope Simon Kirby does the ‘right thing’ and tell his constituents the truth.
Are you a Freemason?

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Want to reduce the deficit? Legalise cannabis.

By Amanda Feilding.

The current British government has made reducing the large budget deficit the centrepiece of its effort to steer the United Kingdom out of the economic and fiscal crisis into which it was plunged by the financial collapse in 2008.

This intention to rein in public expenditure raises a question. Why are the prime minister and the coalition still clinging to drug policies that are obviously expensive and demonstrably counterproductive?

Is it not time for the government and political leaders in the United Kingdom to sit down together for a serious conversation, focused on the immense savings that can be reaped by devising and implementing more rational alternatives to the present approach to cannabis?

It is no longer controversial to say that the United Kingdom's drug policies—like the prevailing drug policies in the Western world—have failed at every level. They have effectively handed over an immensely lucrative business to criminal cartels which pay taxes to no one and work to corrupt officials at every level of government. Even cannabis use by millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens leaves them in a compromised position vis-à-vis the law. The drug trade spawns violence and instability, in producer and transit countries as well as in neighbourhoods where local distributors compete to control markets.

The criminal-justice system haemorrhages taxpayers' money by arresting, investigating, prosecuting and incarcerating mostly minor drug offenders, a policy which has failed to reduce the supply of illicit drugs, but has significantly increased the profits of drug-dealers. As David Cameron once said, when it comes to drug policies, "it would be very disturbing if some radical options were not at least looked at".

Now, for the first time, people in the United Kingdom have been provided with an estimate of the costs of the existing, prohibitionist drug policies toward cannabis, and of the tax revenues that could be netted by reforming them. A study commissioned by the Beckley Foundation finds that a shift away from the present policy, and toward regulation and control of cannabis, would reduce the costs of policing, prosecuting, and treating drug users by an estimated £200-£300 million annually in England and Wales.

Such a shift would also for the first time allow control of the chemical composition and potency of the cannabis active elements, thereby reducing its potential harm. Moreover, potential tax revenue from licensing sales of cannabis in England and Wales might amount to an estimated £400-£900 million.

The study, carried out by University of Essex's Institute for Social and Economic Research, found that the scope of the public debate on cannabis policy has been too narrow and that there is a lack of hard evidence in favour of continued criminalisation.

Current drug policies are not just a matter of pounds and pence. Our current criminal justice-oriented laws are being enforced in a grossly discriminatory manner. A recent study—The Numbers in Black and White by Release and LSE—found that in England and Wales black and Asian persons are respectively six times and 2.5 times more likely to be stopped and searched for drugs by the police than white persons. This is despite the fact that drug use is lower among black and Asian people than among white people.

This study also found that the criminal justice authorities in London have charged black people with possession of marijuana at a rate five times greater than the rate for white people.

The economic and social costs of prohibitionist drugs policies are massive and difficult to justify. This new Beckley report provides the prime minister, every member of the government, and other parliamentarians with the evidence they need to argue that regulation of the cannabis market would not only reduce the profits of organised crime, but improve the government finances by at least £1.2 billion per annum. How long will it be before the haemorrhaging of massive public funds is stopped?

Amanda Feilding is the founder and director of the Beckley Foundation, which she set up in 1998, following a lifelong interest in consciousness research. Amanda and the Beckley Foundation also work on the global stage to carry out drug policy research, inform thought leaders and the public, and press for evidence-based policy reform.

To read the original article as published by, click on the link below.

Friday 13 September 2013


Ending the week with a personal CALL TO ACTION by David Joe Neilson himself-

I want the Cowley Club, Fabrice and all their friends, to come here and paint above the fence. I’ll provide the beers and in return to have my words painted above the fence line and on the roof. I need everyone to know that Sussex Police are corrupt.”

CALL DAVID ON 07594151731 or email him

And what a week it’s been...


A youtube video of David Joe Neilson a lot younger than he is today, my favourite line of which is “If police officers are found to be up to no good, stitching up people, they don’t get away with it. If a police officer covered up evidence or whatever, he should be found guilty and he should go to prison and should serve twice the sentence of Joe Public in the street because he is there to be trusted to do the job to protect society and society being the individual not the system, not the masons but the individual, the citizen.”

Tuesday we were the first and only news resource to report the cover-up of a murder cover-up! The story being that while David Joe Neilson had been away on business, a seven foot high fence was erected in front of his property to cover-up the slogan ‘SUSSEX POLICE MURDER COVER UP,’ painted along the side of the house. Infringing David Joe Neilson’s human rights as they have been for 25 years, ‘Dark Forces’ have taken it upon themselves to cover up a murder cover up. Could it be anything to do with New Funk Radio’s Jim Murphy’s petition demanding an enquiry into the handling of the Katrina Taylor murder investigation by Sussex Police? My suspicion is that it certainly is.

Wednesday we reminded every one of who David Joe Neilson actually was with Who is David Joe Neilson?

Thursday saw our youtube release of the SIMON KIRBY MP IS AN ACCESSORY TO MURDER, in which David Joe Neilson makes this bold allegation against Brighton Kemptown MP Simon Kirby. “Simon Kirby is a crook” David Joe Neilson maintains.


I’ve served as a Royal Military Police and consider myself to have an investigative mind, but you certainly don’t need to be a detective, nor a nuclear scientist for that matter, to see the Royal Connection with paedophila.

It’s bloody obviously and clear for us all to see.

Every alleged, convicted and dead paedophile of prominence has a Knighthood.

Let me repeat that in another way, The Queen has personally elevated the position of dangerous paedophiles into the higher echelons of the British Establishment, by making them Knight’s of her Realm.

Here are some examples which I clutched from thin air; people who have been accused or confirmed as being dangerous paedophiles.

Spot the Royal Connection?

Sir Cyril Smith MBE
Sir Rolf Harris CBE
Sir Jimmy Savile OBE
Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber CBE
Sir Cliff Richard OBE
Sir Stewart Hall OBE
Sir George W Bush GCB
Sir Ted Heath MBE
Sir Peter Morrison PC
Sir Kenneth Clarke PC

Come on even Nicolae Ceausescu was a Knight of Her Majesty’s Realm, for Goodness sake!

The Dispatches programme aired by Channel Four on Thursday 12 September 2013, informs us that Her Majesty’s security services, namely MI5, vets her Knight’s before they are knighted.

As with Cyril Smith his file was three inches thick!

As confessed by a retired police officer who fetched the file for the MI5, they knew he was paedophile BEFORE he was knighted.

This would have been the case with everyone put up for the honour.

The stark truth is that Queen of England 'Knights' known paedophiles. She elevates paedophiles to the highest realms of British society, aware of the fact they are dangerous paedophiles and in doing so condones their actions and aids and abets them to continue their vile perversions.

The Royal Connection is Paedophilia.

I’m from the Spivey School of thinking and agree with his analysis and research that the Royal Family are Satanists and sexual deviants. If you haven’t read this article ‘Monsters Inc’ why haven’t you?

We know from recent revelations that the Houses of Commons is awash with cocaine and porn. They are all in it together and their crimes reach all the way to the very top, the Windsor Royal Family.

This is the uncomfortable truth YOU must accept…

Harking back to the Dispatches programme, a victim who chose to hide his identity told of Cyril Smith’s boldness of perversion in molesting him in public view inside the Houses of Parliament. He was eight years old at the time.

The very same is happening today. Ben Fellows, a victim of child abuse and who is now a crusader against child abuse, tells us that the serving Minister for Justice Ken Clarke, molested him publicly in a Parliamentary office, aware that Ben was only fifteen years old at the time. Read more in my aptly titled ‘Ken Clarke Grab a Cock Scandal Shocker’ article.

Dignified Silence.

The dignified silence coming from the Royal palace and other prominent figures like Ken Clarke, Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Katy Bourne (the list is endless), is deafening and an affront to Justice.

Even Princess Diana wrote a letter detailing how her husband planned to kill her in a road accident but yet the police haven’t questioned him.

The likes of Chris Spivey and David Icke invest tremendous energy and determination in spreading these allegations far and wide, but yet the named remain silent.

Where’s the honour in that?

The Royal Connection makes a mockery of our judicial system and makes a mockery of our Royal traditions.

The Windsor Royal Family is unfit to reign.

'Off with their heads, the lot of them.'


Thursday 12 September 2013

Prince Philip seeks to use the law to ban reporting of his grotesque family’s secrets

And, wow, there are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many that would end the monarchy if they came out – and they will. It is time.

‘Secrets? Yes, they gave me a medal for every one – these are just a few.’
‘Any story about the health of a member of the Royal family will also be banned if Prince Philip’s complaint to the Press Complaints Commission is upheld.
In the past, this would have meant that Diana, Princess of Wales’s bulimia would have remained a secret, as would Princess Margaret’s scalding in her bath and the late Queen Elizabeth choking on fish bones.
The Royal biographer Hugo Vickers said that whilst the Duke had a right to privacy over his medical details, the case raised serious questions about what the public should and should not be told about the Royal family’s behaviour.’
I mean, what could they possibly have to hide?

The lies, the cost, the hardship… the price we all pay for Iain Duncan Smith

Posted by 
“Not even this much”: Iain Duncan Smith demonstrates how much he cares about the damage his policies are doing to public health, and to the public finances. (Image: Evening Standard)
When it comes to Iain Duncan Smith, it seems the point still isn’t being made forcefully enough.

So let us be perfectly clear: This man is a liability to the United Kingdom.He is costing this country billions of pounds with his failed pet projects like Universal Credit, his contracted-out work programmes that are more likely to hinder people looking for a job then get them into one, and even his enormous expenses claims – £39, just for breakfast!

Now it seems he has lied to Parliament – yet again. He told the House of Commons, and the country at large, that his Department for Work and Pensions expected to write off £34 million of investment in the IT systems being developed to administer his real-time, six-benefits-in-one Universal Credit. The actual amount, revealed to Parliament’s public accounts committee yesterday, is more like £161 million.

Not only that, but he was lying when he said he had been monitoring the project constantly. If that is true, then why was a civil servant’s personal assistant allowed to sign off contracts when the responsibility lay with himself, or at least his ministers?

Even more damning, it seems the DWP has spent the last six months sitting on this information, rather than actually doing anything about it!

And this odious little liar last week tried to blame the civil service for Universal Credit’s failure. He is a lower form of life than an intestinal worm.

He still thinks he can take the moral high ground, though – look at his attack on the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on adequate housing, Raquel Rolnik, after she (rightly) denounced his bedroom tax as an attack on British citizens’ human rights.

He described her call to abolish the tax as “outrageous”, claiming that it undermined the impartiality of the UN. Isn’t it more accurate to say that she has revealed the truth, and now he is panicking?

He said he wanted UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon to investigate Ms Rolnik’s conduct – a line already pointlessly taken by Grant Shapps, all of whose claims were lies, as we discovered yesterday.

In the Daily Mail, he said she had not asked ministers or officials for their input, adding: “I find it staggering that without this official information Mrs Rolnik feels she is in a position to be able to properly prescribe what the future of the policy should be.” In fact, she met many officials and government representatives, all of whom are listed in her preliminary report.

So IDS – or RTU, as we like to describe him here (it refers to Army personnel who are Returned To Unit for failing to make the grade) – has lied again. And he joined a deeply dodgy cadre of Conservatives in denouncing her for – among other things – being born in a country with worse deprivation than the UK. Doesn’t that put her in an excellent position to point out the faults in our system?

But then, what can we expect from this vile creature. There are strains of syphilis with more charm and social grace.

Is the point made yet?

Back in May, Vox Political published ‘Iain Duncan Smith has committed contempt of Parliament and should be expelled’. That article has been read by more than 12,600 people who almost unanimously supported it. Now we see that he has shown the same contempt, to Parliament, to the British people, and now to a respected and senior United Nations representative. Go back and refresh your memory if you need to do so.

Is the point made now?

No, it probably isn’t.

The fact of the matter is that most people won’t care, because most people don’t think they are affected by the disasters Iain Duncan Smith is inflicting on us.

They are wrong.

Just go back and consider the cost of all his mistakes: Billions of pounds wasted. Possibly tens of billions, when you consider the cumulative effect (although this would be a hard concept for him; he has resisted all attempts to get his Department to provide a cumulative assessment of his regressive changes’ effect on this country’s poor for many months, claiming it would be “too difficult”).

Tens of billions of pounds have been wasted on his so-called attempts to cut the benefit bill, while that bill has increased, year on year, because of his government’s policies.

As Adlai Stevenson said of Nixon (and the comparison to Nixon is well-deserved): “He is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree and then mount the stump to make a speech for conservation.”

This hypocrite does not speak for you. He doesn’t speak for the taxpayers because he is robbing them of their hard-earned money and wasting it despicably. He doesn’t speak for the unemployed, the sick or the disabled because he is a social darwinist who would steal a wheelchair to see how the owner managed without it. He doesn’t speak for Parliament because he has lied to Parliament.

Why aren’t you demanding his dismissal in your millions?


Tuesday 10 September 2013


Part of the David Joe Neilson week

The Murder House
The Murder House along South Coast Road in Peacehaven has been covered up to cover-up the cover-up of murder.

Self penned the Murder House by David Joe Neilson, its an eye-sore to the people of Peacehaven and an embarrassment to Sussex police and Sussex officials, since being regularly adorned with slogans and websites, encouraging passers-by to check out websites which chronicle crimes committed by Sussex Police, local officials and known criminals.

Slogans and website addresses include - SUSSEX POLICE MURDER COVER UP and, WWW.117.20M.COM.

David Joe Neilson and the fence
David Joe Neilson, a thorn in the side of Sussex Police since exposing criminality by Sussex Police during the Katrina Taylor murder of 1996.

David explains that the people who killed Katrina Taylor that night, returned to the top flat of the Murder House, and it was from here that David heard pertinent information, and witnessed pertinent actions, such as the murder weapon being dropped down a gutter, which lead the police to her killers.

For 24 hours David Joe Neilson was hailed a hero. Then his world fell apart as Sussex Police commenced a sustained attack against his life and reputation. David has since suffered ill health as a direct result of the victim intimidation and dismissal of all his human rights by Sussex Police.

A cover-up or a cover-up
Having had all his rights as a victim abused by the very powers which were meant to protect him, he has since spent the next 20 years building a rock solid case against Sussex Police and dozens of local officials instrumental in the continuing criminal racket at the heart of Sussex public life.

David Joe Neilson says “If police officers are found to be up to no good, stitching up people, they don’t get away with it. If a police officer covered up evidence or whatever, he should be found guilty and he should go to prison and should serve twice the sentence of Joe Public in the street because he is there to be trusted to do the job to protect society and society being the individual not the system, not the Masons but the individual, the citizen.

Things have got to change; the Police cannot investigate themselves, otherwise the lunatics will run the asylum.”

David Joe Neilson describes himself as “a perfectly innocent person trying to get to justice and trying to get the truth.”

A Fence from Nowhere.

The fence from nowhere
While David Joe Neilson was away on business, a seven foot high wooden fence has been erected outside his house obscuring the message 'SUSSEX POLICE MURDER COVER UP' by being viewed by passers-by.

Against all planning permission, a 1.8m high fence has been erected directly outside the Murder House by the authorities to cover-up the allegation by David Joe Neilson that Sussex Police are covering up the murder of Katrina Taylor in 1996 in Brighton.

A murder that never was.

Katrina Taylor
The Katrina Taylor murder has been solved even though nobody has been convicted of her murder. (Well according to Wikipedia it has!)

Reported by the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner here, Katrina Taylor's murder cover-up has reached new levels of corruption with her murder being removed from the list of unsolved murders in the UK on Wikipedia.

A petition has been started by Jim Murphy from New Funk Radio into the Sussex Police handling of Katrina Taylor's murder and can be signed here.

Katy Bourne, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner continues to evade any questions concerning Katrina Taylor and in doing so breaks her oath. Read more here.

David Joe Neilson v's Katy Bourne.

"Katy Bourne is a Crook"
Labelling Katy Bourne a 'Crook', David is ready to confront her face-to-face to deliver his damning testimony against the corruption epidemic through Sussex Police.

He says “An independent Police force must be brought in to investigate police corruption inside Sussex Police. All the while Katy Bourne refuses to acknowledge me and my evidence, she is aiding and abetting the corruption which put her where she is today.”

Katy Bourne & Martin Richards
David says, “Katy Bourne must be targeted. As the newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, tasked with holding the Chief Constable to account, she has done absolutely nothing to address police corruption in Sussex police and nothing to address the continuing cover-up of the Katrina Taylor murder.”

Neither Katy Bourne or Sussex Police have responded to the continuing allegations made by David Joe Neilson and the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Taylor.

The Murder House isn't the only property along South Coast Road in Peacehaven to plaster their property with unsightly political slogans. Take the Conservative HQ for example.

Monday 9 September 2013


The Ford motor company has shown off their concept car, the S-Max at the Berlin Trade show.

The new S-Max car developed by Ford and other manufacturers - would soon allow cars of any make to communicate their presence to other vehicles using the road.

A driver's smartphone will allow connectivity through voice activation, with even a driver's heartbeat being monitored.

But can it fly? 


Rick Simpson says it's good for all

Rick Simpson

Hemp oil cures cancer, helps with weight loss, gives you better mental alertness and virtually anything you can think of, it’s good for.

That’s the word from Rick Simpson who advocates its medicinal uses plus the many uses of hemp itself, from fuelling vehicles to building houses and everything in between.

“The plant has the power to heal the whole planet from the inside out,” he said. Simpson found out about hemp oil while he was suffering from post-concussion syndrome after head trauma in 1997.

Doctors were giving him medicine after medicine and nothing seemed to be helping

Then he saw an episode of The Nature of Things with David Suzuki in 1998 called Reefer Madness about smoking pot for medical problems.

He procured some pot and found it did more for him than any of the medications doctors had prescribed and he was cured of the post-concussion syndrome.

Simpson said it cures cancer too. He had a doctor who was diagnosed with cancer so Simpson suggested the oil to him and he wasn’t interested. The doctor took chemotherapy and later died, said Simpson.

He said he knew a person dying of colitis who took the oil and was cured.

Now would you rather put toxic chemicals in your body or an essential oil that’s been used for centuries, he asked, adding it was used back in Biblical times. He said there’s photos of Henry Ford holding up a mix of ethanol and hemp oil that he was going to use to fuel cars in 1941, although he never did do it.

We should be living in a hemp-based society, he said. If hemp oil was used widely, 90 per cent of doctors would be out of business, he said.

He’s been busted by police for production and trafficking.

He said he had to cultivate the plant to get the oil but wasn’t trafficking because he was giving it away for free. The definition of trafficking involves money being exchanged.

Many police officers tell him they hope he wins his court cases. Decriminalization would only lead to more taxes, which we don’t need, he said.

“We need to make the plant legal,” he said. And even though he doesn’t work out, he has a six pack, he said, adding he’s 63-years-old. Terrace resident Barry Prince, who brought Simpson up here to talk about hemp oil, said he had lost 17 pounds from taking the oil. Both men said hemp seems to know your ideal weight and will help you achieve it, whether that means losing weight or gaining it.

Simpson said he wanted people to take away from his talk how to heal themselves.


Whilst the nation has been distracted by the G20 meeting in Russia, David Cameron's Syrian vote, the X factor and other sporting events; the Conservative party of Great Britain are introducing compulsory national service for all 18-26 year olds.

Mr Philip Hollobone
Bill 32 has been put before Parliament by Tory MP for Kettering Mr Philip Hollobone and supported by Stewart Jackson MP for Peterborough.

The BILL will provide a system of national service for young persons; and for connected purposes (– whatever the means-) decided by the Secretary of State.

Every individual aged between 18 years and 26 years, will be liable to serve one year of national service at some point between these years unless the individual is severely mental or physical disabled.

Anyone who doesn't serve their national service will be guilty of an offence.

'National Citizen Service,' as it'll be called will include four elements—
  1. Further education for individuals who don't reach the basic standards of maths and reading.
  2. Coaching and instruction to get fit, behave, look smart, build self respect and respect for others.
  3. Teach individuals how to budget for themselves, pay their household bills, what to eat and cook, how to keep on time, and survive. How to be tolerate towards others and how to treat the elderly and disabled people with dignity and respect.
  4. Teach individuals the basic's of the law in relation to the most common offences involving young people.
The National Service Bill will provide accommodation and cover the travelling costs, whilst paying the national adult minimum wage to all 18-26 year olds to either:
  1. Work for charity or social action organizations.
  2. Care for the elderly or disabled.
  3. Travel overseas to help developing countries.
  4. Work as a cleaner or porter in a hospital
  5. Join the Police service, ambulance service or the Army/Navy/Air Force.
Everyone who successfully completes one year of national service shall be presented with a 'National Service Certificate' which will entitle them to a lifetime income tax rate personal allowance 10 per cent above the personal allowance that would otherwise apply to anyone who doesn't serve for their nation.

The Bill introduced to Parliament on it's first step to becoming law, has been put forward as 1of 3 by Kettering MP Mr Hollobone.

The other bills are for the UK to leave the European Community and the second is for facial coverings to be banned in public.

Saturday 7 September 2013


Simon Kirby the MP for Brighton Kemptown has been condemned as 'a very frightened man indeed,' by a popular political blog called 'Notes from a Broken Society' in response to the news that Simon Kirby sought a debate about Labour's Tourism Tax in the House of Commons; he points out the important detail that no Labour Tourism Tax exists.
The blogger asks the obvious question, why? Why is Simon Kirby meddling in Labour policy?
He answers 'The obvious view is that we’re less than two years from an election and that Kirby is sitting on a majority of a little over 1300. But this is about more than that; it’s about a political methodology of which Tories have become masters – that of inventing plausible-sounding political narratives completely unsupported by empirical evidence, but get repeated so often that they become accepted as truth.'
Simon Kirby's repeated tweets reminding his followers of how hard he's working for them, is evident of this tactic of repeating the lie often enough so that its accepted as truth.
The well known tactic of Conservative HQ creating a problem for them to bring in a predetermined solution is evident by Simon Kirby's tweet accepting the glory of stopping a policy which was only real in his own imagination.
As the blog continues, 'as the economy has deteriorated further, real incomes have continued to fall and the prices of the essentials of life continue to soar, the tactic is renewed. It’s fundamentally a diversion – a way of distracting attention from the economic and social realities of Condem Britain, with living standards in free fall. But it’s more than that; a clumsy attempt to forge a political narrative that is wholly cleansed of inconvenient fact; a narrative based on aspiration and ideology rather than reality.'
ImageSimon Kirby's personal crusade to safe guard Brighton's one billion pound tourism industry and the thousands of jobs which come with it, has been lambasted by Warren Morgan, the Labour Leader of Brighton, by calling his claims “Utter nonsense”.
Exposed in the 'Brighton Labour Leader attacks Simon Kirby' article, Warren Morgan sees right through his skullduggery saying 'Utter nonsense from Simon Kirby; there are no proposals for a tourist tax for Brighton and Hove from Labour, and indeed we’d oppose any such move by the Greens or Tories. It is just an attempt by him to distract attention from the half a million people now reliant on food-banks, the million workers now on “zero hour” contracts, and the fact that over the life of this Tory government people will be £6,600 worse off.”
Caroline Penn, the Hove based Labour activist and Chair of Brighton Co-Op Party, says the same with this tweet.
With the nod of encouragement coming down from David Cameron, (sent via the Conservative HQ's favourite means of communication, tweets), an acknowledgement was made that he had brought up the issue of LBGT rights with Russian President Putin, as Simon Kirby insisted the government must do having written a personal letter to William Hague, the Foreign Secretary.
The blogger doesn't hide his contempt towards Simon Kirby's political morals saying, 'It’s the politics of dishonesty, and the politics of fear. It suggests that, just now, Simon Kirby is a very frightened man indeed.'
ImageSimon Kirby has been at the receiving end of a constant tirade of criticism and public scrutiny by Matthew Taylor, a prospective candidate and rival to his Brighton Kemptown constituency.
Since the launch of his 'Getting Ready for 2015' election campaign earlier this year, Matthew Taylor has attacked Simon Kirby's every action.
He says 'From the start of the campaign I promised to attack Simon Kirby's character and public office record. He has been found wanting at his every move. The Notes from a Broken Society blog is yet another independent political commenter pointing out the blindingly obvious that Simon Kirby is not fit to be an MP. Simon Kirby is a frightened man indeed because he knows I can win the 2015 election. I can smell blood and I intend to go for his jugular. Not because I'm a psychopath but because I have a duty to protect my children from a world ruled by criminals.
My only advice to Simon Kirby is to flee now while he still has his freedom.'
Matthew Taylor standing as independent candidate on an anti-corruption platform in the expected 2015 general election, welcomes everyone who wants to see Simon Kirby exposed for what he really is, namely a fraud, to join him on his election campaign.
ImageHe says, 'I would prefer a snap by election following Simon Kirby's arrest, but other than that, I'm getting ready for 2015. Simon Kirby's career is finished and I'm ready to take on Nancy Platts, the Labour candidate for Brighton's Kemptown, and win this election. Lets bring it on.'

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